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  1. Still reading Air. Finished Summer route. (Spoiler alert) Another great moment. Even with the perfectible route of Minagi, my current rating of Air would be 8 or 8,5 Edit 18/07 : Finished Air As I anticipated, my definitive rating is 8,5 (the conclusion left me puzzled, mystified...but I'm a bit masochist...I like this feeling ) : the casting is absolutely fantastic (lovely heroines, memorable protagonist, marvellous side characters) and they took all the positive points of Kanon plus many improvements (except some parts of Minagi's route, the story and the writing are excellent). Now I'm ready for Little Busters PE ! Gao ! Gao !
  2. Finished the Minagi's route in Air (yes, finally). The route is not perfect (It was fairly good but not as strong as the two others. Maybe a bit too long.) and the H-scene in the Bad End was just...one of the worst I have ever seen However all is forgiven because Minagi is soooooooooo irresistibly cute. A Top 20 Character
  3. Here are my personal suggestions 18+ Vns : Deardrops (Kaguya Riho) - A VN about music. ef - a fairy tale of the two (Shindou Kei...but a lot of people seems to hate her) Kira kira (Isurugi Chie) - A VN about music. Family Project ~Kazoku Keikaku~ (Takayashiki Aoba) - Beware ! The translation is...special. Really? Really!, Shuffle! (Mayumi Thyme) - Slice of Life (sorry). And her route in Shuffle! is in the All Ages Version (STEAM) Otoboku (Itsukushima, Takako...her route is vey funny) A crossdressing hero in All-Girls School. The Fruit of Grisaia, The Eden of Grisaia, The Eden of Grisaia (Matushima Michiru & Sakaki Yumiko) - All-Ages on STEAM G-senjou no Maou (Shiratori Mizuha) - STEAM. Best VN ever. Probably. Sharin no Kuni: The Girl Among the Sunflowers (Oone Touka) Dystopian VN. Majikoi, Majikoi S & Majikoi A (Christine Friedrich) - Very funny. YU-NO (Shimazu Mio) - VERY OLD Hybrid VN-Adventure Game. Period (Onodera Asahi) - If you love loli graphic style. If My Heart Had Wings (Habane Kotori) - But you HAVE TO wait for the FULL restoration patch. BELIEVE ME. Fate Stay Night (Tohsaka Rin & Saber) - Probably the best choice. Snow Sakura (Tachibana Saki) - Just read her route. The rest is...BS. D.C. II ~Da Capo II~ (Amakase Minatsu, Asakura Yume) Chrono Clock (Andou Misaki) - All-Ages on STEAM 11eyes (Kusakabe Misuzu) ******************************************************************************************* All Ages : Clannad (Fujibayashi Kyou) - Slice of Life. Sorry. Supipara (Amano Angeline Hotaru...maybe) I/O (can't give a name...SPOILER) WAS –The Hourglass of Lepidoptera– (Lin) - But the game is incomplete (ending) and a bit amateurish.
  4. Let's be honest. When I read my first VNs (old JAST games, True Love, May Club), It was for the porn element ( At the time, I didn't know what a VN was ). Two or three years ago (officially, I entered the world of Visual Novel in april/may 2014), I tried some nukiges (from Mangagamer) like Eroge! or Imouto Paradise : I didn't like it that much; from now on, just like Jartse, I see porn as a bonus (sometimes it's a real plus. Yume Miru Kusuri, for example). So, back to the question : What do I seek from VNs? Globally, I want an addictive story (rom-com, pure comedy, drama, charage...Whatever ! My tastes are rather varied). However, I must confess a weakness : corrupted by years and years of mangas and Jrpgs, I 'm too attracted to classic cute/kawai/moe character designs. Too often, my choices of VN were influenced by this flaw (ex : I'm reading Dal Segno)...Believe me : this fatal inconsistency was responsible for many disappointements
  5. While I'm still reading (slowly) Air, I'm about to pause Libra of the Vampire Princess (all these stories about major crashes on several routes, seriously scared me...I'll resume it after some fixes). And so I started DS: Dal Segno.
  6. Well done, Sekai project. Let's pray for a Denpasoft/+18 version of Nainaro Reincarnation or Senran Banka (it seems like Dracu-riot will get one)
  7. Globally, I'm satisfied with MangaGamer announcements. Except Space Live I'm looking forward to reading The Most Forbidden Love in the World, Magical Marriage Lunatics looks interesting (even if, to my mind, there is too many kyonyuu heroines ) and I'm a bit curious about Evenicle (but I should be very careful...this is AliceSoft, the specialist of Rape-RPG).
  8. +1 You should try "classics" like Clannad (the graphics are old, but the rest is, globally, very solid and memorable) or Steins;Gate. Or you could play to the excellent VA-11 Hall-A: Cyberpunk Bartender Action
  9. Problem solved : after 2 failed attempts with my old and my new computer, it worked with a borrowed laptop (hopefully, my mom don't know what I've done with her precious PC ) and so I took all the files I need (and I transfered them on the "good" computer). Having said that, I think the Steam patch have some problems of compatibility (or I'm really unlucky). Beware.
  10. I posted 2 messages. One on Kickstarter, one on Steam...No response for the moment
  11. When I launch the patch for the Steam version, it does not work....there is nothing : no installation screen, no completion message. In other words, It looks like a "classic" program crashing (But I have to stop it in the Windows Task Manager). I tried every solution I know (run as windows 8 or windows 7) and I looked if it was my antivirus (Windows Defender) or my firewall (Comodo). Nothing, again. My specs : intel Core i5-7200 2,5 GHz 8,0 GB RAM Windows 10 64-Bit Edit : I downloaded the patch multple time and even tried it on my old laptop (Windows 8.1 64-bit). Same problem.
  12. Reading Air. I finished Misuzu's route. Whaow. I'm impressed. One of my best VN moments in 2017. The girl (a sort of Nayuki 2.0) is unquestionably cute and sweet (normally, airhead and/or childish girls are not my type). Her route is solid, sadly beautiful, and poetic (probably two times better than the best route in Kanon).
  13. Tada ! Finished Private Nurse. To sum up, it was a pleasant reading (bittersweet and nostagic atmosphere, beautiful ending, nice girls, interesting themes) but this could have been better The protagonist is a moron (classic...I know), the writing is a bit messy (one rushed route/ending, too many monotonous passages) and lazy (some h-scenes are repeated) and the art is a dizzying rollercoaster : the regular h-scenes are average (or even bad) but somes CGs are truly memorable (ex : see my avatar).
  14. Finished Nekopara vol.3. As usual, the art is gorgeous and the H-scenes are hot (except one because I don't have an urination fetish). Having said that, this episode was so boring (weak story, stereotyped characters...nothing new under the sun). I read ALL the four episodes... I think I'm a closet pervert masochist Reading Private Nurse (Edit : finished Ayano's route). Nothing awesome or original but it is fairly pleasant. The protagonist is stupid (a bit hetare, maybe) and immature but Ayano and Maria are cute girls (Edit : the nurse seems cool too) Oh ! I almost forget : I like the art (Edit : except Ayano's H-scenes). Edit : Finished the neutral ending. It's short and slightly bitter. Not bad. Edit : Finished Mio's "Route"...It was a bad joke
  15. Thank you very much And if someone have extra keys for Idol Magical Girl Chiru Chiru Michiru Part 1 & 2, you can PM me