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  1. Akane walkthrough error Following these steps will not end in entering Sister Route, it will get you into Love route. Tried it twice from a used and once from a fresh save file.
  2. If it stays long enough on steam to buy it, I will. EDIT: Still wondering how a love triangle with four girls and a dude works. *thinking emoji*
  3. Daitoshokan no Hitsujikai patch out

    Translation bashing aside, is this VN just unreadable because the font is utterly broken?
  4. HoshiOri Discussion

    He also got laid before you and in most of the routes Shuuchi marries before you. The one route in which he doesn't, there's a really nice scene about it.
  5. Trinoline Release

    Yeah, a good protagonist should be a super manly badass who doesn't give a fuck about anything. And he should curse, smoke, drink beer and after drinking the beer, throw the bottle at some bitch's head.
  6. Trinoline Release

    >Only three heroines >Protagonist has a face
  7. HoshiOri Discussion

    I think dropping the term "After story" from your minds is helpful, because the After part generally has a comparable length to the school part. It's not "Route+After", it's simply "Route". And yes, every girl has between 8 and 10 H-scenes. Rikka has 10 and two of these can actually be skipped/missed if I recall correctly.
  8. HoshiOri Discussion

    You forgot Nastuki. According to trip, Natsuki is the shortest route. I don't remember my exact times, but Marika is a tad longer than Misa and Sora would be in the middle overall. Touko is apparently long, but I haven't finished that one yet.
  9. HoshiOri Discussion

    Musings: all the school routes have some structural overlaps with one another due to the time-frame of the events and I like that all of them play out differently and partially happen in entirely different locations based on who you are dating.
  10. HoshiOri Discussion

    Nothing elaborate, I just check my watch before and after I read. The entire VN is basically filler, that's kind of the premise of HoshiOri. It's a genuine SoL, without the usual "lets throw an hour long misunderstanding in there". Rikka's route has one drama thing happening, which the script builds up to in advance and after it's resolved (doesn't take that long, our protag is pretty competent for once), that was it.
  11. How do you choose your first route?

    A popular strategy is to just go for the girl that shows interest in the protagonist the earliest (I c... I mean scientists call it the low hanging fruit solution). Me, I'm a wild card. I just go for whatever and usually end up with a route I don't care about in my backlog because I couldn't restrain myself from saving my favorite for last.
  12. HoshiOri Discussion

    Somehow, I did not actually get bored. There was the point at the 8 hour mark when I looked at the clock saying out loud "wait, they're still not a couple?" but aside from that I kind of just ate that route in one go excluding sleep and food breaks on a weekend. Being invested in Rikka most likely helped, I love her. HoshiOri is a baffling VN, as I couldn't believe how invested I was in a story about what amounts to nothing. After spending all this mundane time with her, I felt as if I was actually married to Rikka. This VN sincerely makes me reconsider ever thinking "this melodrama is dumb, but you have to have something going on in your plot right?" about other moege.
  13. HoshiOri Discussion

    Heads up for everyone going into Rikka blind: Her route is long. REALLY LONG. I clocked it in at 29 hours, the other routes I finished in a third or less than that time.
  14. NieR Replicant Translation

    I wish I had magical translation notes that let me translate something without knowing the language. Lucky OP.
  15. Where is the fun if they cut out the eldritch horror?