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  1. This is the closest thing I will ever get to an Elina Fandisk.
  2. No/yes. This scene is the hottest thing to ever be written down in human history. Imagine being this much of a cuck. It's a Chinese powerpoint porno-game, jesus christ. I hope for your sake that you never accidentally buy a Purplesoft title.
  3. Do you know that guy, who in help forum threads always goes "works for me" and never contributes anything meaningful? That guy every single google searcher hates and despises? You are that guy.
  4. On the technical side: Their stuff is mosaic'd. So uncensored Smee games from Nekonyan stand side by side with the censored HaremKingdom, which Smee somehow gave to Shiravune instead. For tech stuff, Primal Hearts 1 and 2 are absolute banger VNs and have 0 issues. But Study┬žSteady is actually unplayable and they will NOT refund you, even if it crashes every 10 lines.
  5. Reading HaremKingdom. We're dangerously close to actual kamige territory, I'm laughing so much. Peak Smee content.
  6. Moege reports: Koikari is incredibly entertaining. That's it. It's not high art and it's not deep, nor world changing. But regardless, I cannot stop reading through at breakneck speed. Oh and the nonstop meme-barrage from the other localized ASaproject title, Suki to Suki is not in this one, which I personally appreciate. Primals Hearts 2 is even better than the first game. And as weird as it seems to see sequels in the medium, what is even weirder is that 2 directly references the events of 1. Like a real sequel. Very raunchy, but also pretty funny.
  7. Primal Hearts and Primal Hearts 2. My verdict:
  8. The last VN I bought was 40$ and I had to contact my bank for a strange and incredibly niche credit card authorization system that nobody else uses. What did I get? A piece of shit that crashes every 15 lines because nobody cared to do any quality control. Experiences like THAT bring the willingness to spend money down. Especially when said retailer refuses to respond to support inquiries and refund requests.
  9. What a coincidence, I was just on the phone with a VN developer located in Asia, Africa, Australia and Antarctica. They had this amazing concept about a VN featuring a Black protagonist. But I unfortunately had to tell them, that this guy called Nenor5VB only wanted something like this from a European or American developer. So they obliged and cancelled the whole project.
  10. I don't think it's a completely hopeless cause. For one, cash in on the vtuber craze. Modernize the formula with animated sprites, moving backgrounds and other gimmicks. And speaking of cashing in, it always felt to me that the medium has completely missed it's opportunity to cash in on anime trends in the past. The amount of Isekai VNs is laughable, even according to me JP reading friends. Manga, Anime and LNs milked that trend for every penny and VNs just... didn't even bother?
  11. It's not just the sprite mode and technical marvel of the flowcharts: Kobuichi and Muririn have improved a lot as artists over the course of time. I would bet on Yuzusoft commissioning brushed up (if not fully redrawn) CGs and Sprites for this remaster. I can't believe it took this many posts to mention the HD remaster blog post. Nekonyan didn't get that memo through to the public, huh?
  12. While it probably doesn't do very well financially, I always love it when an announcement is ~10 minutes away from the full release. Based.
  13. Just dropping by to say that Kinkoi is absolutely based. Literally every single moege scenario that makes me go "why didn't they just do X / say Y" is actually subverted here. Also, big applause to Nekonyan, for keeping the bad Sprite layering and other bugs from the original JP version. Keeping honorifics to preserve the original experience? - I sleep Keep the wrong face layer for the wrong sprite pose? - Yes please
  14. No H. I will pay for everything and anything that has H. H and a "continue voice at click" option.
  15. It's an art novel and doing something like this is exactly what a pretentious artist couple would do, lol.
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