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  1. VN with strong romance plus fantasy/SF story

    Evolimit Komorebi no Nostalgica Fake Azure Arcology Re:Birth Colony Bullet Butlers Ayakashibito Kikan Bakumatsu Ibun Last Cavalier (just avoid the Shinsengumi endings) Akeiro Kaikitan (Avoid Youko's ending) Hatsuru Koto Naki Mirai Yori Tenshi no Hane o Fumanaide Yomegami World Election Sakura, Sakimashita (despite the themes, i consider the endings to be happy, though worthy of tears at the same time) Lunaris Filia Toppara Zashiki Warashi no Hanashi Toki o Tsumugu Yakusoku
  2. Have you ever read a VN twice?

    My regular re-reads I'll list below. 1. Devils Devel Concept 2. Evolimit 3. Kikan Bakumatsu Ibun Last Cavalier 4. Komorebi no Nostalgica 5. Houkago no Futekikakusha 6. Tiny Dungeon (really Rosebleu games in general, since I love the style, lol) 7. Draculius 8. Izuna Zanshinken 9. The Silverio series Now, having said this, I've had people ask me why I've only read Dies Irae, most Nitroplus games once or twice, and a number of other chuunige VNs. The reasons are simple... most Nitroplus games just aren't as good after all the behind-the-curtain stuff is revealed. Dies Irae also suffers on a second and third playthrough because you can't recapture that sense of 'wtf is going on?!!' that you have the first time through. Games that rely on that tend to be harder to read a second time through, because the gap in sheer exhilaration leads to nostalgic sadness, at least in my case. I have to wait five years between Dies Irae replays, hahaha. The fact is, you might be surprised at what games you enjoy replaying the most... they might not be in your top ten or even top twenty. You might find yourself replaying a game solely to reclaim a single glorious moment halfway through (I've done this before, lol). Replaying VNs is... weird sometimes.
  3. My experience with Fate/Grand Order

    It was obviously done by someone who is either a literalist or is Japanese. The reason I say this is because many of the word choices are odd and the grammar's awkwardness speaks to the fact that the person in question was trying to align the rhythm of the lines with the original Japanese ones in a lot of cases. This is a stumbling block a lot of translators never get past, because they fail to realize that the differences in grammar make some rearrangement necessary. This is a stumbling block that is, ironically, born of a decent or good understanding of Japanese.
  4. Have you ever read a VN twice?

    Yes, many times. However, I have a few pieces of advice for you. 1. Make sure that it has been at least a year (preferably two or three) since you played it. 2. Are you the type that rereads novels? Then you should be ok in theory. Overall, I only reread ones where there is a strong emotional or intellectual element that might take on new facets on a new playthrough. Devils Devel concept is one where I only got a fifth of what was going on the first time, and with each successive reading (up to five now), I've found something new to obsess over. Clannad is a nakige, so as long as you like to cry, you should be fine. Emotional moments are emotional moments, after all.
  5. Ok, anyone who has read some of my rants about microtransactions will wonder why I decided to play this f2p smartphone game... until you remember I'm also a Nasuverse fanboy. I made the questionable decision of picking this game up about two and a half months ago, and since then I've been left with a lot to ponder. First, I'll list what I like about this game. 1. Relatively easy to play for free, in the sense that simply doing free quests and story quests can get you the in-game Saint Crystals necessary to roll for higher-rarity servants with only a bit of patience. 2. Charity Servants, the ones that you can get from completing event quests, are often really good (there are exceptions, even so far, but meh), so if you just do the events, you can still build a decent party before going for the higher-difficulty story quests. 3. Leveling up Servants can be fast if you have the items ready. 4. Battle system is decent, if sometimes deliberately frustrating (to encourage you to spend money, probably). 5. Support Servants borrowed from friends can let you clear hard quests easier. 6. The story of the main game is extremely well-written (though the translators made a lot of obvious stumbles by not fixing the language into English grammar at some points). 7. Manages to recreate the often ambiguous emotions drawn out when you played FSN or watched anime like Fate/Apocrypha that gave the series such grandiosity, along with the usual Nasu humor. Negatives 1. Too many obvious ways in which they try to get you to spend money, with the constant summoning campaigns and sudden difficulty spikes during and post Camelot. 2. Blatant Japanese-style gacha-addiction builder. 3. Missions can be extremely long irl time, and AP regeneration speeds make it possible to play seven hours a day on story missions during half-AP campaigns... which eats at rl a bit too much. My Experience My rule when playing standard video games that I already know I want is 'I'll spend $60 and no more', and I kept to that rule, with a lot of headaches from temptation and obsession with cute or awesome Servants (Evil Artoria is just sexy in her portrait at final Ascension, lol). I've managed to enjoy the story of the main game and laugh through the events so far (the GudaGuda events were hilariously designed and written). However, the lack of breathing space between events and summoning campaigns leaves me feeling exhausted even if I only play a few hours here and there. Every time I wanted to sit back and enjoy the story, there was that time limit to get all the great skill-up and ascension items I didn't want to have to farm from the game nodes, and now there is an event coming up that requires you have completed the main story through Solomon... which is annoying as hell, since BB really looks cute, so I want her in my roster to stare at with drool dripping from the corners of my mouth, like with Medusa Rider and Evil Artoria... Yes, that is the level of obsession this game can create for Fate fans. The fact that several familiar faces are available in the beginning-of-the-game gacha (including Archer from FSN and Heracles) is tailor-made to draw a Fate fan in and trap him with his own lust. I don't recommend anyone with a collector's tendencies or addictive tendencies in general play this game, as it is a potential money sink for any such individual, sadly. Since I am such an individual, my words should have weight, lol. It takes real effort for me not to look at the summoning campaigns when I don't have Saint Crystals or summoning tickets. On the other hand, this game manages to actually tell a good story, and, having just finished Camelot (which is a difficulty spike on par with suddenly dipping into a Souls game when you thought you were playing Ar Tonelico level), I can tell you it is worth at least going this far. While it lacks the huge emotionality of Fate/Apocrypha or the original FSN, it makes up for it with the sheer number of personal stories and glorious ends the various Servants manage to meet. The fact that this definitely feels like a Fate story in both depth and detail makes it even better for a Fate fanboy. However, where things fall short is that we have yet another silent protagonist, similar to Fate/Extra. While this makes, justifiably, the Servants the stars of the story, it can be a bit frustrating that your only inputs are frequently humorous interjections. Personally, one thing that has had me laughing on numerous occasions is how gloriously weird some of the Berserker characters are... since they are all psycho to one degree or the other, this can lead to some... interesting results. While our friend Lancelot from Fate/Zero makes an appearance, most of the Berserkers can and do speak, even if their manner is downright crazy or obsessive.
  6. Alternatives to VNDB

