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  1. Sona-Nyl is waiting for Koestl. He must finish his Grisaia adventure, get some deserved break, and probably then start working on Sona-Nyl.
  2. S;G 0 is nice, but every route except for true one is pointless and therefore - tensionless. Maho best girl in whole series.
  3. Ooooh, that actually sounds interesting. Like... in real live teenagers behaviour? That's nice. (of course adding scenes like that in 'extras' gallery etc is wrong). Lol. Quality directing I see. But despite that, it's just another lazy trope. How to make XXI cetury characters interact with eeach other and have no realistic interests like movies, internets, etc? Make them retarded and let's say they don't even own a tv/computer/cellphone/smartphone. Much easier to write relationships in such a enviroment. But why couldn't it be just set in 90s' or something?
  4. Wow. Herkz was an editor on subahibi. Whole thread: https://twitter.com/herkzzz/status/882092504300081152
  5. Aaaand this: Why german subtitle? Also - that's completly other way around to what Dies Irae did, but.. why not? Seems reasonable.
  6. Let me just kindly remind you that Sumaga, Django and even Muramasa had at least partiall translations, when JAST stole Nitroplus licenses from the table. A decade ago.
  7. Mwahahahhaha. FFS. Now A3, A4, A5 and APlusDisc will never see the light of day. Not in this decade at last.
  8. And new title from Novectacle, although with different artist. Sekai won this time.
  9. Finally something that at least LOOKS good. Lol at Dracu Riot. Is it made from scratch new translation, or 'Decay + friends' team effort?
  10. Meh. Maybe DameKoi, but rest of it is completly uninteresting. But I laughed that my favourite bunch of 'retards' is going to be translated, so at least I laughed.
  11. Reading Ef, I'm, basing on the youtube playthrough playlist, around 17parts from 32, from First Tale. And while I really dislike both heroines, annoying, clingy, violent lifedestroyers, I like this tittle. Romance is really subtly written. Well, it's actually "written" and not like in most of the VNs "protag suddenly realizes he's in love". Of course, abrupt h scenes and unfunny humour dimnish the overall enjoyement, but it's still a nice read.
  12. Hahahah. I mean - yeah, would be nice, but... hahahah. For realz - first MLA, then MubLub additions, then Schwarzesmarken demo, then Kimi Ga Nozomu Eien, and then something else from ages. Maybe.
  13. Remember that feeling, cause you'll not feel it much more. Almost everything in this VN feels 'irrelevant', because it's beta timeline and its' offshots. There are a couple of really intense scenes, great moments, but they will leave you with empty feeling of "actually nothing happened".
  14. Anybody knows how they resolved the ratio issue? Is this version locked on cropped 16:9 and I need to wait for a h patch to get original 4:3?
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