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  1. Fuwanovel Confessions

    Aren't you like, 14, Oh wait it's been like 3 years since we've been on Fuwa so you're more like 18ish Too old for midlife crisis mang! But Make sure to take care of the ol' health first, das most important School idk how it works and the necessities of college in other places but in 'Murica you always want that door open, so don't just outright bomb it, esp. at 18, and ESP not because of emotionals sappiness or no motivational laziness BS. Cuz when you're 25 you'll look back and be super ashamed and embarrassed at how you could've just sucked it up, manned up, and done it ez pz but nope you were boo-hoo qq life sucks and that'll cost you big time Friends are interesting, my facebook was loaded daily with 100+ pictures spams of all the good fun times for a year or two during colleges partyyy!@# alcoholll!@#!@ PUBGG!!! making it look like i was da super outgoing popularz goodlyfe but at the end of the day nowadays fk it, rather stay home and maybe get together for birthdays and christmas secret santas and thats all. Hopefully you have a handful of trusted lifelong buddies by now, those are the ones that really matter, if those are the ones you got beef with currently then fix asap. if you don't then i have no idea, my besties atm were with me since mid skoo so ya that's alotta histories gl mang, el psy kangeroo, upupu, delta
  2. What Are You Playing: Video Game Edition

    D'awww, Gust finally mustered enough courage to settle for a non golden happy ending in Nights of Azure 2. The first game had like 4 bad ends that were neutralized by the 1 true golden happy end, but this time around you either get the normal tragic end or the true romantic bittersweetness end and they both gave me some pretty feels. Ultimate spoilers Aight, i gotta get back to the damned Atelier games, i think once i finish Meruru i'ma skip the Dusk trilogy for now and jump into the Mysterious series cuz Sophie's cute and I've only been hearing good things about Firis
  3. What Are You Playing: Video Game Edition

    Almost towards the end of Nights of Azure 2 It's still a pretty mediocre action jrpg at the end of the day, but the one thing it has over the first game is having an actual band of female characters instead of being limited to just the Arnice + Lilysse duo So you can have some decent (yuri) interaction moments like this rofl That's gotta be the best comedic usage of the whole music-cutting-out shenanigans ive seen in a while xD
  4. Why Tentacle Rape genre is exist?

    Its for twisted, evil people with sick minds I never really got the tentacle hype, think its pretty gross actually. The whole avoid censorship origin though sounds pretty cool
  5. What Are You Playing: Video Game Edition

