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  1. Wow, it's been forever since I've logged into the forums... How the hell is this thing still up?
  2. I will never truly understand the appeal of netorare, but regardless, welcome home @vkalvkal.
  3. Open link in a new tab for maximum impact. Hello A-Team! Welcome to Fuwanovel! I checked out your Facebook and was quite impressed. I can not wait to see you make a topic in the Original VN Projects board! Keep up the awesome artwork!
  4. The comments in this topic make me so proud of being in this community.
  5. You are a broken man. Unable to form his own opinions from his personal experiences. You are living your life behind the walls of other people's lives. I suggest that you step away from your home which you call the internet, and start living. Learn how to build your own wall and stand on it. Until then, you are simply just a useless child running in circles.
  6. I don't give a flying fuck about what other developers have to say. I want to know how you, Angel Moreno, feel that Valve has wronged you.
  7. Not going to lie @Lumaria, at first I had the impression that you were just going to be another stubborn person who would refuse to properly interpret other peoples reasoning and continue to talk in circles. But as the discussion continued, I realized that you aren't as stubborn as I expected. While there are still differing opinions between you and I, I am quite looking forward to engaging in future discussions with you. I apologize for labeling you as a stubborn circle walker, and not as the stubborn person who is willing and able to go places. Until our next encounter, goodbye.
  8. Let us dive deeper into the core of the conflict. @firecat, what did Steam do to you?
  9. I clicked on the Thumbs up button. My work here is done.
  10. Why do you @firecat hold such a disdain hatred for Steam? Don't give me any sources or opinions others, just your reasons and yours alone. Why do you hate Steam?
  11. Forgive me if I am mistaken, but aren't visual novels a sub-genera of point and click games? Yup
  12. Please @Lumaria, enlighten me. What are these specific structures that a form of media must have to be given the honor to be called a visual novel? I was actually thinking more along the lines of a BL novel. Gotta get that BeastXGaston market involved somehow!
  13. You have my deepest and humblest permission to use my username in your report. In fact I am currently printing your last post out and plan to show my friends in the office tomorrow! Please do me a favor and send me a link to the article when you get the chance! The moments that we had during the last 3 pages is proof that a small group of people who are logically stating their opinions in an average vocal volume, can indeed overpower a single person who is ejecting large, illogical, masses of beliefs, using an above average vocal volume.
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