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  1. Does anyone here watch (modern) anime English dubs?

    All people who ask this or similar questions (from the other side) are trolls. While I only watch raws or subs, that is simply because I don't see the point in wasting my time with the double conversion of translation to dubs, which usually results in massive differences from the original script in terms of generalized content.
  2. 1) Silverio Vendetta - Zephyr's first battle (vs Libra and foot soldiers). It is probably the single coolest one-sided massacre that I've ever seen in a VN... and it serves as a perfect introduction to Zephyr as a character. 2) Devils Devel Concept - Sora vs Kanata. A great fight all-around, but it is made even cooler by the sheer scale of what they are doing, lol. 3) Vermilion Bind of Blood - Fake Tri-finger vs Toshirou. Vermilion has about nine battle scenes that I would consider to be up there at the top, but when he faces off against the fake Tri-finger for a final time in one of the paths (I'm not spoiling it), they are both so awesome... I was tempted to put Hakushaku vs Toshirou or White Pile (retired) vs Army of Testaments (seriously, one of the top five best scenes in this vein) 4) Tiny Dungeon Brave or Slave - Hime vs Gen - Hime is an inspiring warrior overall, but this fight is great. 5) Dies Irae (take either of the final battles from Maries or Rea's paths, lol). I know some will be surprised I didn't pick these as number one... but I'm not trying to be objective here. As much as I love this game... 6) Evolimit - Shizuku and Shiranui vs Tempest/Company Man - This fight is the climax of the story, and in terms of the scale of what is going on, it can be said that it is bigger than the last battles of Dies Irae... lol 7) Bullet Butlers - Rick vs Alfred. In terms of gun and blade fights (both) there just aren't any that get close to this one, though the father-son battle in Bloody Rondo makes a good try at it. 8 ) Kikan Bakumatsu Ibun Last Cavalier - The Serizawa Assassination - While it is over quickly, this is an awesome and emotional bloody scene, which serves as a huge turning point for the main story of this game. 9) Bradyon Veda - Naoto vs Claudia - This fight is great for its complexity... and the sheer desperation on Naoto's side. Like Dies Irae's fights, this one has the protagonist approaching from a position where he is horribly disadvantaged, so it is interesting that way too. 10) Ayakashibito - Kuki-sensei vs Souichi - Take any of the fights between these two, and you won't find one that is boring. However, I am specifically referring to the true 'youkai version' ending of Suzu's path's battle.
  3. VN of the Month, October 2017

    Of course, it is this: https://vndb.org/s957 vs this: https://vndb.org/s1132 One writer has produced multiple kamige and can write anything from a nakige or charage to a chuunige and everything between... and the other is pretty much a nakige specialist who tries to get fancy but screws up at it more often than not. ef and Chrono Clock are cases in point. Edit: Both are excellent writers... but Morisaki is a first-tier writer with a huge repertoire of highly-creative, high quality titles. It is like putting up an actor that can play any role versus a type-cast actor who can only play one type of character.
  4. VN of the Month, October 2017

    While I don't feel that Purple Soft has produced a true kamige since Hapymaher, they nonetheless consistently produce first-tier games. Amatsutsumi was definitely first tier... but I agree that Aoi Tori doesn't look that interesting. I'll still play it, and if they are true to form, it will still be a good game... However, I don't expect it to wow me into submission. Edit: Also... all their true heroines have the same face, though body types differ game to game.
  5. Baldr Bringer (dropped)