    Yeah, OoT is something i probably wouldn't enjoy if i played it now..but the nostalgia is real. ...wait, some of you guys consider it hard? whatta buncha plebs ~~ I randomly managed to plow through Nights of Azure. It's a 6 or 7/10 Gust JRPG, basically consists of 40% supernatural demon stuff and 60% yuri between the protagonist Arnice, a half-demon Holy Knight of the organization Curia, and Lilysse, a Saint from the same organization and her best friend. Basic world lore is that XXXX years ago or so the First Saint defeated the evil Nightlord who threatened to shrowd the entire world in Eternal Night, but a consequence was that the sealing blow caused the Nightlord's Blue Blood to shower the earth corrupting everyone and everything it touched. The organization Curia was established to maintain the Nightlord's seal, and every 10 years a Saint is sacrificed in order to do so. Holy Knights are formed to protect these Saints and also combat Fiends, people who have turned into monsters from being exposed to Blue Blood. Arnice is the first ever purple blooded half-demon, a result of her original red human blood being exposed to the blue demon blood. Yada yada yada, Lilysse is chosen by Curia to become the next Saint to be sacrificed with Arnice as her Holy Knight, and the duo spend the entire game quipping back and forth how Lily shouldn't sacrifice herself, how Arnice will protect her no matter what, and overall affirming their love for each other The gameworld is pretty lifeless, there's literally only three other male NPCs to interact with at the one hotel you stay in the entire game (and the familiars you unlock i guess); the rest of the world map is reserved for monsters and hack n' slashing. Gameplay is OK, this was one of Gust's early attempts at Action Rpgs or so and it shows. Arnice is limited to running around hack n' slashing with a sword and fixed combos, no spells, and can't even jump around, but you eventually unlock daggers, crossbow, and a 2h hammer so you can mix n' match the slice and dicing. You can also collect and summon up to 4 familiars to assist you in combat, there's a variety of them ranging from melee dps to tanks to healers but I find that the first 4 they give you at the start of the game are the best >.>. Quests and overall main plot progression are limited to "Go to X, talk to Y, defeat Z, proceed"... ~~ Nights of Azure 2 on the other hand is looking like an 8/10 just from first impressions. Overall story is same premise, 'cept we have Holy Knight Aluche and Saint Liliana this time around set some time after the events of the 1st game, so an indirect sequel. I'm only at the beginning, but wow jumping from PS3 to PS4 graphics is very nice, the character models' eyes more lively, movement and expression animations more fluid, etc, #graphicsmatter. They also made better effort in establishing the main yuri duo Aluche's and Liliana's relationship this time; Arnice x Lilysse was kind of shoved down your throat at the start and didn't feel as natural. Gameplaywise the hack n' slashing is overall same if not more polished, but the cooler thing is you can have an actual partner with you instead of just familiars and can perform some pretty flashy combos with them now.
  6. my point is i wouldn't consider it a copout if Riki attempted to save the crew 1st time and made it. the cop out happens when he chooses to run away with Rin, regrets it in that lovely Riki x Rin hospital CG, and then Key Magicks his narcolepsy away to attempt and save the crew the 2nd time
  7. My thoughts went from greatest tragedy of all time pre-magical-narcolepsy-conquering into worst cop out of all time post-magical-narcolepsy-conquering. Srsly, just Riki and Rin surviving out of the entire LB! crew fit the ongoing thematics so well with all that world looping to develop the two to become strong & independent but nope, we gotta haves the happy endings, Riki magically became strong enough to override his narcolepsy and save crew yeee /endrant It's a cop out because you are told plenty of times by Kyousuke that Riki should just gtfo out with Rin because he will fail if he tries to save the crew from the 'splody bus, and actually you will get a bad ending if you try to play hero and save the crew the 1st time you encounter the bus scene. For me that whole scene would've been handled better if it was just black and white. No magical narcolepsy conquering. Riki either, in the heat of the moment with all of his development from all the world looping, mans up and chooses to save everybody or he obeys orders and runs away with Rin like a good little soldier. As for more epilogue, yeah it's an ongoing issue i have with VNs as well. Epilogues need to be longer, we spend hours, days on VNs and when you finally reach the end you can get slapped with only 5 minutes of wrap up, it's like the writers ran out of gas and just said fk it, main stories' done, pce out. ///////////endrant
  8. What Are You Playing: Video Game Edition

    I have both Zestiria and Berseria collecting dust on my shelf, should probably get around to playing them sometime... In general I've never played a Tales game so i have no idea what they're about. Still gotta get through all them Ateliers though
  9. Love Live! School Idol Festival Thread

    Sunshine S2 ep 5 felt pretty bland. Maybe i just enjoyed Ep 4 way more than I should've because #DiaBias but the interactions and overall plot between Yoshiko and Riko and the doggies just didn't feel impactful, nor was it interesting ~~ Looks like we ded, but here's some SIF shenanigans over the past couple weeks for me: Angel Charm cursed: Score Match BM: And most importantly, with Circus Kanan out (finally), I've done completed my Aqours Smile team . Too bad it's loaded with 4 PLockers, damn KLAB is powercreeping them Aqours URs...
  10. Love Live! School Idol Festival Thread

    Sunshine S2 ep 4 Dia trying to break the -san barrier was awesome. Jeez she was already one of my S tier favorites but now it's more like SSS tier . I'm glad they concluded with her ultimately just being herself and sticking to the formal -san usage, that's special in its own right. Bonus points though for the last minute consolation prize group "Dia-chan!" As for SIF, some of you might have saw my epic fail trying to get Beach Chika... landed tails 3x in a row rip. I have like 9 UR stickers stockpiled up now so I'm probably just gonna wait 500 years for Aqours to have their URs be in the shop so I can finally nab the last couple of URs needed to complete the Tricolor all member dream team..
  11. mods seem a bit busy

    Yeah Clephy or any other trusted still-lingering-the-forums peep can probably just ask Tazer for the policing skills, cuz yeah the current policers were all assassin'd. I don't think i've seen a Blue down there for Gold knows how long, then again even i only come on like once a day late at PST night after finishing combo work-skoo so WTF
  12. Love Live! School Idol Festival Thread

    SunshineS2 Ep 2 Mari just might become my favorite at this rate Shining Tornado!@#@$%
  13. Been months since i laughed on Fuwanovel, ty
  14. Introduction Thread[Gone Right]

    Ohhh, Fuwachat died? Nice badge you got there, Kuu
  15. should I read grisaia or fate first?

    u want the fantasy magics Holy Grail War u go fate u want the not normal high skoo with only 6 students (5 being grills) u go grisaia