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    Fuwanovel Confessions

    The answer is probably yes, because I do the same thing and I am in fact a bad person. Confession: Sometimes, I place my Dog on top my lap (leaning back against my belly), grab her ears and proceed to make motorcycle noises, while slighly moving her head around. Whenever my mom sees that, she starts laughing her ass off.
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    Katana are from the land of glorious Yamato whose superior bunka (tl note: bunka means culture) the mere likes of you westerners can't even begin to understand. They are superior weapons made of superior metal folded over a thousand times by the masterful nippon artisans. They are wielded by the samurai, whose code of budou, martial arts and philosophy of mono no aware far surpass the petty warriors of the west. If you can't recognize the superiority of katanas you're nothing but a baka gaijin.
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    ... I've created an account. I'm actually around lurking the forums for a few years now, but since I was mostly active in the MangaGamer forums I always hesitated to create an account here since I prefer to have at least 'some' presence in one forum instead of no presence in many forums. Unfortunately, the MangaGamer forums suffer from 'Down Syndrome' for quite a while now and I'm slowly beginning to believe that they axed it for good. I was even worried that the Fuwa forums got infected too, considering they were down a few times too recently. Creating the account was already an adventure of itself, because the account confirmation e-mail wasn't sent and I had to contact the admins to get the account validated. Anyway, I think I've never written an introductory post in a forum, so bear with me. Hmm, I guess it's best to start with how I got to VN's: My first visual novel was Fate/Stay Night and I found out about it because I heard that the anime was based on it and there was a route for Rin Tohsaka who is one of my all time favorite characters. I couldn't resist and then searched for other visual novels for animes. And so I found Shuffle through a... *cough* torrent *cough*. That brought me to MangaGamer (where I bought it later on) and with Koihime Musou I got more or less addicted to VN's. What draws me the most to visual novels is the same that brought me to animes: Art, and especially bishojo art :-). I was always a huge art junky, not just manga art, but also western fantasy and science fiction art. I was and still am a big fan of drawings from Luis Royo, Cris Ortega, Jonathon Bowser, Jose del Nido or Keith Parkinson just to name a few. My favorite VN's in English so far are Fate/Stay Night, G-Senjou no Maou, Koihime Musou and Tick Tack. In general I like stuff from Navel, AkabeiSoft2, BaseSon, Innocent Grey, Caramel Box, Eushully and Favorite. My favorite character is Ai from Tick Tack *points to avatar*. Last year I also started reading Japanese VN's with a text hooker since I ran out of English VN's that interest me. I had about 2 years preparation time with educational books but it was still tough, because the kanji are very hard to learn and extremely easy to forget. The Japanese also tend to drop particles left and right which is a particular nasty habit of them. Still, it kinda works and I've now access to the Japanese VN's I always wanted to read. Last year I read everything from Ricotta (Walkure Romanze, Princess Lover) and some stuff from Ciel (Fault!! eries), Feng (Hoshizora e Kakaru Hashi + fan disc), Atelier Kaguya/Astronauts artist M&M (Kiriya Hakushakuke no Roku Shimai, Demonion) and from Clip Craft (Unionism Quartet). This year I try to tackle some stuff from Hibiki Works/Akabei Soft3 artist Iizuki Tasuku (Lovely & Cation 1 & 2, Melty Lovers), Tigre Soft artist Tomose Shunsaku (Akatsuki no Goei, Reminiscence), Purple Software artist Koku (Mirai Nostalgia, Hapymaher, Chrono Clock), Ensemble artist Kimishima Ao (Hana to Otome ni Shukufuku o, Otome ga Tsumugu Koi no Canvas, Otome ga Kanaderu Koi no Aria) and Eushully artist Hatozuki Tsumiki (Ikusa Megami series, Madou Koukaku, Kami no Rhapsody). I won't manage to read everything but we'll see how far I'll come. I'm about to start cross reading Akatsuki no Goei and Lovely & Cation. I'm also interested in stuff from Light and August, but I'm not sure if I can handle the story heavy content yet. I'm not a big fan of straight nukiges since I need at least a bit of story, but I like some ero heavy titles like Koihime Musou, Unionism Quartet, Walkure Romanze or Kiriya Shimai. I keep my distance from fetish heavy stuff like Black Lilith, Clock Up, etc. Semi-dark stuff from M&M is pretty much my limit. But I can stomach gory stuff if it's of non-sexual nature like in Innocent Grey VN's. And while I can read nakige, I do have problems with utsuge if it gets too depressing. I like mystery and moeges although I'm slowly getting fed up of the never ending school life theme. Especially since I prefer more mature characters. I usually don't play loli routes even if some loli characters are amongst my favorites like Eden's Sion, Hoshizora's Mare, Comyu's Mayuki or F/SN's Illyasviel. A relationship requires a certain maturity of the involved characters, both in a mental and physical sense. If I don't get that feeling then I prefer to stick to the role of the responsible and caring onii-chan. There are also characters I just like to hang out with because they are funny or otherwise entertaining. I like interesting characters in general, not just female ones. For example, G-Senjou's Azai Gonzou is a fantastic antagonist character. I don't read VN's just for heroine routes with H-content. On the other hand, I'm not a big friend of story VN's with characters that are just mere plot devices. A VN without interesting and/or likable characters is just a soulless husk for me. Ah, I fear that got far too long already, so I better stop now with a final greeting to everyone.
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    I expect large quantities of salt to be delivered
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    Corpse Party -THE ANTHOLOGY- Sachiko's Game of Love ♥ Hysteric Birthday 2U Hello Fuwanovel community. Right now i am starting a translation project for Corpse Party 2U. and i need of assistance from the community. Hacker - I need a hacker who can extract the script files of the game. Translator - A Japanese Translator to translate the game's script. Overview: Corpse Party -THE ANTHOLOGY- Sachiko's Game of Love ♥ Hysteric Birthday 2U also known as Corpse Party 2U is a romantic comedy spin-off of the Corpse Party survival horror adventure game series created by Team GrisGris for the PlayStation Portable. Progress: Right now, We currently need a hacker to extract the game's script files. External Links Project Blog Script Editor (Python 2.7)
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    Bunny Black Info/Help Topic

