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  1. So I just spent 50 minutes of my day watching this. Trying to process what I just watched is hard, there's just so much information to take in. I watched it alongside OriginalRen, SuikaShoujo and The Major, yet despite our best efforts, our brains simply were no match for the depth and intricacy this anime provides. I'll try to give you a feel, a small sample of what it feels like to watch "Issho ni Sleeping: Sleeping with Hinako", but I truly believe that the only real way to appreciate this show is to just watch it yourself. So first off we have our heroine Hinako. Hinako really likes to sleep. Her main trait as a character is not being able to fix the strap on her shirt. As you can see from this cleverly crafted angle, this entire anime is told in first person perspective. But we're just scratching the surface of how thick the plot really gets. After Hinako changes clothes, covering your face so you don't see her changing, even though she just ends up sleeping in her underwear anyway, she goes to sleep. And thus, our sleep adventure begins! That is the face of pure bliss. Here we have some amazing shots that truly depict the wonders of a 2D girl sleeping. A real good close up of the heroine, it's almost like she's breathing on you In this shot here, you can see Hinako's breasts changing sizes, giving us a clear reason why Hinako just can not get the left strap of her shirt to stay in place, her left breast simply doesn't have as much mass. This shot here is a classic. The subtle twitch Hinako's leg makes each time really provides livelyness to her sleep, making you feel like you're sleeping right next to her. 10 minutes in and the anime really ramps it up by having Hinako turn to the other side. In my opinion this was one of their best moves yet. Here we get a first glimpse of Hinako's windowsill which displays a clock and a vase with a plant. This is a very intringuing as the clock displays no numbers, a fact that will become really important later on so make sure you keep it in mind. Another very rare shot of Hinako's armpit, one of my personal favorites if I daresay so myself. The disproportionally sized breasts really help elevate that armpit. 18 minutes in and the biggest game changer yet, Hinako makes use of one of her pillows! We can neither confirm nor deny if there's any significance behind this pose and the pillow's peculiar shape. And just 30 seconds later we are shown Hinako's sleep eating abilities. This is one of the rarest shots in the whole story, at the 22:22 minute mark, Hinako dangles her arm from the bed. What a delightful display of character. And this 24 minute mark is the crucial turning point where we have a clear view of Hinako's room and lo and behold, nobody is sleeping next side her, even though we're supposed to be there, what could this possibly mean!? At the 26 minute mark, Hinako has a dream about the moment we confessed to her and she gladly accepted our feelings. While the dream itself lasted a mere 10 seconds, I could really feel a deep emotional connection with Hinako's character just from watching her sleep for the past 26 minutes. And in the next minute, Hinako wakes up. I'm sure we were thinking the same thing, and that is how much we love each other. Hinako, being the amazing girlfriend she is, sings us a lullaby with really inspiring lyrics such as "Go to sleep, go to sleep on Hinako's chest" which have the result of making her fall asleep. At the 30 minute mark, Hinako has yet another dream, this time about when she was training hard to lose weight, she even gives us advice on how to be BIG like Hinako. And now, the biggest game changer yet, Hinako falls off her bed! My heart could barely take it, seeing Hinako fall on the floor after 30 minutes of sleeping really came out of nowhere, this anime sure knows how to tug on your heart strings. And now starts the most romantic scene in an anime I have ever seen. What a straightforward approach. Hinako tops all those tsunderes in generic romcoms, you don't get this level of romance too often. Of course we have a really deep connection with Hinako, and she reassures us of that by returning our feelings (even though we didn't really say anything, I'm sure our feelings got acress). I had to hold back my emotions over how realistic everything got, the intense urge to kiss my screen really started to come out. *doki doki* Hinako wastes no time though, she knows what her main goal is, this woman has her priorities set straights, that's why right after this she once again heads to bed and instantly falls asleep. Pro sleepers really are something else. But the thrilling ride isn't over yet, can you believe they still have more in store? This time, Hinako invites us to sleep on the same bed as her. My heart almost jumped out of my chest. The anime really makes this a realistic experience by tilting the camera 90 degrees. It truly felt like I was right next to