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    As far as Visual Novels are concerned, these are my current preferences:
    Romance - Comedy - Psychological Thriller - Mystery - Drama - Chickens

    Action, Horror and Fantasy don't affect my enjoyment much.

    I despise Sports, however.
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  1. I'll recommend Soredemo Sekai wa Utsukushi as both a comedy and romance. Sincerely loved it, though I can definitely see it failing miserably with other people. Additionally, I can also see people being put off by the apparent age difference. I'm not even sure what sort of difference it is, but it's certainly there.
  2. Joy? Please elaborate on why mindless praise is bad, keeping in mind that "mindless" inherently means that the person is in no way attempting to think critically. This goes for mindless bashing as well, except I perceive the latter as being capable of hurting people for very little reason and gain. And why can't mindless praise be ignored, much like bashing? I'd also further ask what's the issue with roads fraught with lies, but that's going off on a bit of a tangent and I already know people generally disagree with me on this count. I don't see what you mean by this. I assume you're talking to Narcosis, and in that case, I'll simply ask you to elaborate on why mindless praise is damaging, or in what way.
  3. Sadly, I have no buddies, so that's entirely irrelevant for me, leading to this opinion of mine. As for underrated, I think it's more a case of generalisation than it is of poor diction. The meaning "not enough people like it" ends up pretty much meaning "not enough people know about it" in most cases. Or at least, that's the impression it gives. I'd elaborate a bit, but I want to sleep, so, my sincerest regrets. (Note: I have a terrible tendency for writing things out of order. It happened in the blog itself, in my previous post, and it's happening now. For instance, I'm starting with my last paragraph, and I quite literally mean this one, which will be followed by the previous, and then finally the first one.)
  4. I maintain what I said. Actual usage of "underrated" tends to stick to things that are simply not well known. Usage that is meant to say "Only 7/10? This is totally underrated!" is much more limited. This, of course, is based on my personal experiences of where I've seen them used. So to reiterate, usage of "underrated" does not typically infuriate me because when I see it used, it's to claim too few people know about it, or tried it out. Therefore, I am not saying that underrated doesn't mean what it does, I am saying that because I hardly ever see people using it the way I don't like, I don't mind the word. On the other hand, it's incredibly rare to see someone use "overrated" in a way that's not simply saying "I don't see why people like this". I never said my hate was quite rational. Most of it is just me disliking contrarians and party-poopers. It's the difference between saying "I don't like X", which is clearly structured like an opinion, and "X is overrated", which is structured like a fact, and a ridiculous thing to say, at that. I also have extreme problems with "X is crap" and such. It's an issue with the way people say things, and how often they say it, more than the word itself. This is why I'll never complain at anyone directly for using it. I won't constrict anyone's way of expressing themselves without a better reason than me just not liking it, but the fact remains that the way people phrase things as if they were facts bothers me (only if they're negative, at that) to no end, and "overrated" is one of the worst offenders, prompting my rant. Unlike "X is bad", "X is overrated" is a more direct judgement on people. X is bad -> there are flaws -> which implies people who like it are wrong VS X is overrated -> other people are wrong -> because there are flaws It's the difference between "This piece of art is terrible, (why do you like it?)" and "You are wrong for liking this piece of art."; One doesn't cast an immediate judgement on other people's opinions*, and the other does just that. Again, not exactly a rational thing, but even if "I think X is overrated" is used, the whole "judging other people" remains, even as an opinion. It's a troublesome word I just don't like. *Something I heavily dislike. Who am I to impose my thoughts on others? I should state my opinion and have others comprehend it, and I should try to comprehend theirs. Discourse does not come from blindly denying what one does not agree with, or taking some sort of imaginary high-ground. And the first step to discourse is certainly not "All those people are wrong for liking this". Another issue is that when somebody says something is overrated, other kindred souls flock, forming a vocal majority and making the whole thing quite ridiculous, because a majority cannot ever claim something is overrated, by its very definition. I know I have some extreme opinions about the way people communicate. I know I'm an idealist, and also a hypocrite, but these remain my honest thoughts, fuelled by emotion. If arguments are to be had, let them be civil an constructive, without hate. Mindless praise doesn't need such limiters, as it hurts no one, unlike mindless bashing.
