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  1. Share Your Technology Related Hijinks

    Corona Blossom runs with no problems. I also play a number of games with no problems. I have since played games like XCOM 2 with no problems. My computer has never stopped me from playing a game I wanted, so I will not worry. Furthermore, the issue I described has been here for years. It first happened some 5 years ago, and has since happened once or twice more. Whilst I am sure the 'problem' will not go away by itself, it isn't actually a real problem, so all is fine. It only occurs if I act like an absolute moron or there is a power outage. Both relatively rare events, and the issue has fixed itself by the next day every time. It is not recurrent in any annoying way. Again, I will not worry. If something does go wrong, my laptop can apparently run my games too, so all is well.
  2. Share Your Technology Related Hijinks

    Have a this, @phantomJS
  3. Anime with ultimately satisfying endings

    How is this anime? I've been meaning to watch it for a while but I don't know if I'd like it.
  4. Help pick my next VN!

    So glad you still come by to ask what to read.
  5. What are you playing?

    It is the best thing. If you find it underwhelming, clearly, you are too blame. Get better taste. Tsk tsk.
  6. I can only play them on PC. I own nothing else. But I want otome games too, people!
  7. Share Your Technology Related Hijinks

    As I explained, I believe the problem has gone away. It had been a year or two since this last happened. And as I said above, this likely only happened because I cut off its power all of a sudden. My computer should be around 7 years old. Perhaps less. I actually am not sure. But it's between 5-7 years old. I do not know what 'specs' or any of that other stuff entails or how to identify them.
  8. Grisaia no Kajitsu denpasoft vs Steam

    Feel free to choose whichever version you would prefer. Either version will provide a complete story. It is only if you compare them side by side that you may start complaining about them, but the purpose of an all-ages version is not to compare side by side. It is to provide a different (less explicit) version of the experience, and that it does. If you have no real reason to reject the 18+ version, go for that one. If you do indeed have a reason, the all-ages version is perfectly fine and enjoyable.
  9. Share Your Technology Related Hijinks

    The issue returned, I updated the drivers, made that post, and then... the problem still wasn't fixed. But allow me to elaborate a bit: When I turn on my computer, everything works fine for 5-10 minutes, but suddenly the monitor goes black and every other device too. It's as is the PC went to sleep (without the desktop turning off), except it doesn't wake up. There is nothing I can do at that point except turning it off and trying again. In previous observations, I had concluded that updating my drivers would fix the issue. However, it seems to me silly that something that was working before suddenly stops doing so. For this reason, I imagine updating the drivers doesn't fix the issue per se, but typically does something else or changes some setting which ultimately fixes the issue. That didn't work this time, however. I'm still not 100% certain it didn't (because I updated the drivers in a slightly different way than I usually do), but for all intents and purposes, it did not. I have, however, formed a new theory. Speculation: The cause of the issue is for the desktop to be suddenly unplugged from the electricity. Which I did. By accident. Immediately before the issues started. To fix it, I simply need to turn the power off and let it rest for a bunch of time. Maybe to remove all traces of energy from its components. After sleeping a night, it now seems to be working fine again. All in all, I hope that if this does happen again, it does so at night and allows me to simply sleep the problems away.
  10. Share Your Technology Related Hijinks

    This issue returned just today! I'm posting this after updating my drivers. Maybe I've fixed the issue.
  11. Birthday thread

    @GetterEmperor, a happy birthday to you.
  12. Ah, thank you for pointing it out. I need to update my own images. Way to go. As for the Walkthrough itself, I think it's complete. I simply don't close my walkthroughs until I've played through the game myself. They're equally accessible and useful in this forum, after all.
  13. List of physical english releases of VNs

    Pinned this. While we will go over the pinned threads at some later point, there is not reason not to pin it in the meantime. Thank you for your efforts, though.
  14. That seems to me like the best possible outcome.