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  1. Steam Summer Sale discussion

    Aselia. Seinarukana. Kindred Spirits on the Roof.
  2. VNDS Help needed

    There are currently no converters for both of the games. So no, it is not possible. However if you're a computer-expert guy, you can do the converting yourself (but it's a hectic process to do). https://weeaboo.nl/2013/01/creating-a-vnds-converter/#more-3221
  3. VNDS Help needed

    The latter. But I seriously don't recommend using the VNDS app to play the games. A lot of contents are cut out (example Sharnoth's minigames and no OP and ED videos) and the voices and texts are sometimes out of sync. However, there are alternatives to the VNDS app but is only limited to certain game engines. ONscripter for Nscripter engines. Kirikiroid2 for Kirikiri engines.

  5. Sekai Project Bundle

    I have: Root Double -Before Crime * After Days- Xtend Edition PM me for this one. (Taken) Sunrider: Liberation Day - Captain's Edition 4FJ3D-F9R2M-R0AL2 Japanese School Life 4JVZK-7NYQ3-LBJNX Highway Blossoms 4J772-PK5RE-WJ2Y7 Sound of Drop - fall into poison 4QBPG-MLVZT-B3ZRD Narcissu 10th Anniversary Anthology Project (including Season Pass DLC) PM me for this one. (Taken) KARAKARA 60QHM-QGP5X-FE2IE
  6. Dies irae OUT NOW for everyone!

    I'm thinking of playing both the all-ages and patched version at the same time. First the all-ages common route then the 18+ patched common route to see if there are any character bonding scenes that I missed (if there are any). Same goes for the heroine routes, especially for the waifu. And in the end, I hope I'm not too busy with school when this game releases.
  7. Trap Visual Novels?

    There's very few games that have been translated unfortunately. But I'll just start off my recommendations. :> *Ahem* There's Navel's Tsuriotsu (currently being fan-translated), its fandisc, sequel, fandisc sequel, and their upcoming Tsuriotsu 2.1. Ensemble's Otome series. (Too lazy many to link) AXL's Koitate (partially translated) and the sequel. Caramel Box's Otoboku (translated) and the sequel. Akatsuki Works' Ruitomo and its fandisc.
  8. Trap Visual Novels?

    First of all, would you like it: Untranslated or translated? Trap protagonists or trap heroines or traps in general?
  9. Addition: Run the game once when you have mounted the .iso file. The game will only ask for it once. Then in order not to be asked everytime, for instance, if you moved your game folder to another computer, copy-paste the savedata located at, if I remember correctly, "C:\Users\yourname\Documents\月に寄りそう乙女の作法" to the other computer. That's actually read as "Otome Riron to Sono Shuuhen - Ecole de Paris", the fandisc to Tsuriotsu.
  10. Search Visual Novels for Android

    I'm assuming that you want to convert the visual novels into VNDS format. That's actually a hefty process to do. Technically: 1. You need to know which and how does the engine of a game works. 2. You need to know how VNDS works. 3. You need to extract the scripts and files from #1. 4. Make an VNDS .exe file that converts the games into VNDS format. (Or a batch file) 5. Happy loading times. I recommend taking a look at the above posts since they're much easier and are already made convenient for Android users. Oh and there is a games repository of renpy games ported to Android, made by someone named 'expiredshake'. I can't link his site here because he gives out pirated copies. (Most of them are OELVNs and the shit Sakura series) I'm sure if you ask Google-neechan, results will come out. :> I don't understand this part. Do you mean it as is or.....?
  11. What I'm suprised about is that you wrote a 95-pages document full of H-scenes and detailed descriptions about them.....
  12. Japanese Grammar + Untranslated VN`s

    I recommend the list that Clephas made, if you're OK with it being an eroge.
  13. True. The all-ages Steam version does have additional features, but that's all to cover up for the adult content that has been cut out of the original game. More specifically, the additional content is from the PSP port of the game. I do agree that this is some sort of piracy method of getting the adult content by just paying a fraction of the price, but what can I say, JAST themselves officially permits and endorses such patches. (Plus I have no other means of getting the original 18+ version of the game on their website, so I had to resort to Steam.)
  14. Why do you say so? The patch reverts the Steam version back into the adult version of the game. Plus, the price is cheaper on Steam. Isn't that actually a good thing for VN players in general? Feel free to argue.