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  1. What are you playing?

    Muv Luv Alternative spoileryish The first few chapters are Unlimited-recap-but-I-know-teh-futures-and-am-more-mature-and-buff It was nice to see Takeru be considered a natural talent this time around rather than the wimpy holding everyone back loser he was in Unlimited Then 12-5 happens and it was kinda draggy but a good outlook on the world political dramas going on and Meiya's philosophies (Yuuhi's hawt btw) XM3 trials were nice, always liked how Takeru's Valgern-On expertise in Extra pays off for the TSFs Then the CHOMP happens and you're like whoa whoa WHOAAA HOLD UP!!!!! THAT DID NOT JUST HAPPEN!!! Really disappointed that Sumika and her diaries actually failed in Return to Extra, I mean Extra BEGAN with her diary excerpts, they're just so damn iconic, and then you get blasted with "Good morning Shirogane-kun" and you're like WHAT.THE. SOME CHILDHOOD FRIEND YOU ARE. Isumi's Valkyries... Despite being introduced pretty damn late in the trilogy I was still able to grow fairly attached to them. Michiru+Mitsuki+Haruka ranting about their love lives at first felt kind of out of place, it's like huh I know there's no way we're ever gonna get to see the people they're talking about, then you learn that Kimi ga Nozomu Eien / Rumbling Hearts exists and it's like dammit, y'all told me to read extra/unlimited so I could be attached to the main cast, but you forgot about these for the secondary cast!@#$#(Jk they're not even TLed sadface) 00Unit and Causality Conductor jargon was quite interesting, it's the meat of the Sci-Fi content comparable to other VNs involving time travel / multiverses. Topics concerning the BETAs behaviorals and objectives were always worthwhile to read. Military debriefing sections were cool but often difficult to keep up with; actual combat scenes were very well done. Would've liked some more Takeru x Sumika dialogue, it actually feels like they didn't get to interact that much all things considered. Mass Effect 2 Final suicide mission... If I red MLA back in 2006 I probably would've loved it, but now in 2020 overall it felt pretty meh and average to have an outcome like that. Or maybe at that point I was so battle hardened and so it didn't phase me. Or maybe I'm just still in denial to the reality that THAT is the ultimate fate of all of those beloved characters in this world. Superordinate encounter was a real climax-y moment, but writers fell short by having to wrap up the story at this point. I would've preferred this encounter being at like the halfway point and then having a whole half to explore the rest but oh well. Biggest whamline: "The superordinate will display the newest specimen designated for recycling as Soldier Class". Fking Christ the CHILLS I got. The final letter I got was from Class Rep, admittedly shedded some tears. Extra Alternate ending was some good feels. Overall this trilogy really does the whole "don't take peaceful everyday life for granted" theme justice. As much as Muv Luv Extra was super super basic, at the end of the day after going through the monster that is Alternative it just made me so nostalgic and really appreciative of the simpler times. 9/10
  2. What are you playing?

    Oh sweet, I managed to make it through Unlimited, the Shuckle Pokemon that told me about bad news must've reverse psychology'd me or something so I didn't really find it a slog to read as much as Extra was. Not much to say about Unlimited, it was more enjoyable for me than Extra with its more "serious" tone but it's basically the same generic high school harem 'cept with mecha sci-fi military the world's ending!!@# elements thrown in to keep things interesting. Kind of missed Sumika, never thought I'd say that l0l ..Well, now it's time to see what all the Alternative hype is all about..
  3. What are you playing?

    I've been slogging through Muv Luv on and off for the past few months Still in Extra lol But I've managed to finish Sumika, Meiya, and Chizuru's Extra routes MuvLuv Extra is truly... Average. Which means it's probably boring af to seasoned readers who've seen all the cliche high school SoL shenanigans by now. Doesn't help that Muv Luv is technically 2003 so it has the older type of writing/humor/dialogue and outdated graphics with them lovely body proportions. I found both Sumika and Meiya to be fairly annoying, it's the classic should I bang my lifelong airheaded clingy and naggy childhood friend who's been by my side through thick and thin since forever, or this enigmatic super-privileged-super-rich and lacking-in-normal-people-common-sense/mannerisms girl that popped out of nowhere who seems to have larger than life fate/destiny ties to me? I did like the moral crisis Takeru faced when it came to choose time, the writers did a good job setting it up by making Takeru reflect on both girls via inner monologuing flashbacks reinforcing the whole "childhood friend vs destiny girl" dilemma. Needless to say I banged Chizuru first (Jk about "banged", I'm playing the Vita version LOLOL). Anyway she's the class rep strict by the book hardhead who tries to shoulder everything by herself. And she looks damn good when she lets her hair down and takes off the glasses. Her drama was pretty eh, a lot of LEAVE ME ALONE, I CAN HANDLE IT!!! And Takeru being NO YOU CANT, LET ME HELP!!! But yeah, Chizuru's my best girl atm. I really really don't feel like slogging through Miki and Kei's Extra routes, might just start Unlimited now...
  4. What are you playing?