    woe humanity, as the dawn of utmost humilation draws near again! - bunnyblack 2 is almost done by now. only abit editing/qualitychecking/bugfixing/building of a patch remains, which basically means a full release ergo patch 1.0 is to be expected on january 26th. any voluntary help is still much appreciated in terms of making this a gaming-experience everyone can enjoy.
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    http://www.yano.co.jp/press/pdf/1489.pdf On January 15, Yano Research (矢野経済研究所) released the summary part of their Otaku Market Report 2015 (「オタク」市場に関する調査結果 2015). This report estimated otaku-related market size of 2014 by calculating domestic end user retail prices. Overall, the otaku market is expected to increase except a few fields (分野) like Adult Games (アダルトゲーム) which observed to decline. There are two fields in this report that are related to visual novels: adult games and date simulation games. Adult games are defined as computer games that aims to attract players by sex content and are rated 18+ or 15+ (18歳未満(もしくは15歳未満)のプレイ・購入が禁止され、性的好奇心を満足させることを主目的としたコンピュータゲーム。). Date simulation games, or renai games (恋愛ゲーム), are defined as games simulate dating with fiction character in game but excludes adult games from above; computer games, console games, mobile games and online content that fit in this criteria are included. Price of platforms, connection fee, mobile packet fee are not included when calculating . ( ゲームに登場するキャラクターとの仮想恋愛を主目的としたゲーム。但し、上記「アダルトゲーム」に該当するものは除く。家庭用ゲーム機やパソコン向けゲームソフトの他、モバイル端末向けコンテンツ、オンラインコンテンツを含む。ゲームに用い るプラットフォーム、接続費用、パケット代は除外。 ) 2014 年度のアダルトゲーム市場規模は前年度比6.4%減の 191 億円であった。不正利用や、参入事業者及びコンテンツの減少により、縮小傾向が続いているものの、縮小幅は緩やかになってきている。 Adult game market in 2014 has declined by 6.4% and the size was 19.1 billion yen. Piracy, decrease of numbers of developer and content contribute to this trend. The market is expected to decline but not as sharply as a few years ago. (Well, strangely, Yano's otaku market report 13 says the size of adult game market in 2013 was 18.8 billion yen...) 2014 年度の恋愛ゲームの市場規模は前年度比5.4%増の137億円であった。業界内における競争は激化しているものの、一般女性向けコンテンツが好調に推移していることから、市場は拡大基調である。 Date simulation games in 2014 had increased by 5.4% to 13.7 billion yen. The competition with in the field has become fierce, while the growing size of otome content (games for female players) forms the basis of a blooming market. In addition, 95 people answered the survey about their expenditure on adult games. The average expenditure was 18,354 yen, which contrasts 41,877 yen reported by 103 people from otaku market report 2014. That's what you guys may be interested in. I may translate the rest of the report if I have the chance. ------updated------ Other markets in 2014 Doujinshi Market: Increased by 3.4% to 75.7 billion yen due to expansion of download sales. Plastic Model Market: Increased by 2.8% to 26.1 billion yen due to expansion of character and scale model (real-life vehicle, jet, building and more). (I assume there is only retail price calculated; tools and paints required to complete a model may not be included) Figure: Increased by 1.4% to 31.6 billion yen due to weaker yen and higher retail price, growth of female fans and prosperity of inbound consumption (foreign visitor's purchase), Doll: Decreased by 0.7% to 13.4 billion yen due to fixed user group and no significant user growth. Railway Model: Increased by 4.5% to 9.2 billion yen due to more people are interested in Shinkansen. Idol Market: Increased by 37.4% to 118.6 billion yen due to support from core fans of Johnny & Associates as well as AKB48. Rise of many new groups cannot be ignored too. Professional Wrestling Market: Decreased by 1.5% to 12.1 billion yen. Though new fans were attracted, the expenditure was lower. Cosplay Consume Market: Increased by 1.7% to 43 billion yen due to expansion of light users. Maid/Cosplay Related Business: Increased by 0.9% to 11.2 billion yen. The boom of Maid Cafe and cosplay eateries has ended. General people and foreign visitors led the market. AV (Pornography) Market: Decreased by 0.8% to 51.2 billion yen. Increase of number of heavy users and internet users counteracts the shrinking trend. Boy's Love (Yaoi) Market: Decreased by 0.9% to 21.2 billion yen. There is a struggle of increase in drama CDs, despite strong growth of digital books and doujins. VOCALOID Market: Increased by 3.4% to 9 billion yen due to increase of user generated content, character goods of Miku and booming lives. Airgun Survival Game: Increased by 10.8% to 14.4 billion yen due to more places in city center are suitable for survival game and more female novices are attracted. Anime and manga are not included, but they have been surveyed by the Association of Japanese Animations and Japanese Research Institute for Publications. Anime industry (including oversea market and character goods) has increased by 10.4% to 1.6296 trillion yen in 2014. Published manga (retailers and magazines) has been declining, to a biz of 360 billion yen in 2013. The same goes for South Korea comic publication too. Nevertheless, digital manga has experienced tremendous growth, estimated to exceed 80 billion yen years ago. Yano used to survey the size of digital manga market but they did not continue these two years... Consumer Survey: "Are you an otaku perceived by yourself and others?" Surveyed 9,862 people aged 15 to 69 in Japan, 21.1% of them answered "yes" and 78.9% answered "no". Of the 2,080 people who answered "yes", "are you married or have been in love?" 31.2% of them answered "I'm single and I have not been with anyone", 17.8% answered "I'm single but with someone before", 13.2% answered "I'm unmarried but with someone now", 37.9% answered "I am married or divorced/widowed now". Omake: http://d.hatena.ne.jp/efemeral/20121016/1350386490 "These years eroge market size has decrease by 300,000 volumes each year (around 2011)"(近年エロゲの市場規模が毎年エロゲ30万本分ずつ減少している) https://www.yano.co.jp/market_reports/C53112100 Yano's cool Japan/Otaku market report 2011 「アダルトゲームオタク」の推定人数:約125万人、男女比:88.0%:12.0% It's estimated that there are 1.25 million Japanese claim themselves as adult game otaku and the gender ratio is 88% male and 12% female. 「恋愛ゲーム(恋愛シミュレーションゲーム)オタク」の推定人数:約179万人、男女比:45.6%:54.4% It's estimated that there are 1.79 million Japanese claim themselves as date simulation otaku and the gender ratio is 46% male and 54% female.(Well I just rounded the number) I am pretty confident but English is not my mother tongue and my Japanese is not as good Feel free to give feedback:)
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    There's one way for this situation to improve in the Western market also: Steam needs to stop greenlighting all these fucking trash OELVNs and shitty ass third party titles. By getting all this low quality crap sold in the market, it's giving visual novels in general a bad name and making people think: Oh it's just a bunch of anime girls and boobs and all this nonsense assumptions.
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    Please vote for an Iris after story... I honestly can't see the Aoi/Lycoris before-story being all that interesting, lol.
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    Sadly I'm hoping the kickstarter doesn't go past $146,000. I don't want a new english theme song the japanese one is fine.
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    What are you playing?

