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  1. Mebbe. I'm on like Round 2 of interrogations, round 1 Qs they ask are some pretty BS identification ones that anyone can find out, like Rank, User ID, registration date, last login date, first event joined, Round 2 has some genuine Google Play receipts, transfer codes issued, any gift codes used, what was your starter Rare (Maki? holy fk i dont remember!!!!) pray
  2. So out of nowhere when i was listening to my moosic, Susume Tomorrow played and i got all nostalgic about LLSIF so ima try to see if i can get my account back (obviously my xfer expired like 3 years ago gg, i already started the emails and have begun the interrogation of deaths les'see what happens) and mess around for funzies
  3. I'm running on 2x tylenol xtra strength, a tsblspn of Nightquil, and 16oz Red Bull, getting sick during the last couple weeks of skoo fking sucks, but i gotta do this last all nighter for da essayz god plz give me streng- oh FK i have work at 5am KILL ME NOW
  4. Finished the last / 7th Kara no Kyoukai movie Idk, I liked the plot and the inner morals conflicts revolving around Shiki, but the baddie this time around was just so mehhh villain-of-the-week fodder compared to big baddie Araya from the 5th movie so it was less epic Overall it's a pretty enjoyable series so if you got the time you should go for it ^-^ BTW: throughout the whole time I was always bothered by how everyone is like a predecessor clone of someone from Fate/Stay. Bejeebus, these guys REALLY liked their char designs so much they recycled them all huh ._.
  5. The 6th movie of Kara no Kyoukai should have its "Garden of Sinners" thing renamed to "Garden of Azaka Moe", dis gal was just a super background character up til now and then BAM main lead for this movie xD. Alotta people discreditted this movie for being kinda lackluster ehh especially after the badass 5th movie But uhh I'm a moe kinda guy so it was pretty fun :3
  6. Something i wanna watch is Kimi no Nawa, but it just came out in theatres last August. Seems to be one of those body switching romance types But man having a 9.32 MAL rating from 177k voters is insane
  7. So i finished NieR Automata like a week ago and then there's this new person at my work who has the last name "Nieroski" I'm gonna be all eyyy Nier, broski, did you play NieR yet
  8. Kara no Kyoukai's pretty cool. Watching the first movie is like wtf is this shit you know absolute jack but a few movies in when you finally get to settle down with the lore and characters things get quite interesting. Musta been quite nasty waiting for the movies to come out back then though. binging is the way to go for this
  9. Dafuq there's been 24 pages of Persona crap over the years? I'm too lazy to read so should i play P4G which has been sitting on my vita dust cabinet for decades or should i jump right into P5
  10. Jesus you weren't kidding about being a Saberfag Extraordinare huh
  11. The Silver Case. ~~ I nabbed one of them Take Your Heart editions of P5. The box is so fking huge, i have like no space for it ;;
  12. While you were gone, Fuwa died. It's all your fault!
  13. "Do you think games are silly little things?" YES, I'M DONE, FK YOU ALL ~~ ^Guilty of giving up RIGHT before finally getting the option of assist, so I had to waste time to get to that point again, fk me But yeah, Nier Automata's done. Really enjoyable and memorable experience. I haven't felt that obsessed playing a game since idk.
  14. Sorry, did I say Nier Automata is 'pretty good'? I meant it's FKING AWESOME Granted Routes A and B are pretty standard stuff overall But man do they really hype things up with the beginning of C That's gotta be one of the most fun 'shit goes from bad, to worse, to FK EVERYTHING' chain of events to get to play through and it ends so beautifully with the last stand segments where you're just like C'MONNNNN but you inevitably have to accept reality and then commence crying buckets
  15. Idk about Atelier Firis, in fact i completely forgot i was supposed to blitz the Atelier series, fk it's April WTFFFFFFFFFFFF ~~ NieR:Automata's pretty cool. It has some REALLY fluid action rpg hack n' slash gameplay, very satisfying (minus some of the arcade space shooter parts, I suck at those). You play as 2B, a stoic sexy & badass female YoRHa (android) in a post-apocalypticish machines-took-over-the-Earth-and-humanity-was-forced-to-the-moon scenario. One of the best things about NieR:Automata is its soundtrack, just yummy phenomenemities everywhere yo. When you get a track like this for a bossfight it's like yeeeeeeee Play it when you can.