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  1. Birthday thread

    ^what they said (Oh yeah, I just saved myself from typing two @'s- oh, bollocks)
  2. Surprisingly, this seems to interest me (the word consent is present). However, I don't know if I'd want to play it at this point. The problem with releasing something like this as 'in-development' is that some updates will consist of updating or bettering what is already there, meaning that for those who have already read, the incentive to replay is negligible at best, since the replay value of reading experiences is based entirely on the person itself and how they take to the story. The formats that are more adequate for these sorts of 'early access' are formats that go chapter by chapter. Either each update will offer the next bit of the story, or a whole new route/path. Content that does not require rereading. What I fear, at this point, is that if I tried it now to provide feedback, I would not experience the story at its best, but wouldn't want to reread it all again for the final release, either.
  3. What Are You Playing: Video Game Edition

    (I may have referred to Byleth with male pronouns over the course of my post because mine usually takes that form) @Jun Inoue I believe I am getting a clearer picture of what you didn't like, and it does seem like a fair bit of your concerns did not affect me or I manage to explain them away within the story to the extent that I am satisfied.
  4. What Are You Playing: Video Game Edition

    Finally. I had to play it up till this chapter before I was able to comment. For full disclosure, I started and finished with a different house. This had a few consequences (no real spoilers): I have to say; everyone says you should start with Black Eagles, but I vehemently disagree. Terrible house to start with.
  5. The answer is no, and I'm not seeing how that has to do with anything or what makes it a better question.
  6. Why Visual Novels?

    I didn't understand the question to be "Why do you read VNs over doing other stuff?", but if it is, then the above accurately represents my opinion in almost all aspects. I find less need for variety, but am otherwise generally in agreement with the sentiments above.
  7. Forum Rules

    PSA: The Forum Rules have been updated in regards to self-promotion and how that is perceived in terms of spam. Threads or blog posts made for self-promotion (such as links to off-site personal blogs) should be limited to one (either a blog post or a thread) per product being promoted, because such promotion is more easily perceived as spam. That is to say, if you are attempting to share an article you made by making both a thread and a blog post, you are effectively spamming the forums with redundant content (that may even be unlikely to promote discussion if it redirects users off-site). The second change pertains to the Development Boards and you can find it in either of the two specific threads for them. If you are promoting multiple short (<2 hours) projects in the same series (such as episodic or chapter-based projects), they should all be covered in a single thread, so as to not dilute and fragment visibility, views, and discussion. As explained, the main purpose is for advertising of multiple short to be centred in one place without spamming the forums with multiple short threads for similar/repeated subjects. Additionally, this should concentrate all discussion on any of the titles in a single place, instead of dividing it and fragmenting it (since there isn't much of it to begin with). That is all. This post will be hidden at some point in the future, but will remain for at least a week. Thank you for your attention.
  8. Or they're scared. If they're anything like myself or my ilk, they'd do their damndest to not directly or indirectly violate rules.
  9. What Are You Playing: Video Game Edition

    Interesting. I know I've not got the most discerning taste, but I loved the route I finished. Might I ask where you are in the story? And if you'll detail anything, please put it in spoilers as well as which chapter and route you're on.
  10. What Are You Playing: Video Game Edition

    Okay, you probably saw my reply to Clephas above but this game is made for newcomers. Trying to optimise everything is not only tiring, it also sucks away the enjoyment from anything that isn't story. It really isn't worth it or necessary, in any difficulty. (Doesn't spoil anything. Just game mechanics up to chapter 3.) Anyway, the advice above mostly reflects my own experience. I did a playthrough of the game trying to do everything in the optimal way, and I must've done pretty well because 3/4ths into it I realised I could solo maps with a single character if I really tried and just stopped caring. Not only did I save a bunch of time, I also enjoyed it more.
  11. What Are You Playing: Video Game Edition

    'grindier', you say? What do you mean by that? To be clear, I agree that there's a lot of grind to be had. If you take every opportunity the game gives you to do things and maximise experience gains and do whatever battles you can afford to do, then yes, it is grindy, and you will soon outpace the difficulty curve. But if you actually pace yourself, use the less time consuming mechanics (seminars and resting) whenever you feel you're the right level for the month's mission (instead of doing as many optional battles as you can or visiting the monastery multiple times), it ends up being both less time-consuming and you're the correct level for tackling the missions strategically instead of through brute force. If by grind you just mean the running around the monastery then... I see where you're coming from, but I don't agree. It's certainly one of the big selling points for me.
  12. Welcome To... Chichester 1 : The Spy Of America And The Long Vacation

    Please have mercy on the forums with all these threads? And since this is released, it'd be fine and jolly to have some links as to where one can acquire this title.
  13. Development Boards - What goes where? In both Translation Projects and Original VN Projects, new subforums have been added for organisational purposes. This post will detail each of the sections' purpose and any further special rules about them. To some, this thread may be familiar. If that's the case for you, just check the spoilers for the new stuff. Additionally, pinned threads have been edited to reflect current policies. No need to have rules we aren't going to enforce. Creative Corner - A place where members can share their creativity! Meant for artists, writers, developers and more. Topics discussing Art, VN Development and Writing. All manners of guides on these as well. Help requests relating to the above. Fan Translation Discussion - A place to discuss all things related to the translation of VN's. This includes, of course, various other processes involved in the translation process, like hacking and editing. Topics discussing Translation, Editing in the context of translation and Hacking in general. All manners of guides on these as well. Help requests relating to the above. Translation Projects - A place to easily access Translation projects on Fuwanovel and check their status. Here we store all projects so they can be easily found. Ongoing Translation Projects. Threads trying to create a Translation Team. Subforums: Original VN Projects - A place to easily access VN projects on Fuwanovel and check their status. Ongoing VN Projects. Threads trying to create an Original VN Team. Subforums: As always, feel free to offer suggestions or ask any questions you may have.
  14. Welcome To... Chichester OVN : The Beach

    I actually meant Grendel(?) on a Steam screenshot.
  15. Welcome To... Chichester OVN : The Beach

    This VN seems to be out, so... moved to the correct subforum. Some of the sprites seem to have scary smiles