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  1. This is yet another VN from Ensemble, the company specializing in trap protagonist infiltrations and ojousama-ge. For the first time in a while, the protagonist in this one is actually not a trap and the game actually has something approaching a good story... which was nice. However, if you ask if it met my expectations for it, that's another story entirely. First, this VN starts with the protagonist, a part-time bodyguard from a family of such individuals, transferring into a school to secretly serve as additional security for Kuon, the daughter of the head of the powerful Hikami family. There he meets his osananajimi, Natsuki, who is Kuon's open bodyguard, Kuon's friend Erika, and the wise and somewhat playful senpai Miku. In addition, his brocon little sister Rikka transfers later on, unable to stand the idea of him being surrounded by other women, lol. Anyway, the first thing I should say about the protagonist is that he is very close to the 'classic' protagonist type that plagues charages in most ways... he is sincere, kind-hearted, dense, and indiscriminately compassionate. However, he is also a trained bodyguard, with all the observational and martial arts skills that go along with that. Unfortunately, there are rarely few times in the VN where he actually acts as a bodyguard, because most of the VN is slice-of-life focused on reviving the Shuvesta tradition at the school, with him and Kuon at the center of it all, as the first Shuvesta pair. Kuon... isn't exactly what you'd expect from an ojousama heroine. She's bright, enthusiastic, and 'sparkly' (her personality is extremely... bubbly). She is also highly intelligent, but she has a tendency to jump to conclusions that can drag those around her in her wake at times. I liked her as a character, and she is one of those rare heroines who actually makes ichaicha romance fun, if only for a brief time. Erika is your average serious and straight-laced school president heroine, with the usual tendency to be a devoted and adoring lover that comes along with that type. To be straight, I thought that they could have done more to show off that side of her, since the best part of heroines like her is seeing the mask fall off completely as the story goes on. This is a rare case where I think they moved from lovers to the endgame a bit too quickly. Miku is... a compassionate, playful, and mischievous older 'oneesan' type. Her type is less and less common in recent years, primarily because over 90% of VN heroines are of the same or lower age than the protagonist in non-nukige VNs (in nukige, really older women are making a comeback, for some reason). As a character, she was invaluable in and of herself, providing a powerful support in the other paths. In her own path... she's very aggressive. Very AGGRESSIVE (it needed to be said twice). Natsuki is the protagonist's osananajimi and Kuon's personal bodyguard. She and the protagonist are reunited after ten years apart in this VN, and she is quite obviously dragging her puppy love for him behind her like a lead weight, though she covers it up with occasional tsundere-isms and excuses, lol. Her path was primarily interesting because it was the first one I played that actually dug into the protagonist's origins (I won't spoil it for you). I can't really say I'm fond of her type of heroine (I have negative feelings about half-assed usage of childhood friends/osananajimi settings), but I did enjoy her path... Rikka is the protagonist's younger sister by adoption (he was adopted after his parents' death). She is a genius, to put it bluntly. So much so that she has actually already completed her education and is working as a full-fledged bodyguard, while the protagonist is still moonlighting as a student bodyguard. She adores her oniisan in a way that is rather obviously more 'a girl in love' than an imouto's affection for her oniichan (as portrayed in VNs, as opposed to rl, lol). Though she manages to cover it up with her acting skills, she is actually very slow to trust and has difficulty getting really close to non-family members. Her path was probably the most predictable of them all... The biggest negative point of this VN, besides the fact that it doesn't provide enough action to take advantage of the bodyguard setting, is the lack of comprehensive endings and/or after stories. To be blunt, the 'drama' at the end of each path feels too obviously like it was made up specifically to wrap the routes up and provide an excuse for a fandisc. Worse, the 'after-stories' that come after each path are basically just h-scenes... usually based less than a week after the route ends (c'mon, Ensemble... I want to see what happens ten years down the road, not what happens after school the same day!). Overall, this turned out to be a standard charage for the most part, if one with a bit more solid of a story than you see in most. While it is amongst the better games made by Ensemble in recent years, it is pure crap when compared to Koi no Canvas or Gokigen Naname. I can't help but wonder if this company will ever figure out that it contracted with the wrong writers when it was deciding who would be in the main staff roll...
