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  1. this goddamn-ish mentality of yours is exactly what´s keeping companies such as mikandi jp to appear on stage, ultimately fucking up people´s hopes and expectations. you seriously don´t want to get it, do you? like if this (libra etc) was an unofficial translation of sorts, like if some retards suddenly decided on doing stuff they had no single clue about, like them stubbornly ignoring all goodwill-ish feedback in the process of creating an abomination you could either read(?), or refuse doing so, because well, it´d be an unoffical one, so fuck it. but in the case of libra it´s fundamentically
  2. from what i´ve got from /vn both have pretty much been in the process of non-stop translating (8h+ each day), editing and fighting technical shenanigans for about 17weeks, so yeah, whilst stuff might seem "a little" unorthodox at first glance, in reality it all comes down to the size of ones inner masochist. ̶n̶̶e̶̶u̶̶r̶̶o̶̶c̶̶i̶̶l̶̶ ̶&̶ ̶̶h̶̶a̶̶l̶̶d̶̶o̶̶l̶̶ ̶̶d̶̶o̶̶ ̶̶t̶̶h̶̶e̶̶ ̶̶r̶̶e̶̶s̶̶t̶
  3. i don´t see any wrong with exploiting pre-mature fags, or is there?
  4. wasn´t that much impressed by sabae no ou, basically one of many that fell flat somewhere in between story-/setting-wise, btw i personally found its cast to be a little imbalanced, but that´s just me deeply loathing authors who won´t treat each and every character of theirs with the same care (e.g. to hell with sakurai). as for sth enjoyable(?) to recommend reading, well, france shoujo is a pretty darn good title in this regard. good amount of uniqueness, fleshed out cast that´s behaving realistically (more or less), a setting, having basically zero to do with highschool-ish shenanigans, a
  5. the most beautiful header image alone makes me want to promise you my firstborn (asuming there will be one). this, and my continuous support on the future endeavours of yours. cheers & keep going!
  6. though i´ve happened to read more than 50+ titles (incl. lots of short ones) over the last couple of months, i wasn´t able to fap even once. *blames those superstrong psychotropic drugs they made me gulp down. life is shit.

  7. guess this was bound to happen, eh? did read it shortly before my mind collapsed and definitely had a blast whilst doing so, quite happy for others being able to experience the same somewhat soon-ish as well. from what i get the whole kickstarter thingy is to bring over an enhanced version (+goodies) of its, isn´t it? anyway hope it does well for you and possibly more to be brought over titles of theirs future-wise wouldn´t be bad either, especially a certain beautifully written jqv. edit: don´t you ever go mainstream, doujinshi are the industry´s real alpha & omega. edit2: just noti
  8. start annoying mg for their aparent lack of interest in localising waffle´s yabai! for whatever invalid and non comprehensive reasons. & nah the former ocassionally doing some of amenonuboko´s works is no good either, granted most males are the dominant species in there, BUT at the same time almost all female swines do sound like them suffering from bloody hemorrhoids. simply disgusting. not even to mention their titles being utmost garbage tier. other than that, and in case your fine with japanese works turned into nothing but whiteghetto movies on a literary level, go ahead try read
  9. that is because of him translating up to 8h each day, which still doesn´t rule out a possible non-readability of its, but asuming his editing counterpart is at it with determination similar to his, then things should probably work out, maybee. more concerned about what lies beyond, and how, means what are their minds going to look like after being thoroughly worked to the bones.
  10. more or less back, somehow. still feeling a little demolished mentally, but so far dem doctors have done a good job in trying to fix the unfixable.