    @Deep Blue guess thats been i who told you to start reading it along kawazakike2. liked it alot, despite beeing abit aged by now. loved especially how the mc creeped the living hell out of a heroine due to him behaving quite lovingly, which came pretty close to what i expect from a protagonist in general. edit. in terms of dark themes, there´s still rasen kairou2 awaiting you, or try out omega no shikai what i´ve been doing right now. heck even fairytale requiems content is pretty dark at times, despite its somewhat overly cute appearance.
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    As everyone already know, MoeNovel released crippled EN version of popular in Japan game Kono Oozora ni, Tsubasa wo Hirogete. Both translation quality and removal of significant portion of game provide substandard experience to EN auditory, not worth the money they ask for it. So here comes our project to fix at least some of these problems. First patch released! Notes for patch: 1. Japanese locale needed! 2. On Windows 7/8 you have to install game OUTSIDE of Program Files directory or use fixed bat files! 3. One 100-lines script on Ageha route missed QC and editor there used [] instead proper quotes for spoken lines, fix is here: http://rghost.net/47445403 (Just replace old one in game folder with this file) Next stage: QC everything, do TLC on MN part of route scripts, fix bugs with first patch. ETA for release: end of July, but obviously sooner if anything serious is spotted with first patch. Still looking for more QC and TLC volunteers.
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    Hello ladies and gentlemen of fuwa! Today I will be sharing with you a little writing project I've been working on. Thanks so much to Forgetful Frank for agreeing to edit the book for me! When I started I was editing it myself, which is slow work and I often miss mistakes in my own writing, and so this way it should be a lot better for everyone involved Also, a big thanks to Melowbee for making the illustration for Kitsune! It's a wonderful confidence boost to actually have someone make drawings for my story! On to the book: キツネと私 - Kitsune and me Summary: After spending half a day locked in her clubroom at school, Sakura heads home in the middle of the night, in pouring rain. Taking refuge from the terrible conditions, she stumbles into and old and mysterious shrine. Here she discovers a strange little artifact that she thinks may have been stolen from a museum. Wanting to get it checked out the next day, she brings the artifact home. But as the artifact ends up coming to life in the form of the ditsy, energic and completely stunning Kitsune, Sakura's life will never be the same again... Information on the book: Kitsune and me is primarily a comedy, focusing on the relationship between the main character Sakura, and her new guardian ... fox-girl, Kitsune Mimiko. When writing it I focus primarily on having fun and silly interactions between the two, and purposely try to use clichés from common visual novel, anime, manga and light novel works. It's a fun little project I recently decided to start working on, and it's not meant to be taken too seriously. The story offers elements of comedy, romance (yuri), fantasy and action. The structure is fairly similar to most VNs, in that it starts of fluffy and is riddled with mainly humor, and then it gets more dramatic towards the end. Also, note that this is written in English, though I use certain words and phrases from Japanese. Again, this isn't meant to be taken too seriously. Words such as bentou will be in the book to keep the essence of the "Japanese setting" and words such as "ne" will be left in Kitsune's sentences, as they are a part of her speech pattern and that doesn't translate as well into English in my opinion. I also keep Japanese titles when I see fit, like using Kitsune's name. For these parts, translations are on the side of the Japanese symbols. DIGITAL PDF DOWNLOAD FOR THE BOOK! A sketch of Kitsune made by Melowbee! Art made by Melowbee, thank you x100!! Editing is done by Forgetful Frank, thanks so much for that! Special thanks to Nosebleed for helping me with Kitsune's name!
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    The Journey For Salami

