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  1. What's your favorite Key visual novel?

    Clannad > Little Busters > Air >> Kanon Having said that said, for my final answer, I am waiting for the official release of Rewrite. I have already read the common route + the first minutes of Lucia's Route : it was really excellent. Maximum hype
  2. Hidden Pearls

    Dra†KoI : A crazy, wild, naughty, funny and very short fairy tale Quartett! or Period. : With Ooyari's works, it's love or hate Having said that, the first is a cute musical Slice of Life and the second is a bittersweet romance (with a drop of fantasy). 11eyes -Tsumi to Batsu to Aganai no Shoujo- : A cool chuuni VN with a great route system and a very interesting scenario. Yume Miru Kusuri : Without this underestimated treasure, I would not be there. it was one of my first visual novels. With Steins;Gate, It was one of those who made me love the genre
  3. What Are You Playing: Video Game Edition

    Playing Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition (Nintendo Switch). The game has not aged badly and the additional content (scenes, skits, costumes, characters) is well integrated And Yuri, Judith and Raven are so great (a divine trinity)
  4. My top five visual novels for 2018 that I read.

    * I forgot my stats... Finished VNs : 31 (many of these Visual Novels were very short) All-Ages : 14 - Questionable : 3 - Adult : 14 J-VN : 29 - Chinese VN : 1 - Korean VN : 1 - OEVLN : 0 * ...and my honorable mentions (ratings = or > 8/10). Grisaia no Rakuen ; Grisaia: Phantom Trigger vol.3 ; Fureraba ~Friend to Lover~ ; Chuusotsu! 1st graduation ; Tsujidou-san no Jun'ai Road ; Mystic Messenger ; Cho Dengeki Stryker ; fault - milestone two side:above
  5. What were the worst vn's of 2018?

    The worst of 2018 ? Maybe Tropical Liquor. The puzzle part sucks, the date part sucks, the VN part sucks, the Girls s...err...are not very interesting (even Sayori's art is disappointing) Not much to save...except one or two H-scenes, maybe https://vndb.org/v20527
  6. Your once in a lifetime VN

    G-senjou no maou
  7. My top five visual novels for 2018 that I read.

    My top 5 (read or/and finished in 2018) : 5 - Himawari -The Sunflower- : If you ignore the plot holes problem, you have a fantactic Sci-Fi/mystery VN (in my opinion, much better than Island) with endearing characters (except the protagonist, maybe). 4 - Will: A Wonderful World : A Surprising (chinese) epistolary Visual Novel. Mature, smart and, sometimes, disturbing. 3 - Grisaia no Meikyuu : Just because the part about Yuuji's Past is absolutely awesome 2 - Little Busters: English Edition : The Secret of the World And Kyousuke is so cool and charismatic ! 1 - 428 Shibuya Scramble : Mesmerising Flowchart, unforgettable characters (quality and quantity), good story (suspense, absurd/silly humor and a drop of love ), interesting Post-game content...Yes, you have my VN of the year.
  8. What are you drinking?

    MOJITO (and a belgian beer) !
  9. Santa Hats for Your Avatars, once again

    N°8 please
  10. To Fuwa-Males Out There: Do You Play Otome?

    I am a curious man (sometimes I paid the price ) and female protagonists are not a problem for me (I venerate Estelle, heroine of Trails in the Sky 1 & 2 ). And so i read half a dozen of Otomes. One was really great (Mystic Messenger), three were very good (Amnesia: Memories, Enigma: & Fashioning Little Miss Lonesome), one wasn't perfect but has very cool elements (Collar x Malice), one has a lot of potential but was a bit too boring (Code:Realize) and one was...a major disillusion (Norn9: Var Commons) Edit : I forgot The excellent Will: A wonderful World (just like Enigma: It’s a a borderline Otome)
  11. What kind of ending structure do you prefer?

    For VNs with romance, I prefer to choose my own true end (my waifu(s)). Definitely, with a few exceptions (G-senjou no Maou), I am often disappointed when it is imposed (Kira☆Kira, Clannad, Tsujidou-san no Jun'ai Road, Da Capo 3, Ayakashibito...).
  12. Winter VN poll

    Saki's route was cool For the rest of the VN, it was not bad or uninteresting...but it was not great either (apart from saki, the heroines were not very endearing or memorable). Edit : I forgot this, this and that.
  13. Winter VN poll

    To stay on a sad note, I propose Steins;Gate 0 (a good part of the game seems to be in December) OR (to return to something more joyful) maybe...Snow Sakura.
  14. How do you rate your VNs?

    For me It's... 10 : Phoenix Wright 3 is my one and only 10. Perfection does not exist but every rating system needs a sort of "standard meter". Therefore PW3 is MY reference for enjoyement and emotion in a (hybrid) VN. Between 9 & 9.75 : Masterpiece/Unmissable (ex : G-senjou no maou) 8,5 & 8,75 : Excellent...except one or two minor flaws. (ex : Ever17) 8 & 8,25 : Excellent...if you forget one or two major flaws. (ex : Chaos;Head) 7,5 & 7,75 : Very good. One or two great ideas. (ex : Family Project) 7 & 7,25 : Enjoyable reading. Nothing outstandish though. (ex : Chrono Clock) 6,75 : Good potential. Unfortunately there are one or two fatal errors somewhere. (ex : Muv-Luv) Between 6 and 6,5 : Not bad but forgettable. (ex : Da Capo) Between 5 and 5,75 : Barely readable/considerable disappointment/Not for me (ex : Ikinari Anata ni Koishiteiru) Bellow 5 : Different degrees of mediocrity/Unreadable (ex: X-Change)
  15. Who is your favorite MajiKoi girl? (Giant Strawpoll)

    Smart, funny, badass archer, loyal : Vote for Miyako, #1 in my heart (but Wanko and Tsubame are not far).