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    VNs, Listen Vocaloid, Horror movies and Drawing a lot :3
    Working on 2 future VN proyects (they are still on draft)
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  1. For some reason .7z archives doesn't open in my PC
  2. You already have your future planned , now you just have to follow it to reach it. Good luck!
  3. Somethimes a VN can be more interesting than a video-game itself...
  4. Without doubt euphoria OST '' Rakuen no Tobira'' and ''Ketsumatsu'', that's one of the reasons because I played that VN. Those two are the most amazing OST I even heard in visual novels. violin solo ♪
  5. What are you playing?

    Recently I'm playing Katawa Shoujo, it was something interesting and I 'm not bored ..... yet The first heroine I will select will be Hanako