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  1. Most Memorable CGs Thread

    Enigma: (BEWARE ! Many spoilers)
  2. Count me out ! After the overhyped (but not so bad) Da Capo 3 and the fiasco Dal Segno, I won't be cheated, this time. Circus, it's (probably) over for me
  3. Most enjoyable VN's read this year?

    For the moment, my best VNs are (ex-aequo, I should add) : - Lucy -The Eternity She Wished For- This gorgeous robot moved me to tears. - Air A (very) beautiful and (very, very) sad story. And the casting is really memorable. - Quartett I love Ooyari-sensei, music was my first love, and Slice of Life is the best. And Argiano Sisters are cuties.
  4. What are you playing?

    Finished Quartett! (Yes, I'm on fire) As I expected It, I REALLY loved this VN. One of my best readings of 2017 + Ooyari's work is stunning and awesome. + Excellent OST. + Memorable presentation (comics style...or something like that). + The casting is great too. And the girls are very cute (even if Charlotte is physically too loli or too childish for me). + The final (after you finished the three routes) is poetic and very beautiful. - Charlotte's route is clearly the best. The other two are correct but not as polished or interesting. - No route for May, Klarissa or Signina - If you hate Slice of Life style, You shall not pass (because the global story is not very original and/or full of twists)
  5. Fashioning Miss Lonesome 2morrow!

    The same It looks seriously different from the other Otome VNs I read/played I'm not an Otome fan but I enjoyed the screenshots. So I really, really looking foward to reading it ! H-5 because I preordered it (Mangagamer)
  6. What are you playing?

    Finished Hanachirasu...already + The setting is awesome : I'm a sucker for uchronia/alternative History + The protagonist is a total jerk, a true villain. It was hilarious (except the unavoidable rape). + The background music is a real plus. + The Eternal ending is pure genius. - Way too short. - I didn't like the girls' Character Design. - The detailed descriptions of sword techniques were awfully boring. - Some parts of the plot are not clear or too convenient/predictable. - Unavoidable rape. Edit : Reading Quartett! My expectations are very, very high : Ooyari Ashito, Music, Slice of life, an unusual Comics style (for RPG connoisseurs, it reminds me of Phantasy Star IV). All the ingredients are here for a very good moment
  7. What are you playing?

    At last, I finished Da Capo 4 Dal Segno. I feel released...and quite irritated. On the one hand, the setting, the art, the CGs and the Character Design are very good. But, on the other hand, this VN is so boring (ex : the common route is horrible) and almost all the girls are...hollow, uninteresting. And the Drama ? Uggh...It was probably worst than Da Capo I (except Noeri's ending...maybe). Girl Ranking : Io >>> Ame > Himari > Noeri > Hazuki Route Ranking : Noeri >> Ame = Io >> Himari > Hazuki Edit : reading Hanachirasu. Chapter 4, first playthrough. After too much moe/school setting, it's the perfect change of scenery I must say that he "uchronic" setting is just awesome. Similarly, I enjoy the villainous (but interesting) protagonist and the OST is great for the moment
  8. Post your desktop screen shot

    Chrono Clock ! Left : Laptop, 1600 X 900 ; Right : 1920 X 1080
  9. Stuff I'd like you to recommend to me

    Anime : Psycho-Pass Manga : Parasite/Parasyte, Planetes, Solanin VN : Steins;Gate, G-senjou no maou: The Devil on G-String, Kara no Shoujo 1 & 2, Fate/stay night
  10. Collar X Malice review

    Did you read Amnesia: Memories ?
  11. Collar X Malice review

    Romance and setting (but my advice is subjective : I love Steampunk) are better in Code: Realize. For all the rest, I prefer Collar X Malice (and even Amnesia: Memories).
  12. What are you playing?

    Finished Princess Evangile W Happiness. Globally, it was a nice reading, an ideal refreshment for this strange summer. Marika's route was slightly crappy (undeniably the worst moment of this VN). It was boring and her first H-scene was just...b******* and ridiculous. On the contrary, my last route (Konomi) was, probably against all my expectations, the best route. Even if it's lolicon, It is very funny and quite heartwarming (Kitamikado Sisters are hilarious, as secondary characters) After PE and PE W H, here's my final girl ranking : Ritsuko = Mitsuko > Tamie > Konomi > Ruriko = Ayaka > Chiho (because her epilogue was nice) > Marika (my image of her was ruined by her bad route) > Rise
  13. FuwApocalypse is Over

    tymmur => Perfect. The experience worked quite well