    Finished Collar X Malice, no energy to do a lengthy write-up on every route. 7/10 for decent-good, most hero routes leave much to be desired.. They all have their own personal issues and morals that'll need to be solved along with the X-Day Incidents and corresponding peeps, but I ultimately was always left unsatisfied. Classic case of expecting too much. After you finish all hero routes you can finally do Yanagi's route which is considered the true route. Things like confronting the Mastermind behind Adonis, learning Ichika's and Yanagi's troubled past, the morale dilemma of justice vs. corruption and Ichika's vital role in X-Day...these were all extremely hyped up plot points for me that were finally going to be explored in depth, but they simply failed to deliver. It was just underwhelming. Nothing WOW-worthy True end is a standard golden end where everyone's problem is solved, the big bad defeated, and the canon couple profess their love happily ever after style I actually liked the bad ending, where ... Those bad ends were wow-worthy. If the writers actually made a fleshed out narrative for these ends I would've given this VN a 9/10. I hear the fandisk actually has an epilogue for the true route bad end, but what are the odds I'll ever get to read it huh ~~ Ok, my next Otome is a tossup between: Bad Apple Wars- Heroine awakens in NEVAEH Academy, a school for those whose souls were left behind after death. 7 Scarlet- Heroine looking for long lost brother joins Okunezato Supernatural Club to investigate the town's legends Period Cube- Heroine is transferred into a Fantasy RPG world called Arcadia as she is looking for her long lost brother, wait didn't i just say something similar Hmm
  5. What are you playing?

    Suitable for males: if in anyway the gender disconnect is what made you think playing otomes is 'appalling' (being a female protagonist + romancing males + the males look 'gay') then yeah I guess you should probably avoid. It doesn't bother me though. Other than that the story is usually decent enough to keep me interested. I just like playing a female protagonist
  6. What are you playing?

    Okay, so I tried to read Muv-Luv on my Vita, and gave up. I just can't do HS SoL anymore no way am I going to slog through extra and unlimited just to get to the alternate goodies So instead I'm finally tackling my mountain of otomes: Collar x Malice is the one I picked. It's another otome by the Otomate/IdeaFactory/DesignFactory/Aksys combo who made Code:Realize and others. Simple premise, the heroine-protagonist is one cutie (first name) Ichika Hoshino who lives in city of Japan called Shinjuku which has been under terrorist attack by an organization known as Adonis who have been committing publicized mass murders on alleged corrupt people. After each crime they have been counting down the number of months until "X-Day", a day where they will supposedly enact a scheme so grand, so legendary it will purge Japan of all evil and enable an of era of 'Rebirth'. Damned cults. Shinjuku has been quarantined from the rest of Japan as a result of the murders. So that civilians could protect themselves, the Swords and Firearms law prohibiting anyone from carrying weapons was repealed in Shinjuku. Great idea right, fight fire with fire. Police reputation is at an all time low, with the public losing faith in their ability to stop the terrorism coupled with Adonis's heavily publicized murders claiming injustice and corruption. Ichika is a rookie police officer, working for SRCPO (Special Regions Crime Prevention Office?) which has been formed in response to the 'X-Day Incidents' to gather intel from the public. Yes, this cutie is a police officer: She looks waaay too badass for her own good in this CG, because she's actually pretty pathetic LOL. It's not like she's one of those shy types or anything, she has an average, normal personality for the most part. She's just not really a fighter. Will be damsel-in-distressed quite a few times in the VN. Literally one scene early on is just her accidentally bumping shoulders with a thug and then they gang up on her so the male hero has to step in and save her. And even though she's a police officer working for a fancy sounding SRCPO they're actually more like a hotline for complaints division rather than a crime busting division. TL;DR there's a lot to be desired if you came into this VN expecting badassery female protagonist and legit crime busting narratives. You'll mostly slog around in the dark, always one step behind. More synopsis backstory, in the prologue Ichika and her supervisor go onsite to a distress all and then Ichika gets ambushed and gets a poison collar placed on her by Adonis. Collar x Malice yeee. Adonis is able to spy on her via the collar, and they tell her to solve the mystery and truth behind the X-Day Incidents. They claim she was chosen because she is a sympathizer for them and that she'll have a very important part in the days to come. The collar is unremovable, and any attempts to get the police involved will result in her death. So she'll eventually meet and seek help from the heroes of this story, most of them being ex-cops who are investigating the X-Day Incidents for personal reasons. There's waaay too many X-Day Incidents that you'll get lost really really fast when they infodump you on cases that happened months ago that supposedly link to today's case and all the suspects and motives. It's pretty overwhelming: Luckily it looks like the VN is structured so that each of the male hero's route will cover specific X-Day Incidents and so you'll get a piece by piece revelation experience until you finally make it to the true route where everything will be revealed (hopefully.). The heroes: Ugly bunch aren't they The fine dude with the white hair is (first name) Kei Okazaki. I think the writers wanted you to experience his route first, because jesus they slam him in your face the most in the common route once he's introduced. Kei is a member of SP, Special Police, who protect VIPs with their life at all costs. He was apparently tasked with keeping an eye on the other four heroes who have banded together to freelance investigate X-Day and Ardonis. Kei's route is like the Kotori route of Rewrite, you get glimpses of the big bad and plot going on but are left mostly in the dark the entire time, and by the end of it you get some bittersweetness between the couple and nothing plotwise really answered. Ok, time to continue reading.
  7. What are you playing?

