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  1. Happy Birthday to Me

    Well, as of thirty-nine minutes ago, it is officially my birthday (as of the time I checked at the beginning of making this post). I have a lot of things to reflect on this year. I am now thirty-six, settling into the beginnings of middle-age, knowing my lifestyle will probably kill me before I hit fifty. I'm a sugar addict, I love fatty foods, I make my own alcoholic drinks (this year, a mixed fruit wine that actually turned out well and was much easier than the rum and hard root beer I did last year). I sit on my ass eighty percent of the time, I am hugely fat... ... and I'm surprisingly happy. I won't say I don't have my down moments. Looking back, I regret not going for more athletic pursuits while my knees and back could still stand them. I regret not trying for a more regular and less... frustrating line of work. However, I can honestly say that, for all its frustrations, I actually seem to like being a fat, balding otaku who has pretensions at being some kind of VN guru (lol). I do wish that I could fit into a plane seat, lol. If I ever go to Japan, it is going to have to be a sea trip, since buying two plane tickets for one person is both embarrassing and more than a little expensive. I hate my work, but I'm good at it and, in good times, it pays well, so I keep doing it. So what would I change? Honestly, it is hard to say. I won't pretend I'm all love and joy when it comes to life. I have too much toxic waste going through my brain for that (I just happened to have gained just enough maturity not to feed the trolls constantly *smiles dryly*). I'm fundamentally a passive person once I set foot outside my hobbies, preferring not to do anything I don't absolutely have to do. I'm also negative and misanthropic... but is that stuff I actually want to change? *shrugs* I've never been any other way, so it is impossible to say. However, every year I hit this day and wonder what could have been, which probably says everything that needs to be said about my experiences with life, for all my proclamations of relative happiness.
  2. Favorite protagonist?

    Zephyr Colerain (Silverio Vendetta) - This guy is the odd duck on my list of favorite protagonists. He isn't brave, he isn't a genius, and he isn't exceptionally strong-willed. He is seemingly the scum of the Earth... except for his one real talent... dragging those more capable than him down into the mud. When cornered by circumstance, he becomes a vicious killer capable of doing anything to survive, taking apart opponents in a positively sadistic manner. Shigure Sora (Devils Devel Concept) - Frequently described as a 'beast' by the heroines, Sora is an inhuman monster in human form, his psychology only bearing a passing resemblance to that of a human being. Bound by a 'contract' to kill every demon he comes across and driven by his body's overwhelming impulses, he nonetheless manages to live something approaching a 'normal' existence. He is incapable of romantic love (though the heroines never admit that, even to themselves), but he is capable of the attachment/obsession an animal has for its mate... He is highly intelligent and ruthless with his enemies, but he has a tendency to take pleasure in every aspect of fighting (hurting and being hurt, killing and being killed) that can easily lead him into excess. Asagiri Kaito (Akatsuki no Goei) - At first, Kaito seems to be a clown and a braggart, a goof-off who brags about talents he never shows. However, beneath the surface, he is just as capable as he claims to be... he is a genius who instantly grasps the essence of anything he learns and never forgets anything he reads. In addition, he is a master martial artist, with a great deal of experience in both survival in a hostile environment and in fights to the death. However, he is also utterly unbound by social mores and norms, so he can easily take actions that seem crazy by other people's standards and ignore borderlines that others think have to be protected at all costs. Kashima Toshirou (Vermilion Bind of Blood) - Toshirou is a former samurai and a century-old vampire living in the city of Foggy Bottom as a 'Guardian', one of those vampires responsible for enforcing the rules of vampiric society on his fellows. He is seemingly apathetic and disinterested on the surface, his eyes those of a man long dead, but he has a strong sense of honor (for a vampire). He is a master swordsman who enhances his blade with his ability to control magnetism through his blood, and one of those few vampires that regularly slays those more powerful and older than himself. He can often be heard to say, 'There is no such thing as a vampire... there are only humans with delusions of greatness and the need to suck blood.' Shiranui Yoshikazu (Evolimit) - Shiranui is one of a pair of survivors from the first Mars colonization effort found in cold sleep. Seemingly a cheerful, joking young man with an active curiosity about the world, he is also a determined survivor and a natural hero in the classic sense. Due to his inability to feel sorrow (caused by him allowing Kokoro to live inside of him), he often finds it difficult to empathize with others, but he is nonetheless compassionate and kind-hearted by nature. He is a man of strong will and bravery who will go to any lengths, willingly sacrificing himself for others if he feels it is necessary.
  3. Japanese only VNs on PS4

