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  1. Fate/Grand Order

    ... I did two more ten rolls, and for some reason I got five Caster of Midrash. Yaay... now I have her at NP5... but no Abby. Sheesh. Edit: No more free missions left to strip for saint quartz, and I'm already over budget. Edit2: As a side note, I didn't have any serious ST damage-dealing Casters, so I guess it wasn't a bad thing. Still, it was frustrating. I now have all the 4 star lancers that aren't limited because of this crap (the ones I didn't have all spooked) and several of them at NP2 (none of the ones I actually like using, of course). ... I have to wonder if something is just wrong with my luck? I guess I need to give her burnt offerings to get her love back. Edit3: Though, I did manage to get Okita on a summon ticket a few weeks ago, so I guess I can't really say my luck is all bad... but by that time I was already on the verge of full-grailing Yagyu-sama and was working on upgrading the skills, so I had virtually no gems left for sabers, lol. I actually normally wouldn't be this obsessed... but I'm bored and I liked Abby in the Salem chapter. Same reason I wanted Ana and Caster Gil after playing Babylonia... collectors' disease. Edit4: Last edit, I promise... yeah, last edit... riiiight. *looks down at his shaking hands that are trying to make the motions of pulling the lever on a slot machine*
  2. Nukige x Nakige Discussion

    If the ending isn't happy, it isn't a nakige. By definition, a nakige exists to make you cry then salvage the situation into a happy ending. If the ending isn't happy, it is an utsuge.
  3. Atelier Sakura games (need help)

    Mmm... the only thing I can think of (from an amateur's perspective, since I'm not a coder) is that they must have changed something in the system when they made the game that made it bug out for you. Also, if this is a coding issue, you might need hacker help to make this work, if you want to put both names in. One potential choice would be to put only the initial for the surname in. However, I can almost guarantee that the aesthetics of that would annoy a lot of readers. Tbh, in English, having both names there is a bit aesthetically displeasing (and likely to annoy some people, whether you choose to follow Japanese order - surname then personal name - or Western order - personal name then surname), if useful if you forget names all the time.
  4. Atelier Sakura games (need help)

    Have you tried restricting it to the first name only? To be blunt, it might just be a space issue.
  5. Komorebi no Nostalgica. If I didn't speak about it regularly, it would be forgotten, lol.
  6. Fate/Grand Order

    I've always been a Yog-Sototh fan though... and tbh, Hokusai might be the better Servant overall. However, I can't say I want to go out of my way to get her. Edit: To be clear, I hate the aesthetics on Hokusai's character design, so I'd probably never use her unless I had to. I'd look for excuses to use Abby though, lol. Edit2: Not to mention I'd already saved all the QP, mats, and embers necessary to max her skills.
  7. VN with strong heroines/smart mc

    https://vndb.org/v5909 To some extent, the one below https://vndb.org/v23501 https://vndb.org/v3767 Protagonist is highly intelligent and ambitious in the one below, but only one of the heroines is the 'muscle' type. https://vndb.org/v18881 The one below is one where the protag is a mentor to a competitor/fighter https://vndb.org/v21465 https://vndb.org/v13342 Edit: To clarify somewhat, HHG is the game I find to be the closest. However, no company does games specifically the way Minato Soft did Majikoi, so you won't find any exact analogues. I recommended Tamayura Mirai because the protagonist is a wise/intelligent guy who guides the often more generally capable heroines (with the exception of his 'older sister'). Technically, all the ones but the true heroine are more powerful than him, but they still depend on his knowledge and wisdom. Tiny Dungeon as a series is somewhat closer to what you are looking for. In Tiny Dungeon, an intelligent and determined protagonist earns the respect of a large group of extremely powerful heroines (I would put any of the three main heroines up against Momoyo, at least for a brief time). Ojou-sama no Hanbun wa Ren'ai de Dekiteimasu I recommended because the protagonist is an intelligent type and two of the heroines are capable on their own (though Alice is scary intelligent herself, whereas the kendo girl has a somewhat blinkered personality) Kizuna Kirameku Koi Iroha involves a weaponsmith serving as a tutor for several competitors in the Jindou competition, which involves using tech-enhanced mystical blades to fight one another in a duel. Kimikishi is perhaps the odd duck in this group. It is a plotge centering around an odd competition between 'knights' secretly drawn from local schools. The protagonist is his team's leader and strategist, though he isn't necessarily the most powerful.
  8. Fate/Grand Order

    Getting nothing but spooks on the Salem banner... after 420 saint quartz I still don't have Abby (looks sad).
  9. I remember playing this one and trying to recommend it to people... but everyone who played it other than me bashed it, so I gave up. It's nice to see someone was able to appreciate this game's good points.
  10. Baldr Sky (Available soon!)