  2. No... but it is probably listed on Steam, since they sell the soundtrack as a dlc.
  3. I'm sorry, but translators don't take requests, in general. That's an excellent VN, but I seriously doubt anyone here will be interested in going through all the work that would be necessary to translate it if they weren't going to do it already.
  4. Fifth of July
  5. Tokyo Babel is on sale. Edit: Steins;Gate Grisaia series (each entry is on sale) Fata Morgana (though it is a weak sale, considering the discounts on Tokyo Babel and the others) Those that might be interesting to others but I'm not interested in: Danganronpa 2 Clannad Lucy Nekopara Complete Edition BlazBlue Collection Zero Escape Corona Blossom Complete Edition
  6. Draculius is actually several levels deeper than Libra... if they had done to a Draculius translation what they did with the Libra one, I probably would have written a ten page rant on my blog.
  7. Clephas's comment I dropped this VN because I couldn't take the sugary texture of the thing... Sweetness and cute without depth turns me off every time. This game looked to me like your standard yurufuwa food-business moege, and Kiririri's comments haven't really changed my viewpoint, lol. Kiririri's review (edited by Clephas) So, I originally played this game because Kasu was the artist for 2 of the heroines and I love her artwork. And well uh, it didn't start well. I started with Fuuka's route, and it ended up being one of the most boring routes I have ever played. Her route was just like her character, very plain. I started regretting I picked up the game, but now I'm glad that I actually finished it, anyway. The other 3 routes were actually enjoyable. Anyways the game is about baking and nothing else. The game is full of sweets and cakes. I'm no expert so I had no idea what those French terms meant, but, luckily, the game has a dictionary that explains most of the stuff to the reader. The game is set in a school that has special courses for students: confectionery course, band course, and something I forgot (Clephas: Numerous courses, including art and technical ones and a multicultural division). So our protagonist starts his harem life in the confectionery course! (very moege) Like said before, apart from Fuuka route, the heroine routes were nice in my opinion. I really liked the lazy Miel, cheerful Nonoka, and serious Yuzuki. Compared to them Fuuka felt just too plain and "empty"... Might be just me, but I don't know. All of their routes were kind of similar though. Just ichaicha, making sweets and cakes, and researching about them. The game had absolutely no drama whatsoever. All the routes had a beautiful ending too, getting married, accomplishing dreams together, stuff like that... except for Yuzuki. I don't know what they were thinking when they decided to make her ending so different. Well, her ending was not bad in and of itself, and it felt necessary, in the end. It fit her route, but, compared to the other ends, it was "small". I will say, yet again, that it was necessary for the game as a whole. Anyway, Anata ni Koi Suru Ren'ai Recette is a standard moege. Nothing more, nothing less. It is probably a little better than the average. If you like sweets and cakes and want to know some of the theory behind them check it out. It doesn't go into the making too much... but it still does a lot more than games that also have focus on a special thing like confectionery. Usually themes like that are a side issue, but here it was the focus of the game. VN of the Month, May 2017 There really wasn't much to pick up on this month... Chrono Box gets honorable mention for making Dergonu ooh and aah, but it is somewhat outside of what I'm willing to put up for the actual winner. In the end, I picked Ojou-sama no Hanbun wa Ren'ai de Dekiteimasu! as VN of the Month, May 2017.