    To be blunt, a database site will never be perfect. VNDB is the best of the group, but that's mostly because there isn't anything else worth mentioning out there... and the effort it would require for a new site to surpass its utility is probably beyond volunteer helpers. Why? Because vndb already fills its niche pretty much completely and mostly free of corporate influence. While it doesn't combine a news site like most other otaku databases do, it doesn't really need one... and the most important stuff (the existence of and release dates for new VNS) are posted regularly. Edit: I should also mention that the main reason I hate erogamescape is for all the horribly wrong tracks it sent me off on in my first two years playing untranslated VNs. I ended up buying and playing horrible games that had been bot-hyped about a half-dozen times, and that still infuriates me, even today.
  7. Alternatives to VNDB

    Erogamescape suffers from the results of being directly exposed to the much larger (currently and past, though who knows about the future?) VN market that is Japan. To be blunt, you get people down-voting stuff for kicks, company-owned or hired bots in the hundreds voting others up, and no real effort on the part of the site administrators to rein it in. The troll voting is worse on vndb, to be honest... percentage-wise, there are a significant number of fake players who vote games down or up without even playing them, based on the fact that their votes predate the games' releases (shouldn't it be relatively easy to fix that? oh well). That said, the real issue with Erogamescape is that you can't trust the ratings on anything that is hyped (in other words, by one of the big names before they went down) by a relatively 'big name' company... or anything mainstream, really, if you aren't a huge charage fan. In other words, Erogamescape requires too much filtering and preexisting knowledge from the viewer/reader/observer to even get what the real ratings of a given game are... whereas vndb is a bit simpler. Anything translated, cut off 90% of the ten, 9, and 1-3 ratings (since people either way overrate or way underrate depending on their prejudices and experience), then recalculate the average. The rest, subtract all votes prior to two days after the initial release. That's if you are paying attention to voting scores. VNDB is relatively simple to figure out... just find the tags you have an interest in, then set the list so the highest rated ones (usually translated) come up first, and browse. The primary virtue of the site is the huge amount of basic info it holds on most of the VNs released since VNs came into existence. Also, another way to figure things out is to find a member of Fuwa who shares your tastes, take a look at his vndb profile, then figure out what you want to play from that. The issue with vndb for the whipper-snappers (AKA, 'you young people') is that it is a PC-specialized site. It is meant to be navigated via PC browsers with a keyboard and mouse, not finger-swipes and tapping, so it is extremely unwieldy when done from smaller tablets and smartphones. VNDB's secondary utility lies in the fact that most Japanese games have the Japanese-language (kanji and kana) available to copy to a search engine in order to discover walkthroughs, websites that sell the games by download, and other stuff. Searching a game by the romanized name is generally a dead end for that kind of thing, and remembering the precise kanji for the whole title can often be annoying, so that is seriously convenient, at least for me. Honestly, if you can't navigate vndb, I dunno what to tell you... of all the otaku database sites I've navigated over the years, it is the easiest, at least for me. Myanimelist is a pain in the rear to navigate, as are most of the other anime database sites. VNDB is a breeze in comparison, since it doesn't present you with a dozen similar titles or barely related titles even if you put the exact one in the search box... What is lacking on vndb is decent summaries/intros of most games, since most are poorly-translated translations of the Getchu or official pages, lol. Edit: oops forgot to answer your question in my urge to rave, no, it isn't illegal, since most games have pics on their official sites. What is illegal is ripping the cgs and posting them online for profit...
  8. Summer Anime List 2019

    Lots of isekai gameworld fantasy there...
  9. VNS with fighting girls?

