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  1. VNs already began their decline in 2017. It just became drastically more noticeable in 2019.
  2. I went for Sakura, Moyu, personally.
  3. https://myanimelist.net/anime/196/Onegai☆Twins?q=twins&cat=anime That's the one that came to mind, though it isn't multiple twins. Pretty good SOL anime.
  4. Cafe Stella is one of Yuzusoft's more disappointing games, unfortunately. While the decision to use a non high school student for a protagonist is a huge plus, the 'cafe is the center of the story' is just as bad a trope as a high school. Not a horrible game but not terribly memorable either.
  5. Dotchi no I is a straight-out old-style romance VN with a unique concept, where you choose two different versions of the relationship you form with the heroine. Shiraha has awful pacing but it is interesting for the twisted character relationships.
  6. Raillore no Ryakudatsusha is a classic example of what not to do when producing a chuunige. There is no narration, the story is told primarily through dialogue and repetitive battle animations (seriously repetitive and constantly reused). While the visuals are of 3rdeye's typical high quality as seen in Oratorio Phantasm and Sorcery Jokers, the fact is that this is a VN that defeats the point of being a VN. VNs are meant to combine dialogue, visual aspects, and narration into one whole that tells the story (or makes you want to fap, depending on the VN). However, this VN is an abomination
  7. Kimagure Temptation is based in the same setting as Akeiro Kaikitan and Nanairo Reincarnation. Like those two, this is based around the existence of ghosts, but the entirety of the story is confined to the inside of the apartment building where the haunting occurs. This is a kinetic novel (albeit with some bad endings) with a more sexually-specialized bent than the other two games. It is still a quality game, though. I didn't complete Cross Concerto, though this wasn't because it was awful. Rather, it was despite the fact that it was interesting. If you like mystery with mild fantasy
  8. This is definitely Light's lowest quality work. The truly sad thing is that, if seen from a completely objective perspective, it is an above-average VN. However, as a Light game it is both out of character and unpleasant.
  9. Abyss Homicide Club End Sleep The Secret Game series Somewhat less Horror-focused but gory: Izuna Zanshinken (Vigilante assassin protagonist who viciously murders people who deserve it) Yurikago Yori Tenshi Made (for the sheer number of people who are twisted and crazy in this one)
  10. Wakaba-Iro Quartet was an excellent VN that drew on some of LoS's best tendencies, unlike many of Lump of Sugar's games in the last ten years.
  11. Tokyo Babel- Excellent (if somewhat idiosyncratic) artwork and story. Dies Irae- Great story, excellent artwork (if somewhat dated, since it came out over a decade ago)
  12. Ryuusei World Actor has two major flaws... it uses the ladder-style story structure and it is incomplete, even after its sequel. Ren'ai Karichaimashita is a pretty standard charage. Kokorone Pendulum is Clochette, and Clochette means two things... boobs and high-quality charage/plotge fusions.
  13. Tasogare no Folclore is a story about a predatory ojousama and her favorite prey, the protagonist (this relationship is literally like this), and it is a game about twisted nature, interdependent relationships, and uncontrollable urges. I recommend it for people who like the Far Side paths in Tsukihime. Dead Days tries to pass itself off as high-end psychological horror, but in the end, it all feels forced and pathetic. It is based several years after Ookami.
  14. Waka-sama no Zasuru Sekai is a mythology fantasy story by Minato-soft's subsidiary that is based in the same general area as Tsujidou. However, the atmosphere is less romantic and more eerie/dark. The story in general, while hiding behind typical Minato Soft style humor, is grimmer than is common to this company. I'll be frank, I only managed one ending of Missing X-link, though this was not because it wasn't good... it was because my favorite heroine was early on the ladder, and I threw a fit when her ending was a short and boring one. Kanzume Shoujo no Shuumatsu Sekai is a seriou
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