  5. I think my point of view is that something can't be "overrated" in that sense. It's especially not the case because popular opinion is that it's good, and that's an opinion that I share.
  6. Oh, yeah. I need to watch that too. I need to watch many films. Many Ghibli films. Many other anime films. Many Disney films. Many, many animated films, essentially.
  7. This will actually be far too brief to make a blog post around, but alas... What is "overrated"? Many things, apparently, but so far as I can tell the word itself is used to describe something that too many people like, or that is well liked for little reason. This is an inherently subjective word. Infuriatingly so. At its most basic, it means "too many people have a different opinion than mine", which if phrased that way means nothing. Yet so many people employ the word. There is no such thing as "other people like X too much". It is precisely because people have different opinions that some thing's are successes and others are not, and if something is a success, then it is, for that very reason, not overrated -- if people like something, that something must've done something to deserve it, whether you understand what that is or not, because thousands of people don't like something "just because". And I suppose that's just where the issue lies. Once again, people have different opinions. It's that simple. Such a shame it doesn't stop me from hating the word. It has no purpose. It's obvious and always implied whenever anyone has an opinion, and it only serves to bring a bad connotation and disagree with other peoples' opinions. "Underrated" at least has a purpose (in this context. Other contexts, more similar to "underestimate" are a different, unrelated, story); not to say people don't "like something enough" or people "dislike something too much", which is also another way to spell "too many people have a different opinion from mine", but to say that not enough people know of a particular thing. "Not enough people know about X", or "Not enough people gave X a chance". You can use "overrated" properly. "The importance of X is overrated" can be used to describe situations where misinformation is popularly spread. But therein lies the key. Using it in "subjective" matters, in matters of opinion, means little. It's a way of complaining that other people have different opinions. And I dislike that, so I complain about it on forums online. This post was sponsored by that thread asking if CLANNAD deserves its popularity or if it's overrated. I'd say when something makes you ask if it is "overrated", that's because it is popular to a point where it must have done some things the proletariat likes, and therefore can't be overrated. Of course, that doesn't remove the merit of discussing what is "well done" or "badly done" according to other people.
  8. Soredemo Sekai wa Utsukushi - 10/10 If the apparent age difference does not bother you, this should be an awesome romance. Light spoilers below. I'll be reading the manga whenever it finishes publishing. See you in twenty. I also started a couple of shorts, Youjo Shenki and Ninja Girl & Samurai Master, the latter of which leading me to read into the history of the Sengoku period. Finally. I now get some of the references in Sengoku Rance, so power to me, I guess.
  9. More or less my reaction at the original film, yes. Unfortunately, I have neither the time nor patience to proceed with the rest of the lot, so that's just one more of those stories I don't plan on experiencing.
  10. There are many places where a typo can be inconvenient. However, it is my belief that the worst of these places would be in the link.
  11. I second your thoughts on this route.
  12. Here's the two other shows I forgot that I was in the process of watching. I also intend to watch Seinen at some point. Interviews with Monster Girls - 8/10 Masamune-kun's Revenge - EP 4 - 8/10 - ON HOLD I can just tell I wouldn't give enough credit to the translators. I probably would notice lines like this one, but I had no idea all the biblical/divine references were not in the original. The only times I can notice a good translation effort are in manga and Visual Novels, where I've actually got enough time to process what I read properly. In anime I certainly notice them a lot less... Or I guess I only notice bad translations?
  13. Taking that into account and looking at the latest episode, I do believe this anime won't quite go in that direction, as hoped. I imagine it will be similar to Assassination Classroom in many aspects instead. That's all fine and good to me, but it is a bit of a shame.
  14. I have watched two episodes of the Royal Tutor one a whim (aka the Tutor's garb looked great). And where the bloody hell did you catch any BL undertones on the first episode, @ittaku? I only got them a bit in the OP.
  15. I've watched or started watching quite a few things lately. Mostly catching up on Winter season. Contains generally light spoilers up to the episode listed or the whole show (not much) if a score is presented instead. Little Witch Academia - EP 5 Gabriel Dropout - EP 4 Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid - EP 10 Youjo Senki - 9/10 ACCA: 13-Territory Inspection Dept. - 9/10 Seitokai Yakuindomo - 9/10 Gi(a)rlish Number - 9/10 Kiss Him Not Me - EP 3 It took me three and a half hours to write this? God, I'm slow.