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  1. Maze- I watched this one repeatedly when I was younger. The main reason was that it is ecchi+chuunibyou+comedy+fantasy and at the time, I'd watch anything fantasy. I still can enjoy it, but it has definitely lost some of its attraction over the decades. X- Decent apocalyptic fantasy movie. Saw it in the local theaters when it came out (a downtown theater that occasionally had anime movies). Stylistically it is excellent, but the decision to make it as a movie rather than a series made it move too fast for its own good. Slayers Return- A weak movie that fails to fill in the blanks
  2. Escaflowne- Escaflowne is a classic fantasy and one of the earliest isekai. Typical of early isekai, the protagonist is obsessed with returning home and virtually helpless despite having a mystic ability. The real attraction of this is the nominal love interest, a superhuman prince from a backwater kingdom called Van. Slayers Next- Arguably the best of the many seasons of Slayers with the most impactful final arc. Like all of the Slayers' series, it has a lot of slapstick humor, puns, and silliness alongside a surprisingly good story. Kodomo no Omocha- A good comedy about a ch
  3. For those who are interested, the best games by that company are: Baldr Skydive Baldr Sky Zero (alternate world setting, which makes sense if you completed the original, battle system was more clunky than Skydive due to a transition to 2.5D) Baldr Force (has aged surprisingly well, but the visuals, while pretty, are very much yesteryear. Occurs significantly before the development of biological AIs that led to Baldr Sky) Baldr Heart (based a few centuries after Baldr Skydive, when Ark's digital mind transfer tech is in common use)
  4. Baldr Bringer. Baldr Bringer's story is virtually nonexistent, and the combat is awful and slow-paced (the attraction of the Baldr series battle systems' was how fast-paced it was). Senkou no Clarias (the last gameplay game by Giga's Team Baldrhead) was interesting... until it wasn't. The combat system was clunky and poorly designed, though not as poorly as Baldr Bringer's.
  5. SofthouseChara was innovative, but they hadn't produced anything that remained in memory after you played it for years. Heck, nothing at all since before Covid, which probably means they were already in financial trouble before Covid hit.
  6. I played the Baldr series up to the point where they for some reason decided to make the last game a piece of crap (both battle system and story). I still don't get why they destroyed the traditions of the series to create a mindless game obviously designed for mobile phones rather than pc or consoles. Giga has been showing signs of collapse for a while now. The over-production of the 'kiss' series, which was never that popular even amongst romance VN lovers, was another sign of this. In addition, Giga's development costs were always excessive for the genre, which probably made it wo
  7. It's on my wishlist, but it isn't a priority. Tbh, I'm considering replaying the entire series from the beginning, so it just adds more time to my Utawarerumono binge.
  8. It should be noted that 08th MS Team is easily the best Gundam up until this point, with it competing very well with the ones that came out later. That was because the makers chose to use an adult protagonist (something that doesn't happen in the other ones), and the actual mobile suit combat was semi-realistic, making it feel like real battles rather than one-sided slaughters with mechs doing unbelievable stuff.
  9. [Hey, your Mom is an evil woman (toxic woman)!] [I... I can't argue with that.] (Move... Move! Move! Move, please! If I don't move now...!!) He tries to move his legs to get away from the three approaching him. However, he can't move. His body won't move an inch. It is as if he's being tied down by an invisible something. (What is this!? What is this!? This is... what is it...? It's as if I'm being enveloped in something...) At that moment, something was reflected in Ibuki's eyes. It was a gigantic translucent tail. It was a gigantic, soft tail wi
  10. Try reading the Ln or the web novel. So far it is pretty close to the web novel, with the exception of skipping over a lot of the school life shit. The details that includes will fill in the characters to an extent. As for Delta and the others, you don't really get to know them until later in the story. Alpha and Beta are the ones who have the most 'screen time' in the story, with Ipsilon coming to life pretty late in the story. Delta is really simple (literally simple)... she's basically a wolf to the bone. If you can beat her up, she's submissive, if you lose to her, she dominates you.
  11. Kage no JItsuryokusha ni Naritakute is my gem for this season. Great mix of ridiculousness, melodrama, and story. Beast Tamer is a good harem fantasy. Shinmai Renkinjutsushi is cute but not so cute-focused that it makes me want to vomit, so it is actually watchable. Tensei Shitara Ken Deshita I also like, but my thing for catgirls probably has me liking it more than most would.
  12. Amatsutsumi is a weird one... if it weren't for the ladder-style choice progression I would have liked it a lot more, but even with it, it is still a top-quality game. While it does gyp the heroines other than the 'true' one, it doesn't do so as much as some games *coughs* anything by August *coughs*.
  13. 2- Given how this one had several early attempts to fantranslate it, it isn't much of a surprise. However, in terms of quality, it isn't a 'classic' I would have bothered with. It is just famous because it got an anime, in any case. 3- One of a very small number of 'nearly pure comedy' VNs out there. This one is a pretty good choice. 5- Mmm... to be honest, I don't get why they decided to translate this one. It is not only niche but has extremely mixed reviews (from me, in particular). There are some fairly disgusting aspects to the story, and it is more than a little depressi
  14. Something to keep in mind with replaying a VN is that 'normal' VNs really aren't suitable for being played repeatedly. In my experience, there are a few golden standards (though not absolute ones) that enhance the replayability of a VN. 1) Depth of the Setting- This is one of the two primary reasons why I'm most likely to replay a VN. If a setting is deep enough, there is very little chance you will catch everything on a first playthrough, so games with deep settings often take two or three replays to start to feel stale. 2) Emotionality/Catharsis- The degree to which a VN stimulat
  15. Naturally? Whenever I needed to cleanse my palate of the taste of kusoge, I went back and played something good.
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