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  1. What are you playing?

    Jacopo's actually a really decent / likeable guy in Requiem of Innocence, it makes no sense how he utterly fks up so bad in Fata Morgana other than the writers just demanded it. Kind of like how evil characters are evil for the sake of being evil, 'cept Jacopo ended up being a dumbass for the sake of being a dumbass Still slogging through, but uhhhhhhh i think i'm gonna take a break right here ~~ But yeah, the very long term conclusion b/w Jacopo and Morgana has to be the most tragic thing I've ever witnessed
  2. What are you playing?

    Gonna slowly slog my way through FataMorgana: Requiem of Innocence I'm a major Jacopo hater but so far he's doing decent
  3. Fata Morgana. i have saves dating from 2016 finally finished it yesterday though. Koisuru natsu no last resort, though its mainly rip for sol moeges in general for me, ive outgrown them
  4. What are you playing?

    OK, i finished fata morgana, the 'ill never finish it' meme that's been going on for years is finallly over It's a 9-10/10 VN honestly A simply fantastic tale about tragedy, betrayal, vengeance, and a touch of romance spanning across centuries and generations The narrative starts off episodic, with an amnesiac protagonist witnessing the memories and tragedies of the various inhabitants of a cursed mansion over multiple time periods under the guidance of the enigmatic Maid, in order to eventually witness their own tragedy in an attempt to find out who they really are. Every story has its own characters, each facing their own conflicts and trials before inevitably succumbing to tragedy. Eventually the protagonist does indeed witness their own tale, and the fun part begins when its revealed that every single major character from every story witnessed, despite being centuries apart, are all deeply intertwined in the glorious web of fate, all stemming from and revolving around a single focal point: an origin tragedy that predates them all and was so brutal it cursed these people and resulted in the creation of the cursed mansion and this endless cycle of despair and torment. And so naturally it'll be up to the protagonist to save the day and it is a sight to behold. They are not without their share of baggage though, and witnessing their own personal story and the decisions they were able to commit to despite all the hardships they went through... was simply inspiring. One of the best protagonists in my VN career for sure. Spoilersduh The mystery behind the white haired girl is a decent one, I implore all new Fata Morgana readers to pay attention in particular to her interactions with the Maid throughout the episodic portions of the narrative, will make the midgame where you are finally learning about the protagonist more fun. There will be at least three plot twist revelations as to her identity and I got oof'ed in all of them cuz I'm ez. Soundtrack phenomenal, at first can be hard to appreciate the more mature atmosphere and background vocals if you were more of a cutesy moe happy SoL type but once you do accept it these tracks augment the reading experience immensely. Many bgms eerily have the right amount of length and buildup that they are able to reach their high points just as the narrative does. idk if that made sense but you should see what i mean when you get to the many climaxes and plot revelations of the story and pay attention to the music The Mutilated Body is probably hands down my favorite tragedy bgm ;-;;; It starts picking up at 2:15 and i swear its what made me finally start tearing up at EXTREME SPOILERS Misc. comment about the witch spoilersduh: ~~ Ok, i'll have to check out a Requiem of Innocence since it's short and covers a pretty important segment regarding FataMorgana but lolwow i'm so behind Then it's time for some MuvLuv, jesus i wonder how long it'll take me to get through this one
  5. What are you playing?

    Wow Fata Morgana is insanely good, totally deserved all the shilling I'll do a proper misc. comments thingy later cuz busies but for now I'm ALMOST done (for realzies this time, I'm at the part where you learn the ultimate truth about the white haired girl but I gtg work so gg me ._.)
  6. What are you playing?

    Freddy the Barbarian! Wait for me! I'm gonna finish up Fata Morgana TONIGHT, then start MuvLuv trilogy on my Vita
  7. What are you playing?

    Sorry for hiatus, life doesn't want me to finish FataMorgana I guess I'll get to it. Eventually. Maybe. It really is good, but But hory shi look at my collection of otomes I just splurged on, these are all from dev Otomate who made Code Realize which was pretty fun and got me into the genre (naw it's cuz I has a things for female protags) Oh, and Muv Luv. Finally, right?
  8. AX - Anime Expo 2018 News & Announcements

    I think I only played like Code;Realize and that's it, but yes, all otome protagonists look the same
  9. What are you playing?

