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  1. BanG Dream! Girls Band Party

    https://bang-dream-gbp-en.bushiroad.com/ Ok so I kind of regret being a LoveLive! School Idol Festival loyalist and not hopping on the banDwagon for the EN version of BanG Dream! Girls Band Party (Bandori) But wow I finally started it this week and it's really fun. Bandori is a mobile rhythm game revolving around 5 girl bands each with 5 members. So that's 25 names to remember, 25 potential waifus, 25 idk glhf. Actually let me see if I can type them all out now: Poppin' Party: Kasumi, Alisa, Rimi, Saya, Tae Afterglow: Ran, Moca, Tsumigi, Tomoe, Himari Pastel Palettes: Aya, Eve, Maya, Chisato, Hina, Roselia: Yukina, Sayo, Rinko, Ako, Lisa Hello Happy World: Kokoro, Mitsuki, Kanon, Kaoru, Hagumi I swear i didn't look any of them up (jk maybe like two or three ._.) The first couple of hours is a bit overwhelming since you are familiarizing yourself with the game interface, mechanics, and the characters but there's plenty of Main Story and Band Story scenes along with (hundreds?) of small talk conversations between members on the world map to flesh out these characters. There's actually so much story I ended up just skipping through them all for now just so i can get the rewards and continue playing Rhythm gameplay is great and very satisfying; it's easy to get into yet challenging to master. Despite being a LLSIF veteran I got smacked by even the Hard songs starting out. But now I can manage to beat songs up to 25* EX, though Full Comboing them is a different story, and unfortunately 26* is a slow suicide, and 27*+ hahahaa insta-death Most of the songs are catchy and they even have cover songs, I was like when I saw they had Little Busters! Multi-Live is genius, you are encouraged to play with others due to the increased rewards, and whoever in general devised the ingame resources is deviously brilliant because unlike LLSIF where G does absolute shit, this game has plenty of various materials via s/m/l power/pure/cool/happy shards that you can only gain by playing Lives and are necessary to purchase boosts to your team stat and more importantly, to promote one of your girls to their idolized version. TL;DR the incentives to play in this game are nicely thought out. Want to idolize that ultra rare 4* Wonderland Kanon card? You'll have to farm up shards, and you'll want to play with others because you'll get more shards in doing so. Win-win. I've played so much I'm in top 1000 for the current Runaway Rabbits event, gg
  2. What Are You Playing: Video Game Edition

    Finally playing some Fire Emblem: Awakening because ever since Super Smash Bros. Melee from 15 years ago I always wondered who the hell Marth was and what that weird music was that would sometimes play in place of the standard Hyrule Temple map music And then now there's Smash 4 with like six Fire Emblem characters in it Then I learn that there's like 10+ games and Awakening is chronologically like 2000 years ahead of Marth's time but oh wells The tactical turn based RPG gameplay is aight, I'm not really too elitist about it though so I'm playing on Normal albeit staying true to Classic mode so I can have the genuine FE experience of having to force reset whenever I stupidly put Lissa one square too close to enemy aggro range trying to heal someone and she gets insta-mauled And I'm going Female Robin with pink hair ftw
  3. What are you playing?

    Finished Professor Layton vs Phoenix Wright It was good overall, I tend to like medieval fantasy settings, and Phoenix utilizing his desk slamming prowess as a baker was outright hilarious and it was nice to have the Maya from the good ol' days Puzzles were whatevers, they were about as good as some random mobile app you'd play to pass the time. Didn't know who the hell Professor Layton was prior to this but he was a cool guy, a bit too cool though in that he often overshadows Phoenix and makes him look like a total novice The overarching mystery regarding the lore of Labyrinthia and the Great Witch Bezella was good enough to keep me interested, though when it came down facing the reality and unraveling the truth behind it all it was kind of disappointing if not super underwhelming But the entire setting did make for some fun witch trials. I particularly liked the whole mob mentality / having multiple witnesses testifying together, it made cross examinations much more hectic and fun. The stakes were extremely high too, I mean you usually don't see or hear about the fate of the Guilty parties in Ace Attorney but here you get to see the results immediately >< P.S. I think this game came out before Dual Destinies but apparently Professor Layton is a follower of Professor Means ~~ Gonna take a break from this stuff now. It's nice to be late to a series, almost 20 years of games in the making defeated in a mere month. Pce out
  4. Ace Attorney Fan Case: "A Batty Turnabout"

