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  1. Tsukihime anime (fan-made)

    The animation is impressive, the VA is wince-worthy. Best of a bad group is Akiha.
  2. VN of the Month May 2008 - G-senjou no Maou

    Chrono Belt is THE best crossover fandisc ever. The story is equal to and adds richness too the Ayakashibito and Bullet Butlers' experiences, and in some ways, it has elements that surpass both.
  3. At one point, there was a discussion centered around how annoying I am on the VN Reddit (about four years ago, I think...) and some jerkwad sent me the link in a pm. I would have laughed or cried if I gave a crap what a bunch of people caught by groupthink thought, but I didn't. edit: To clarify, I believe that large social media sites are an abomination that should be purged from the net so forums can once again take it over.
  4. Fall Anime List 2020

    A lot of it is my dislike for Blue Gender/MLA type scenarios. I hate it when you have a bunch of giant monsters just trying to obliterate humanity... or rather, I find the concept utterly boring. I also disliked the protag almost immediately, and it only got worse by the end of the first season, convincing me I didn't want anything to do with the series from then on. I admit that the scenario is well-written, but that's like saying Hyperion (the sci-fi novel) is well-written. Yes, it is... but it doesn't matter if you just can't get into it. The series turned me off early on, but at the time I was accustomed to trudging through stuff that turned me off, lol.
  5. VN of the Month April 2008 - Gouen no Soleil -Chaos Region-

    Gouen no Soleil is my second-favorite Soleil game, behind BladeXBullet. It is the one most heavily infected with Cthulhu Mythos elements, and it also draws on Taoist mythology, in combination with the usual Norse stuff. Protagonist being a magically-forced TS actually works as a positive story influence for once, too. Chaos;Head... does this even need an intro? I'm not a fan of the series, mostly because of this game's protagonist (I was leery after sitting behind this guy's eyes gave me massive headaches). Eden is an unfinished masterpiece. Why do I proclaim this? Because the game is both a masterpiece and a story that only gets about one fifth of the way through before the writer/artist/programmer/everything else just vanished from the net one day. I love what there is, but it is frustrating it was never finished. 11eyes is one of the single most meh chuunige in existence. It proved a point that most people sort of edge around when it comes to plotge at large... splitting the paths at the end because you are too lazy to make individual stories has mixed results at best. Tsuyokiss 2gakki... um, really? This series is the same no matter what entry you get into. If you like the original, you'll like them all. If you don't, you won't. It is NOT Majikoi, though it is made by some of the same people. Stellula Eques is a seriously weird series. It tries to channel so many elements into a mahou shoujo VN while failing utterly to bring them all too life. It says everything about the game above that the best part is the path where the protagonist turns super-evil.
  6. Fall Anime List 2020

    Mahouka S2 finally. I don't think I'll ever understand why people like Titan, but to each his own @mitchhamilton Danmachi S3 is yay, at least for me. It kind of looks like we are back to Isekai/fantasy + random stuff dominating the seasons again... though, considering how boring this season is (I'm only seriously watching two anime) it is definitely an improvement, at a glance.
  7. Looking for something clever

    Ever17 and I/O are my suggestions.
  8. Princess Frontier [AXL]

    Princess Frontier created one of AXL's signature styles, the high fantasy SOL VN. They have since created a number of such games, all of which have been fun reads. The funny thing is, no one else is doing this, which strikes me as odd sometimes when I let myself think about it.
  9. How do you think will be the future VNs?

    Full dive visual novels with the choice of genders.
  10. The reason ichaicha rarely makes its way into 'normal' manga and anime is because most relationships in anime and manga never actually make it to the boyfriend/girlfriend phase... I mean, if it did, then the viewers/readers would have to watch their waifu/husbando tossed aside by the monstrous harem-makers who dominate the romantic scenes in otaku-land.
  11. Hello!