Hinako. [immersion intensifies] 35 minutes in, Hinako does yet another unpredictable thing, she decides to get a night snack. Gosh, this anime really doesn't hold back on the plot twists. Brushing your teeth is important too. Even if you didn't eat anything. Deep. Once again, after falling asleep, Hinako falls on the floor. This time facing the other way, I liked that change of pace, this anime really knows when to spice it up. She doesn't forget her girlfriend duties though and reminds us we are also an entity, a sentient being, and thus we need sleep as well. Notice how her strap keeps sagging lower and lower, symbolizing we're reaching the end of our journey. After she falls asleep, Hinako has one last dream. In this one though, she ended up getting fat due to eating so many snacks. I'm sure she'll resume her training the next day! And now, after a whole 40 minutes of Hinako sleeping, morning comes, and this is where the plot really thickens! You see, after this, Hinako sleeps with us again, twice, do you not see what this means!? This whole time, we've actually been trapped in a dream world, but not just that, we were trapped in a dream world, inside a dream world, inside a dream world, inside a dream world, and we weren't a human being either, we were a ghost that posessed random objects around Hinako's room in order to try to wake her from the dream by looking at her body from several different angles. Remember the clock I mentioned at the beginning? What was missing? Pointers! That's because in this dream world, there's no time flow! We've been stuck sleeping with Hinako over and over, that's why she always wears the same outfit when she sleeps. I could barely see this coming, it came by so fast my brain just had no time to process it. This anime is a deconstruction of the human psyche, one that if you're not paying attention to, you will miss its profound message, the 50 minute length time really manages to portray to intricacies of the brain by having the same still shots over and over again across the timeline, you really feel like you're diving into Hinaki's profound sleepiness and tracing its patterns. The emotional bonds you manage to form with Hinako as you watch her sleep from every possible angle really make this a standout from the crowd. You can not get this deep level of characterization anywhere else. It brought me to tears as my eyes were strained while I wtched 50 minutes of a girl sleeping on a bed, making me empathize with her. The story sucks you in, almost making you fall asleep just like Hinako. This 16 year old girl who can't put on a shirt strap properly is the apogee of all female characters. If you haven't used the term "waifu" now, I'm sure this anime will change your mind. Issho ni Sleeping: Sleeping with Hinako is, without a doubt, the best anime ever made.
  2. Hyouka Was A Mistake

    I can sense the raging fanboys as I type the title of this entry, but it's one I promised to do for a while and since I haven't posted anything on this blog in forever, I thought this would be a great way to come back. So what is wrong with Hyouka? Well, in my opinion, pretty much everything. I always manage to get myself caught up in one-sided discussion with people defending this anime, and no matter how many good and some even valid points those people make, I simply can not for the life of me understand how Hyouka can even be considered above average. Let's discuss the first problem I have with Hyouka: The Mysteries. "Oh boy he's just going to rant about how the mysteries were unimportant isn't he?" Well, not quite, I understood from the get go this anime was not trying to put forward some kind of deep detective charade and that the mysteries were meant to be simplistic and, for the most part, fairly minimalistic. The problem I have with the mystery elements in this show is that none of them really matter for anything. I don't get any sense of accomplishment from seeing the characters solve the already miniscule mysteries that they manage to come across. The characters are always triggered by silly stuff and then turn everything into a detective style, clue gathering and crime solving type of mystery, only to solve it and be done with it. The mysteries are, for the most part, unrelated to the plot (or lack thereof) and don't provide any fun addition to the show, they just feel like pointless ways to drag out and pad a way for a really uninteresting adventure. You can say all you want about the goal of the show being "simple mystery solving" or whatever, but that doesn't take away the fact that the mysteries, on top of being minimalistic and boring, don't add any value to the plot and are, quite frankly, really unoriginal and boring, which makes for an overall negative watching experience. Moving on to the second problem I have with this anime: The characters I absolutely hated almost every single character in Hyouka. This is the part where it comes more down to personal preferences, but