    Reposting because I can. Roughly 6 months ago, a man, who I will name OriginalRun for identity protection purposes, put up an interesting ad offering part of his figurine collection. Initially I did not think much of this, but after a couple of scrolls, a particular piece caught my gaze. Little did I know the second I laid eyes upon that PVC lavender haired girl I had just begun laying down the path of one of the worst journeys I have ever went on. Who was this girl, you ask? Well that was none other than Sasasasasasasegawa Salami, otherwise known as the best Little Busters girls and the rightful owner of what is clearly the true Little Busters route. After this I decided to contact OriginalRun as soon as possible in order to secure myself the Salami figure, and luckily enough, OriginalRun managed to secure it for me. A few months pass and OriginalRun returns to his home country, Freedom Lands, where he was keeping the figure and we begin the currency exchange of what will be one of the worst scams in my life. After giving OriginalRun the amount we had agreed upon for the figure, he guaranteed he'd ship the figure to me when he was able to send out all the packages at home. OriginalRun is a pretty big slob though, so it took about another month before that happened. Once it did happen, I asked OriginalRun to do something that set my terrible fate in motion, I asked him to mark the value of the figure in the package as 20 dollarydoos. You may think at this point I'm attempting to evade some shady laws since I live in Socialist Dystopia, but the truth is because this figure was merely a gift from a friend, I thought valueing it at a common value such as 20 dollarydoos wouldn't hurt anybody and I would still pay the taxes for it regardless. I was naive. About a week passes, and the mail tracking service updating the status on my Salami figure, telling me it has entered Socialist Dystopia. I am joyous, thrilled I will finally be united with the purple goddess, but the heavens had other plans for me, because a couple days after Salami arrived, I recieved a notice from the evil syndicate known as "customs office". They were holding Salami as hostage and demanding a ransom, that ransom was proof of the Salami's value that had been assigned on the package. My heart stops, I scratch my head and wonder what I am supposed to do. I pick up the phone and dial the evil syndicate. 2 x x 6 9 6 9 x x, I press on my cellphone's keys. No answer. I call another time, and another one, and another one, and another one, and at last a connection is made. I explain to the man on the line that Salami was just a gift from a friend, and thus I had no kind of receipt that showed I paid the amount written on the package. The man instructed me to send an e-mail explaining the situation to customs, with screenshots of the bank transactions and other documents. I do as I am told. 3 days later, a reply comes back, the information is apparently not sufficient to release Salami. Sweat drips down my forehead, what will I do if I can not have Salami? I explain the story to them once again, re-iterating that it's impossible for me to have a receipt since the god damn package is a gift from a friend why the fuck are you so persistent with this shit it was merely a gift. They ask me to send in a declaration, swearing on my name and honor that the value on the package is 100% true and I do not intend to sell Salami in Socialist Dystopia or any other country inside the Kool Kids Kontinent. Confused on how to fill this form, I call customs asking for assistance in order to make sure I do not commit any mistake. It was a trap. The man on the other side of the speaker tells me the total value I'm supposed to indicate on the declaration is simply the shipping value, not the value of the figure and the shipping combined. I find this very jarring, so I ask again to make sure this is the right thing to do. The man on the phone insists this is the right thing to do. Thinking customs wouldn't lie to me, I fill the declaration the way I am told to and send it to them. And here begins the countdown to doomsday. 2 weeks pass and I get a second warning from customs, telling me I need to send them documents I had already previously sent and that because 30 days had passed since the initial warning, I would now be paying a 40 cent p/day fee. I am appalled. Why was I not warned of this beforehand, and why was I getting a second warning when I already sent them the documents? I send a new e-mail to customs, asking about the fees and why I got a second warning, to which they reply with "the documents you sent were not valid". I am speechless, they tricked me! I contact OriginalRun again and tell him the situation, he's just as in awe as I was and decides to call customs himself from Freedom Land, but the evil organization was one step ahead, as OriginalRun's call was blocked. I knew at that time that I was all by myself during this peril. I dial customs once more, something I thought I would never do, and they confirm my worst fears, I had declared the incorrect information on the initial form, even though I simply filled it just like the customs' man told me to. Angered, I decide there is only one way to solve this, and e-mails simply won't do, I will go there in person and rescue Salami! The holiday festivities are over and the customs office will be open on the following Monday. My fees keep increasing with each day that passes, 40 cents at a time, but I put up with the pain, slowly stroking my wallet and assuring it everything will be fine. This is when fate decides to throw me out of the loop again, as I am reminded that on monday I also have a final college exam to take. Not only that, but I was reminded of this on the Sunday before the exam! I dodged a bullet and set up an alarm to wake up and take the exam, but due to the unforeseen circumstances, I can not properly get a good night of sleep, and that is only the beginning of what will likely be the most tiring day I will experience in 2016. After sleeping roughly 3 hours, my alarm rings. I unwillingly get up, my limbs barely move, but I prepare to head for college, knowing that after my exam, I will also have to visit customs. I get to college, and hoping to wake myself up a little more, I buy a coffee. I sit down on a table, place the coffee in front of me, and decide to do what I typically do, browse dank memes on Reddit. I take out my tablet and lay it on the table. I'm about to take a sip of my coffee when suddenly, my sluggish arm can't control its motion very well and knocks down the cup. Dark brown liquid spreads across the table and onto my new shoes which were given to me on Christmas. I am disheartened as everything and it's only 9AM, the day looks gloom. After what has likely been a botched literature exam, I go into the subway and head to the customs office. Not being familiar with the area, I have a map on my tablet in case I get lost. I reach the designated station and exit out the nearest stairway. Looking out at the buildings, things don't look like the map, but the road looks similar enough for me to believe I came out through the correct exit. I start going down a road. About 15 minutes pass and I realize this might not have been the correct place after all. I