  11. *already dearly regrets having left the warm & comfy sanatorium just earlier this day. at least its productpage seems to read a little amusing/funny, i guess, well.... nevermind
  12. being made available on steam or not doesnt really matter much to me, since almost every title of theirs ended up falling flat, btw started to bore me out whilst reading through, mostly due to its fairly underwhelmingly written characters/semi-mediocre drama aka pulltop syndrom.
  13. i´m inclined to second natsu no kusari. no great many thought through and well written character studies floating around, yet said one is gravely missunderstood in its nature by many. also wanting to mention kawarazaki-ke2 here, which too is a masterpiece of its own, much unlike the literary abomination silkys plus dared to create.
  14. groping is an expression of love and love is all that matters edit. & regarding the topic, feels like alt-rights and populists are currently on a rise, worldwide that is. at least this spares me from annoying jokes coming to orban and consorts for the next 4years or so, now that they got a similar dude as their leader themselves...
  15. as far as i know google did announce just recently of them plan on releasing a vastly improved version of the translator of theirs, though it´s only in the case of chinese <->english for now (if i remember correctly).
  16. that´s exactly what i meant in my comment above, as said "choosers can´t be beggards" attitude some peple have is what keeps this pile of crap growing infinitely. this is late 2016, not the 90´s and there´re more than enough good quality works available these days to pick from. deluding oneself that supporting each and every thing which pops up will come to fruition eventually is nothing but detrimental to the industry as a whole.
  17. just had a talk with a certain someone reagarding a similar topic, so i´d say go for gun-katana, as it should both entertain and calm you down (in terms of not having to think much into it). no getting (forcefully) educated of ethics & morals, no vast amount of moe & its females have no balloons attached to them either. enjoy! on another note you might want to look into elf´s avk as well because it´s quite the hillarious read aka good popcorn entertainment for when a bad mood hits you hard.
  18. still stuck in a train (since almost 10h, huh?), but oh well just fuck it, like promised here´re some additional titles which should meet the criteria (not all of them though) of yours in terms of story, setting, visuals, literary value and memorable characters: • kaihou shoujo sin • kuroshiro no difference • tsuyukusa eu4ea • minstrel -kowareta ningyou- • titles by kagehoushi, especially "yami o hashiru yaiba no kirameki" • kagerou, though good luck getting your hands on the sidestory, as it took me quite some efforts when begging its author for showing a little mercy • re;world vol.
  19. honestly speaking people only do get what they deserve, since a great many are apparently non willing to end that toxic "choosers-can´t-be-beggars" attitude of theirs. how often did i come across lots of them shitting on said title´s overall quality, how often did i read of them planning to give it a try nonetheless, how much more contradictionary has their behavior to become? as long as producing trash is going to be rewarded financially there wont be adequate changes. simple as that.
  20. "... seems to be the fact that the VN wastes very little time on the romantic and slice-of-life aspects that would have been the center of a charage" especially this is what makes it (along the non convoluted writing) a pleasant read for me. not saying i do detest both, or the latter one by default, just too much of them (or the usual amount) would have ruined the setting, btw. distracted from what matters most. almost dare to claim re-lief´s overall experience could´ve been even better in case its devs had decided on making it all ages, though i fucking hate that horribly missleading term
  21. still feeling like borschtsch due to overloading my brains, but hey, five days of reading hiatus should have been enough to somewhat recover mentally. onwards comrades!

  22. *having read through those walls of whatsnot and ended up being too demotivated (as of now) to answer in the same fashion, so------- you might want to try looking into some of imayui´s works, as they´re mostly, if not all 1) surreal as fuck 2) poetic as fuck 3) unique as fuck https://freegame-mugen.jp/adventure/game_4181.html depending on how much you´re able to stomache i´d also recommend reading "kurai nichiyoubi", which should hopefully end up being a meaningful experience to you (at least it was in my case) forwhy said title has quite some values to it - despite its
  23. if that´s the case then they´re even more likely to try doing it in the same fashion, simply because the way it´s been done/handled earned them a rather darn good sum of money - despite all the related flame.
  24. think in'youchuu shoku & kyou should meet your noble standarts. both horrendously moe & them cute girls squeeling like hell whilst getting raped, who could possibly resist the feast?
  25. better stick with it now to not possibly lessen your overall reading-experience. aguni is rather important plot-wise and hasn´t been included there (& at this point) without a reason, even if it might be a little lackluster in terms of overall enjoyment.
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