    Jacopo's actually a really decent / likeable guy in Requiem of Innocence, it makes no sense how he utterly fks up so bad in Fata Morgana other than the writers just demanded it. Kind of like how evil characters are evil for the sake of being evil, 'cept Jacopo ended up being a dumbass for the sake of being a dumbass Still slogging through, but uhhhhhhh i think i'm gonna take a break right here ~~ But yeah, the very long term conclusion b/w Jacopo and Morgana has to be the most tragic thing I've ever witnessed
  8. What are you playing?

    Gonna slowly slog my way through FataMorgana: Requiem of Innocence I'm a major Jacopo hater but so far he's doing decent
  9. Fata Morgana. i have saves dating from 2016 finally finished it yesterday though. Koisuru natsu no last resort, though its mainly rip for sol moeges in general for me, ive outgrown them
  10. What are you playing?

    OK, i finished fata morgana, the 'ill never finish it' meme that's been going on for years is finallly over It's a 9-10/10 VN honestly A simply fantastic tale about tragedy, betrayal, vengeance, and a touch of romance spanning across centuries and generations The narrative starts off episodic, with an amnesiac protagonist witnessing the memories and tragedies of the various inhabitants of a cursed mansion over multiple time periods under the guidance of the enigmatic Maid, in order to eventually witness their own tragedy in an attempt to find out who they really are. Every story has its own characters, each facing their own conflicts and trials before inevitably succumbing to tragedy. Eventually the protagonist does indeed witness their own tale, and the fun part begins when its revealed that every single major character from every story witnessed, despite being centuries apart, are all deeply intertwined in the glorious web of fate, all stemming from and revolving around a single focal point: an origin tragedy that predates them all and was so brutal it cursed these people and resulted in the creation of the cursed mansion and this endless cycle of despair and torment. And so naturally it'll be up to the protagonist to save the day and it is a sight to behold. They are not without their share of baggage though, and witnessing their own personal story and the decisions they were able to commit to despite all the hardships they went through... was simply inspiring. One of the best protagonists in my VN career for sure. Spoilersduh The mystery behind the white haired girl is a decent one, I implore all new Fata Morgana readers to pay attention in particular to her interactions with the Maid throughout the episodic portions of the narrative, will make the midgame where you are finally learning about the protagonist more fun. There will be at least three plot twist revelations as to her identity and I got oof'ed in all of them cuz I'm ez. Soundtrack phenomenal, at first can be hard to appreciate the more mature atmosphere and background vocals if you were more of a cutesy moe happy SoL type but once you do accept it these tracks augment the reading experience immensely. Many bgms eerily have the right amount of length and buildup that they are able to reach their high points just as the narrative does. idk if that made sense but you should see what i mean when you get to the many climaxes and plot revelations of the story and pay attention to the music The Mutilated Body is probably hands down my favorite tragedy bgm ;-;;; It starts picking up at 2:15 and i swear its what made me finally start tearing up at EXTREME SPOILERS Misc. comment about the witch spoilersduh: ~~ Ok, i'll have to check out a Requiem of Innocence since it's short and covers a pretty important segment regarding FataMorgana but lolwow i'm so behind Then it's time for some MuvLuv, jesus i wonder how long it'll take me to get through this one
  11. What are you playing?

    Wow Fata Morgana is insanely good, totally deserved all the shilling I'll do a proper misc. comments thingy later cuz busies but for now I'm ALMOST done (for realzies this time, I'm at the part where you learn the ultimate truth about the white haired girl but I gtg work so gg me ._.)
  12. What are you playing?

    Freddy the Barbarian! Wait for me! I'm gonna finish up Fata Morgana TONIGHT, then start MuvLuv trilogy on my Vita
  13. What are you playing?

    Sorry for hiatus, life doesn't want me to finish FataMorgana I guess I'll get to it. Eventually. Maybe. It really is good, but But hory shi look at my collection of otomes I just splurged on, these are all from dev Otomate who made Code Realize which was pretty fun and got me into the genre (naw it's cuz I has a things for female protags) Oh, and Muv Luv. Finally, right?
  14. AX - Anime Expo 2018 News & Announcements

    I think I only played like Code;Realize and that's it, but yes, all otome protagonists look the same