head back to the subway and realize my fears came true and it was the wrong exit. I look at my clock, 12:40PM, 20 minutes before the customs office closes their doors. I begin the biggest dash I could muster, climbing up sets of stairs and then down a large avenue that matches the one on my map, and I soon confirm it by reading the name on a plaque. I can do it, I just need to keep going. I see the bright red colors of the office, they feel like home. I pray to god the doors are still open, that I managed to get here in time, that I didn't just waste about 4,30€ in subway tickets, that Salami won't have to wait for me another day, and the heavens gratiously granted me this wish, as I arrive there 5 minutes before they stop giving out tickets. "Now you're just making this way overdramatic" you say. Well, you'd normally think so, but that's why I kept my ticket which has the time and date on it, recording this historical feat: C0095, yes, that is the number that was assigned to me in this line. I look at the current number, C0061. Some minutes go by and the counter goes to C0062. My stomach grumbles, I realize it's 1PM and I haven't had anything to eat since 9AM. I'm starting to think I have just made the worst mistake of my life. My bladder suddenly kicks in. No bathrooms in sight. WhyDidIDoThis.png. The policemen who were guarding the doors close them and tell us nobody else can come in, only go out once they have finished whatever business they have. I've come this far with my own strength, there's no way I'm backing out now! Some more minutes pass by. I'm reading manga on my tablet in hopes of forgetting my bladder's cries for help. The stench of human sweat in this tiny enclosed space is excruciating. C0069 gets called. I internally chuckle and wonder why am I laughing at this when I'm 20 years old already. The ladies at the counter start speeding up, I guess everyone wants to have lunch. The numbers climb faster and faster, and as if a light descended upon me by the heavens, my number gets called. I am nervous, what if they reject my documents like the e-mails did? What if they start asking questions I can't answer? What if Salami just gets sent back after all this? The old lady who's talking to me asks to see the customs warning. I explain the situation once more, looking directly at her in hopes she will understand I merely want to get my figure and return to my normal life. "Ah okay. Well just fill out that declaration with the values you want and give it to me, kthnx". And not a single fuck was musttered by that office lady that day. I hand the declaration to her and she prints out the customs invoice so I can pick up my package. I can sense tears swelling up in the corners of my eyes. I will finally be able to touch her, after all this time everything will finally be worth it. I wait for the invoice line to go down and my turn is up once more, I hand out the invoice and get asked to pay about 23€ in fees. I barely even listen, I just nod and agree. I don't want to fight, I merely want to return from this hellhole and appreciate the life I've been given. The payment is complete, I wait for the lady to get my box. I see the box slowly approaching. I feel the cardboard with my fingertips, it's the sweetest sensation my fingers have felt this year. I forget everything that's happened up to that point in my life and open the exit door. It starts raining. I assure myself the world is just testing me, that this is just to see if I am worthy of having Salami. I bend down in order to cover the box as wel as I can and I run up the avenue in the pouring rain. The water drops feel like needles stabbing the back of my head, but I must stay strong in order to protect Salami. I see the subway up ahead. I don't stop to look at the red signs and cross the road, heading down the subway stairs. My coat is drenched and my feet are cold, but I keep going. The subway entrance feels like the entrace to the garden of eden, once I enter I can put everything behind me. This is what I initially thought, but I was soon brought back to the harsh reality of the fact this day just absolutely hates me, as I enter the subway to encounter a man playing the accordion. I don't use the subway a lot, but this never happened before. Today, the sole day I just want to get some rest after all the ordeals I've been through, there's a guy playing the accordion as loud as he possibly can next side me in the subway. My head feels like it's about to implode, I want to throw him out of the carriage, but I keep my calm as much as possible. The subway finally reaches the final station. I leave and feel my head ringing, but just a few more steps and I'll be able to get on a bus and head home. The bus comes, I think I might have actually teared a little. I sit Salami down on the seat next side me. I call my father and ask him if he can pick me up when I get home. Turns out today is the day my father starts his new job so there's nobody home to pick me up. My feet feel an itch, they've been walking for hours, yet the day is still not over. I get off the bus, my house is finally at a walking distance. I keep my pace up, holding Salami tight under my arm. The sunset looks beautiful, it's almost like everything that occured earlier never happened and I'm just able to enjoy this moment with the Salami I've been waiting for so much. I see my house in the distance. I can't feel my feet, but I keep going, those 3 hours of sleep are going to have to be enough to get me home, I won't fall down on a place like this. I reach the door and twist the key, I have never liked the scent of a building as much as I did at that moment. My body musters to bring out its leftover strength to reach my bedroom and open the package. The feelings rising up inside me are indiscribable. I remove all the foam peanuts, each one revealing more and more of the purple twintailed goddess. My body collapses on the bed, foam all around it. All of my body extremeties are numb, as is my mind. I can't think back on all the crazy stuff that has happened today. The blood, sweat and tears I have shed over this past month. The endless yelling at the customs office to get a brain and realize people can send gifts to each other without actually doing purchases you fucking dimwits. These insufferable 6 months of waiting feel like an instant as I lift my chin up and can, at last, lay my teary eyes upon my Salami. "Truly a best girl. 5/7" - IGN What did you do for your waifu today, fuwans? PS: Yes, this did happen today (on the 4th because fuwanovel.rip) PSS: That includes the accordion guy. PSSS: Yes, Portugal's customs office is that shitty.
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    nothing can beat this swords
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    Sometimes I think having someone walk into your room and catch you playing nukige is better in the long run than always leaving your room locked and, upon leaving, meeting eyes that tell you with pernicious malice that they know.
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    Welcome! With your appreciation for art, you might consider playing Umineko and Higurashi with their original sprites for a good dose of horror.
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    Mr Poltroon

