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  1. The Tsujidou Fandisc has a lot to add to the original game, not the least of which is paths for a number of sub-heroines who were interesting in the previous game. Innocent Bullet is what I like to call a 'classic-style' chuunige. A classic-style chuunige is essentially a 'high schooler with no skills gets thrown into battle despite being incompetent' situation. These VNs were the most prevalent throughout VN history, but they tended to fall short of those who got rid of the high schooler tropes when it came to quality on all levels. Innocent Bullet is no exception, being a nice place-
  2. Sangoku Hime 3 is easily the best of the Sangoku Hime series, taking the best of both worlds with an improved battle system over the previous two and better visuals than later entries in the series. However, like all of the Sangoku Hime/Sengoku Hime series the story inevitably becomes disjointed due to the inherent limitations of a conquest strategy game. Noblesse of Rouge is an annoyingly long charage that has very little content to it despite its length. Reading it was pure torture back in the day. Magical Marriage Lunatics is a classic example of what I like to call 'nerfing the
  3. If it has to be translated... Kamishino whenever it comes out. The girls in it are not physically disadvantaged but rather disadvantaged psychologically or socially though.
  4. Bunny Black 3 is easily the worst of the series, which is probably why SofthouseChara stopped there. Akabanzu is a mid to high-quality charage (depending on the reader) with strong sci-fi elements (albeit 'soft' ones). Futagoza no Paradox is a kamige of a mindfuck story. I recommend it and its sibling game Owaru Sekai to Birthday to people who like this kind of stuff. Downside is that one of the heroines has a severe learning disability. Gensou no Idea is one of 3rdEye's better works, with a solid main protagonist and secondary one. Downside is that this was the VN by them wh
  5. Tokyo Necro, Muramasa, Gekkou no Carnevale, Phantom of Inferno and Jingai Makyou by the same company come to mind, obviously. Other than that... Bradyon Veda Paradise Lost Tokyo Babel (translated) Vermilion Bind of Blood Abyss Homicide Club Blade x Bullet Izuna Zanshinken Yurikago yori Tenshi Made
  6. Ryuukishi Bloody Saga might very well be the best unique work Akabei Soft 3 has created in the time since ABS2 forced a bunch of subsidiaries to merge to create it. It is a work I also come back to every few years simply because it holds a unique place in my heart. Ryuukishi is the sequel to Ryakudatsusha no In'en, a Clock-up style super-violent H-horror VN written expressly for the purpose of setting up things for Ryuukishi. As such, to understand this VN, you have to understand the events of Ryakudatsusha, at least to some extent. Ryuukishi is written on the tacit understanding tha
  7. That's actually a surprisingly difficult theme to find. Personally, I'd love to see something like Maou Gakuin in a VN, but so far I haven't found it. Sorceress Alive kinda-sorta fulfills that desire, but honestly I thought it was kind of meh. Primary Magical Trouble Scramble is another one 1/7 no Mahoutsukai has the magic academy thing down, but it doesn't give you the high fantasy feeling (it is in another world, however). Tiny Dungeon series fulfills a lot of that desire. Last of all would be Valkyrie Runabout, a comedy VN with an op protagonist in a fantasy world
  8. Natsuiro Recipe (slow life in the country SOL that I generally recommend for people who want something heart-warming) Natsuyume Nagisa (nakige by Saga Planets) Ren'ai Karichaimashita (only reccing this because it is translated) Yakusoku no Natsu, Mahoroba no Yume
  9. I've had numerous comments from people who were asking, 'Do you still play VNs?' in the last year or so because I hardly post anymore. When I do, it is usually litrpg, random commentary, or maybe one game a month. The short answer is yes. The full answer is a bit more complicated. First, I should note that a lot of this is about timing... to be slightly more specific, a confluence of factors that created a singularity of me just not posting anymore. The events in question are my increasing intolerance for disinteresting themes and pure SOL (that is, slice of life without a central pl
  10. William Arand. Great dark harem writer. Would probably make great Venus Blood style VNs, lol. Michelle West would probably write really good plotge. Steven Brust would do good drama. Steven Erikson would probably write a grand multi-game fantasy that would blow all your minds.
  11. Duelist Engage is one of a number of VNs I was pretty sure I underrated relative to my time doing VN of the Month. The fact that the VN stuck in my mind even almost a decade later says that this supposition was most likely correct. Thankfully, after replaying it (after so long it was mostly new to me) I found that this supposition was correct. Before I dig into story and character issues, I need to note that one way this VN stands out over modern charage is the expressiveness of the heroine sprites. Before I went back and played this, I never realized just how much the expressiveness o
  12. As he said, it is hard to overshadow the conclusion to the Grisaia main series, but there are a number of excellent games that came out this month that he probably wasn't aware of. Ojousama wa Gokigen Naname- This is a game I greatly and dramatically underestimated at the time and was Ensemble's last truly good game. Despite its appearance, this game is neither a charage nor a moege. It is a strong plotge focusing on the kind of dirty dealings and multi-layered crazy emotional reactions that you'd normally see in a soap opera. Chusingura- I'm pretty sure everyone knows this one
  13. Guardian Place- For some reason, Skyfish doesn't seem to be capable of doing a good job with anything but its Soleil series. Hitotsu Tobashi Ren'ai- A low-level charage that tried to get by on a theme rather than actual quality. Hyakka Ryouran Elixir- This is one of AXL's 'medieval slice of life stories', and like all of them is mostly honobono (pleasant and easygoing) save for a few moments of drama spread throughout the game and concentrated in the heroine routes. Love La Bride- A kusoge of a charage, not worth playing or even remembering. Madou Koukaku- Easily my favorit
  14. I never said it was bad... if anything, it provides a nice counterpoint to the more overly-modern series. Too many companies try random battle systems, random storytelling styles, and random characterization and end up with crapfests. Dragon Quest's very traditionalism is often seen as refreshing by old-style fanboys. However, I'll say again that DQ isn't a series one goes to for innovation on any level. Even the newer battle system elements introduced in the later parts of the series were essentially imported from other traditional jrpgs that tried them successfully first. In many ways,
  15. Dragon Quest is the 'standard' (though not the gold standard) for uber-traditional jrpgs. This is because it has retained many of the conventions of the genre's early days and doesn't alter its approach to storytelling or gameplay to any significant degree with each generation, other than quality of life and visual updates. The most recent one is a rather obvious demonstration of this methodology, though it was surprisingly decent despite not doing anything interesting with the characters or setting. In a lot of ways, Dragon Quest is like Final Fantasy's opposite. Where FF was a series
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