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  1. Love Live! School Idol Festival Thread

    Aight GL to us all in these final dark hours of Nozomi's Score Match with the rigged MMR. I've reached my 130k cutoff so I'm just gonna stall until the last hour-ish to play In other news Love Live All Stars sounds cool, i just hope it doesn't have it's own gacha thing going on or at the very least I hope they can link it closely with our current SIF accounts cuz I invested way too much into SIF already $-$
  2. Love Live! School Idol Festival Thread

    This rigged MMR makes it possible to nab 1st, if only for a little bit xD http://imgur.com/Kip2E7g
  3. What Are You Playing: Video Game Edition

    Welp, I got absolutely D-E-S-T-R-O-Y-E-D by the final boss of Atelier Totori, and I'm literally out of time to grind up or anything sooo I'll just accept the bad end and move onto Meruru now xD That's the bad thing about the time management system and being a casual, while I could try hard and learn the game by heart and optimize all my activities and whatnot but that's too much work for what's supposed to be a glorified lighthearted cute adventure alchemy game. not to mention i still got like 6 more of these games to go through #excuses #n00b Doesn't help that the items you could synthesize to minimize travel time and gathering time are accessible like 75% into the game and are really meant to gear you up for newgame+, which im deeeefinitely not interested in doing Anyways Meruru - she's the outgoing energetic hates-royal-duties princess type; i think i like her the 2nd best out of the Arland trio, with the first being Totori the innocent nice girl and 3rd being Rorona the ditzy airhead
  4. Love Live! School Idol Festival Thread

    I demand satisfaction, wtf is this injustice 2nd place to someone who had higher MMR than me (HIIII KINTOLESKY!@#), still lose points This case-by-case MMR averaging system is utter shat, that 4th place guy is gonna have false hopes for T1 but he's ~270k Score away from me despite a measely now 200 MMR difference, gonna get eaten for breakfast in his next matches The bottlenecking is HUGE, i can easily see there being several thousand people at borderline T1, in fact just looking at some rankings and currently Ceris's 18400 and another friend of mine 18831, just 300 MMR difference, is from Rank 3306 to 1500. The last hour is gonna be an epic bloodbath
  5. Love Live! School Idol Festival Thread

    I'm saving my refund for the next half of the Time Travel set; with the completion of u's now I'm gunning for all UR Aqours teams, but it's a shame since I don't really fancy the Time Traveler / Circus sets as much but they have the URs I need ._. I'm actually pretty close, just need Smile Chika/You/Kanon, Pure Mari, and Cool Ruby. ~~ Upcoming Nozomi Score Match; if it's as slow as or even slower than the Kanan/Hanamaru we just had, I'll probably go for minimalistic T1
  6. What are you playing?

    Making good progress in XBlaze: Code Embryo. It's an aight VN, the overall atmosphere of it kinda reminds me of watching Saturday morning cartoons, you got a bunch of high skoo peeps living in a semi-futuristic science-fantasy city setting where there's magic and the plot is centered around a supernatural anomaly where people can get infected (then dubbed 'Unions') which makes them gain a destructive power but they turn batshit insane Of course, Touya Kagari is just an everyday high skoo nice guy living a normal life with childhood friend Hinata Himezuru before his life is changed forever as he meets and is attacked by the first Union of the story which then sucks him into being involved with the Mitsurugi Agency which specializes in dealing with these Unions. They assign Es, a kawaii loli with the typical robotic personality to be his protector, much to Touya's dismay. Blah blah blah, we add more girls to the harem; Mei Amanohokosaka, another Mitsurugi Agency agent and classic tsundere hailing from the prideful Amanohokosaka clan; and Kuon Glamred Stroheim, a hot-headed mage apprentice from the Magic Guild from the the Magister's City of Ishana. What a mouthful. I'm being literal when I say the girls are added to harem; they end up moving in with Touya and Hinata and transferring to their school, l0l. The crew go about their days pretty leisurely as the exposition reveals more about their world and the Unions-and-the-science-behind-them; by the way, xBlaze is set in the same setting as that 2D fighting game Blazblue which I never played so I'm probably missing a lot of the lore; meanwhile a group of rogue mages from the fabled 'Ten Sages' from Ishana visit the city with clearly up to no good intentions, and a serial killer dubbed the "Ripper" is rampaging around killing Unions. Eventually all the players on the board will end up butting heads with each other all over our poor little Touya because naturally as the protag he has an inner, secret power hidden within him related to Unions that they all desire Naruto-nine-tails-jinchuuriki style. So yeah, Saturday morning cartoon atmosphere xD ~~ I like the art direction. One thing I dislike from most VNs is that they can be EXTREMELY static with how they use and place their sprites; they're usually lined up at the same spot at the same distance from the protag's field of view, give or take the once in a while situation where they are zoomed in because they wanted to whisper something to the protag or are out in the distance waving goodbye. xBlaze actually is seen in the 3rd person rather than through Touya's eyes, so maybe that's why they actually took the time to 'choreograph' the sprites more but it's really appreciated and makes the interactions feel much more lively; they have front/side/back views of character sprites, their eyes will actually transition to look at another character, yada yada yada, yes this seems like a silly thing to praise but give me a VN where the character sprites aren't always front and centered and equidistant - aka static for 99% of the VN - and I'll concede ;p (Middle) Kuon's eyes were looking to the right before she looks left once Elise pines. Usually you don't see a group of characters looking at each other like this unless it's a CG You get to see (left) Es's cute(?) antennae thing from behind, and oh look, distant sprites! ~~ A con(?) of the 3rd person: Touya, the protag, is also 3rd-personified. Just another character in this story; you don't see through his eyes, you don't hear his inner thoughts and monologues. He's actually voiced, but they gave him a wimpy ass voice so for the first time in my VN history I actually muted just his character, lel.
  7. Love Live! School Idol Festival Thread

