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  1. Uguu
  2. Finished Lucy -The Eternity She Wished For-. A beautiful, tear-jerking heartwarming and philosophical short story. And the CGs are great (not the character design...except Lucy, of course). 8.5/10. For the time being, My best VN played in 2017.
  3. What a fool I was A second lecture was necessary to open my cursed eyes. Yes, Ruri's route is painful. Another unpopular opinion : Code: Realize was quite boring (too predictable)
  4. Chie (Kira Kira) : It's time for a Fuwanovel confession Recently, I finally realized why I love this character. When I was a high school student, I had a crush on a girl just like her (low self-esteem, brunette, a bit tsunderish, atheist, retaking a year...). Miyako (Majikoi) : She's loyal, smart, mischievous and admirably funny. She's simply the best character in this Majikoi vast pantheon. Rin (Fate/Stay Night) : I'm weak against Magicians or Witches. And her design is cute and she's a tsundere
  5. As I'm waiting for my copy of Persona 5, I'm trying to finish a maximum of dropped and/or short VNs. At first, I was unsatisfied. Muv Luv is average (the second part, Unlimited, was nice...until the botched last chapters ruined it), KARAKARA is Kinetic Novel with a poor price/length ratio (too bad because the girls are cute and the post-apocalyptic setting is great) and Nekopara 2 is a disappointing sequel (only Shigure and the H-scenes were fairly interesting). So, this sunday, It was a good time to start something really different : - 2 hours with Lucy -The Eternity She Wished for- : this VN will not disappoint me. I can feel it - Already finished DraKoi (That's the power of insomnia) : Surprisingly, it was...awesome ! The dragon girl is an excellent character (the mother too...see my spoiler ), the story is great (non-stop action, full of lust, tears, silly jokes and love...perfect for me ) and the OST is incredibly good (best point of this VN, probably).
  6. One year later... and so many changes 5/ Leica Crusade (Zanmataisei Demonbane) I HATE her...design. And even if she had an interesting character development (NO SPOILER ), I REALLY don't care about her 4/ Asakura Nemu (Da Capo) Bad tsundere. She's not horrible but she's so Bland and whimsical. And I can't "sympathize" with her incestious obsession. 3/ Yukawa Ryou (Ikanari Anata ni Koishiteiru) Again a bad Tsundere. Too abusive : It's more bullying/domestic violence than -tsun. 2/ Sakaki Chizuru (Muv Luv) With her tyrannical behavior (90% Tsun), this Miss "Know-It-All" is obnoxiously stubborn. 1/ Tsukishima Koko (Da Capo 2 & Da Capo 3) Nothing can save her : horrible route, horrible girl and...bad design
  7. Muv-Luv Extra. Chizuru's Route is...utter shit. I want to slap her and Takeru each time they talk I hope Miki's route will be more bearable...
  8. Lately, I'm in clinical depression a Inio Asano Phase. I finished Solanin (one of the best mangas I ever read ) and Subarashii Sekai (plus Dead Dead Demon's Dededededestruction vol.1 & 2 and Oyasumi Punpun vol.1) and I'm reading Hikari no Machi. My next target is Sekai no Owari to Yoake Mae or The Girl on the Shore...but only if don't go crazy with all this depressive (but wonderful) material
  9. Finished Majikoi A-2. As I said before, the Hegemon/Seiso's Route is cool and funny (Hegemon's H-scenes, a lot of epic fighting). For Monshiro's After+, I did not expect anything from It...I was right Having said that, the best part was probably Cookie 4IS's Route (the girl robot is cute and funny). Too bad the last third is not as thrilling as the rest (the best of Majikoi was here : Yamato, humour, Kazama family, great secondary characters... ) Edit : Restarted Muv-Luv Extra...and Finished Meiya's Route (not great). Yeah ! Now I have access to Unlimited...But before that I'll read Kei's (I don't know If I can find the motivation to read the three or four other routes) Edit 2 : Muv-Luv Extra, Kei's route : Oh my...Takeru is so pathetic
  10. Finished 2 vns and a route in Majikoi A-2 (Hegemon/Seiso : very nice and the H-scenes with Hegemon were very funny). - Da Capo 3 R X-Rated : Good. what I like : atmosphere ; setting ; Aoi or Rikka ; the Sakura conclusion ; a solid OST ; a lot of beautiful CGs ; Himeno's route. Having said that, I was expetting better (Perfectible Story ; no solid and endearing group of friends like DC2 ; bad H-scenes ; a donkan protagonist...again). 7,5/10 Girl ranking : Ricca > Aoi = Rurika > Himeno = Tomoe > Charles > Sara > Elizabeth Route ranking : Himeno >> Ricca = Aoi >> Sara >> Charles - 11eyes : Very good. What I like : Excellent Story ; very nice Crossover system ; efficient OST. What I like less : some tasteless H-scenes ; the fantrad needs a lot of improvement ; Yuka, the emo protagonist or Yukiko are almost insufferable during the first hours. 8/10 Girl Ranking : Misuzu = Kukuri > Yukiko > Saiko = Shiori > Yuka *** Oh and before I forget... my girl and route Rankings for Chrono Clock (7,25/10) !!! Girl Ranking (even if ALL the girls are interesting) : Miu (I LOVE genius characters) > D.D. (her character design is so cute)> Misaki > Michiru = Cro = Makoto Route Ranking : Miu (unquestionably, It's the best part of the game) > Makoto >> D.D. (stupid ending) = Misaki = Cro (the last part/third is a bit mediocre) >> Michiru (a fairly good conclusion but all the rest is bad)
  11. After finishing Chrono Clock (Cro's route is disappointing and Miu's conclusion is a joke), I returned to D.C. 3. At first, I was less than enthusiastic because of Ricca (the girl is supremely hot but her story is just frustrating and felt a bit botched) or Charles' routes (really bad...and the H-scenes make the problem worse). And then, I started (EDIT : and finished) Himeno's... Thanks to my patience because, for the moment, It's the best (EDIT) one of the best moments of the whole VN (Even if I'm not a fan of Himeno and even if I normally dislike Incest settings) Edit : I'm reading Sara's route.
  12. Chrono Clock. Just finished Misaki's Route. Again It was heartwarming...and a bit stupid too (so predictable...and the conclusion is so lame). That said, It is not really a problem because the girl is absolutely cute and adorable (an excellent specimen of the classical tsundere tribe).
  13. I'm playing/reading Chrono Clock. It's a nice surprise : the art is good, the OST is nice and I love this lighthearted and heartwarming atmosphere. After the excellent prologue, I finished three routes : - D.D. : I like the girl but her route is just above average. Because the conclusion is too predictable - Makoto : Good. The link between her and Rei is believable and interesting - Michiru : It's a major disappointment. The romance annoyed me (I think I can't enjoy blood-related incest) and the family part was overlong and boring. It's a pity...especially when the ending is rather beautiful and poetic.
  14. Sarcasm is a mighty weapon (In honour of the International Women's Day)
  15. This Silence of the pendant looks promising and will be the perfect substitute for Fault -Milestone Two- Side:Below (And last but not least, Ritona is a very enjoyable and endearing character)