I'll still speak my mind on it. Chitanda Eru made me want to commit suicide. Her whole character is based off of this retarded gimmick of wanting to solve mysteries for no reason. It's like she's brain dead and all she can say is "I'm curious!". Her character is annoying, doesn't do much for the most part, and just feels like a really sorry excuse for a main heroine of a show. She wasn't fun to watch, I just wanted her to disappear for most part of the show so I wouldn't have to deal with this utter BS. But what this gimmick really ruins is essentially the show's main gimmick: simple mysteries You see, simple mysteries can be cool and all, but not when all your main character does is look for the most fucking pointless mystery she can find, and then drag the entire cast with her in order to solve the absolutely tedious mystery. This, in my opinion, is this show's major downfall. Chitanda Eru was a mistake. This is how it felt hearing Chitanda say "I'm curious!" She's a hollow shell of a heroine and god forbid the person who thought she was a good character comes up with more stories like this. Moving on, the other two (almost side) characters: Satoshi and Mayaka God, these two made me want to shove forks in my eyes so I wouldn't have to continue watching this appalling show. Satoshi is by far one of the worst main/side characters I have ever seen, his entire premise for acting the way he does is that he feels inferior to the protagonist. And he makes sure you know this EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. He never acts on his own accord, he makes himself inferior on purpose and overall he needlessly becomes a hindrance and a nuisance for no apparent reason other than being an edgy emo teenager. And what's worse, he never evolves from this. He stays like this throughout the whole show. I don't even know who thought this was a good idea. The last main character I didn't like, Mayaka, is the lesser bad of the main ones. While I was profoundly annoyed by her being hung over such a horrible crush like Satoshi, at the very least I could concede that she was slightly more proactive than him. Still though, just like her crush, Mayaka often spent her time mopping around and acting like an edgy emo teenager because we all know being a teenager really is tough. The sole saving grace of the plot, the protagonist Oreki, really can't salvage the whole show, but I will grant that he's the only character with meaningful and interesting development as he goes from being one of those uninterested types to a more proactive character that's interested in stuff (probably affected by the Chitanda virus). Still though, I find Oreki's character slightly bland as, just like every other character in the show, his sole gimmick is being OP at logic. Which, at the very least, is a good thing to be OP at, but other than that he's not really that interesting to watch as he mostly just gets dragged around by people. But since he's the most intuitive of the group, I'll say that he's the sole character I kind of liked in the show. Moving on to the third and last problem I have with this show: The pacing and the story When you have a 22 episode show, you have to make sure you maintain a good pacing and have an engaging story so your viewers really want to stick with you until the end. Sadly, Hyouka fails on this aspect as well. The uninteresting and unengaging mysteries and the generally slow paced and easygoing story only add up to an ultimately boring viewing experience that never managed to make me want to keep watching, but rather it made me feel like I was forcing myself to press on to see if ultimately there would be something worth praising at the end of the tunnel. Spoiler alert: there wasn't. Hyouka is a show with basically no plot, and shows with no plots are something I'm known to like even, but when you have no plot, you need good characterization, you need your characters to be engaging and make things happen, and Hyouka fails on pretty much every aspect of this, making for one of the worst anime experiences I've had. This anime might have been produced with a big budget (based Unlimited KyoAni Works), but if you have a bad source material, no matter how much you sugarcoat it, no matter how many directing tricks you use, it just doesn't work, and Hyouka will always be living proof of it. To those of you who defend Hyouka, I'm sorry, you're allowed to like this anime, really, I understand all the trickery that went behind in making it, I just think that it's ultimately really non engaging and boring and overall a sugercoated turd that I can not wrap my head around no matter how many times I watch it. Just ask yourself this: Do you find an anime based on pointless mysteries that are constantly forced upon you by an annoying teen girl that constantly shouts "I'm curious!" to be fun? If you do, I guess I have nothing to say to you. If you don't, then I hope you understand why I don't like Hyouka as well.
