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  1. I played the original and I felt that the story and the ero were roughly equal... but that just means that the ero dominates, because ero in most non-nukige is one part in ten to one part in thirty, lol.
  2. For those wondering why I haven't posted recently (two weeks without a blog post is about the longest I've ever gone since the Fuwa blogs opened, save for the Fuwapocalypse periods), I've simply been too busy with work and playing Mask of Truth to bother. This review was written up by Dergonu before then, and I only just got around to editing it. Bishoujo Mangekyou -Tsumi to Batsu no Shoujo- was my first Mangekyou game, so I wasn't quite sure what to expect of it. The limit of my knowledge of the series was that it has nice art and animated scenes. In short, I went in blind. As I started reading, my first impression was that the game didn't feel like a nukige at all. The introduction felt like one you'd see in a story driven game. The writing, music and backgrounds set up a pretty heavy atmosphere, and the first real H-scene doesn't happen until quite some time into the story. Although H is definitely a central part of the game, I'd honestly say this reads a lot more like a "story driven game" than a nukige. In addition, the game touches on a lot of things that doesn't exactly get your mojo going, like death, incest, rape and mental illness. Needless to say, the game was a lot darker than I had imagined. The story is centered around the twins Yuuma and Yuuri. The main character, Yuuma, harbors some pretty complicated feelings towards his sister. He has spent the last year in a hospital, for reasons yet unknown to the reader, and during his stay, his feelings for his sister only grew stronger. Clephas: Spoilers contained in the box below. Since I generally don't post anything that can't be guessed or read from the Getchu or official page of a VN here in terms of actual details, I'm taking the liberty of sticking this section into a spoiler box. These are minor spoilers, so don't feel like you absolutely have to avoid reading them. I'm just doing this for the peace of mind of the more obsessive members. The writing in this game was surprisingly good. It even felt poetic at times, and the true ending really had me thinking for a good while. As you might be able to guess by the title, (tsumi to batsu = crime and punishment,) the story delves a lot into morality. It's the type of story that gets you thinking about right and wrong, and how every person has a dark side hidden within them. I'll leave it at that to avoid spoilers, but, in conclusion, there is a lot more to this game than what meets the eye. So, I almost feel bad calling it a nukige. I'd say this is definitely worth a read. (It made me very interested in the prequels. I'll go ahead and read those sometime soon. Hopefully they are as good as this game was.) Clephas Note: The Bishoujo Mangekyou series is only technically a nukige series, since it has too much h-content to deny it, but each game has a solidly-written and interesting story.
  3. Step sister route where it starts how they met.

    Soshite Hatsukoi ga Imouto ni Naru (fake imouto) Komorebi no Nostalgica Natsuiro Recipe (fake imouto) Hikoukigumo no Mukougawa These all have emotional younger step-sister routes that involve telling you about how they became siblings or they actually become siblings in the game. Edit: This kind of thing is surprisingly rare amongst top-class VNs... most step-sister routes tend to be sub-par. The best sister routes tend to be incest ones, lol. A few more Ojou-sama wa Gokigen Naname (only the brother knows) Reminiscence (umm... this is probably the best imouto route of all time, but it is also a bit extreme...)
  4. Grisaia no Rakuen question

    If you've just read Meikyuu, read Rakuen immediately. You can always read the ero parts later after the patch comes out. I remember breaking my Meikyuu disc after the cliff-hanger...
  5. Derg's life in Japan - Culture Shock -

    One of the reasons I never intend to go anywhere near Tokyo if I go to Japan, if I'm not going during the winter.
  6. Unless you know the grammar, machine translations are useless, because the grammar is one of the things they can't handle... and if you know the grammar, you might as well just use a parser with a dict function.
  7. Popular but misunderstood heroine

    The 'Uso' series by Campus. The heroine of Haru Uso is probably the best example of this I can think of... though Fuyu Uso's heroine is almost as misunderstood. Edit: Sunao and Ami from Semiramis no Tenbin are also misunderstood... Sunao actually looks down on/despises most of her friends and Ami thinks of people as tools or toys, for the most part.
  8. Dies Irae Questions (SPOILERS)

    One more thing
  9. Dies Irae Questions (SPOILERS)

    Put your entire post in a spoiler box save for the intro, and change the title to 'SPOILERS'. Your questions in and of themselves were spoilers.
  10. Dies Irae Questions (SPOILERS)

    Answers in the box below (from Japanese version) A little extra info Just one more
  11. http://valkyrieprofile.wikia.com/wiki/Valkyrie_Anatomia:_The_Origin#Major_Story_NPCs
  12. Most enjoyable VN's read this year?

    Silverio Trinity https://vndb.org/v18881 https://vndb.org/v19372 https://vndb.org/v18649
  13. lol... it is just Circus imitating Pulltop by releasing a moege that would never make it in Japan here, thinking the stupid moe-starved Western pigs will lap it up like slops in a trough.
  14. AGTH wiki Closed

    I'm glad someone cared enough... it would suck for some people if they couldn't play games only compatible with the older text hookers that still need h-codes, hahaha.
  15. The Last Birdling released

    No, they review VNs more than the other borderline sites... it is just that they tend to be rather brutal when they review them. Also, they only touch the non-ero ones.