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  1. 'Tis the way of pay to win >< Someone who really surprised me though who used to post here but migrated to Ezeefreak's OTK website was maki~chan / AkemiChika. I remember she got depressed one time because she couldn't get a UR Maki Now she's a big time baller $-$ her profile bonds is decked out with Tricolor UR Makis and all that. Proud of her x) ~~ Regarding the score match going on in EN: im a pansy who's been playing in Hard because of the score match point system. Anytime i go into Expert i get eaten alive and get like -500 pts it's insane @-@
  2. the fking mods over at the llsif reddit thread are l0l, they ganked my All SR+ Aqours teams thread because 'misleading title' qq (technically has to be ALMOST all SR+ or some shit). that's some really overzealous mod for the sake modding crap Can u spot the who's the single rare
  3. Ya, muse songs are actually pretty meh lol, i was hoping for at least another susume tomorrow tier song out of all the songs i had to catch up on but nope. ~~ I finished binging sunshine, luckily for me it's been a while so i dont remember too much about LLS1 & 2 so i wasn't too nitpicky about stuff like the rehashed 2nd years' first concert heartbreak and local-school-idols-save-the-skoo plots 1st years are too awesome, i was whatevs towards the likes of Rin & Hanayo (srry Ceris xD) but man oh man hanamaru & Ruby are probably in my upper tier of favs for being just so adorbs heartwarming. Yohane's aight, kinda too one dimensional though 2nd years- not much to say, Chika's Honks v2.0, jumps too much, and still looks waaay too goofy to me with that hair, You's kind of just there but at least had a pretty fun 'neglected best friend' late game conflict. Riko's cool. Like a tsun-less version of Maki. Felt like she got too much of the plot allocated to her though, could've used some more screentime for the other members i think. 3rd years - DIAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. who the hell are mari and kanan, it's all about Dia. anyways i always liked the confrontational conversations that these 3rd years had with each other from early to midgame, they would face off and the bgm would get all serious and it feels like you're watching a battle of wits drama instead of happy slice of lifes xD but then they had to nerf all the buildup of cool atmosphere when Kanan finally returns to skoo and they all bicker like children only to finally get spanked by Chika, in general though goddamit i hate it when the conflict basically boiled down to "I WAS DOIN' DIS FOR YOUR BENEFIT, EVEN THO U DIDN'T ASK MEH TO!@#' Uhhh, Dia >>> Ruby > Hanamaru >>> Riko > Chika > You >= Mari >= Kanan >= Yohane Not gonna do anymore hard comparing between the two, Aqours is Aqours and u's is u's, Chika removing the poster from her room was probably one of my favorite symbolic moments... along with Riko getting a lobster pillow thrown on her face
  4. So. Aquors. what are you guys' overall opinion on them having been there when they were introduced up until they were finally implemented and all that jazz? I remember being an unwelcoming can't-accept-the-new-generation prick back when I heard Sunshine was being made but now i gots the anime loaded up cuz i definitely wanna watch the damn thing b4 daring to venture onto the Aquors tab of llsif Just out of appearances Dia is freakin' gorgeous so she's my first impression bias
  5. This is what the price of a new upper mid range gaming laptop will get you #Notworthatall l0l, but hey that's one thing off my bucket list
  6. There's just soo much to catch up on, did they really come out with 150+ songs over 2 years l0l well maybe a bit less since EN was a year behind JP or w.e Favorite improvements so far are the LP stacking when you level up/love gem, idolizing SRs is ez as fuh now with the sticker mechanic (finally give my duplicate SRs some good use!), badges/wallpaper are cool, and omg skills SKILLS, omg, they finally let my UR Cheerleader Honoka and Maki healers contribute to score with Angel / Empress Heal, finally goddamit They could use some more BGMs though, srsly i cannot believe still have the same main status screen (at least we can change to Aquors but holy hell that story mode music>>>, i was able to nab god knows how many hundreds of love gems just doing max bond on all the N cards and story progressions and yada yada but honor scouting is still shat i see, i was only able to get another UR thanks to the consolation blue scout tix they give per 10 draw i swear if i didn't get this consolation prize after spamming all those hard earned lovecas i woulda ragequit pt.2 >.> ~~ I'm super horribad at the game tho apparently, granted i've only been playing for a fews days now after a 2 year break but yeah i tried a master with full PL and Healers and still died, gg, my thumbs get tired just doing 500 note EX how the hell can you do 800
  7. That's probably my biggest fear is soemone walking in on me esp. in somthing as hardcore as Eupohria LOL damn that mustve been hella awk man
  8. I sort of have quitter's remorse, i was spamming my 60k friend points and holy moly i'm still getting new N cards its unbelievable, i remember back then i was gonna go on a 'collect them all' N card spree but now its like fk that Also a quick calculation of ~2years of 2 events per month = ~48 event SRs that i missed out on, ouch, along with promotional URs and whatnot, i was trying to do the Bibi / printemp/white lily / individual u's member song goals for the icons and i can't even make an entire team consisting of SRs+ / same color and have to stick in some Rs
  9. hi i pick amairo cuz ya all are unTL'ed but that sound most familiar to me
  10. Didju go through that one funtime earlier around Feb where Avast was detecting thousands of false positive VBS: Malware Gens
  11. tyty though don't expect me to go hardcore or anythang, just casuals from now onzies impressions: oh, right. Aquarius or w/e exists i forgot how to play my phone 2 years ago was 4", now it's 5.2" screen, thumbs too short i legit just got 50 love gems worth of maintenance extension compensations >.> i forgot how to play nice to see quality of life improvements; i ranked up from 133 -> 134 but apparently they nerfed exp needed so i magically jumped to 148 instead and they stack the level up LP restore #rememberthedayswhereyouwouldrageforlevelingupwithoutusingallyourLPfirst ^check out that sexy 1465/99 LP yo. and dem 69 ez/norm/hards
  12. holy fking shit i wonned???? KLab support (KLab) 6月7日 13:15 JST Thank you very much for supporting School Idol Festival. We apologize for taking time to guide you again. We would like to inform you regarding the data transfer inquiry that you have sent us. We have made an investigation based on the inquiry and were able to verify your account. <-YEEEEEEEEEEEE Please read the Important Notice below before you use the Transfer ID and Passcode. ~~
  13. amen brudda My VN career ended 6 years ago but if i ever getta spark again this'll do nicely on me backlog
  14. Update: They havent responded ever since my last post here, so i guess it's a silent fk you, rip me pt.2 guys </3
  15. it's k, they just noticed they forgot a period in a sentence, so that's why they