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  1. Nekonin is pure nukige. Shugaten is a pure kusoge. Suisei Ginka was the last Akatsuki Works game to come out. I am sad. Give me more Akatsuki Works.
  2. I know this is from a while ago, but yeah, Sylvie, Elle's, and Ayaka's VAs are all somewhat off. Ria, Reina and Akane are about the same, but playing them one after the other, it is pretty obvious that the voice director screwed up.
  3. Other than the two above, the rest of my suggestions would be in Japanese... Bradyon Veda Evolimit Muramasa (soon to be released in English) Sakura, Moyu
  4. I love 'psychologically challenged' characters, whether they are heroines, protagonists, or antagonists. That said, I don't mean those cookie-cutter 'villains' and 'serial killer' types when I say this. I mean characters who are twisted up inside and as a result have a completely different outlook on life or appear inconsistent on the surface as a result. Villain and serial killer types, who just cause harm because they want to, just aren't that interesting. Here is a shortlist of good VNs that also have a few psychotic characters that are interesting to me. Ojou-sama wa Gokigen Nanam
  5. Electro-arms (more like a super-AR game that can be entered and exited at will, more or less) Hikari no Umi no Apeiria Edit: Honestly, it isn't a setup that happens that often in VNs.
  6. I rated this one pretty low, because it just didn't turn out well.
  7. Silverio Trinity is my favorite of the three Silverio games. While I love Zephyr and Ragna, I would say that Ashley is the protagonist who makes the best overall presentation of the three protagonists. In addition, the three antagonists of Trinity: Gilbert, Dainsleif and Helios, are just better as antagonists than the ones of the other two. Ragnarok's antagonists are just too out there and Valzeride, while he is great in himself, has a few plot holes in his characterization that make me wince in retrospect. Ninki Seiyuu: Lovely Day: Hoshi Koi Twinkle:
  8. In Japanese... other than Masada's stuff. Bradyon Veda Soukou Akki Muramasa Jingai Makyou (really anything Nitroplus) Kikan Bakumatsu Ibun Last Cavalier (extensive use of old Japanese phrasing) Silverio series Akatsuki works Games Propeller's chuunige (Higashide Yuuichirou as writer) Anything by Shumon Yuu
  9. Never said the program doesn't work for other things, but it doesn't work for games protected by drm. It takes work, but it works fine with other stuff.
  10. Liber 7: Ryuukishi: Amenity's Life: Ou no Mimi ni wa Todokanai: Shinsou Noise: Akiyume Kukuru: Venus Blood Ragnarok:
  11. At the risk of being seen as a jerk, I'd really suggest you take a look at what you are doing. If you aren't black, what you are trying to do can easily be construed as being patronizing to the extreme. To be blunt, unless a black person is in charge, there really is no way to describe such a work except as being patronizing. I know you probably didn't realize this, but if you read enough history and even current events, it is the same kind of behavior African Americans have been seeing from 'patronizing whites' since the Civil War. The simple fact is, if such a project were to have
  12. I trust that Nekonyan will eventually release it. If nothing else, they have a much better relationship with Yuzusoft than Sekai Project had. People are pretty spoiled these days, when it comes to VN translations... it was normal only to get one or two a year when I first started playing, and now it isn't uncommon for ten to get released in a single year. I honestly don't know what is holding it up, since the final version we handed over to SP was pretty much done as well or better than most professional translations. For all I know, SP refused to hand it over and the two companies are
  13. Yomegami...ok, this is a game typical of Alcot's main company, a fantasy comedy with a strong H element (generally speaking, Alcot's main team tends toward really sexy ecchi and H). It has a good protagonist, excellent heroines, and a strong enough story to almost stand up to a plotge. Sankaku Ren'ai is a charage, obviously. I will note that it is a solid charage that might have been VN of the Month material in a slow month. It is not a game I found memorable, but it also doesn't bring back any bad memories, which was something that started to become common about this time. Aki Us
  14. Re:Lief is a decent game that fell short of my VN of the Month line but that I considered worth the playthrough at the time. For Signalist Stars: For Sora no Tsukurikata:
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