    *twisting black tentacles emerge from a gate in the sky, grasping skyscrapers and dragging them into the swirling vortex. Clephas emerges, encased in black plate armor, his inhuman features unnaturally beautiful, his orange eyes blazing with hunger, love, and emotions beyond human comprehension. The humans fleeing from the sight suddenly turn around, their eyes glowing orange, and they begin devouring one another with glee, love blazing in their eyes for their neighbors. Clephas nods benevolently, satisfied that he has once again done a good deed. He shifts into his mundane form of a fat balding otaku and settles into his swivel chair in the sky, crossing his flabby legs* Greetings and welcome to Fuwa.
  12. VN of the Month March 2008 - 12Riven -The Ψcliminal of Integral-

    Princess Frontier was AXL's first high fantasy SOL. It was of AXL's already high quality and in AXL's style, so for those who have already played the later ones, it will feel familiar. However, it does have some elements that would feel outdated now, despite AXL's tendency to keep their style mostly the same over the years. Akatsuki no Goei is a well-known classic. It is also one of the more divisive VNs out there, with haters hating it to an extreme degree and lovers defending it with fanatic zeal. The fact is, if you don't find Kaito interesting and funny and the setting interesting, you'll definitely have trouble liking this game. However, if you do fulfill those conditions, it is easy - relatively speaking - to ignore Kinugasa's bad habits in this case.
  13. Looking for Self-love in a Route/VN

    Everybody notes it. Also, racism is an extreme form of self-love, so it is oddly appropriate.
  14. Looking for Self-love in a Route/VN

    Kajiri Kamui Kagura
  15. Who is your favorite protagonist?

    Shigure Sora from Devils Devel Concept- Arrogant, lackadaisical yet dutiful, animalistic yet intelligent, and cold-hearted yet kind. Sora is the type of protagonist who is difficult to define, probably because he is easier to define by his inhumanity rather than his humanity. Lacking in the softer emotions and possessing a natural tendency toward domination and destruction, it is unsurprising that the women that would be attracted to him were equally unusual. Narita Shinri from Hello, Lady- ... if you've played Hello, Lady, you will inevitably either laugh your ass off at this guy's antics or hate him outright. Narita Shinri is melodramatic, justifiably arrogant (in other words, he can back up his bark), perverted, and more than a little wordy. This is a man who can present a genuine smile to those around him while his gut boils with hatred and a cold rage that has been building for over a decade. This is a man who can be honestly loving with those he cares about while coldly murdering those he hates. Shiranui Yoshikazu from Evolimit- A survivor of the first expedition to land on and colonize Mars, Shiranui is a man all-too-familiar with overcoming impossible obstacles. Without hesitation, he gave up a part of his mind to the spirit of the girl whose heart was transplanted into him;p without hesitation, he rises to the occasion when he is needed, even when it tears him apart; and without hesitation, he will always stand between those he cares about and what would harm them. A hero in a number of senses, you would never be able to tell from his everyday joker/pervert persona, his tendency to go for the punchline even when it gets the shit beaten out of him by the females in his life. Zephyr Colerain from Silverio Vendetta- Zephyr is an anomaly on my list of favorite protagonists. He is not a paragon of virtue, nor a villain on a grand scale, nor even an anti-hero with a strange ethos that stands outside normal humanity. No, Zephyr is the epitome of the Japanese concept of 俗 or the vulgar masses. A mass of complexes, a deserter and lazy bum whose greatest achievements involved killing enemies of the state and betraying that same state for his adoptive sister, he is a person who would, logically, draw nothing but disgust if he were written about in any different manner than he was. A man who found that, whatever he achieved, whatever successes he had, those very successes would always result in him facing a worse tribulation, a more difficult problem soon after. In the end, he reached the breaking point, and he doesn't even try to hide his true nature anymore. Asagiri Kaito from Akatsuki no Goei- Another arrogant personality, a cunning, highly intelligent young man who hides his abilities out of habit. He can absorb most skills with minimal effort, and his (rather horrifying) childhood has inured him to suffering to a degree that defies common sense. Since most trouble in life presents no real obstacle to him anymore (even the potential consequences he sees as no trouble at all), he has a tendency to act like the world belongs to him, speaking and reacting on impulse to get a more interesting result that might make him feel more alive. He has no real emotional vulnerabilities because there is almost nothing out there that bothers him, and as for physical threats... well, just feel sorry for the other guy.