    Ya i had to stop playing cuz the site went down First off, I take back my little rant about the badge, because apparently i never clicked on it. "My very important attorney badge" will suffice. +1 Regarding alternate ending, maybe there could've been at least one more prompt where Athena can second guess herself from committing to the bookcase, currently Edgeworth will attempt to stop her once you pick the 4th paragraph but it's already all over at that point. ie. It feels more like a baited ending, would've preferred something like: 3rd Cross Examining. Ahaha, Perky is so quirky, and it's hilarious to think about what was going on through your mind when you had to sit down and think and write all of this... spiritually suggestive dialogue +5 Really, Tiago? xDDDDDD Luckily, I know how your game logics works now, so I was able to easily just *again* present a Profile to beat this section. Gawd you love Presenting Profiles as evidence don't you +0 ~~ 4th Cross examine Perky = Peaky? This section I'll have to give you props for. It had an authentic Ace Attorney vibe to it, how a character shifts personality dramatically, the bgm switching to allegro, and the testimony is actually pretty solid only having one glaring weakness after a few presses (Though I kinda was stupid and tried to focus on something like, "the window was closed at the time so you couldn't have sent the key up" because I forgot that Vlad didn't have the key in the first place ._. +10 P.S. Another wrong answer banter i liked, +5 ~~ Bat revelation: OOOOOOHHHH, the train of thought here was well executed! Why would they conceal that they dealt with bats, even when we were openly discussing birds? Could this revelation be the key to solving this case? WHAT IF.... THE MURDER WEAPON WAS THE BAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BOOM and you even have the Labyrinthia version of Telling the Truth playing during this, love it! +30 Did I winned? I got the credits and The End but that little dialogue at the end is bothering me.. or was it just meant to be a "they really were vampires!" thing? ~~ Tl;DR Pretty enjoyable, it's a 7 or 8/10. All of the main characters are consistent and their dialogues and banter felt natural, the new characters had their own unique flair like Patrick's mindreading and Perky/Peaky's spiritual wackiness/spoiled bratness, the plot literally had a batty turnabout that was executed cleanly and felt really satisfying to figure out, only real complaints are the cross examines that required presenting a profile rather than evidence, but that's partly my own weakness because i had alot of trouble with the few AA games that went that route as well
  5. Ace Attorney Fan Case: "A Batty Turnabout"

    Aight I'll bite, since I've been playing nonstop Ace Attorney these past couple weeks (current on Prof. Layton vs Wright) but I'll take a slight detour since Tiag's pretty cool I'll just point out some dialogues that i liked, nitpick them cross examinations, and other misc comments as a filthy elitist casual. Don't need to take any of my following bolded points system seriously First off, wtf is this bland description for Athena's attorney's badge? Where's the "My spanking brand new attorney's badge!" or "Proof of my profession"??? all we have is a lame generic "one of my possessions" ?!?!#!!!@!!! (-10, where's the defense attorney pride!!) I'm only up to the first Cross Examination, but the writing's not too shabby; Athena feels like Athena (+1 for having her be the lead defense attorney, she needs more luv), Nick not being able to make the trial because of staying up all night marathoning an 'old tv show' with Maya who's now sick from overeating burgers sounds just about right, and Edgeworth being visibly disgruntled that he approved of this particular vampiric charge because he was also probably too busy watching them Steel Samurais last night was funny. (+5, you got the characters down pretty good) Only issue with the first cross examining is that it's somewhat tricky because the bulk of it is spent Press spamming to build the Court Record since Athena waltzed into this trial with absolutely no information whatsoever. Which is fair in terms of the plot, but now all of a sudden you have like 5 different pieces of evidence and it's like "I know we need to point out 'hey this guy can't be a vamp because...' but which evidence will contradict which statement to get that message across?!! #getgudson (-1, too much infodump pls) I don't know if there's multiple solutions, but after a while I finally realized "Oh wait, you can present Profiles too." So you just present the Defendant's profile. There we go. But yeah I think something like the Autopsy report with the BLED OUT statement or some other combination should've also worked to pose the "He's not a vamp because he didn't drink blood!!!" contradiction #SaltythatIwasted5minutesSpammingEveryEvidenceWithEverystatementOnlyToThenRealizeTheAnswerWasPresentingDefendant'sProfile (-5, need a bit more flexibility in pointing out this contradiction with evidence instead of just profile) 2nd cross examining was pretty hefty. A bit of narrative pinpointing would've been nice on the "Is there anything that's suspicious?" part when attempting to forcibly move the trial forward because of the amount of tangents there are like that one dead end(?) 'is my client lying' bit, though I did really like the amount of effort put into some of these tangents xD ie. picking the Key you run into the tangent about whether it was possible for the key to be planted after body discovery (which, again, wth man, the answer is Presenting the Victim rather than Presenting the Body Discovery Report for the whole "the victim putting the chair against the door creating the locked room is why its impossible for someone to plant the key afterwards". That was a lame epiphany. +1 for Athena's reaction for picking the wrong answers though) (-30, same as above) THE BODY DISCOVERY REPORT IS OBVIOUSLY SUSPICIOUS, BECAUSE THIS PARAGRAPH'S MISSING A COMMA!!!! ,,,,, (+10, hilarious omg xD) NVM IT'S BECAUSE IT DIDN'T MENTION THE SMALL PARCHMENT THAT WAS FOUND AT THE SCENE!@# wtf tiago, you're already making us have to combine TWO pieces of evidence to progress?!@# Did the main games even do that? DIS TOO HART (+1) Oh crap, we finally now have a pic of the room, now we have to examine it, pick out a suspicious spot, and maybe present evidence on why this spot is suspicious. Uhhh, I'll play some more sometime later. But it's a decent one, Tiago P.S. Your penalty / wrong answer banters are S+ tier (+40, yup, you got these characters down *thumbsup*) Edit: Ooops, I got the 'alternate' ending, godddamit i actually felt smart for doing the whole gust of wind thing, but now i wanna find the truth....
  6. What are you playing?