    Mr. Poltroon's Romance Anime

    I decided to list and recommend all my favourite romances. You can read about my particular tastes here: Be fairly warned. I do not know what constitutes as a spoiler to you, so if you find things like whether or not there is a confession scene or how far the couple goes to be a spoiler, please avoid reading my comments. NOTE: Written in the wee hours of the night. Grammatical mistakes and logical incongruences may follow. Itazura na Kiss - As far as anime goes, this is the epitome of long-lasting romance. This anime does not simply go until the confession, or until the first night together, or until the first big dramatic event is resolved. It goes through years and years of the characters' lives, up until they have children of their own. The male protagonist is a jerk, as they so often are in Shoujo and Josei, but the female lead made me, of all people, go around spamming "cute~~~~" on whichever social services (skype, TS, Fuwachat) I had on at the time. CLANNAD and After Story - Highly dramatic as it may be, it has its fair share of happy moments and many happenings. While excelling on its own, CLANNAD wouldn't quite be the best fit for what I'm looking for. However, CLANNAD: After Story more than does. Life does not simply end after a confession. Things go on, and the characters truly become a family. While not quite beating Itazura na Kiss's feeling of years going along, CLANNAD: After Story does not only a good job in that area, but literally everything else emotional. Nodame Cantabile and sequels - Yet another anime with a long feeling of "time moving". Of the top of my head I can remember remarkably little about their relationship, but it was there without a doubt for the later seasons, queer as it was. I can't say the absolute main focus was on the relationship, like in Itazura na Kiss or in CLANNAD: After Story, but it certainly did more than sufficient to cater to my needs, with various dramatic moments and very odd characters, resolving their problems in very odd ways. The male protagonist, jerk as he may be, does not hold a candle to Itazura na Kiss's stubbornness. Has a high focus on classical music, hence me recommending the anime over the original material. Say "I Love You" - Completely diverging from everything else, this anime series solely entails school life. It could hardly be a more typical Shoujo title, so why am I singing its praises? I rated it 10/10 at the time, because not only had it been one of the first series I watched where the couple actually got together at a reasonable time, as I am also a huge huge fan of the female protagonists' archetype. Often compared to Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun, for good reason. The female protagonist is very similar in both, and the story could be said to progress similarly, except Tonari went places I didn't like at the time, god if I remember what those were, and Say I Love You did everything in a way I liked. The manga, although not completed, is also Smut-tish, earning extra points in my book. Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry - The most recent anime on this list, who deigned to differ from the norm. Having taken the usual highschool and fantasy-like setting, where other anime would become harems, this one did not. Right from the start it picked a main girl, and made sure it was clear beyond doubt with a confession. This is primarily an action anime, although the romance is there and is not entirely ignored. I would have been fine even if there had been a confession and they left it at that, but they developed it, making it for an harem action-romance anime with some comedy. Very varied, you'll get all sorts of things here, romance, action or comedy. Pick your poison. Zero no Tsukaima, All Four Seasons - I hate harem. I've grown to hate them with a bloody passion. Zero no Tsukaima is no exception, however, it did many other things right in order to reach this point. First, it's no short tale, if you can stick to your guns and watch through one or two seasons of this light and fun fantasy world, the characters will grow on you, even if you hate their archetypes. Second, I like Tsundere's. If you like Tsundere's, too, there's no good reason not to give this a try. Unprecedented in this harem world, the main, dense and insensitive protagonist actually picks one of the heroine's and sticks to her... mostly. While a rush-job of an ending, it is a conclusive tale... but I'd keep my eyes peeled for the rumoured continuation of the novel series, which was left hanging with the author's passing (God bless him, and while I'm at it, the very same happened to Itazura na Kiss's author, God bless him, too. Even if it allowed the masterpiece anime to go off the rails and become original toward the end). Kimi ni Todoke and Second Season- You know what else is infuriating, beyond harems? Pardon my French: Cockblocking. You know the 'oh-so-original' stereotype where the male and the female appear to be about to kiss, but are somehow interrupted? Now imagine having this happen constantly throughout the first season, only for there to still be no actual conclusion! Even so, that's not what this story is about. It's about so much more, like friendship, and friendship, and being an outcast. Furthermore, the second season does go somewhere and the manga continues onwards with hardly any noticeable deviation from the anime. Such a shame I'm still left hanging on the centenary chapter. Ore Monogatari - AKA, everything I could possibly want from a highschool romance: the anime. There's two people, they fall for each other, eventually get together, and then date. That's it. Ok, maybe not it, it, but it's a fairly adequate depiction of the romance. Beyond the romance, the anime touches many other themes like friendship and family. All of these are pluses to me. Do be warned, this anime has two very big flaws depending on your tastes: The art and characters may be too unusual for you, and nothing (interesting) ever happens. Romance tends to have drama in order to spice it up. This anime does not, and instead has slice-of-life and simple comedy. If you like calm, light-hearted and cute, you need go no further. Seikai no Monshu and Sekai no Senki I, II and III - Character interaction. If this intergalactic spaceship were to have something that stands out, it would be character interaction. I don't live in Japan, so I don't know how it is there, but I find it highly unusual for every male under 18 years of age to become agitated by being within one metre of a female, or for teenagers to ubiquitously get embarrassed 3 times per conversation with a female. The chemistry we find between the two main protagonists is incomparable to most other anime I see. It doesn't feel anime-like in the least, is how I'd describe the indescribable. Furthermore, the plot itself isn't bad either, so I recommend this both for the romance and the story. Akatsuki no Yona - You could say this is my number one public enemy: The harem with no confession by the end. It makes me wonder, then, why did I enjoy it so much? This story is about a spoiled princess who lived all her life in a castle as the daughter of an overprotective king. One day the king is murdered and she runs away with her bodyguard, becoming... I'm not quite sure what. She wanders the land searching for allies and trying to make the country better. There's a lot more to that later half, but I'll focus on what I enjoyed the most: Romance. There's no doubt in my mind who the one romantic candidate is. As a friend pointed out to me, the cast may be entirely composed of men, but the romance remains between two people alone. Do note I say "romance" when I mean conversation. It feels romantic, so there's that. What there isn't is any sort of ending. I liked it a lot. Especially the somehow paralysing fire in her eyes. Clearly this is meant to have further seasons, and from what I know, the original manga hasn't concluded either. We now play the waiting game. Kobato - So far I've been able to claim all the previous entries were romances but I'm not sure Kobato fits the category in and of itself. What I do know is that it sure is an enjoyable tale you wouldn't want to miss, and there is romance in there. In stereotypical magical girl shoujo fashion our protagonist has an objective to attain, and she progresses by making people happy. Every episode(s) we sort of see a mini-story on somebody she helps or a lesson she learns. The anime concludes on a confession, but it did by no means focus on it. Nice side quirk, our protagonist actually changes clothing to conform to the season. Very light-hearted, very nice. Usagi Drop - People have this horrible misconception that romance is about romantic love. Not necessarily, and this story will show you that. Usagi Drop is about a single man adopts a child and cares for it. We see her opening up. We see bonds being formed. We see them becoming a family. We see the scorn of the society and the nay-sayers. We see the people who support them. We see lots and lots of love, except this time, it's a familial bond. It also serves as a sort of guide for single parenting, presuming you're a hermit who just had a child dropped off on you. Very light-hearted. You'll be chanting "cute" for days. Honourable Mentions: Chobits - Gets a side mention for being made by the same people as Kobato. To surmise, a country bumpkin falls in love with a robot/android. That is all. It's lovely. It's slice-of-life. Working!! - Is not a romance anime... And you think I care? I'm looking for romance, it doesn't matter if it's a side story. If you find the comedy agreeable, there's no reason not to sit through the three seasons and enjoy the conclusion. Gosick - This is a mystery anime. Half of it. The other half follows some sort of plot as opposed to mismatched mystery solving segments. I've seen the story sections criticized in reviews, but I loved them. The romance I found in this mystery anime more than contented me, and gets my recommendation as a result. Durarara!! - You may have noticed being a romance is not necessary for it to have romance. Just to make sure I rub it in, here's another anime that isn't a romance, but has some. You can't really define it with a genre. Think large cast, lots of variation, everything is connected. Still, I chose this because I really liked the romances within, or maybe I just have an affinity for shows with two exclamation marks in the title. Honourably Dishonourable Mentions: Toradora - I'm incredibly tolerant. And I like all sorts of romance. If there were ever an anime I could say I have hated on unfairly, it would be Toradora. I loved Toradora's protagonists, male and female. Unfortunately, I disliked a lot of other stuff. I disliked pretty much any other character, I disliked the character interaction outside of Taiga and Ryuuji, and I hated the way feelings were handled in this anime. I felt, wrong as I may be, that Ryuuji was bullied into liking Taiga, that Ryuuji was bullied for not understanding his feelings (and magically understanding others', too), that everyone else was far too presumptuous of knowing how other people think and feel. Do note that this makes the anime get a grand total of 8/10. I liked how it ended, what else can I say? I only wish there were more, now that the dramatic, emotional balderdash parts were already over. And so I conclude my list. Do note, it is permanently IN-PROGRESS. New things will be added, maybe old will be removed, maybe I'll remember stuff I forgot to mention, and if you're lucky, I'll rewrite my 2am English.
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    My favorite Ending theme (especially just after Touko's route)
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    Angel beats visual novel (Question)