    Aight, so, Fata Morgana round 3 after overwhelming majority vote in my recent 'what should i read next' thread First off, my last attempt was apparently dated from February of last year, wow does time fly >.> Second off, Fata Morgana really is good stuff; the shilling that happened when it came out is all justified, and I just need to stop being a slacker and finish this already because IT'S GOOD STUFF!@###INdoCTriNaTEdSHILL I was making decent progress today too, but unfortunately i'm FORCED to take a break from reading and type out this mini-first-impression-review thing because the climax of the Second Door kind of broke me (!HO1!!W C!OU!LD T!HE!!Y D!O T!HAT T!1O P!OL1L1Y OMFGGGG ;----; ~~ Fata Morgana's basic premise is you wake up as some amnesiac dude in some eerie mansion and are greeted by The Maid who claims you are the current Master of the mansion (which is apparently cursed and leads to unfortunate fates for all of its inhabitants, gg). She is surprised that you are amnesiac, and so she invites you to experience the history of the mansion in order to unlock your true memories or something. This leads to an episodic flashback narrative, where you view prior-residents-of-the-mansion's lives and events that lead to their imminent demise. Due to the episodic nature, it can take a bit to fully immerse yourself with each story arc since it has to develop these new characters and settings, but once you finally are committed and things are looking up, BAM the inevitable tragedy strikes and it's off to the next arc : ) The arcs themselves cover themes on the more mature-dark tragedy spectrum, with the First Door featuring one sided incest and the Second Door focusing on being a human vs. being a monster. The characters in these arcs will all try very desperately to find some sort of middle ground they can be at peace with regarding these conflicts, and they do seem to find some solace once a certain mysterious reoccurring, red eyed, white haired, pale but beautiful woman comes into the picture, but unfortunately this light at the end of the tunnel also happens to be a double edged sword primed to place that final nail in the coffin.. Speaking of final nail in the coffins, Fata Morgana's climaxes are superb. You have all the right elements: dark themes/conflicts, messed up characters, a cursed mansion that ruins the lives of all its inhabitants...you KNOW shit's going to go down in these arcs, it's just a matter of when and how the characters will break. And man when they inevitably do, even though you knew it was coming, Fata Morgana manages to execute these climaxes in ways that maintain the "OH SHIT" shock factor and ultimately leave you with a satisfying(?) tragedy. Artwork is okay, takes some time to get used to the goth style or w.e if you're like me who's more used to and prefers the current day moege style #yesihavebadtastestoobad Soundtrack/BGM is great. I really like the BGMs during peaceful/tranquil moments when they occur, they really give a nice moment of reprieve from the perpetual ticking doomsday atmosphere of Fatamorgana. BGMs during horrific revelation moments were also on point in capturing the essence of the situation. The vocals were a good idea. ~~ As for the specific moment in Second Door that made me Alt-F4 and take a break, it was this(spoilerz obviously): OK, I FEEL BETTER NOW, TIME TO SOLDIER ON, THIS WAS JUST THE FIRST TWO DOORS I CAN'T EVEN IMAGINE WHAT'S NE- ~~ update: Third Door Unbelievably frustrating to slog through, manipulative plotlines are always disgusting to read especially when you have an utter moron like Jacop getting completely suckered for the entirety of it, jesus this guy was soooo hopelessly bad, it's pathetic because how he treated the wife was terribad even before the manipulation BS so i just couldn't accept the end game "i just wanted y'all to be happy"
  10. So now Fuwa is really dead?

    I'm waiting for New Nintendo Switch XL
  11. Help pick my next VN!

    Hey guys, it's summer time, so it's time to finally fulfill my 1 VN per year quota (though i've technically read like 6+ VNs just a few months ago via Ace Attorney spamming ) I haven't been keeping up with the VN scene though so I have no idea what's considered good eatin's nowadays Poll lists some of my backlogs that i never got around to but feel free to suggest others, especially any good ones that released over the past year! I do know though that I've officially grown out of highschooly-slice-of-lifey-friendship-with-cute-grills type VNs so don't suggest those; I tried to slog through Koisuru Natsu no Last Resort earlier this year and i died epicly
  12. Yes, newbies should definitely start muv-luv alternate over muv-luv
  13. BanG Dream! Girls Band Party

    Yeah I've become elitist enough now that I find playing Multi-Lives frustrating at times, goddamn people just suck >< you either get a DCer or a scrub who can't survive EX for crap and tries to do 27* Guren no Yumiya. For a while it was actually better for me to play solo because getting C/B in Veteran actually gave less rewards than A/S solo i think. Even playing in Regular rooms is preferable because you could at least hardcarry if you had one deadweight Anyways fast forward to me getting the new 4* Aya card (btw Aya's best girl because pink and I love her low-key self centered antics like searching herself up or taking selfies <3) and the ability to play in Master rooms is a godsend, you'll still run into an idiot every now and then but for the most part you can get consistent A/S clears with how OP people's teams are along with them being better at the game in general I'm gonna aim for top 100 for the current event pls
  14. BanG Dream! Girls Band Party

    They just need to let people download all songs / game content beforehand so that there aren't any people who have to download on the spot for a song they haven't unlocked / played yet, when i started i was one of those sad last-to-load peeps for a good while but now I'm pretty much insta-100% once people lock in omg yeahhh. i ended up spamming solos when i was mass clearing easy/normal versions of songs cuz people kept dodging ><. worst experience for me was, once the dodger leaves, you get in the SAME room with them again and then they dodge again ._. B> dodge penalties less dodgers in the veteran room so far though. though i've mostly been choosing the 'fun' songs like tear drops, silhouette, ready steady go, moon pride.. ~~ This here's probably my worst multi-live so far, got a dcer AND a scrub who thought they could do the EX but then fails miserably, dragging us all to the D line. Cherry on top, look how close we were to at least a C. SLAP THOSE PEOPLE PLS. friend request needs to be changed to BLACKLIST
  15. BanG Dream! Girls Band Party

    I'm watching the BanG Dream anime now too, really interesting to see how the Poppin' Party girls got to meet each other. On Episode 4. Kasumi, Arisa and Rimi all act as expected, Saya though was unexpected with how nonchalant she is and how Kasumi is waay closer atm with Arisa and Rimi despite meeting Saya first And Tae somehow got totally gimped for these first episodes, barely any screentime whatsoever compared to the others so im guessing the later episodes will center around her if not then the writers need to get shot because tae is bae ~~ I think i tried but couldnt get into it because I'm an EN scrub and too lazy to look up translated menus SO YOU'RE THAT ONE PRICK THAT, WHEN ALL FOUR OTHER PEOPLE GET THEIR CUT-IN CGs SAYING THEY ARE READY FOR THE FEVER TIMES AND WE'RE ALL PUMPED UP BUT THEN THERE'S THIS ONE NOB WE'RE WAITING FOR FINGERS CROSSED BUT THEN THAT NOB NEVER MAKES IT AND THEN WE SEE THEIR SPRITE HAS THE TWIST OF SHAME AND IT'S LIKE GODDAMIT THERE GOES THE A-RANK CLEAR jOiN ussSS