    AA Spirit of Justice is done Really good, they improved virtually all aspects compared to Dual Destinies, the 3D sprites look better(?) and are custom animated more often ie. Trucy's sword swapping trick testimony, They brought the back ability to Examine any locations for some much needed world depth and character banters (best one is Polly's newt vs Thena's gecko vs. Nick's lizard) Divination Seances are fun, for once they implemented a new trial gimmick that I enjoyed. Divination Seance > Mood Matrix > Psyche Locks > Bracelet Prosecutor Sahmahghandi-idk was pretty cool. I bit too overbearing at times with the Let it goes but I liked his graceful-in-defeat attitude, and he meshed very well with Ema. We haven't seen a good prosecutor/detective duo since Edgeworth/Gumshoe. Klavier/Ema was ew, Blackquill/Fulbright was atrocious. Did I just mention Ema? She's baack, and ermergawd she's a legit forensics investigator kyaaaa!@# Maya's back too, but oh my god it feels so weird that she's 28, older than Detective Skye, and even MORE weird that the English VA they chose is decently deep voiced (I kinda have her in my head at least 5 pitches higher, idk). She finally gets to show off the results of all her being MIA training by flawlessly spirit channeling, but l0l I'm surprised they didn't bother to voice that scene considering they took the time to voice Rayfa's Divination Seances. P.S. Why'd she have to channel that person though, oof gonna have nightmares Rayfa's a great Ojou-tsuntsun, her mix of formal vocabulary into childish insults suits her 14 year old spoiled dutiful princess character perfectly. Barbed Head is also one of Nick's greatest aliases. ~~ Cases were in general more entertaining than Dual Destinites, maybe because the Accused are mostly people you know so it's more personal along with other factors like the DC Act increasing the stakes Apollo finally gets a massive focus and info dump about his past, sometimes it makes me wonder if the writers thought of this stuff already when they made AA4 and AA5 or if they only started BSing this stuff once they made this game >.> They did a relatively good job of making me care for Apollo's peeps this time around, man I'll never get over how badly they flopped with Athena got the Dual Destinites Trucy Wright from-main-to-background-character treatment, I guess cuz her story kind of ended already but man Case 4 really felt like they shoehorned in it to say "Don't worry guys, we didn't forget about Athena!" better than nothing I guess. Case 5 was... super. I got flashback chills to Trials & Tribulation's Case 5 with how convoluted it was and how it would just spam plot twists back to back keeping you on the edge of your seat. Really fun. They need to nerf spirit channeling though pls, it's waaay too overpowered for these cases xD. One thing I will nitpick though was the first half, the Nick vs. Polly portion. Writers did an absolutely abysmal job setting that one up, and what should've been an iconic, epic showdown was instead just a big F*** YOU letdown Ending was, I guess bittersweet? I'm glad Athena and Trucy objected to that decision instead of everyone unanimously agreeing, it fits how I felt but 'tis for the best~ ~~ All I got left is I guess some of the DLC episodes and maybe then I'll check out AA Investigations and that one spinoff PL vs. PW Ratings
  7. "too large" and now we have 'moticons like
  8. What are you playing?

