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    I have way too many interests to think of any off the top of my head. If I had to really say I had any supreme interests, it'd probably be these few things:

    1. Saber
    2. Kurumi
    3. Adorable lolis, even though I'm not a lolicon.
    4. Visual Novels
    5. Anime
    6. Pizza
    7. Food (Yes pizza is above food)
    8. Working out
    9. Women.
    10. Being a dick (I'm an asshole, playfully)

    Those are in no particular order.
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  1. Agreed. Neko Para was glorious. Future of VN's confirmed.
  2. Shu, you must play Michika route. Endure the pain I did. >_>
  3. Either: Shirou X Saber or Yu X Rise >_>
  4. IMO, I loved Log Horizon, but something felt... Meh, about it in the second season. I feel like it didn't really succeed in getting its point across maybe? It just felt like extra episodes to me, I dunno. On another note, "Fucking Plastic Memories" is all I can say right now. I don't wanna see the finale.
  5. Wait, you're joking right? >_> Tell me you're joking! How could she possibly ever go wrong?!
  6. Playing If My Dick Had Wings. I've literally just started, and I've fallen in love with the art and Ageha already. Damn, Ageha is awesome. She's got that Makina grin.
  7. Loving DanMachi. Hestia Bestia, baby. It's delivering beyond expectations. SNAFU, more of the same, still excellent.
  8. Fucking PETA, back off my catgirls!
  9. Koharu best girl. Michika kinda strange. Unless that's your thing lol. You'll see, mwhaha
  10. Very good catgirl fap material too. And loaded with cuteness to boot. Perfection.
  11. I think my eyeballs fell out of my head when I saw that list of anime completed. Sweet Jesus Nosebleed, nobody is gonna read all that! xD And with a list that long, haven't you seen like, 99% of everything? Lol
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