    lol... I hate to say this, but if there is one thing you can depend on with Japanese companies in the present day, it is for them to get on a trend late and screw up massively. The exceptions are few and far in between. I never said that it was a good idea, but the fact is that the battle system would probably make a good transition to mobile platforms. They already did a test of concept with the Hot Dogger Edition of Heart, which was essentially a battle game. If they'd done it four years ago, they probably could have scored a profit, but the competition is just too high nowadays. Moreover, Giga keeps forcing its programmers to try out every new gimmick that makes its way onto the VN and VN hybrid scene... and mostly they screw up. Like most programmers who went into VNs, they can do one thing really well and can't do anything else right without a lot of patches.
  6. This was my post on it, back in the day... tbh, I forgot almost everything about the game less than two months later, not just Orihime. It just wasn't a memorable VN. There are literally hundreds of VNs with equivalent levels of visual and audio quality out there, so I have to snort in laughter at those who use that aspect as an excuse for choosing one like this for localization. The aversion amongst the localization companies for localizing anything made before 2010 that doesn't already have a partial or full tl floating around is at its worst with Pulltop, since Pulltop's golden days ended with Oozora. Everything they've produced since has been drivel. Miagete Goran, Yozora no Hoshi wo Yes, I more or less said I was thinking about not playing this... and I wouldn't have, either, if it weren't for the fact that I had three separate people beg me during one of my brief appearances on mirc to play it... and the fact that I had so much trouble getting Izumo4 setup. So, while I probably won't play Korona's route (she annoys me), I plan to play the other three routes for VN of the Month. First, my worries about the osananajimi issue have been, to some degree, borne out by my experiences in this VN. To an extent, a lot of the character development for Hikari and Saya seems to have been entirely reliant on flashbacks, though they were good flashbacks. To be honest, once I found out why they'd become so distanced from one another before the story began, I was more than a little exasperated/disappointed at how petty it was, but it wasn't as bad as some similar situations I've seen in other VNs in the past. The music in this VN is generally high in quality, so much so that I felt the need to actually come out and mention it. Some of it is reused from other Pulltop VNs, but there are several high quality themes used that are unique to this game. Art-wise, a lot of people have been making a lot of noise about this game, and I can see why. It was very hard not to choose Saya's route from the very beginning simply because of the degree to which they made her visual characterization so absolutely perfect in combination with her audio one. Looking at it from a purely writing/story-based perspective, her character is no different from a hundred different 'shy osananajimis' I've encountered in the past, but the characterization in this game manages to bring her to life to a degree that makes her stand out from all the heroines and characters... by leaps and bounds. Of course, I'm a contrary bastard who never chooses such obvious 'main heroines' on my first playthrough, so I chose Orihime first. The common route is a classic seishun-drama, focused around a combination of flashbacks and a 'personal revival' (the renewal of a character - usually the protagonist - that leads to them regaining something they lost or abandoned) scenario. If I have a complaint to say about the common route it is that there is a severe lack of 'bumps in the road'. Generally speaking, a 'good' seishun drama scenario will have some major bumps in the common route in order to give you a reference point by which you can emotionally grasp how hard it was for the characters to do what they were doing. In that sense, the common route can be considered a failure, as far as seishun drama goes... except that the flashbacks provide that 'bump' for you, the regrets of the past basically acting as a replacement for the lack of such obstacles in the present. Orihime Mmm... Orihime is a dreamer. Dreamer heroines are some of the most annoying heroines out there... or some of the most inspiring (or both). Orihime tends toward the former in my eyes, but that is mostly because my view of such heroines/characters is automatically negative, due to my preference for pragmatism and practicality over dreams and ideals. As a heroine, she has some serious oddities, though... and they are amusing enough that I never managed to hate her. However, her route isn't exactly an exciting one, and humor and light romance with no obstacles doesn't really make for a memorable path (I'll probably have forgotten this path existed two months from now). The choice to make her an 'ojousama' heroine was probably a poor one, as an underused ojousama character setting is like having a bottle rocket set up and not lighting it up. So basically, her route was amusing... but there was nothing really emotionally moving about it, from my perspective. For better or worse, it is light fare that doesn't leave much of an impression. Edit: Hikari Hikari is one of the two main heroines, the two points of a love triangle between the protagonist and his two osananajimis. Typically for her type - the somewhat tomboyish genki-heroine - she is extremely awkward in how she deals with the protagonist's advances and just doesn't know when to quit when it comes to trying to dump him off on her shyer, much more adorable best friend Saya. This quite a typical scenario in this kind of love triangle, and - to be honest - I found it to be unbelievably irritating. It was made worse by the fact that it was obvious that was the way they would choose to do things almost from the beginning of the path split (Saya and Hikari share a rather large amount of story, as their paths are split off completely from Korona's and Orihime's). That isn't to say it was an awful path... those who have played Kono Oozora will recognize the general 'feeling' of the path... it is by the same team, after all. This is a lot more apparent in this path than it was in Orihime's, though the influence was almost as obvious in the common route. Also, you should probably know that the Soaring Club makes an (text-only) appearance as a part of the path, for those who are interested... please no one ask for this to be tled by Sekai Project, lol. I honestly can't see any way the relationship formation would make sense without the h-scenes. Edit2: Saya Saya's route is pretty close to what you would call the 'classic osananajimi route'. Why? Because the first worry that comes up when they get together is 'its no different than it was before!' I had to sigh in exasperation that they actually went through with using that particular trope, because it is one of the primary reasons osanajimi routes tend to be as boring as hell. That said, Saya's character is by far the most well-developed of all in the entire VN, and as a result, her path has the strongest emotional impact. In fact, it has even more drama to it than Hikari's, and it gets pretty emotional at times... but because of the way they drew out the drama, it started to feel monotonous toward the end. I did think that the actual epilogue and ending parts were really good, but I have to conclude that they went a little overboard with Saya. However, Saya's character is... adorable. She's one of those extremely devoted types with infinite patience, and the result is really, really hard to choose anyone else for your first heroine of the VN, lol. Overall I have a few comments to make before I conclude this. First, this VN's route balance is horrible. Hikari's and Saya's routes and characters get almost all the emphasis, and as a result, anyone who plays the other routes will be able to tell at a glance that they are sub-heroines. To be honest, this VN would have been much better if there had only been Saya's and Hikari's routes. However, Saya's and Hikari's routes are both quite powerful, leaving you feeling satisfied (with their routes) at least partially because of the same over-used flashbacks that ensured that Orihime and Korona would be relegated to sub (or sub-par) heroine status in comparison. In reality, Saya's and Hikari's routes feel like they are an extension of the flow of the common route, and that is how it should feel in a case like this. For those who are interested in this VN, I suggest you just play Saya and Hikari's routes, as the others can only be disappointing in comparison.
  7. ... why is it that moenovel always picks the cheesiest pulltop games? Edit: I mean, if you just want to appeal to the moefans, the original LoveKami, which is actually good, would be a much better choice...
  8. Why Tentacle Rape genre is exist?