    Finished AA: Dual Destinies. I eventually got used to the 3D sprites so they don't look too weird to me anymore The game's A LOT more handholdy now, I didn't need to use a walkthrough at all- they literally give you a "Notes" tab that tells you where you need to go and what evidence you need to present to peeps during investigations so that saves some hassle. Trials are much easier too, the lead character will usually have a giveaway inner monologue on what to do. They took away the free-examining of the various backgrounds of locations and now you can only ever examine specific areas, usually the crime scene. Makes the world feel a bit more bland. You can also jump from one location to any other location (a -> d) instead of having to move linearly (a -> b -> c -> d) Blackquill's a decent prosecutor. Liked his presence and story. Detective Fulbright is a major flop though. Insanely massive downgrade from the likes of Gumdrops and Skye Trucy just legit downgraded to background character, goddamn i felt sorry for her, she's only there to provide one-two liners if you even bother to visit Wright Anything Agency during your investigations Maya's still gone, wtf. At least Nick does take a moment to acknowledge her existence at least once this time around, last game there was absolutely no mention whatsoever. There's another Fey girl that makes a cameo as compensation though, and holy sheet she's so adorbs kyaaa ~~ Ep. 5 Turnabout for Tomorrow misc. comments/spoilers about Trials in general: Whoa, I'm on the last current game in the main series, time for AA: Spirit of Justice! I hear Maya's finally gonna backkkskdwjkl;fa1@#
  9. What are you playing?

    AA3 Trials & Tribulations final case: Did I say the writers really like them Fey girls in my last post? Well I spoke too soon, the last trial is ALL ABOUT them Fey girls, bejezuz Having good ol' Miles defend Iris for the first part was great, maybe I should check out AA Investigations... Iris herself had some nice twists, especially towards the end you're just like d'awww Phoenix . Really surprised they were able to get so much mileage out of Dahlia's character, thought she was just fodder since she was in the first trial which is usually set aside as the tutorial trial, man that gal ruined or attempted to ruin so many characters' lives its unbelievable I said Ema > Maya a while ago but after spending so much time with Maya now I take it back, Maya's irreplaceable <3 ~~ AA4 Apollo Justice: Wtf where's Nick? Who's this prick named Apollo and his wannabe Mia Fey mentor Kristoph Gavin? *Finishes case 1* well that was quick student-teacher relationship ._. WHOOA WHOA WHOA WHOA WTFFFFFF 7 years passed AND NICK LOST HIS --- WTF DAUGHTER TRUCY?!?! She makes a great companion btw~ I spent the entire game more interested in wanting to know what's up with Phoenix so I wasn't really invested in the new characters and cases but they were enjoyable nonetheless Klavier is really meh prosecutor, had his moments but eh. So far my ranking of them would be Miles > Godot > Franziska > Manfred > Winston > Klavier. Yes Even Winston Payne > Klavier Ema is back! And 25! Her munching on Snackoos animation is <3 Maya is gone! I saw a lot of complaints about her complete nonexistence in this game, even when it comes to the last episode's flashback trial, it's like ????? Not really fond of people having "powers", I guess they wanted to spice things up but I liked the game when it was just all about hard facts and deductions, not this "I CAN SEE YOU'RE LYING BECAUSE YOUR NOSE TWITCHED, TELL DA TROOTH!!!!!" or Magatama psyche-lock crap Game ends with the biggest "everybody is related" trope ever to explain all of the questions the plot build throughout, by the end of it you'll stop being surprised that X is related to Y who is related to Z who is related to Zelda who is related to Sephiroth who's related to Donald Trump. ~~ AA5: Dual Destinies. Hm. The 3D animated sprites are actually new enough, aka alpha-stage looking, aka look, idk, worse, than 2D sprites? Maybe I'm just not used to them. It's the same level of trauma i had going from Zero Escape 999's 2D sprites to Zero Escape VLR's 3D sprites >.> vs They also threw in some anime-style cutscenes too which is appreciated, though I'm not used to ENG dubs and hearing Phoenix say anything other than Objection / Hold It / Take That xD Other than that, I'm on Ep 2. No other significant impressions so far
  10. Zelda gets away with it so why not assassins creed?

