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  1. Wait what? 4 hours. Being the NTR Queen, I feel like I got NTR'ed out of nowhere with this announcement. Literally..
  2. Cant wait.... So roughly 3 months left eh? I'll probably ditch Pokemon Go to play this game once it's out.
  3. Derp. It's OK. The newly localized Rance games should keep me very busy then. I usually clock a good 200+ hours on those.
  4. Welcome! I came back recently too. Glad you are able to join us again.
  5. I havent played a Rance game in like so freaking long so I am expecting Mangagamer to deliver that. And while I have played Maggot Baits already in Japanese, rereading a localized version is always a good thing as I can understand some parts that I had difficulties with since I am quite an average Japanese reader. So is Baldr 18+ confirmed yet? If not, then I don't really want it.
  6. This is better mosaic than some visual novels. I can actually see what this is.
  7. True. You can probably ignore doing each difficulty twice but it's not recommended. One playthrough isnt enough to max out everyone because of mana shortage on reinforcement. 2 playthroughs is ideal to make sure they all are and prepare you for the next difficulty level. Having characters properly leveled makes getting S and SS ranks easier. You dont get artifacts on Rank A or below btw.
  8. I played Normal and Hard twice to get all the non-unique (non-heroine exclusive) artifact skills then every route on Eternal difficulty to give every heroine and Nozomu their strongest route-exclusive skills. After the 1st Eternal difficulty clear, the subsequent Eternal playthroughs were easy as pie. In Eternal difficulty, I did Satsuki (Nozomu gets his route exclusive skills and getting the strongest Satsuki makes subsequent playthroughs easier) ---> Katima (because she makes SS ranks cake) ---> Narukana (Makes the latter half of the game less troublesome) ---> Naya (not as important, for completion only) ---> Ruputna (not as important, for completion only) ---> Nozomi (her Normal route-exclusive skills are so much better because they have more uses, thus she is last). The first and second Eternal difficulty playthroughs were extremely hard because upgrades require a ton more mana plus waiting too long affected S/SS ranks. By the third Eternal playthrough, I only needed 4-5 people to max out to level 99, then after I got Katima's route exclusive skills to breeze through stages with her as an All-Rounder, I was grabbing all the SS rank artifacts I missed.
  9. Immortal Will III (3500 M, 7% F) is Nozomu's bread and butter for most things (tends to 1-2 shot regular minions) with Overdrive IV against high material defenders and Catastrophe III for AoE when defender doesn't have All guard. Celestial Ally III at start of the battle so he can spam all his 3-4 mana skills and Aura Photon Rage III for added AoE pressure with Castastrophe III. You can then use Grasp II to prevent role switches. He's pretty much a Red unit under the white banner if you max his skills out on Eternal difficulty. And Black units have Defender skills that block force too so it's not like they are completely vulnerable to Red like Green is. Sorluska has Sky Fang IV and Katima has Emperor's Whip IV which has Force defense of 1,400 and 1,680 respectively. They tank Red just fine.
  10. All-Rounders are amazing in that regard due to their flexibility to switch skills any time. Nozomu All-Rounder is top tier to the point he can solo the entire story mode by himself except on that "one part" in the story. Also Katima and Sorluska are amazing all rounders too if you are trying to go for SS ranks because not only are they black which has a counter to material and force defenders, their Act IP is so fast that they can get 1-2 more turns before everyone else and Katima is even more broken in this regard because her ultimate attack raises IP and when combined with Final Velocity, she gets even up to 3-4 turns before everyone else.
  11. I think skill micromanagement in Seinarukana is so much easier at higher levels especially in Eternal difficulty just because the Combat Mana Up skills like Mana Link (especially the III version you get in Eternal difficulty) are much more potent, granting you a lot more mana that can last for several turns and Nozomu's Celestial Ally III has Mana Charge property which allows you to spam 3-4 Mana moves every turn because you now have improved mana regen per turn.
  12. You don't need logic to hate. I can hate on SP whenever I want, wherever I want. You are free to white knight them too if you want. I just don't agree with how they treat their veteran fanbase. No facts or convincing will ever make me love/appreciate what they do. It's more fruitful to learn Japanese than spamming Sekai's twitter to plead them of translating something. Your voice falls on deaf ears.
  13. No 18+ version = I dont give a shit about it. I'm with "Learn Japanese" movement. More fruitful than waiting for Sekai's trash heap that will most likely get censorships and content cuts.
  14. You can make any word offensive by the way you say it. I can say "you are the loveliest person in the whole world" while making you extremely uncomfortable about it. An otaku is a nerd but a nerd doesn't have to be an otaku. Is this simple enough for you?
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