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  1. Yes. The books get better as you go along. I didn't have a problem with Basilisk station though...
  2. Essentially, since @mitchhamilton made a thread covering what was best in entertainment (Japanese entertainment especially) media in the last decade, I thought I'd set out my dream results here. Gaming Interface: True VR through either some kind of implant tech or through the use of a haptic suit of some sort (yes, I hate today's incomplete VR with a passion). Anime: Sequels for all the junk-food isekai anime left incomplete over the last six years (and that's a LOT of anime) Reading: I'd like to see a satisfying conclusion at least to the current (Mesan conspiracy) arc of Honor Harrington. While the last entry in the series was godly, it still doesn't conclude the most important thread. VNs: I'd like to see the rise of more plotge-specializing companies in JVNs and hopefully a new chuunige company to replace the loss of Light (if it doesn't end up lending its name as a subsidiary of Akabeisoft) General Gaming: I know this will probably make me sound like an old fogey... but I'd like to see less focus on expanding multiplayer to ridiculous levels in gaming in general. I wouldn't mind so much if people would stop feeding back multiplayer gameplay styles into solo gaming, which has been a trend for almost fifteen years now. I'm really disgusted when I see MMO-style skill hot buttons in a solo rpg, and I hate it when there is no pause function in an action game. Moreover, I seriously despise it when people insist on gluing on random multiplayer BS into games that function perfectly fine without it.
  3. Should I play Kimi to Kanojo to Kanojo no Koi??

    It is a game that picks the reader. I couldn't get into it, but the people that really love it, love it to death.
  4. VN: Evolimit Anime: Overlord JRPG: Tales of Berseria Book: Honor Harrington series (I started it this decade, lol) Evolimit is the VN made this decade that I come back to the most. Yes, I love Light's games, but Evolimit has more great scenes and moments while being more accessible for normal people (instead of crazy text-addicts like me) so it is easier to talk about with other people. Overlord's setting and characters, with the weird balance between humor and evil, have kept me fascinated enough to actually pick up an LN of my own will for the first time (I have had LNs thrust on me in the past). Tales of Berseria left an impression that this mostly JRPG-dead ten years has generally failed to do, at least for me. It brought back what I liked most about jrpgs while also managing to stand out from the tired norms that are endemic to the genre. For the most part, the last decade has been a dead zone for good jrpgs, with only the Trails series still providing a solid first-line experience. Honor Harrington has been a gift to me, as a sci-fi addict. With a saga spanning over thirty years (at this point) just in the protagonist's lifetime (there are other side storylines that go far in the past) and a powerful cast of characters with lives that aren't sidelined by the action, I can't help but love this series. Games in general have not really impressed me over the last ten years. Most of the promised advances have not materialized, and for every step forward, it seems like another step and a half back have been taken. I suppose it is because so much emphasis was placed on the multiplayer experience over the last decade that solo games have taken a backseat...
  5. Inochi no Spare

    Mmm... it is more that I don't think of them as utsuge unless someone forces me to. Logically, I can recognize the elements of an utsuge in them, but at a gut level, I tend to consider them to be chuunige. Most of the time, when I consider something an utsuge, I do so because of the driving purpose I felt behind the game's overall design. In the case of Nitroplus games, while I do think they go out of their way to make them dark, I don't think they really intend them to be cathartic in the sense that an utsuge usually is. In addition, most Nitroplus games never really get you attached to the characters in a way that would make utsu-tenkai significant in a cathartic sense. Yes, the endings are depressing, but it isn't a cathartic depression.
  6. Inochi no Spare

    In that sense, most Nitroplus games are utsuge.
  7. If you see the anime without playing the game, the anime is just fine, despite ending on a frustrating cliffhanger. However, once you've played the game, watching the anime is difficult, since it cuts out most of the character development.
  8. How to make a baby in Visual Novel ?

    For nukige, if you don't mind the stories being nonexistent, Norn (not its partner companies, which are mostly extreme SM fantasies) always has pregnancy as the result. Edit: The games below are ones where there is an ending where the heroine has children with the protagonist. Hatsuru Koto Naki Mirai Yori (Yukikaze's and Ayla's endings) Tasogare no Folklore (good ending) World Election (Faura's ending) Hikoukigumo no Mukougawa (Eiri's ending, incidentally one of my favorite VN endings) Hataraku Otona no Ren'ai Jijou (Miyu's ending) Kin'iro Loveriche (Reina)
  9. I would wait for the remake or play the ero-capable PC version. It's your choice. The original on PC is a pretty awesome story, but the game system is pretty third-rate, even by the standards of the age (to give you an example, the only two characters who could inflict serious damage on enemies at the end in my party were Karura and Hakuoro, lol). Until I play the remake (which I plan to do), I'm unwilling to state which is better. However, Utawarerumono was one of those games where the ero actually 'fit', at least in some cases, so I honestly don't know how I'm going to feel at the end. Edit: Incidentally, the reason my damage was so low with the others was because I was pretty careless with how I handled stat points, lol. However, I was able to beat the last boss with those two alone, so it all worked out in the end, hahahaha.
  10. While the duology isn't new to people who have a PS4 and played the games, the cruising onto PC on Steam is a big thing for those of you who prefer to do everything with their computer (including me). A few days ago, these two games, which are very much a treat for those who liked the original game or anime, became available. For those who have only watched the Utawarerumono animes (both of them), Mask of Deception covers the same area of the story as the second anime, albeit in more detail with some changes. My personal opinion of it was that it was great... but I found myself wanting H-scenes about halfway through (too many mimikko and those mischievously erotic twins). The second game (Mask of Truth/Futari no Hakuoro) is considerably more serious than the first from the beginning until the end. As such, it provides quite a different experience. For those who were annoyed by the sudden way the second Utawarerumono anime ended, this is a good way to see the rest. For those who have already played both... well why not do so again? I know I will.
  11. Tragic backstories that made you cry

    Inochi no Spare
  12. Tragic backstories that made you cry

    Evolimit Karenai Sekai to Owaru Hana Hapymaher
  13. Hello everyone!

    *Clephas emerges from the abyss, a mass of grasping tentacles and gaping mouths full of multiple layers of razor-sharp teeth, the screams of the devoured echoing from every orifice* Whoops. *Clephas restores the illusion of humanity and smiles innocently* Greetings and welcome to Fuwa.
  14. I can understand that... I'm a sucker for Kyou-kotoba (Kyoto accent), for instance.