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  1. Mbn to be able to re-read VNs; I apparently red Princess Evangile like 6 years ago and gave it a solid 8 and it was definitely at the time one of my favorite charamoeges. Recently I tried re-reading like Little Busters! and Grisaia no Kajitsu, both of which are literally like my second and third VNs, but nope I remember just barely enough that they're both completely a drag for me to even bother continuing Over the past month I finished the otome Bustafellows. I ended up giving it an 8.5/10, so same rating as what I gave for the likes of Code;Realize and CollarxMalice. But I think I enjo
  2. Fatal Twelve. It popped up randomly in the Switch store the other day, jeez y'all gotta market better! Fatal Twelve is a, uh... battle of wits style battle royale death game? Except there's no hard violence- no epic Fate/Stay battles to the death. At the other end of the spectrum, there's no glorified verbal debates like Danganronpa's Class Trials. That's probably my biggest first impression disappointment going into this VN lol. The basic premise is that 12 people died, and through an enigmatic process called Divine Selection they are put through a 12 week altered r
  3. Wait, it's STILL not officially out yet??? I swear at this rate Half Life 3 will come out first
  4. Oh god I think I'm gonna become hella spoiled by Yuzusoft I forgot that they actually put in the effort to change character sprites to go in tandem with what whatever the characters are currently saying. Bless whoever they hired that has enough OCD to take the time to do all of that. It actually makes me want to listen to the entire dialogue rather than doing my whole min/maxing sweetspot reading because it really does amplify the reading experience significantly. ~~ Anyways I ended up going for Riddle Joker, cuz I need me some high school superpowers Friggen' Himawari, b
  5. Aaand I feel jipped again LOL I finished Himawari. Asuka's route for me was like An anthill Compared to the Mount Everest that was Aqua. See, there's this enforced playorder thing So the writers know that you know all about the plot shenanigans that Episode One and Two foreshadowed, with Aqua's route being the route of choice to conclude them, so there's no need to regurgitate all that jazz again. So what does that leave for Asuka? Absolutely NOTHING! It's like they ran out of gas. Here I thought there would be one last curveball, an Episode Three, a
  6. Himawari really is a VN that can only be appreciated as a whole, not by the sum of its parts. For some reason it really took me some time (Had to finish both Ep 1 + 2; a week) to get into the "honeymoon" VN reading phase where I spend my days itching to get home so I can read some more. Episode One was (enjoyment factor) a 5/10, a SoL sloggy grind with one of the most meh poster heroines ever via FUKO ISOGAIII Aries, with Ginga's discount S;G Okabe personality running the show not really helping either. Episode Two was a 6/10, intriguing, liked the setting/narrative change, but overall ex
  7. @Asuka I don't play too many gameplay/rpg VNs, last one I played was like Yumina the Ethereal years ago which had some dungeon crawling bits that I loathed (I just hate dungeon crawlers in general and can't fathom how people find them enjoyable). I guess if you just want the story try looking for a super easy/story mode setting, if not then go look for handholding walkthrough, and lastly screw everything or ggez just gitgud @Vernon hehe, the best thing about Kyou route is how many times you get to hear her classic frustrated "AHH mou!!!" ~~ Finished Episode Two of Himawari ...
  8. Sometimes I’m glad I’m an utter filthy casual so I can enjoy a dev’s worst VN of all time Though based on Narcy’s post seems that judgment of Clephy’s was made more based on Island’s sci-fi elements(?) In which, I totally went into Island thinking it’d just be like a Koisuru Natsu no Last Resort except with Grisaia no Kajitsu psychologically troubled heroines and so the sci-fi actually hit me out of nowhere and made me enjoy it so much more, as ‘flawed’ as it might’ve been. As a pure love story, *Mwah*, the tale of SetsunaxRinne is gonna stay with me for a looong time.
  9. @adam good to hear. Umi is already high up in my first impression best girls. Which, jeez, ever since Hoshimemo's Chinami I thought I would never like the younger relative heroine type but lately it looks like thats becoming one of my forbidden yum yums. I still want that character route, as unneeded as it may be, and in general I ended up deciding to wait for Reflection Blue more 'cuz I know I'm gonna feel really ehhhhhhh going through the entirety of vanilla Summer Pockets solely due to Osborne Effect @storm Hoh... I looked at the VNDB tags of Summer Pockets. And Nakige is apparently one
  10. Ok so Y'know how I'm high off the CLANNAD hype train what with spending a month reading the VN and then watching the anime (which btw, I'd vouch for Tiago's "just watch the anime" if you just want to experience the story that is CLANNAD because, yes, the anime is imo the "definitive" edition of CLANNAD and is easily 9+/10 compared to the 8/10 I gave the VN simply because instead of doing the usual "trololol anime is too rushed, trying to condense a 30+hr VN into 12 episodes ggez RIP," they actually manage to condense the BEST parts of CLANNAD and cut out all the fluff; like I said, I spen
  11. @poltroon Yeah, that's totally my impression I got from just watching ep1 of CLANNAD- that it was able to condense the best parts. Cuz the VN really drags at times. Err, a lot of times, actually. Really looking forward to banding together the cast. The isolated thing really irked me and was probably what made me gave the VN an 8 lol @Bredan np, glad you enjoy reading them. They do take some time to create but overall I enjoy making them. It's one of the best ways for me to get closure on a VN before I go into post read depression
  12. I also tried my hardest... not to cry ;-; ~~ Missed opportunity btw not having Town, Flow of Time, People as the VN's title theme btw. I would've always looked forward to booting up CLANNAD if I had this boppin' theme to listen to: First thing's first: my original statement of being a seasoned veteran and not knowing how CLANNAD garnered 9+/10s ultimately held true for me. I give it an 8. LOL PLEASE DON'T SHOOT ME, DON'T WORRY, 8 ON VNDB = VERY GOOD! AND CLANNAD IS VERY GOOD!!! SoL is just not my thing anymore. Totally for the record though, if I read this say, 5
  13. Nagisa Furukawa ^Miss little CLANNAD poster heroine in her prime right here, making everybody proudz :') I've been slogging through CLANNAD for several weeks now, and it's only during Nagisa's route that they finally officially dump the OP on you, so saving her route for last I was like l0l really?? Her route though was... surprisingly average; not much to say. Nothing special or out of this world happens. But at least Nagisa in general finally grew on me. I disliked her meek softspoken personality at first but she becomes less reserved and speaks her mind more often la
  14. Kotomi Ichinose I'll be honest. Of all heroines in the history of heroines for me, I think Kotomi gave me the worst first impression ever. But she grew on me fast, and her route's GOOD! Here we have this enigmatic girl who you'll only happen to meet if you decide to skip class and wander into the library. Btw, someone at Key must've had a foot fetish, because the writing absolutely had to point out all the damn time whenever Kotomi would take off her socks and go barefoot whenever she sets up camp in the library l0l. For some reason this gal reads through books at lightni
  15. Ah, CLANNAD being a "hunting VN" Tiago mentioned makes sense, along with his recommendation to just watch the anime. There's a lot of fluff to the VN in general, and the gamey route trial and error yo-if-you-got-nothing-else-better-to-do,-especially-back-in-200X,-then-you-might-as-well-just-grind-this-VN doesn't really hold up by today's standards. Ryou+Kyou's routes actually highlight the hunting-ness of this VN quite well. I spent the longest time ever trying to get Kyou's end. Ryou's was easy enough, because Kyou literally spoonfeeds you everything and if turns out you gots the hots f
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