    Lots of Vita releases, but not so many good ps4 ones.
  4. VN of the Year 2017

    It was the Akane path that dealt the fatal blow to Loveriche's candidacy... if not for that, it probably would have come in second.
  5. VN of the Year 2017

    As always, I took a ridiculous amount of time considering candidates for VN of the year, this year. The final lineup of candidates were: Aoi Tori Kin'iro Loveriche Bakumatsu Jinchuu Houkoku Resshiden Miburo (I determined that it, to an extent, stands on its own enough to be considered) Suisei Ginka Haruru Minamo ni Eliminated: Yami to Hikari no Sanctuary (lost to Aoi Tori) Kanojo wa Imouto de Tenshi de (lost to Haruru Minamo ni) Oni ga Kuru (lost to Kin'iro Loveriche) Ojou-sama no Hanbun wa Ren'ai de Dekiteimasu (lost to Suisei Ginka) Explanation: While those five candidates made it to final consideration, I have to say for the fanboys that I never really seriously considered Kin'iro Loveriche for the final selection once those five candidates popped up. I reviewed my experiences of each VN individually, then compared them in my mind. While Kin'iro Loveriche is an excellent game, it just didn't match several of the other VNs on the list. If I split this into candidates by genre, though, I would consider this the nakige of the year. Miburo falls off for a different set of reasons... in fact, it probably wouldn't have made it to the finals at all if I wasn't a weaboo and a Japanese history freak. It is good, it is detailed, and the bloodshed is awesome... but if you asked me if its raw quality is at the very top of the list, I would have said 'In another year, maybe.' Suisei Ginka was a great game. I'll say that before I go through why it failed to make it through the final selection... actually, it just fails to get there because it just isn't good enough. Oh, the story is interesting and enjoyable, but truth be told, Yami to Hikari no Sanctuary was better in its limited battle scenes, and I honestly found the antagonists to be too weak for a chuunige. Great bad ending though. Haruru Minamo ni is definitely my pick for charage of the year, if Loveriche is nakige of the year, lol. I'll state it outright... no other charage this year got anywhere close to Haruru Minamo ni. That isn't a surprise, because Clochette's formula (if not the boob obsession) is probably the best established one for the genre. However, it just didn't make it there. VN of the Year 2017 Now, you've probably already figured it out from my explanation above, but Clephas VN of the Year 2017 is Aoi Tori. I probably could have picked any of these in a year with no other equivalent candidates and been satisfied with them as VN of the Year, but, after four 'layers' of consideration (I've been filtering candidates since March last year) this one was the one left over, having barely eked its way past the other VNs above. Any of the VNs that made it past the filter back in December really had VN of the Year levels of quality, which is unusual. 2017 was a good year for quality VNs, even if I didn't choose the one you wanted me to, lol.
  6. The State of VNs

    I've always accepted that the best VN writers, such as Fujisaki, Shumon Yuu, and Masada, will probably never receive full recognition for their skills, accept amongst bibliophile VN readers and people who like the type of thing they write. I hate it... but I also hated it whenever I passed the romance novel section in my book store and saw it was three times as big as the fantasy/sci-fi section. After more than twenty-five years of such experiences, all I can do is struggle in my own way to come to terms with the fact that I'm always going to be a minority, in terms of preferences... though it took me fifteen of those years to accept it (I'm stubborn). The very proof of my statement is the fact that Light and Nitroplus inevitably have to sell large amounts of goods related to their games to make up for their costs every time they release a big one. It is the price of making their VNs virtually unreadable for the uninitiated, lol.
  7. The State of VNs

