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  1. Only one mecha/robot thread in several pages? I am disappointed. anyways (in no particular order); Patlabor - People who are really not hyped about their job having the job of driving mecha. Votoms - A large amount of Small mecha exploding. Mobile Fighter G-Gundam - The most super robot Gundam. An absolute blast to watch. Gundam G-no reconquista - Probably the prettiest Mecha series in recent years Gundam Build fighters - Pretty much good animators geeking out about Gundam. Mobile suit Gundam 0080 - A heartwarming christmas story. Fun for the whole family. Shin Mazinger - The origin of all super-robots; the reboot. More bang for your buck. Mazinkaiser - The biggest and baddest of the original mazingers Gunbuster - Space monsters vs Hard work and Guts. Those that Almost made the list: Legend of the galactic heroes - Space anime; the anime (which I haven't gotten very far in, so it would be wrong to place on the main list) Turn-A Gundam - A pretty cozy anime about why digging up old stuff might not be such a good idea. Mobile Suit Victory Gundam - Kill-'em-all Tomino at work. One of my favorites among the UC Gundam stuff. Mobile Suit Gundam F91 - A really nicely animated movie. Also the beginning of the late UC Gundam. (Not on the list due to the whole "not the 13-episode series it was supposed to be") Macross - Has nice dogfights. Also the ur-example for transforming mecha (that is not super robot). The DYRL movie is very simplified, albeit pretty good-looking. Macross Plus - Top gun but with more missiles and no Vietnam. The Big O - James Bond in a super robot. What could go wrong? (First season is a blast. Second isn't) I am also quite certain I am forgetting a bunch here as well, so don't take this list as anything conclusive
  2. In order of "mild dislike" to "despise", a small pick; characters who's arrogance that is not backed up by anything, or if it is poorly executed. character who is only powerful because the plot says it is, without actually backing it up by any "evidence" from action or events in the story. The arrogant nihilistic chessmaster-y "I am god" type of character.
  3. I did write any questions, so I guess that covers narration and encounters as well. Just ask and I can probably answer. Narration is kind of my forte anyway, so...
  4. I'm currently doing my first campaign, but I do have some knowledge of the do and don'ts, as well as plenty of experience as a player. I guess I could try to answer any questions if you have them to the best of my abilities.
  5. Darn. Another thread I'm too slow to influence things in. I guess that comes with the "snail" part... edit: the poll is currently at a 30/24 in the favor of snails. what were you saying about getting rekt, @Funyarinpa?
  6. Katatsumuri means "snail" while also containing a really bad and stupid language pun. Hence just another snail-themed avatar among the rest.
  7. Oh right, Eurovision finals is today. Forgot about it completely (despite it being my home country that is hosting it...) But yeah; Sweden's song is just terrible, and will probably lose pretty handily.
  8. Can't really decide. It's probably Faceless masses though. Because while life tends to serve unnecessary drama, it is at least in a believable form.
  9. Not enough salt. This thread is still snail-friendly. 1/10
  10. A bit late to this (snail puns and imagery aside), but it is a bit weird to be mentioned in well, anything on fuwa. Nice to hear that someone has something positive to say about me, I guess.
  11. ...them being an actual human being?
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