  3. Hey

    I don't really know how to start this post, it's been so long since I've even visited Fuwanovel. To the people who knew me from way back when I was a Global Mod, I'm back! To those who don't know me at all: hello, I'm Nosebleed (though these days only this site knows me by that user), long time member and former global mod only now returning. I figured, rather than just pop up in a discussion as if nothing happened, I'd make an introduction thread in hopes of reconnecting with people a bit. If anyone has any questions about me or what happened to me, feel free to ask. As to whether this is just a short term return or not, I don't know, but I do feel compelled to at least show my face once in a while. As for a closing statement, it pleases me greatly to see Flutterz has still not overtaken me in the top members leader boards, as it should be.
  4. Hey

    Even after disappearing I still encounter fuwa members at random on discover servers, including people who no longer visit lol. Sort of, for a while. In the end I pretty much stopped watching anime and solely stuck to manga as I can read a lot of it in a short amount of time. I think the common theme in all this is that I felt a lack of time and motivation to do anything, but things are better now, although I still pretty much don't watch anime on the regular, whereas I read manga everyday. No promises, but I'll try posting more whenever something that interests me pops up! I remember almost everyone, surprisingly! Although I don't recall many specific moments anymore, but I still look fondly at Fuwa. People who can't beat my post count simply lack the discipline!
  5. Hey

    Not as much. I don't play them on the regular but I do read one once in a while. Just last week I completed the whole Zero Escape trilogy, and a few weeks before that I finished Maitetsu.
  6. Hey

    Nope, I actually stuck around for quite a while after that. I think I stopped visiting around early 2017 maybe even 2016. Oh and if anyone's curious, there wasn't any major reason for me "leaving", it was more like a general loss of interest in the medium, which in turn led to a loss of interest in the site. If anything it'd be more accurate to say I just stopped visiting rather than say I left.
  7. Hey let's blow the dust off of this subforum for a bit shall we? I noticed we haven't really updated the profile info since... Fuwa was made basically (other than that one time we added Steam to user profiles). I figured I'd go ahead and add some things users might want. List of things added so far: Twitter has now been added under Contact Methods Anilist, ANN (Anime News Network) and Kitsu (formerly known as Hummingbird) are now options for those that don't have a MAL account Transgender, Other and Attack Helicopter are now available gender options Projects has now been added under Profile Information where you can specify whatever VN projects you work (or have worked) on. This isn't for me alone though, so I decided to make a thread and ask for people's suggestions regarding what other fields might be useful to have in their profiles. Important note: These are small fields that will go either under your contact methods or your profile information section. They're meant to be short. Preferrably things like the username you have on the respective website or something along those lines. Because of this, things like Youtube channels have already been ruled out due to the URLs being too long. Keep that in mind when suggesting. Furthermore, make sure that your suggestion isn't just for you but is actually something legitimately useful for the users on the forum.
