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  1. I was wondering when the great Cleffy would burn out. I burned out in < 2 years of 1 VN every couple months, jezuz idk how you managed thousands within a decade.
  2. OHHHHH no wonder, that explains alot LOL
  3. I like VNs cuz of the very lacklustre writing which you claim is encouraged by the music and visuals Oh jeez, literary merit. Fk books
  4. So my successor J and the J Gal coworkers that I was pretty buddy-buddy with over the past year finally hooked up or so, holy shi. Makes me feel awk that I've essentially been 3rd wheeling all this time but I think it was only recent, within the past two weeks or so was when everyone started noticing and commenting on them always being together during breaks and whatnot and now they're even carpooling together. Hot damn.
  5. Quality wise it's much better than the trainwreck that was SAO 2. Content wise it acts as a legit SAO 2.5 and will set up the supposed next season. SAO is fun when it takes a new reality type concept and throws in dire stakes and consequences, that's what S1 did with Virtual Reality before it regressed to just Kirito n' Friends. Ordinal Scale will attempt to do the same instead with Augmented Reality and while you won't have same level of 10,000 people trapped srs business it still gets pretty personal when Asuna gets ganked Dis poor pleb hasn't posted in days and when he finally does it's just to hate, get outta here ya quack
  6. Even though I'm supposed to be the uh, JP expert in the fam fam, I just went to watch the new SAO: Ordinal Scale movie with my sister because she was like Oh yeah wanna go?! Big SAO fan here btw. The movie's a solid 7, maybe 8 outta 10. Whereas Sword Art Online focused on VR where you made virtual into reality; by the time of Ordinal Scale their society is hopping on the AR (augmented reality) hype train and making reality into virtual- the movie spends a good introductory chunk showing a nonenthusiastic Kirito n' Friends live their daily lives decked out with 'Augmas' and legit going here and there in the real world to participate in boss battle events Pokemon-GO style. Luckily though the movie isn't all Kirito n' Friends and Silica karaoke-ing, there's actually a pretty decent plot here that will cleverly link back to the good ol' Aincrad days. There'll be a bit of annoying e-peen slap fests going on throughout from the new poster baddie, but overall the motivations behind and the inevitable resolution with these new characters was quite impactful. Let us not forget the nameless~ Action scenes were good, it's hilarious watching Silica stab a boss mob with her dagger and hearing the distinct "KLANG"you-obviously-did-0-damage, Or Liz actively tanking. On a more highlighty note you'll also get to see #1 sniper Sinon in action, The Eclipse, and Mother's Rosario. Those were some really hyphey moments mang. Kirito is useless for 75% of the movie, he was the king of VR but when it comes to the real world and AR he has no interest and you'll laugh as he valiantly dashes towards the first boss and gets pwnt because of lag being physically unconditioned. He'll naturally work his way up though when shit gets real. Meanwhile Asuna's useless for 90% of the movie, while in the beginning she's very enthusiastic about Ordinal Scale's boss fights she'll unfortunately get plot-damseled-in-distressed until the endgame where she finally makes her triumphant return. Naturally, there'll some yummy romance between the two. Overall pretty enjoyable. Oh, and keep and eye out for Rath in the future~
  7. ~~ Uh, I think Rewrite's Journey is a bit too... ambitious for my first Webberz piece to try on the side during my newbie piano studies. Instead, Kara no Shoujo's main title theme seems more feasible :3
  8. I survived, the customer survey gave me a clean 5/5 across the board, suck it
  9. Rumor is the DM's gonna be there for moral support, no pressure
  10. Cuz alotta webbers seem to have things for moey lollys, and she's like the poster epitomey char of them all or some some.
  11. Oh jeez I'm running my first store this Sunday, solo, wtf so early, rumor has it the last two I-Supers's before me went through a year of training before they finally went solo, me a couple weeks, and btw they still didn't even give me my IS badge yet, scrooges. Meanwhile due to technical difficulties my essay which was due earlier today is now due at midnight, this is karma finally paying me back dividends for that earlier Plan A-Z failure to obtain English Textbook fiasco of mine heehehehehHAHAA Lastly Rewrite S2 anime has been the only weeberz stuff I've been keeping up with, in general I feel I may be transitioning outta this phase... Good riddance rite </3
  12. I have a pretty nasty case of Road Rage So when I wake up at 4AM to go to work by 5 'Tis a peaceful world I live, free from stress Then I get out by 11amish and head to the Office so I can train some of my successor coworkees to CountDaPills RX until like 2pm Osht time to go to skoo by 3pm Fk me my finger slipped once during my Piano performance test (Jingle Bells ya ya i kno watta nub) so i prob lost points there Fast forward 'til 9PM, fking finally, time to go home BUT WAIT, WAIT FOR IT..... OH YES, SOME FKERS, BLESS THEIR SOULS HOPETHEYDIED ARE OKAY, HAD TO GET INTO SUPER ACCIDENT TODAY OF ALL DAYS RITE AT THIS TIME RITE. FKING 40 MINUTES TO GO 3 MILES RITE. TL;DR long ass day climaxes with cesspit I feel better, ty fuwaforums.
  13. There was alotta politics and delays over the past 2 months regarding my promotes but I now finally get to tell people that I is da sooper vizors now instead of just some random grunt counting shiz at dem stores, hah! Meanwhile I cant believe how fast time is flying, been so busy, and it feels like I haven't participated in this place for a while now And I just remembered that I completely forgot about reading Fata Morgana. I remember finishing the First Door and getting hyped and posting in VN Talk, then Aight, time to go, got essay due tmr ._.
  14. This place is pretty much just a chill place for various people to ramble about various weeber and non weeber stuff, relax and enjoy and welcome~
  15. and it's Balenteen's Day!@# Gotta spend dat doe on dem flowers and grills yoo