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  1. For those of you who are curious, I played this VN on a request from an old friend who wanted an opinion before he bought it (I already had the game, just hadn't opened it). This game is relatively short, being a kinetic novel, but that doesn't detract from the experience at all, at least in my eyes. Now, I was skeptical about the concept of a VN focused on romance between a middle-aged guy and a girl in school... for one thing, it is a theme that has been mostly avoided like the plague outside of nukige in recent years. For another, it is a type that is hard to pull off without it seeming like a self-serving old man writer vicariously enjoying time with young girls. Luckily, this game manages to pull the relationship and its formation off rather believably, which was a surprise to me. While this game isn't the type to get named in an awards show or make it to the top of my list of VNs to play, I can honestly say it was worth playing, and I don't regret the time spent on it. The relationship formation is extremely gradual, with neither of them having any feelings for each other beyond awkward friendliness at first. This made the slow shift in their feelings feel natural to me, as they began to get past their mutual loneliness and began to care for one another aside from the need to ease it. This isn't, for once, a story about an old man taking advantage of a much younger girl (if anything, she's the one who forces things along at the critical points), but it doesn't avoid the issues that inevitably come up in this type of situation either. There is some drama, but it ends on a touching note, with the major issues involving the characters' relationships solved for the most part.
  2. Tayutama's anime doesn't bear much of a resemblance to the game... it basically turns the great Mashiro ending into a sad ending, which pissed me off to no end when I played the game and realized how badly I'd been gypped by the anime makers.
  3. Getchu Bishoujo Game Awards 2018 are out

    Nukitashi gave me headaches even after I finished it. It was sort of funny at first, but I had to force myself to finish it... I'm kind of surprised that Haru to Yuki didn't make it on there. I'm even more surprised that Love Holic and Kari Gurashi did.
  4. Random VN: Eien no Aselia

    It looks like a drama CD, music CD, and a book full of material related to setting up the plot and setting as well as artwork. It's all focused on Euphoria apparently.
  5. Random VN: Eien no Aselia

    I looked at his twitter... damn, he is really vague about what he plans to do.
  6. VNs for learning Japanese

    My advice is to download all the text hookers. Textractor works for a lot of stuff but not everything. Some stuff will only work with good-'ol agth, others with the original ITH, and yet others with ITHVNR or VNR. While you can rely on your primary (Textractor in this case) you shouldn't hesitate to switch as needed or search out h-codes.
  7. Who doesn't play nukige or eroge?

    My preferred type of VN is chuunige, which are generally low on the eros... but the fact is that almost all the best Japanese-made VNs are eroge. All-ages versions come later, if at all (and in extremely small numbers), and generally don't sell well enough to justify their production, which is why they are so rare. The vast majority of non-ero VNs in Japan are otomege, the faux female-oriented VNs that do little but brainwash young girls into thinking DIDS (Damsel in Distress Syndrome) is normal. It takes a very peculiar aesthetic for a completely non-ero Japanese VN to succeed (5pb's two different Science series containing Steins;Gate and Ever17 respectively are classic examples). A lot of eroge that came over here since 2013, with the exception of JAST's releases, ended up with all-ages versions on Steam, but it needs to be said that the amount of backlash from that still makes me wince (happily, I was playing them in Japanese, so I didn't have anything invested in the explosive arguments involved). Indie (Doujin in Japan) games are the ones most likely to be all-ages, and these games can either be great or pure crap... and the best ones generally never get completed or end up buried in the dark corners of the web. Fortunately for beginners in the EOP community, there is a decent selection of titles in English with all-ages or low ero versions. However, for those of us who abandoned EO long ago, all-ages is a drop in the bucket, lol. As a note elaborating on my initial statement, I could do without ero entirely in about 80% of all chuunige (there is always a certain percentage where the sexual intercourse is so interwoven with the story that it stops making sense when surgically excised). However, if you stick to VNs for a while, you'll find it harder and harder to avoid eroge. As for nukige... it needs to be mentioned that nukige make up over two-thirds of the VN produced worldwide (even if you include doujins and indie stuff and OELVNs) if you count all those made in history. It is a very rare long-term VN player who hasn't at least experienced one nukige.
  8. Random VN: Eien no Aselia