  8. Forum Rules

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  9. Welcome to Fuwanovel's Love Live School Idol Festival Thread I've been playing this game for a while and I was wondering if anyone else shared the same hobby. And of course I want to see if I could get some newcomers into it. School Idol Festival is a free to play mobile rythm game based off of the Love Live franchise. It has unlockable original stories fully voiced by the original VAs from the anime (visual novel style) as well as card collecting features and quite the addictive gameplay I daresay. There's plenty of songs to unlock as well as special events from time to time. It's pretty fun. This thread is for discussing the game itself and whatever you feel like sharing related to Love Live. Share the cards you collected, your game scores and rankings, comments on the story, favorite songs etc. You can also ask for advice about the game and share suggestions and I guess add people because yay friendship. The game is available in English for free on Android as well as iOS if you're interested. The japanese version is also available for Android and iOS Note the japanese version has more content since it's been out for longer. There is a Wiki page dedicated to Love Live SIF with all the useful info if you might ever need: Love Live School Idol Festival Wiki If you want help with practice there are practice videos on youtube to get all the details of every song down. There's also a practice app if you don't want to waste LP practicing songs. (Android Only) What are you doing here? Kotori's name is the next clue, search it up. User IDs English version (Currently Outdated): Abernite - ID: 867586782 Aez Racer - 565572064 Alex (Exteminator) - 930250767 cloudy12 - 303868371 CLuBLioN - 063955407 Ceris - 776023364 Chibi-chan - 297438394 Earthes (Jade) - 371079575 Eclipsed - 199707075 Ezeefreak - 412525342 Gavissimo (Gavisi) - 153876355 Hoshii (arakura) - 539866513 Heizei (heizei_kokousei) - 059349997 jeftai - 606043846 JkR - 070649210 InSoulFallen- 968727281 Kaguya - 487696185 Kuroba- 044722215 Maki~chan - 158426702 Narcosis (IceD) - 280630677 マニア (mania) - 672173192 merc (XDarkmercX) - 529746994 Nosebleed - 795036881 Praeliator - 436991704 Shero - 130613783 Sylvian (Aregon) - 671838959 SoulJustIn-029808485 Tyrael - 783560766 Yoki - 495878944 Zehel - 650143515 Inactive users (haven't logged on for over 30 days) Fuwa user is in brackets for those with different in game names. If you want your ID added just post it here and I'll add it for you. The amount of friends you can have is limited so you should probably post that you've added someone so they can add you back.
  10. A forewarning if you didn't read the title, this review contains some spoilers (the anime is included in said spoilers) due to the way the game is built, I'll try not to give you any major spoilers (though with this lack of content there's hardly anything to spoil anyway). I'll try to avoid any spoilers as much as I can but If you absolutely hate any kind of spoilers, feel free not to read past this point. Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai Portable ga Tsuzuku Wake ga Nai (Disc 1) (because short titles are for plebeians) I still remember when I watched OreImo a year ago. I was having a fun time with the somewhat peculiar show. Lots of funny gags ands situations and plenty of development to be enjoyed by all fans, we could finally have one of those romcoms that actually has a conclusive ending, a Light Novel adaptation that doesn't completely suck! That is until the very last 4 episodes aired. Ah.. how I wish I hadn't watched the ending of this show, but I was naive, and thus i had my hopes and dreams completely crushed, just like many others. Have you ever wondered what it's like having an entire fandom rooting for different girls in a show and then watching an ending that literally ignores all logic and its fans and just decides to do whatever it wants for no reason? That's the bitter end most fans of OreImo faced in 2013. But not everything is 100% lost, somewhere out there it was decided that this ending just can't be tolerated (just kidding they only wanted a cashgrab) and they decided to release a game based off of the anime to make their fans happy, OreImo Portable (I'm not writing the long version of the title), which later had a remake by the name of OreImo Portable Tsuzuku, which added new stories and was supervised by the original writer, Fushimi Tsukasa. Which just recently, after many months of waiting, just had its first disc completely translated by Rinjinbu Translations. After hours of grinding in order to completely fix our walkthrough, I finally completed all of the game's endings and got every single CG, so I can finally form a solid opinion on the game. Is the game worth it? Will it fullfill the gaping hole left by the anime's horrid and rushed conclusion? My goal with this review is to kind of give you a prespective on what to expect when going into the game and wether or not you think it'll be for you. First things first, I want to point out that I only read the first disc and with this I can already say the story is not 100% complete so please don't attack me for it. One thing you'll notice as soon as the story begins is that you're thrown right into the action with