    The vn repeating a lot of what happened in the anime has put me off playing it honestly. Although I liked the anime a lot. I don't really have the patience to re-watch/read scenes I've already seen in the anime. I am hoping if/when the 2nd beat will come out it will be more original content. And someone will describe a summary of the first beat or something so you know what new happened in the first beat.
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    Mr. Poltroon's Romance Anime

    Buy yourself good taste, tsk.
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    I abandoned anime and only watch maybe 1-3 series every month. Kinda pointless to get into them if they have visual novel/manga versions and those are just way better mediums because they tell you the whole story and arent affected by shitty production decisions.
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    Vn's, gaming and music lover? You'll have no problem with me either...can't live without any of those myself so feel free to ask anything That aside, Welcome to the Fuwa forums, enjoy yourself Have some moe.
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    Embarassing moments with vns...

    Oh gods xD, i'm sorry for you...on the bright side...free trauma for her friend no regrets though
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    Hey! meow is a perfectly good greeting in the world of moe! Don't listen to hanana banana tomato! Meow is adorable! Meow is awesome!
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    Mr Poltroon

    Mr. Poltroon's Romance Anime

    ... Right. Yes. Of course. I knew that. I suffered from no brain lapses whilst writing that. Not at all.
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    Happy Birthday Hanayo!
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    What are you playing?

    Danganronpa 2, just about finished with Chapter 1's trial *Sigh* I get what they're trying to do with his character, but Nagito is a complete disgrace to The Ultimate Lucky Student title. Other than that DR2's goin' pretty well, I like this cast. and the new mechanics in the Class Trials are welcomed. Shame about the first vic though >.> he was a pretty interesting version of him.
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    Love Live! School Idol Festival Thread

    Hapi Birthday Hanayo-chan~ (EN ver )
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    It won't come out, who pays for Regista's right? There's a reason the kickstarter has a base goal of 135k. The only hope would be a leak of the translation in the form of a patch.
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    The funny thing is, chuunige are evenly popular amongst the sexes. I found that to be hilarious... People that like them, like them regardless of gender. Probably because the birth of chuunige was a result of the human condition, lol.
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    I don't know why people are surprised. More women read than men, women read more than men, romance is popular with ladies, and otomes are on handhelds a lot of the time removing the 'PC' element from the equation, so seems like a reasonable result.
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    Japanese Help Thread