    It's easier with a controller... to be honest, I recall buying a controller for it because of how it made my fingers stiff after a while. Also, it is hard to do diagonals without a thumbstick. Edit: The gameplay is actually fairly enjoyable once you get a wider variety of weapons and finishers. It is also fast-paced. However, you spend a pretty ridiculous amount of time fighting in the game, looking at it in retrospect. For early bosses, I was pretty dependent on the dual sub-machineguns, though. One of the earliest bosses moves way too fast for the close-range moves unless you have high gaming skills or are just obsessed with killing everything with melee attacks.
  11. Top storylines in gaming?

    I forgot: Chrono Trigger Shadow Hearts 1 and 2 (combined) Edit: One problem with my perception here is that my idea of what a good game story was formed when jrpgs were at their peak (1997-2004)... and, to be blunt, story has sort of fallen by the wayside in the last fifteen years both in the West and in the East. That's why games like Nier Automata and Tales of Berseria stand out so much nowadays. The rise of the MMO and reverse-transference from MMO's to normal games resulted in a dramatic reduction in story/plot quality in the years that followed. As a result, I see wince-worthy game plots being given high marks more and more often lately... well, either that or nostalgia grabs being overwhelmingly loved even though they don't meet the baseline of the rpg golden age. As an example, if Lunar were to come out today as a completely new game, it would probably get ridiculously high marks for story, but by the standards of the time when it came out, it was somewhere around the middle between the average and best games of the time. Think of it as a thirty percent markdown in expectations, lol. Edit2: Forgot to mention the other reason why story has sort of fallen by the wayside. It actually connects to the reason why story presentation has become so poor in recent years. As technology has progressed, a lot of the techniques used to present a story using the limited capabilities of a system in previous years have vanished. The first and most obvious aspect that fell by the wayside as music direction (as opposed to music composition). You can see the difference most dramatically if you play something like Star Ocean 4 after playing Chrono Trigger, which was not just known for its story but also for its exceptional soundtrack for the time. Each scene and area was situated with a particular track to enhance the atmosphere and emotions they wanted to drag out of the player, and the skill with which this was done was... magnificent. Pretty much the only games that have managed to do something similar (that I have played) in the last ten years have been the Nier series.
  12. Top storylines in gaming?

