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  1. Tsujidou is out of the picture entirely. The translator hated it to bits, and it almost made him quit translating. Clearly his opinion is rubbish, but there's nothing to be done about that. Speaking of quitting, Trip says there's like a 50% chance he'll quit after this project, since it really was his ultimate goal. Hm. Not a cheery thought, but that's still a bunch of translations that came of it!
  2. What’s the longest Visual Novel?

    I'm afraid there simply isn't a good way to count or measure size, and even if there were, most people would be sceptical of it and act as if it were any other.
  3. Yuri Game Jam 2018 VNs, part 2

    Thank you so much for these posts. Some of the better experiences I've had were shorter, more compact or experimental games like these, and yet I still don't put any effort into looking for them. I remain too focused on longer experiences that let me immerse myself in the character interactions for hours. So, thank you for highlighting these!
  4. Jake's Love Story (Now on Steam and Itch.io!)

    Well, it certainly does look cute. That's a big plus, in my book!
  5. Nekonyan's Possible Two Announcements

    What does Propeller have to do with anything? https://vndb.org/v12167
  6. Hello, Goodbye Steam Storepage Removed

    Some VNs are being banned from Steam. Reason unknown. Currently theorised that it is because of the depiction of minors (high-school students and/or young-looking/acting characters) in pornographic games. They might go back on it, or they might not. Valve seems to work in waves a lot, in that they go too far, then back off, then forwards again, and so on until it stagnates.
  7. The Tinder Game [Ep. 1] [Universal Game Studio] NSFW

    Merged the new thread with this one. If you have any further updates to your game, I'd ask that you make them in this thread. Thanks! Additionally, your first post is broken on forum themes with white backgrounds. If you select the affected text in the editor and then click 'Remove Format', that should fix it. It'll also remove other formatting, however, so beware.
  8. A question about Aselia the Eternal

    I believe the problem was that the battle sections took a lot of minutes to get through. It essentially felt as if the game had no skip button and you had to manually click through each line. It does have a skip button, but because you need to get through the many long battle sections, again, and again, it takes as much time as if there weren't one. If you managed to play all the sections and enjoy them, then you might manage it (though 7 times is obviously a bit much). As for me, I was full of playing the game legitimately half way through. If you do manage to find a way to experience the other routes without sacrificing so much time, which I feel would be awesome because I really like all the characters, do tell. EDIT: I know you can make saves at certain points where you have flags set such that you can jump into most routes and skip some gameplay, but you'll miss choices and character moments near the beginning that way, if I recall correctly, and I couldn't pass up any moment with dear Esperia.
  9. A question about Aselia the Eternal

    It matters in the sense that Aselia is main heroine material and it's very unlikely someone has the will to play through the game multiple times. I certainly couldn't, even cheating through the gameplay.
  10. Moved to the archive. Also removed some off-topic chatter. Questions about other projects should be directed to threads about those projects.
  11. Santa Hats for Your Avatars, once again

    Ho ho. Tradition and whatnot.
  12. To Fuwa-Males Out There: Do You Play Otome?

    I play some. I take them as no more than a change in perspective.
  13. Mr. Poltroon's Romance Manga Recommendations

    Haha. I literally just finished this an hour ago, before I'd even seen this post. I would describe the very same way as you. It is wholesomeness incarnate. As for your other recommendations, they are currently ongoing, so I'll hold off.
  14. Mr. Poltroon's Romance Manga Recommendations

    I have some things to say about this one. I'd put it off for months because it always seemed like something kind of dark and not very positive, which meant I wouldn't like it. However, I went and read the synopsis, which led me to decide I actually might like this... depending on how they go about it. Unfortunately, I didn't like it too much. My initial impression was correct on all counts. It was very bittersweet. Often outright mean. If you're looking for drama or this more negative look at humanity in general, I'd recommend it. But it's certainly not for me. As for your other recommendations, most are either compilations of short stories or are still publishing. I'll refrain from reading things which have yet to finish. I started this story and all was going well. About halfway through, however, the characters' young age started to bother me. Especially with how far into the ecchi spectrum it kept trying to go, whilst at the same time recognising that it can't really go that far. Unfortunately, I very much dislike being teased. I'm fine with a chaste and 'no touching until marriage' sort of relationship, but not when I feel like they're giving me glimpses of something more and then withdrawing just before anything truly happens. It was enjoyable whilst I was fine with reading it, though. As for your other recommendations, Kyou no Yuiko-san was absolutely phenomenal! This is the sort of relationships I truly love. In a way, it reminds me of another manga where the girl denies being a ninja all the time whilst acting like one... I wonder why I find these similar? Horimiya has been on my list for some three or four years, and I'm sure I will get to it some day. Haidi Girl was more forgettable. I liked it a bit while reading it, but I don't seem to have found it very memorable like others. Had I a need to describe it, I would be unable to.
  15. Ace Attorney Fan Case: "A Tricky Turnabout"

    Well, this is embarrassing. It appears I've been linking to the wrong thread the whole time. Here it is: http://aaonline.fr/forum/viewtopic.php?f=15&t=12473 Thank you everyone who's been liking my post and most definitely noticed the main link was wrong! You are free to make use of those flamethrowers now.