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  1. It's not just the sprite mode and technical marvel of the flowcharts: Kobuichi and Muririn have improved a lot as artists over the course of time. I would bet on Yuzusoft commissioning brushed up (if not fully redrawn) CGs and Sprites for this remaster. I can't believe it took this many posts to mention the HD remaster blog post. Nekonyan didn't get that memo through to the public, huh?
  2. While it probably doesn't do very well financially, I always love it when an announcement is ~10 minutes away from the full release. Based.
  3. Just dropping by to say that Kinkoi is absolutely based. Literally every single moege scenario that makes me go "why didn't they just do X / say Y" is actually subverted here. Also, big applause to Nekonyan, for keeping the bad Sprite layering and other bugs from the original JP version. Keeping honorifics to preserve the original experience? - I sleep Keep the wrong face layer for the wrong sprite pose? - Yes please
  4. No H. I will pay for everything and anything that has H. H and a "continue voice at click" option.
  5. It's an art novel and doing something like this is exactly what a pretentious artist couple would do, lol.
  6. No "continue voice on click" option.
  7. Mao/Security here. I remember Security scenes and Mao scenes being referenced at later during common (although Ichika has the most Security scenes). The thing I assume you meant was probably
  8. When you get onto the actual route, it's starts counting from 1 up again. No idea why they called it "route 01" in common, when it's just a heroine specific scene. Oh, also it isn't ignored; The events of the character scenes and your job selection is brought up later during common.
  9. The game throws so much comedy at me, I can even finish laughing at the first joke before a second and a third get thrown at me. I was briefly confused how after the Prologue, it suddenly said "Mao Route 01" on screen. In case anyone else is wondering; It's not a bug and you didn't accidentally click anything: After Mao 01 Route, you move on to Ichika Route 01 and I presume to another girl's 01 after that. It's not the real route yet.
  10. I finished Musicus. I'm too lazy to write a real post, so here are the thoughts I wrote to my friends on skype (spoilers:) I definitely and wholeheartedly recommend Musicus, with the preemptive warning that it has an overall very heavy mood and tone. Now, can someone tell me where I can buy all the OST songs?
  11. One of the hardest hitters in my opinion, was the fact that a lot of scenes in that route have no BGM. Subtle, but it's rough. Has Overdrive given a reason? Because no-credits interests me.
  12. ... wow, does Mangagamer always work like this? I actually want a refund. I started and restarted downloading 3 hours ago.
  13. Finished the Fandisk. That looked expensive. There's a CG in what feels like every ten lines. Big like.
  14. A bunch of people in my groups dropped the VN because of (or at least dismissed) Kasumi. They don't like her generic backstory, because it seems very contrived. I just finished the route and now I'm laughing my ass off. PRANKED.
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