    This is just my thoughts on the matter... Tentacle H and tentacle rape (consensual exists, in some VNs) is all about the defiling/tainting/corrupting of humanity by the obviously inhuman. Since some of my tendencies head in that direction (I like the Vanadis monster girl VNs) I can theorize... I've also played several games of the type, primarily the Venus Blood games and a few Black Cyc games back in the day. For the most part, whenever tentacles get involved, it seems that character corruption accompanies it as a set, regardless of consensual or non-consensual aspects. Edit: This is rather obviously illustrated by the fact that females that are normally associated with 'purity' or high culture tend to be the majority targets of tentacle rape... Mahou shoujo, princess knights, princesses, exorcist miko girls... etc etc.
  9. VN of the Month, October 2017

    New brands aren't necessarily crap... sometimes they produce something first-class... which is why I generally make a point of playing games by new brands at some point, even if I don't do it that month.
  10. VN of the Month, October 2017

    First, I should mention that this was an awesome month. There are multiple releases worthy of consideration for the winner and there are two releases that will be added to overall consideration for VN of the Year 2017. The actual twin candidates were: Yami to Hikari no Sanctuary and Imoten The runner-up was: Junjou Karen Freaks For various reasons, I avoided playing several VNs this month, including Boukyaku Shitsuji and Tsugihagi Make Peace. The biggest one with the former is that it is yet another VN in the same setting as the 'Uso series' by Campus. With the latter... it is that it is a relatively high-end charage appearing charage by a new company. To be honest, Tsugihagi is not something I want to play right now. It will probably take me until the end of the month to be human again after trying out Giga's massacre of that game. If I played it now, I'd take my anger out on it, and that would be... unfair. Imoten and Yami to Hikari no Sanctuary are both great games... falling somewhat short of kamige level, but then, there haven't been any kamige releases this year anyway so far. I actually struggled a lot when considering the two. Either one could be VN of the Month for October... and in the end, I couldn't decide. As such, I announce the rarest of the rare... a tie for VN of the Month October 2017 between Yami to Hikari no Sanctuary and Kanojo wa Imouto de Tenshi de!
  11. I know what you mean... but the classic yandere heroines are pretty rare outside of nukige, because they make it difficult to make multiheroine stories. I mean, Kagura from Trouble@Vampire applies... but that psychotic love isn't directed at the protagonist... it's toward her little sister Kaguya. However, the 'classic yandere' request was for the untranslated. For translated, you are pretty much stuck with Kagome... so far no one has translated any of the really good yandere stuff outside of nukige. I think Cao Cao from Koihime Musou is actually far less fitting... she's not the type that attaches at all. Other people attach to her and she uses them, lol.
  12. Kagome from Comyu is aggressive, cruel, pragmatic... but she loves the protagonist. Untranslated Akane is a 'classical' yandere... in the sense of the heroine from Mirai Nikki (manga/anime). Oddly, there just aren't that many classical yandere out there in normal VNs. There are a lot of borderline girls and ones who take yandere in another direction, but there just aren't that many of that type out there. Takatou Sayoko from Gun Knight Girl is of this type... Okada Iori from Kikan Bakumatsu Ibun Last Cavalier (though really it just combines her inherently homicidal nature with a protective love for the protagonist...)
  13. VA-11 HALL-A NA version for Vita out next week!

    I don't mean the system itself, but rather the selection of games available to it exclusively. Most of the game releases for Vita have been... less than interesting.
  14. VA-11 HALL-A NA version for Vita out next week!

    The Vita might suck, but you can play PSone classics and PSP rpgs (of which there are quite a few good ones) on it, which makes up for the lack of decent games on the Vita, to some extent. The only game that hasn't migrated to it from the PSP that I want is Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth, which had none of the bugs of the PSone version and anime cutscenes added in.