  8. Kouyoku no Soleil was the first Soleil game I ever played... and from a purely action perspective, it was fun... but it lacked something from my perspective because so much of the game is steeped in pre-existing knowledge from the other games (literally, this game pulls stuff in from Shirogane, Gouen, Soukyuu, and even Primary). Basically, this story starts with the Norns fighting one another over what to do about the original Norse Mythology world, which hasn't moved on from the moment the fate they predicted came to a close. Touya, the protagonist of the story, meets the Norn of the Past, Urd and ends up getting dragged into her affairs as she tries to find the Valkyrie who was supposed to spark the new world into existence. In the process, he bonds with the clutzy newbie valkyrie Rinasoel, ends up partnering with the magical girl (from Primary's world) Palfina, is repeatedly plagued by attempted sexual assaults by the firebird youkai from the Ayakashi realm named Yatohime, and ends up in a rather odd friendship with the girl beloved of the Lovecraftian Old Ones, Celaeno. This really... varied cast comes together because the world he lives in, the 'central' world, is a nexus of dozens of worlds, which in turn have connections to yet other worlds (though distant), thus leading to a rather chaotic situation. Making it worse is the giant immaterial sword plunged into the central world, which stands silently in the background for much of the story. To be straight about it, Touya is, like most of the protagonists in this series, a serious philanderer. He falls in love and has sex with all the heroines I mentioned above, and he is rather passionate... unfortunately, he is also rather incapable of the fidelity some of the more jealous ones (such as Rina and Palfina) desire. Touya is devoted to protecting Kukuri, the hikikomori girl who is also his landlord and his boss for his part-time job at the convenience story. His soft side is most often shown with her, in an almost fatherly manner. He is strong and violent but highly protective of those he cares about and pretty compassionate, though he does have an immense potential for destruction. His right arm can transform into a beast-like claw, which he can channel power through to sever anything, whether material or immaterial. This VN is a kinetic novel - save that it has bad endings - for the most part, with only one storyline, and that is probably its biggest saving grace, because it didn't share out the story between a bunch of routes that probably would have not been nearly as satisfying as it was. Upon my second playthrough, I honestly felt that the game deserved a higher rating, since I now possessed the background knowledge necessary to enjoy it fully, lol.
  9. Primary was one of my earliest fantasy charage... and in many ways it shaped what I was willing to forgive in the genre, rather than how I looked at the genre as a whole. Primary has a lot of good points... the heroines are interesting, the protagonist's motivations are compelling, and the actual central issues of the overarching story are potentially fascinating. However... it makes the mistake many charage of the type do, of failing to utilize the setting to its fullest extent in most of the paths. Part of this is because Hinana's path is the one where everything is supposed to come together to reveal all the 'truths', and I'm willing to forgive a lot in a story where the protagonist isn't just an average dude. Unfortunately, the biggest low point of this game is that the protagonist, Rikuo, is not really that smart. He is a skilled mage-knight, and - with work - he manages to keep good grades. However, he is dense about women, more than a little ignorant about issues outside of magic and fighting, and he has a tendency to sort of fall into his relationships with the heroines in their paths (usually because the heroine loses patience with him). This game contains a few nostalgic archetypes... such as the mild yandere (Lime) and the standard-issue tsundere who is constantly angry (Prim). Not to mention the brocon imouto (Hinana) and the fuwafuwa ojousama (Maria). Their characters, in retrospect, are far more predictable to me than they were at the time I first played this. While this game could have done with a more focused story, for a fantasy charage it is actually in the upper ranks... it just doesn't satisfy the way something more story-focused would have.
  10. ... it would have been better if you had used PSN cards, but oh well... The biggest scary issue would have been if someone had used your credit card through your account. As it is, you can fix things just by changing your account password. I suggest a random number generator plus a random sequence of letters mixed together. You can always write it on a sticky note and stick it to your TV, lol.
  11. It really isn't up to par... far below par, actually. Excessive literalism is the cardinal sin of a crappy translation.
  12. Did you try ITHVNR? To be honest, I don't recall Tsuyokiss Next needing VNR... I was able to hook it with ITH without a code, I think. It uses the most recent system made by Candysoft/Minato Soft's parent company, which I'm pretty sure was updated into ITHVNR early last year.
  13. Most of Libra is pure charage... meaning a difficulty no higher than 6. Iris's speech patterns and some of the battle scenes were the only hard parts, relatively speaking (and even then the highest they got was 7.5). I do wish they'd included an option for the Japanese text in the Steam version, though...
  14. A few safety questions... have you changed your psn password yet? Is there personal info beyond the basics on your account (email, user name)? Please tell me you don't trust Sony with credit card info...
  15. roflz *Clephas pulls out a spiny iron rod and wiggles his eyebrows suggestively at anyone who read this post*