    I've already spoken of VNs countless times now, so I'll stay with games. These aren't in any particular order. 1) Suikoden II 2) Growlanser IV 3) Eternal Darkness 4) SMT: Digital Devil Saga 5) Final Fantasy Tactics (regardless of how I feel about most of the series, FFT had a great story) 6) Final Fantasy VI 7) Growlanser III 8- Tales of Berseria 9) Legend of Dragoon 10) Knights of the Old Republic 11) Xenogears 12) Xenosaga series 13) Nier (the original)
  13. I particularly like the drastic differences in endings and progression depending on which path you go for on each of the heroines, lol.
  14. Our tastes seem to run in similar directions, so it is no big deal. One thing about Devils Devel Concept. Despite having high sexual content, I've never seen it as a nukige... especially considering how relation-defining the H-scenes in that game generally are. Hell, if you don't read the h-scenes, you won't understand half of the story, since the heroines throw out hints at what is going on behind the scenes on a regular basis (which he, quite naturally, ignores). Pretty much the only heroine who doesn't fall into this particular trap of revealing her intentions/nature during sex is Kanata... and Kanata is almost as messed up as Sora, if in a way that makes her seem more normal on a surface level to those who aren't directly involved with her. Tbh, Mutsuki's route is the only one I'm sometimes tempted to call a nukige route, despite how deep it can be... I mean, Mutsuki is just... eroero.
  15. ooh... good taste. I've been trying to get people to play Abyss and DDC for the better part of a decade... but the art bigots always turn their noses, lol. Strong/exceptional Protagonists Draculius (protagonist who grows into his power but has a good baseline from the beginning) Karenai Sekai to Owaru Hana (self-sacrificing protagonist) Evolimit (classic flawed hero protagonist with a pervy side) Kikan Bakumatsu Ibun Last Cavalier (protagonist is Okita Souji of the Shinsengumi in a version of history where stones turn women into superpowered, highly intelligent beings in exchange for the loss of their fertility) Silverio Vendetta (probably the only dameningen protagonist in anime or VN that I don't hate, lol) Silverio Trinity Tokyo Necro (say what you like about the two protagonists, but they are interesting... though the setting may be a bit wretch-worthy at times) Aoi Tori (protagonist is seriously twisted while seeming normal, even good-hearted at first glance) Bradyon Veda (though the game can be seriously obscure at times) Floral Flowlove (strong protagonist, though he doesn't completely escape the plague of non-chuunige protags) Hatsuru Koto Naki Mirai Yori (... extremely funny protagonist, though he is essentially a brutal drill sergeant turned into a VN protag) Inochi no Spare (if you don't mind spending the entire VN crying) Kitto, Sumiwataru Asairo yori mo (well-known kamige. Protag has serious depths) Konata yori Kanata made (tbh, this guy's story is hard on the tear ducts) Ou no Mimi ni wa Todokanai (good former assassin/spy protag living in a tiny border village. Game is heavy on SOL, but protag is excellent) Ryuukishi Bloody Saga (excellent VN... if you have a weak stomach, I recommend only asking someone for an outline of the prequel - Ryakudatsusha no In'en - though. It is closer to Clock up material than anything else) Sakura Moyu (protagonist is extremely self-sacrificing... but this is yet another tear-jerker) Sorcery Jokers (one protag is a fail, but the other one is godly) Sengoku Koihime (think a much more proactive, intelligent, and generally capable version of the Shin Koihime series protagonist) Tenshi no Hane o Fumanaide (strong-willed, skilled fighter protagonist... who happens to be cross-dressing) Tiny Dungeon (Protagonist grows immensely during the course of the VN, but he is also a classic case of standing up to intense prejudice and not letting it get him down) Tokyo Babel (Self-hating protagonist who is nonetheless extremely powerful) Vermilion Bind of Blood (samurai vampire... what else needs to be said?) Yurikago yori Tenshi made (protagonist reminds me of a somewhat psychotic version of Yuusuke from Yu Yu Hakusho) Houkago no Futekikakusha (protagonist is gloomy... but once you see the reason why, you'll understand, lol) Zero Infinity (warrior philosopher protagonist) Venus Blood Hypno (if you don't mind tentacles, this protagonist - and his relationship with his somewhat psychopathically yandere sister Anora - is awesome) World Election (if you want an SOL romance with a good protagonist, this is a good choice. Protag is casually selfless while having low self-esteem... despite being one of the most personally - as in non-politically or financially - powerful human beings in existence) Tasogare no Folklore (no matter how people bash this game, I loved the way it portrayed the protagonist and heroine... and their seriously screwy relationship) Electro Arms (think super-intelligent battle-loving punk protagonist) Blade x Bullet (requires some previous knowledge of the series as a whole to understand the details, but the protagonist is nicely villainous without being disgusting) Bullet Butlers (half-elf wielding a cursed soul-eating revolver made from the flesh of the deposed god of death) Re:Birth Colony (social spy and hacker protagonist who is utterly ruthless in dealing with those who harm the few people he values, while being pragmatic otherwise) Izuna Zanshinken (vigilante assassin in service to a yakuza family... who is seemingly harmless by day) Ojou-sama wa Gokigen Naname (ruthlessly intelligent butler protagonist who will do anything necessary to protect his ojousama and adoptive sister) Tamayura Mirai (difficult to describe, but the protagonist in this one is fairly unique. Recommend you play the succubus's route even if you decide against the rest) Toko o Tsumugu Yakusoku (independently-minded and responsible protagonist who centers his life around protecting his adoptive daughter)