    I recently got the impulse to go back and replay Eien no Aselia, which sat at the top (mostly by inertia and alphanumeric reasons) of my vndb votes for so long. Eien no Aselia was one of the final games I played in English before I took the dive into Japanese untranslated VNs, and I hadn't replayed it since, though I played Seinarukana within a year of entering the labyrinth. Eien no Aselia is one of those few 'oldies' I found hadn't lost anything vital in the years since I last played it. I still immensely enjoyed the story (which is only mildly different in Japanese), and I still fell in love with Aselia on first sight (I'm a sucker for bloodstained fushigi-chan girls with big swords). I empathized with Yuuto's struggles as he went from a somewhat whiny standard-issue eroge protagonist to a fully rounded out human being with a lot of admirable qualities. Eien no Aselia is one of those rare hybrids where the gameplay is something you can pick up easily even though you haven't played it in almost a decade. Oh, there were aspects I had to remember through trial and error, but I was using my old clear save, so I didn't have to bother with leveling or building anything other than ether gates... which made things a lot simpler. I remember just how much pain I suffered on higher difficulties to get those maxed levels... and why I never went back after finishing all the heroine paths, hahaha. The game is long, though it isn't nearly as long as Ikusa Megami Zero or some of the other strategy VNs. Playing it from beginning to end seven times was more than enough for me in the past. A few aspects of the game have aged poorly (though not really the visuals, which were great for the time it was made). The aspect that bothered me the most was that more effort wasn't put into developing the non-heroine spirits that you fought with. While you could access scenes that did develop them somewhat if you made the right dialog choices and didn't let them die in battle, there is definitely a sense that the writers considered them disposable, despite giving them really distinctive personalities that came out on first meetings. Replaying Aselia made me remember why I was so eager to see a third Eien Shinken game, and I'm still eagerly awaiting the day when the TBA on the vndb page for Shinyaku Eien no Aselia turns to a real release date.
  9. Komorebi no Nostalgica Hapymaher Nanairo Reincarnation Semiramis no Tenbin Dies Irae Vermilion Bind of Blood Kikan Bakumatsu Ibun Last Cavalier Evolimit Bullet Butlers Chrono Belt Tiny Dungeon series Devils Devel Concept Akeiro Kaikitan Houkago no Futekikakusha Silverio Trinity and Silverio Vendetta ... and the list goes on and on
  10. Sakura, Moyu. -As the Night's, Reincarnation-

    Yeah. Of the games that came out in the last two years, Sakura, Moyu probably has the best soundtrack. Indeed, I fell in love with Kuro during the first scene... and I think that was the point. The way the first scene is handled is specifically designed to bait us into loving her.
  11. Yay? Well, if you like Wilhelm, it is a definite yay. I like Wilhelm, but I'm saving this one for a rainy day...
  12. First, keep in mind that sales of underage (which was under sixteen for females until a recent change in the law) hardcore (actual sex acts) porn has been illegal over there for decades. The issue was the loophole in the law that a lot of people exploited (again, until a more recent law banned it) involving pornography not involving sexual acts. Also, VN girls aren't people under the law, much less victims, so the law doesn't consider it a crime unless the fact they are underage is confirmed specifically in the text (something that just doesn't happen anymore). The key point is pornography laws and ordinances in Japan require the existence of a victim (the person whose pictures are being taken) and Vn girls don't fall under that, at present. That said, the main reason the industry has traditionally (at least for the last sixteen years) mostly done its best to say they aren't under eighteen even though they are has to do with the Japanese concept of 'face'... as long as they put up some kind of facade, the authorities are less likely to smash them out of irritation. This is also why I get pissed off whenever a dumbass localization company localizes a lolige... foreign pressure is one of the few things that gets the authorities over there to make serious noises about regulating the eroge industry. I don't want to lose my precious plotge just because the company that made it happened to be a subsidiary of one of the companies producing those toxic lolige and charage... Edit: Incidentally, we are getting off-topic, so let's drop this issue for now. I can just see the next few posts completely derailing the topic in my head...
  13. For English localized VNs that were based off the psp or vita, I'd go ahead and get Playstation TV, which essentially allows you to play their games on the television, rather than on the systems; is somewhat cheaper; and can play anything with a digital version on the psn store. You can still find it on Amazon, I think. I never regretted getting it.
  14. Almost always 'gakuen' (academy) rather than 'koukou' (high school).