    You read that too fast. It's rather "If (it's 頼まれたら) someone called and said 'There was an accident. Come over and bring a change of clothes' (持って applies to 着替え which is therefore a change of clothes rather than the action of changing clothes), I would feel like complaining (言いたい+なる, there's probably a better way to say it but it's not a negative nor a potential), you know... (to render the nuance of the わよ)' And yeah guys, try to post the line before and after the one you don't understand and a very basic idea of what's going on in the scene, it really helps.
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    Charage/moege quality has been falling though...
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    Majikoi has a high school setting with action, romance and comedy elements. Try it.
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    Broadswords being made to 'smash or cut' is as incorrect as the myths about the katana. Actually, most broadswords were light compared to katanas (unless they were ceremonial). They were double bladed, compared to katanas which had a wedge (obviously heavy), and so two handed longswords were longer and weighed about the same as a 2 handed katana (speaking in generalities.) Broadswords were made to cut and thrust. There's a whole bunch of European one handed swords named 'cut and thrust' swords, for a specific reason. Armour was heavy, and people wouldn't wear it unless it was effective. There were a few ways to bypass full bodied armour 1 - thrust at the joints. This is why a lot of European swords have a nice taper compared to Japanese swords. There's even some swords made only for thrusting, including a massive 2 handed one. 2 - Bash and crush bones underneath the armour. You don't do these with swords. You do these with maces, or halberds, or blunt weapons. Pole arms. 3 - Take them to the ground and finish them off there, polearms sorta combined reason number 2 with reason number 3. Hollywood likes to have people walking around with 'heavy' 2 handed swords, bludgeoning people. This didn't happen I prefer European cut and thrust swords mainly because of the versatility, but katanas are obviously far superior in cutting flesh.
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    o-ton mikandi after asking them about the possibility of a vita port if the goal isnt met: @Dai_Kaioshin If the goal isn´t met, we´ll continue to pursue Libra for the Vita
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    You even copy my posts by letting people know the status of the stream. This guy. Look at those likes. So salty.
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    Deep Blue

    What are you playing?

    I actually wanted to play that one a few months ago but I asked first and I can't remember who told me but he said it was a hard one to read so I never tried it again if I try it I will post it here.
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    I¿d say Noble☆Works and Grisaia no Kajitsu
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    Not sure what you're going on about, but glad you're sarcastically excited!
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    Piracy is a problem, yes, but a far bigger problem is that the industry overexpanded and dropped significantly in quality the past few years. Like the anime industry, I expect we'll see a period of contraction as lesser companies and fringe studios go out of business. When the market stabilizes, more new studios will appear, there'll be more new and interesting games, and the industry will grow again (until the next bust cycle). Remember, 2015 averaged 75-100 mid to major releases a month, with that many or more little doujin releases added on. That's still a LOT of games.
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    What are you listening to right now?

    @LinovaA So I was browsing YouTube and found this (It's not the normal OP)...
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    Fantastic! I'm always really happy to hear of new fan projects being started. I find it very interesting that you're translating it from Finnish to English and then you're going to go through it with the Japanese script. So you can speak Finnish (native language I presume?) and in order to improve your English you're going to be translating it from Finnish to English, and on top of that you can understand Japanese? Very, very amazing to think about and I wish you all the best on your project. I'll be keeping an eye out and promise to read it when it's finished. So I'm pretty new to the VN community and VN's in general, and I've been so impressed with the little fan-translations I've managed experience that it's motivated me to want to volunteer some of my own personal time to help such projects to 'give back' to the very community that's given me free fan-translations. I made my Fan Translator Skills Registration post that you can browse at your own leisure to get to know about me and what expertise I can offer. I already read that you're not looking for anyone to help out with the project right now, but when you have finished all the translating and you're satisfied with everything, I was hoping you would give me the chance to proof read for you. I can't translate and I haven't had enough experience as of yet to become an editor for a project, but what I can offer is my knowledge of proper English spelling and grammar. Since you're wanting to improve your English with this project, I was thinking that once you're done, you could get someone to proof read it for you to ensure your English translated text have the proper grammar and punctuation, and I'd be more than happy to provide that to your project and almost any other project I can get a chance on. Anyway, best of luck with your project! I hope you'll give this post another read when the time eventually comes and hopefully I'm not too busy with something else by then, ahaha!
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    Your first VN experience

    I guess I'm the old guy on the forum with my first VN being Paradise Heights, back in the days of that being new and topical in the western otaku community. What, never of heard of Paradise Heights? Come on, it was all the rage back in the 56k dial up days! https://vndb.org/v1012 Sadly, to make the game downloadable for the...ahem...community...the voices were removed, and those 56k piracy-friendly versions remain the only versions of the game available. I've been wanting to buy the games of that era just to have them on the shelf in my library if for no other reason, with no luck. I've always wanted to play the real versions of those games. (T_T) Season of the Sakura, Time Stripper Mako, Ring Out Les-Ring...it takes me back. To say True Love blew my mind would be an understatement. https://vndb.org/v241
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    Any VNs with horrifying death scenes?

    yeah, basically everything R07 has been involved with usually involve a lot of deaths too :D. Also I fucking love him so yeah, definitely a recommendation there.
  49. 1 point

    Your first VN experience

    https://vndb.org/v1189 It was everything I could've hoped for.
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    I'm all for H-scenes until they're actually happening. Then it's just 'ugh, I can't wait for this irritating fuckfest to be over so I can actually continue with things.' Annoyingly though, I like the idea of 'couple-based' H-scenes (like, two people forming a relationship) because sometimes the sentiment behind it's really nice, so I don't turn H-scenes off in case they're actually relevant. That said, any H-scene which goes mouth/vagina/bum (or anything in that order...) in one go is either gratuitous and annoying, or so hilariously bad that the very idea of popping a cock-rocket is impossible.