    The single best-selling book genre are crappy romance. I don't mean deep, meaningful romance novels... I mean the sexy, tawdry, 'dark and handsome man sweeps the girl away' types. It is just human nature.
  8. Tsuyokiss Festival

  9. Tiny Dungeon, with all new cast. The setting is awesome, but Hime's plotline was fully played out by the end of Endless Dungeon. Unfortunately, the writer died a few years back, and the company shut its doors (incidentally, same writer as Shuffle and a couple of other familiar games, lol). The next game in the same setting as Nanairo Reincarnation and Akeiro Kaikitan... no announcements so far. The third Reminiscence game. Aselia and Seinarukana. While there is supposedly a new Eien Shinken series game in development, there is no date for it, and it wouldn't be the first time such a project fell through. Kikan Bakumatsu Ibun Last Cavalier. While the events of the Bakumatsu era are complete, there is no reason they couldn't go back in the setting to the Sengoku era and make an interesting game out of it. Bradyon Veda... literally a multiverse of possibilities. Ikusa Megami II needs a remake, like Tenbin was for the original Ikusa Megami. It has aged horribly, and it would be a waste not to remake it. Draculius. This game has an excellent setting, and I would love to see a true sequel to it, perhaps with the original cast as side characters (Jun and Belche's kid, maybe, as the protagonist, lol). Komorebi no Nostalgica. This game has one of the single most subtly-built futuristic sci-fi settings, and it needs a true sequel. It is a waste to ignore the excellent design of the setting. Tsukihime needs a sequel or at least to have the remake come out. As it is, the Fate-based multiverse part of things has taken the fore, but Tsukihime has become something of an orphan child. Yurikago yori Tenshi Made. This game was made with a sequel in mind, so why hasn't there been one? Izuna Zanshinken. Same as above. It was obviously originally intended to be an episodic series of games, rather than a single one. However, it never happened. Bullet Butlers. Seriously, while Chrono Belt was first-class stuff, about as good as a crossover fandisc will ever be, the setting in Bullet Butlers is nowhere near fully explored. The number of races, the unusual tech, magic, etc. It makes for endless potential for a series of VNs... or even rpg hybrids.
  10. Kin'iro Loveriche

    Sorry, I don't get notifications for comments, so I didn't realize you had commented until now (please join the community).
  11. What were you doing in 2006 - 2009?

    I watched anime, I played video games, I read books, I worked... and then I discovered VNs in 2009.
  12. Utawarerumono Mask of Truth and Mask of Deception... Harem situation, adorable half-naked twins who sleep with the protagonist on a regular basis... but no H
  13. Getchu Bishoujo Game Awards 2017 are out

    Kind of surprised that Silverio Trinity made it on there, despite my fondness for the game and the series. The rest was par for the course... predictable. I'm sad that Yami to Hikari no Sanctuary wasn't on there, but meh...
  14. Tiny Dungeon has a set order. It is a time-loop story where Hime is being pressed to choose one of the futures he is seeing. The story has him seeing the potential futures in the order the games were released.
  15. The games are sequenced chronologically (in a weird way). Black and White>Bless of Dragon>Birth for Yours>Brave or Slave>Endless Dungeon. The first game consists of the universal prologue and Hime experiencing the first potential future, with the successive two games having him experience potential futures for Ururu and Note, respectively. Seinarukana... is not what people expect when they go looking for a sequel to Aselia. Seen from that perspective, it is indeed disappointing. Also, most fanboys think they took too many liberties with the Euphoria issue in the true ending. It is also confusing for those who played the first game, because it adds many new layers to the setting as a whole. Gameplay-wise, it is much more refined, though. Edit: One more note on Seinarukana... the game is good as a stand-alone, but when seen as a sequel to Aselia, it pales.