    Damn I should've splurged more for Kotori's birthday, $-$$$$$$$$$
  8. Love Live! School Idol Festival Thread

    Never mind the slide masters, but I'm getting close to FCing Cutie Panther. It's mostly the "Hi, hi! (nandomo iwaseru tsumori nano?) oya oyaHi, hi! (teikou suru nara shite goran!) igai to" center-to-side note spams that gank me because my thumbs suck and can't keep up ._. ~~ Over on JP: holy shiz that pirate Rin UR is unbelievably gorgeous, and a Score Up, I'm totally gonna gun for her when she comes to EN :
  9. What Anime are you watching now?

    Oh ya thanks for the reminder i watched neko and tsuki already, but not hana and koyomi
  10. What are you playing?

    Perfect Edition delayed as in recently? or from 5 years ago delayed? back when I was a Key fanatic i was hyped for it too but tick tock tick tock the years just went by... GL grinding Little Busters!, i unfortunately found it boring so i just did Rin 1 -> Haruka -> skip all the others -> Rin 2 -> Refrain
  11. What are you playing?

    Lol yeah, teams C&D ftw, rip team Q, I didn't care jack about them. As for the BS true ending, I'll never get over how silly it was to hear 'my motives are complex' ~~ There are so many mainstream backlogged VNs i should be reading right now, Dies Irae, the rest of the Grisaia trilogy, Fata Morgana, blahblahblah but nope I'm gonna pick the randomest thing ever and go with XBlaze Code Embryo and Lost Memories on my Vita 'cos they've been collecting dust for god knows how long
  12. What Anime are you watching now?

    Finished the Kizumonogatari movies Y'know, that's what the anime was missing, epic battles. All Koyomi does for the rest of the series after this is bleed and tank everything, no more kicking ass Gore was a little much, I mean jesus that scene vs Episode is scarring It was nice to see Koyomi's pre-vamp mentality, if I watched this stuff first I would've appreciated the character-growth-thematics from the Sodachi arc much better instead of qqing about how much Ougi sucks. Was also great to see more Hanekawa, dammit I'm usually fine with canon pairings but for once I actually would've preferred AraragixHanekawa
  13. What Anime are you watching now?

    Yikes, Owarimonogatari is so painful to watch after the funzies of Monogatari 2nd Season. They brought back in full force the drawn out, meandering, "witty" dialogues that stall out the plot to the point of snorefest but the real offender is that it's led by the EXTREMELY lackluster why-the-hell-do-you-even-exist Ougi Oshino. I get she's supposed to be this enigmatic, intriguing character that keeps you interested and guessing of what her true motives are, but nope just she didn't click for me at all and as soon as you see her pitiful attempt to belittle Hanekawa and make Araragi choose Ougi to be his mystery-buster-partner-in-crime over Hanekawa it's like OH HELLL NAWW CAN THIS GAL JUST GTFO ALREADY!?@# Doesn't help that Araragi himself is embarrassingly plot-no-justsu'd to be extremely lax around Ougi and that he currently has a really nasty case of unreliable narrator syndrome going on conveniently forgetting ALL of the 'plot revelations' of this arc involving Sodachi. It's a mess. ~Up to Ep. 6 ~~ Owarimonogatari S2: Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh They really made good use of Ougi's character overall. Still salty that she annoyed the hell outta me in S1 but everything makes sense and is justified in S2, satisfies the lore and was very powerful thematically and character wise and yada yada yada FK Ougi >.> And with that, an anime adaptation that some people spent 7+ years following was binged over one weekend by a pleb like myself, so I kinda had less impact on finally getting to hear the names Koyomi and Hitagi being said >.> but yeah this series had it's ups and downs but at the end of the day you can say that this was one good story . misc. scorings because y not: Now it's time to watch the movies... I LOVE epic prequel stuff that is only briefly mentioned in main stories so I'm looking forward to it,,,, the origins of Shinobu and Araragi's relationship. Also why Araragi felt so indebted to Hanekawa
  14. What Anime are you watching now?

    Yeah, you are 100% right lol. Nisemonogatari was pretty fun, I think I warmed up to the characters and banter by this point. Having more focus on the adorable Fire Sisters and Shinobu helped alot too. Though, I can't believe Karen actually just cut off her- like WTF man. I'm onto Monogatari 2nd Season now, just passed Tsubasa Tiger arc. It's good stuff.
  15. Love Live! School Idol Festival Thread

    It's September, meaning White Day Umi's in the sticker shop, meaning I finally completed the dream, my life's complete, pce out y'all