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  1. Just bought a Vita -- now what?

    There's a handful of VN experiences for the Vita like Danganronpa, Steins;gate 1+0, Zero Escape, Root Letter Bunch of JRPGs, Persona 4G, Trails in the Sky / Cold Steel series, Ys for the epic stories and characters, Atelier series for the casual slice of life adventuring, Hyperdimension Neptunia for the memes, Sword Art Online for the Asunas On the more fanservicey side we got stuff like Senran Kagura, Gal*Gun Double Peace, Valkyrie Drive, Dungeon Travelers II
  2. If my heart had wings HELP!!

    Probably? I think Amane's route gets unlocked after doing Kotori's route
  3. Jeebus, i was wondering when Key would get on with something new after those remakes but they're not even done with those yet?? xD E: Wait that post was from last year l0l, but still ~~ 6/29's a nice release date(?), wonder how long it'll take for it to get TL'ed
  4. Fuwanovel Confessions

    Mhmm i went from like 10 VNs/year to like 1/year now ~,~
  5. What are you playing?

    I think im just bored or just reached a really, really nasty trough regarding my weeb hobbies but i for the love of gawd just cannot commit to many of my JP activities- games, animes, VNs, for this second half of 2017. Though i did technically read S;G 0 and Danganronpa V3 in the past couple months but I'd say those are exceptions since I'm a mad loyalist of those series. By some miracle though I have managed to pick up Koisuru Natsu no Last Resort of all things, but I'm literally only slogging through at 1 hour / day LOL. Just can't make the grind for these high school non-fantasy SoLs anymore. But it's k, 1 hour a day of cute grills is all that's needed . Umi's great. She has a docileness that's very endearing and some great dynamics with the protag. Sango Riho and Maki are all pretty whatevers atm, and with my limited reading capabilities i might just read Umi's route and call it a day. ~~ On a side note, i do have that recently released A Clockwork Leyline lined up to read as well, I usually have good luck committing to things that I start up on a whim, let's see how that goes..
  6. What Are You Playing: Video Game Edition

    Nabbed a PSVR for the holidays, It's a really cool niche, the first time you put it on it's a pretty trippy experience playing things like Job Simulator But then i realized i'm a lightweight who easily gets motionsickness just by playing Until Dawn: Rush of Blood. Seriously, sitting stationary in a chair IRL doesn't work well with a moving rollercoaster ingame that speeds down a slope Then I tried RE 7 VR and i couldn't even get to the Baker House because OMFG CAN SOMEONE JUST GET ME A TREADMILL ~~ Also playing Horizon Zero Dawn. Definitely a fun open world adventure game, beautiful graphics too. Anytime my fam fam walks by they're amazed at how good game graphics have gotten
  7. So, what was your High School Life like?

    Mhmm. High School was "whatevers" for me. Got straight A's with rather minimal effort, did the awkward "Hi's or complete silence" when passing acquaintances in the hallway, ran to the cafeteria to get the best foods, only went to the library to read Cirque du Freak because for some reason i was into that stupid vampire novel, peeked a few glances at my crush whenever i saw her The only thing i miss about my HS days was how laidback that part of life was. Everything was easy, no responsibilities... i think that's what makes High School SoL VNs appealing. The easygoing and relaxing atmosphere~
  8. Love Live! School Idol Festival Thread

    Welcome Chel 1st Companion Match event is coming up, apparently you can set up private rooms to play together!@# @Exteminator @Ceris @anybodywhostillvisitsthisthread._.
  9. What are you playing?

    The ppl doing that Ciel Nosurge Youtube Fantranslating thingy actually finished some time ago, a glorious 252 videos (~59 hours and 30 minutes) worth covering the story bits and not really the Ion dating sim bits because that's apparently the other 50% of the VN so who the hell wants to do another 250 videos xD. I only read the Ciel Nosurge summaries back then before diving into Ar Nosurge but it's now been about 2 years since I've touched these things so I might just spend my winter break reliving this universe because man was this stuff enjoyable
  10. Love Live! School Idol Festival Thread

    I'm dumb, for some reason i didnt think 4x regular lives would also give 4x the amount of tokens you get so i've been 1xing this whole time, jeez token events are god then because it'll literally cut the amount of time it takes to get 3rd copy SRs in other types of events by like 75%, or 3.5 hours vs 10 hours playtime if i did them calculators right time to farm up some SIS, look at how balanced my heals/tricks are and then angel charm massacre ;-;
  11. Love Live! School Idol Festival Thread

    ermergawd, the new ruby UR on JP is god, but even more shocking is that Kanan SSR is, i believe, the first card for her to have her hair down O_O she's basically Umi xD
  12. Love Live! School Idol Festival Thread

    wb to idol hell Tyrael ~~ Jeez, already we're at the next event, and we have a nice 7pm PST start time #nomoreawkwardlystayingupforevents?? Finally a token event, so some of you might have seen my Full Combo EX spam, I'm pretty pro now i guess I remember some older EX songs like Anone Ganbare, Pure Girls Project, even Susume Tomorrow being absolutely impossible but ever since getting exposed to Masters they're child's play. ...Except Magnetic Today and Binetsu Kara Mystery, the former i still always get at least one miss on the last onslaught of notes and Mystery is just BS where i either pass the two single note spams only to fail the double half moon spam right after or vice versa ._. ~~ Here's me FC'ing all the Happy Train Rs at the same time btw. I derped the screen orientation because #firsttimerecording but it's the audio that matters
  13. Fuwanovel Confessions

    My Fuwaspeak of Incoherence only happens on Fuwa, it's a phenomena that intrigues even me Like if you saw Kurigohan and Kamehameha posting like that levels of intriguing
  14. What are you playing?

    No no, keep going with Kara no Shoujo, one of its bad ends made me alt-f4 on the spot in utter devastation
  15. Fuwanovel Confessions

    Aren't you like, 14, Oh wait it's been like 3 years since we've been on Fuwa so you're more like 18ish Too old for midlife crisis mang! But Make sure to take care of the ol' health first, das most important School idk how it works and the necessities of college in other places but in 'Murica you always want that door open, so don't just outright bomb it, esp. at 18, and ESP not because of emotionals sappiness or no motivational laziness BS. Cuz when you're 25 you'll look back and be super ashamed and embarrassed at how you could've just sucked it up, manned up, and done it ez pz but nope you were boo-hoo qq life sucks and that'll cost you big time Friends are interesting, my facebook was loaded daily with 100+ pictures spams of all the good fun times for a year or two during colleges partyyy!@# alcoholll!@#!@ PUBGG!!! making it look like i was da super outgoing popularz goodlyfe but at the end of the day nowadays fk it, rather stay home and maybe get together for birthdays and christmas secret santas and thats all. Hopefully you have a handful of trusted lifelong buddies by now, those are the ones that really matter, if those are the ones you got beef with currently then fix asap. if you don't then i have no idea, my besties atm were with me since mid skoo so ya that's alotta histories gl mang, el psy kangeroo, upupu, delta