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  1. I have a pretty nasty case of Road Rage So when I wake up at 4AM to go to work by 5 'Tis a peaceful world I live, free from stress Then I get out by 11amish and head to the Office so I can train some of my successor coworkees to CountDaPills RX until like 2pm Osht time to go to skoo by 3pm Fk me my finger slipped once during my Piano performance test (Jingle Bells ya ya i kno watta nub) so i prob lost points there Fast forward 'til 9PM, fking finally, time to go home BUT WAIT, WAIT FOR IT..... OH YES, SOME FKERS, BLESS THEIR SOULS HOPETHEYDIED ARE OKAY, HAD TO GET INTO SUPER ACCIDENT TODAY OF ALL DAYS RITE AT THIS TIME RITE. FKING 40 MINUTES TO GO 3 MILES RITE. TL;DR long ass day climaxes with cesspit I feel better, ty fuwaforums.
  2. There was alotta politics and delays over the past 2 months regarding my promotes but I now finally get to tell people that I is da sooper vizors now instead of just some random grunt counting shiz at dem stores, hah! Meanwhile I cant believe how fast time is flying, been so busy, and it feels like I haven't participated in this place for a while now And I just remembered that I completely forgot about reading Fata Morgana. I remember finishing the First Door and getting hyped and posting in VN Talk, then Aight, time to go, got essay due tmr ._.
  3. This place is pretty much just a chill place for various people to ramble about various weeber and non weeber stuff, relax and enjoy and welcome~
  4. and it's Balenteen's Day!@# Gotta spend dat doe on dem flowers and grills yoo
  5. Rewrite S2, yes yes the CGI monsters are terra-bad and all them non-VNers are getting totally shrekt on wtf is going on, but any1 who's read Moon route should've climaxed 9000x at the adaptation's version of it, seeing all the heroines' final moments in Moon along with the flashback snippets of their individual route CGs just gave me the biggest nostalgia boner ever.
  6. Good thing about being a good counter: More hours Bad thing about being a good counter: More hours 10 hours out in the field today cuz the last 4 was spent bailing out another inventory that had suxxorz counters/no call no shows, wtf kind of part time job am i working
  7. Hey mum y' know all those Saturday morning cartoons i watched as a kid, megaman, yugioh, pokemon, etc etc? They're animeeee look at mee weeeeeeebo hahahahaha
  8. You must've been exposed to quite the amount of BS and darkness from your grandmums to harbor such feelings, I barely ever got to see my paternal grandpops (outta state) so when he passed the most I could feel was indifferent / that's unfortunate I did have those fkin random nightmares throughout my life though where my parents or another direct loved one died and so i bawled so hard in the dream i legit woke in tears
  9. So I'm finally continuing S1 Rewrite on a whim, onto Ep 8 ✓Leaf Dragon animated But holy hell looks like i've reached the original bits now, wtf did they do to Kagari LOL, I liked it when she was silent and mysterious.. ~~ Finished 1st season. Salvation ends are always a fking nasty tear jerker, fk man. In the end I like how this adaptation could just be listed as another one of the countless possible timelines Moon Kagari works on
  10. Cool, this will bring new meaning to 'just Google it' whenever people complaints about pixelated censorships in da futures
  11. i've gotten away with it 99% of the time, this is the 1% life is bs
  12. I just had that classic coincidental all stars align to fk you in the ass Procrastinate 'til the last day to go to bookstore to buy the textbook to do the assignment before english class? Nope sorrz, out of stock It's k, plan B is to go use the reserve copy in the library? Nope sorrz, someone 'bought' the book via writing in the textbook and thus having to pay damage fees, on this very day, presumably because that fker did the same thing as me and realized the bookstore was out of stock stick to amazon/chegg from nowon, jesus
  13. I just tore into my PSVR savings to splurge on the cheapest four+ star 88 key piano I could find on Amazon for my piano class, das how srs I am in my conquest for pianistsisms <insertsadwalletemoticon> Our first performance test will be in a couple weeks and its Jingle Bells, ez, i got dis.
  14. 'Chu got an identity crisis huh From the forum rules thread: Username Changes To prevent user-confusion, the ability to change your username at whim has been removed from the user control panel. To change your username, please PM one of the global mods with your desired new user display name and your reason for making the change. Username changes require a strong reason and motivation to be changed, and will otherwise be denied to prevent confusion on the forums.
  15. Tay? Tay's dead. And so is Fuwachat. Forever.