    To me Ninty's always been about them brands, who have Toy Story 3 / Incredibles 2 / Finding Dory level nostalgia powers over most millenials who grew up knowing these iconic plumbers and Heroes of X(time/wind/skyward) and so that's why they can get away with it I actually never played any assassin's creed games but yeah I played all non-handheld Zeldas and always liked them so idk
  11. What are you playing?

    AA2 Justice for All was aight, but definitely these cases lacked the extra "oomph" that the cases in AA1 had, I guess because there wasn't really a prominent baddie nor was there any big case developing in the background like DL-6. Pearls is just too adorbs, jeez the writers really can't stop shoving them Fey females in our faces huh >.> Francizka(?) was waaay too overdone unfortunately, especially with the constant whippings and the foolishly foolish fool spamming. Good ending scene though :') The drama b/w Nick and Edge was kinda weird, you get all this foreshadowing about choosing death and Nick getting mad at Maya for mentioning his name but then Last case was pretty thrilling, if not a a bit too Hollywood-action-movie-glorified though ~~ Anyways I'm already on Ep. 4 of the third game AA: Trials and Tribulations, and wow they really did Mia's courtroom sprite justice, idk her regular sprite's face always had that weird tilt to it imo Prosecutor Godot is my favorite so far. His best sprite combination is when you best him in court and then he shakes his head, slides himself a mug, drinks from it, then spits. HILARIOUS. ~~ The fourth case is... REALLY hard, idk. Playing it right now. I'm pretty decent when it came to making connections and deductions with evidence, but when it comes to pointing out contradictions due to perspective it's like holy shit i got destroyed xD They played with perspective a few times already like how can two witnesses: But yeah this case is just LOADED with them. Goddamn the Dusky Bridge, man. Let's see, I'm pulling up the walkthrough now because JESUS: /
  12. What are you playing?

    Picked up, or rather finally started Ace Attorney trilogy on my 3DS. Finished the first game, in the middle of Ep1 of the 2nd game, which is atm a shame because i expected Phoenix to start off veteran pro but nooo gotta blank slate him i guess for tutorial purposes? idk how long it will last but pls Pretty fun, I always enjoy doing them active mystery solvings <- hardcore Danganronpa fan Cases did an overall good job of integrating all the characters involved- everyone feels important- and making you care for finding the truth -things get pretty srs- Ema > Maya pls Minor complaint is if you're marathoning the game, 3 investigative days on top of 3 trial days per episode can make things feel tedious. i hear the 2nd game does 2days/2trials so we'll see if i like it or not Enjoyed the 2000s 8bit Gameboy Advance Capcom musics or whatevers, reminded me of Capcom's other Megaman Battle Network BGMs I did use a walkthrough towards the end srryz, mainly for the investigations cuz it's like where the fk do i go next and what the hell do i have to show to the next prick in order to progress >< Miles Edgeworth image was unfortunately ruined because I knew @Mr Poltroon for like 3 years prior now and that's all who i could think whenever Edgey came on screen is friggen' Teegan from Versailles ._.
  13. What Are You Playing: Video Game Edition

    I somehow got hooked spamming some Project Diva X during my free times this week. It was collecting dust for god knows how long prior to now I consider myself a fairly casual to somewhat above average player when it comes to rhythm games, the only other one I've been routinely playing being Love Live SIF which i can full combo most EX songs and some Super EX no probs But I couldn't full combo Project Diva X's Expert songs for crap xD. It's a whole different ballgame when you have 8 physical buttons to account for vs tapping screen with 2 thumbs ._. It took me a bit to warm up to Miku and in general most of them songs are whatevers but there were enough catchy ones to keep me interested VR mode is pretty cool, I just wish you can actually play the rhythm game instead of being limited to just watching it concert style. A bit awkward at first but it can get pretty trippy when Miku's running up to you while singing Ai no Uta / Love Song And I didn't know Hatsune Miku + friends are a legit voice synthesis technology, I thought they had the usual voice actors voicing them the whole time rofl. With some mass auto-tuning shiz or w.e going on. The more you know~
  14. The undiscovered secret Is whatever happens if you manage to beat that fking Bullet Hell on your first try I actually gave up on my first go, right before the space magic happens
  15. Phone vs PC - Your device to access Fuwanovel

    Tablet ftw. Phone too small, Laptop too big (when laying in bed