    Going to assume you want translated, since it would take too much time for me to list all the untranslated ones. Ayakashibito Comyu Tokyo Babel Tsukihime Fate/Stay Night Sorcery Jokers
  10. Alternatives to VNDB

    disadvantage is the much higher percentage of bot and troll voting.
  11. Visual novel/eroge with an older woman

    Houkago no Futekikakusha Nanairo Reincarnation (the cop heroine is about four years older) Akagoei 3 has several heroines that are older than Kaito Akeiro Kaikitan Ayakashibito Suisei Ginka Sakura, Sakimashita (buchou is a LOT older than she looks, lol) Draculius (Belche)
  12. I've made this observation before, but Otomege, for all that they profess to be directed at a female audience, are in fact simply directed at a different male audience. Almost all otomege protagonists are passive, helpless, or have some form of DIDS (Damsel In Distress Syndrome). There are (a very few) otomege that manage to escape this to one extent or another (my favorite being Sanzen Sekai Yuugi), but those are even more of an exception than the charage where the protagonist has a real personality. I don't like to be a bastard about this, but the reason I end up only finishing one path or not finishing most otomege is not because I don't like female protagonists... but because the female protagonists are all beta personalities who are just short of being airheads (and some of them are airheads too). Alpha personality (dominant) female protagonists are about 1 in 50, in my experience, in otomege, to the point where I'm starting to think the industry is trying to brainwash female otakus outright (except more female otakus play BL than otomege in Japan). Now, the tendency to find it difficult to forgive promiscuity in females is, in fact, the very reason why most charage have 'all virgin heroines' tags. This is partly a leftover of pre-modern society that seems to linger in most cultures across the world that profess equality of the genders, but it is also hard-wired into the male brain. Games where the heroine is a rape victim are easier to find than ones where the heroine is 'experienced', has an affair, or goes back and forth between the protagonist and other men (if you exclude nukige). In fact, the percentage of that type of game is vanishingly small, to the point that I can only think of about twenty-five games off the top of my head. Most of those were horror, had dark elements, or had some kind of brainwashing element involved, so you can see how strong the aversion to NTR in non-nukige is. To explain some of the cultural background... Japan, despite it's 'modernized' culture, is in fact still a culture only a century and a half away from an age where wealthy and/or powerful males were actually more or less expected to keep multiple partners (in the case of the Shoguns, multiple wives outright, most of them chosen for political reasons), all of whom were considered legitimate under the law as long as he had the means to support them and their children. Even now, most don't think much of it when a wealthy businessman has a mistress or two, as long as there is agreement or approval from the wife (it is the act of hiding another sexual partner that is considered to be dirty, as opposed to having one). Oh, if he flaunts the fact that he has multiple partners, it might become an issue (seen as a sign of a lack of proper modesty/humility), but most of the time it doesn't. However, if the female, on the other hand, was with another male, it was pretty much standard to see them beheaded, hanged, or otherwise killed out of hand, along with the man in question. Modern Japan's taboos are a product of the active encouragement of Western influences after the Meiji Restoration and after WWII, as well as the fact that a huge portion of the privileged castes vanished outright after the Restoration (thus vastly decreasing the number of males that were considered 'entitled' to multiple partners) and the newer castes were eliminated completely after WWII. The fact is that Japan is not as progressive in this matter as the urban West even now (the rural West still being generally chauvinistic for various reasons, with exceptions). Women's choices are questioned if they don't marry by age 25, and there is still a cultural assumption that females will retire early to have children. While aggressive female personalities are accepted there (outside of non-management work, where aggression is generally discouraged in both genders), aggressive female choices aren't.
  13. To an extent... but they also weren't soldiers themselves. In this case, think of having a bunch of Yuujis in place of normal heroines...
  14. To be blunt, the girls in that game generally don't have the psychological leeway to be involved in romance. Maybe Chris... but even she is unlikely. I figure if they ever make it with H content, it will be harem though.
  15. Realive

    As an extra comment, the reason I don't mention heroines in relation to the Grand Route is because it is a major spoiler... unfortunately, I couldn't figure out a way to talk about it without spoiling one of the major issues of the VN.