very little context or characterization. The game does all of its introductions and contextualization in the form of a flashback, referencing the entire season 1 of the anime in the first 5 minutes of gameplay, particularly when Kyousuke says his sister was away for months for some unknown reason but has now returned (because that's totally normal) which you can infer that the game takes place immediately after the first season's events, after Kuroneko joined Kyousuke's highschool and Kirino came back from America. From this point forward it's all original content. This brings up one issue right from the get go. Unless a person has seen the anime, it is almost impossible to take any enjoyment out of the game. There's no meetings, no proper introductions, it just feels like a direct chain of events following the anime, so unless you watch that firs, this game is most certainly not for you yet. Throughout its routes the came rehashes and reuses a lot of anime references, it almost feels like it's afraid to go in its original direction and is instead clinging onto the original plotline with its life, leading to many jokes just not being as funny and the overall plot of the main routes not really having that much original content to be enjoyed which to be was kind of a let down. In terms of structure, the game has a very early branching plot with the first couple choices already deciding where you'll end up in later on. A major issue I had is that these initial events are usually poorly depicted and very rushed so you barely have any time to care for them at all and kind of wonder why are they even there. But where the story truly splits is after Kyousuke goes on a trip to Kyoto with Manami and Kouhei. A trip I might add only lasts 10 minutes and only has 2 meaningful scenes, one of which depends on which route you're going for and the second one is just some talking with Manami which, unless you're going for her route, is irrelevant to the plot. After this the game will take you to each of its individual routes. There are five main girls in the game, much like in the anime: Kousaka Kirino, Aragaki Ayase, Tamura Manami, Gokou Ruri (Kuroneko) and Makashima Saori. Being a fan of the anime and staying truthful to its title, I immediately decided to aim for the Kirino route, hoping I could finally have a proper ending with Kirino and Kyousuke. But to my disappointment and shock, this route was almost the worst in the entire game and it was incredibly painful to sit through all of it. Not only is the storyline completely unoriginal, pulling out one of the most cliché things ever, the ending is incredibly unsatisfactory and doesn't feel like any form of reward, and I even daresay the anime's ending was better than this. Now I'm not super dumb, I'm fully aware there is a second disc in which the endings get proper afterstories and I eagerly await to play it because I know Kirino's got a follow up in it, but as it stands in disc 1, it's most certainly not worth reading through right now. All Kirino's route is is just going back to square one and recycling the entire plot of the anime in the most boring way possible. (Don't look at me like that, you should have given me a better story!) But let's not get too negative here, I'm sure other endings redeemed the whole thing right? Well.. yes and no. I'm going to go over all the main routes individually in order to cover what's good and what's bad about them. Starting with the route I thought was the best in the entire game and the one that elevated the whole experience for me: Ayase's route Ayase's route really provided genuine entertainment. It lets go of that clingyness I mentioned earlier and really tries to give you a genuine original experience between Kyousuke and Ayase. Throughout her route you'll be facing plenty of cute, funny and scary moments with Ayase and try to help her overcome her otaku phobia, which while still based off of how she felt in the anime, still give you new content to appreciate, and by the end I truly appreciated the existence of Ayase. But what was most important was that the ending actually gives you a meaningful epilogue that you can go "aww" on. Without a doubt, Ayase's route is the one that gave this game redeeming qualities. (Look at this face, this is the face of love!) Another great and unexpected story was Saori's route. A character who, in the anime, didn't have much focus except for a particular arc, but in the visual novel really had a lot going for her as throughout her whole story you won't be seeing much of the main otaku plot, but a true route focusing on Saori's issues and her personal life. But this also brings up one problem I had with it, the whole story drags out the same conflict for a very long time, only to be resolved in the most obvious way you can think of, which got a bit annoying at times since you'll be going back and forth the whole time with it. However, for what it's worth, Saori's route really elevates her character to a whole new level and I think any fan of the series would be overjoyed to see so many different sides of this quirky swirly glasses character. (Swirly Glasses will steal your heart) Next up, a fan favorite, Kuroneko (real name Gokou Ruri although you'll only hear it twice in the entire game and not spoken by Kyousuke). Kuroneko's route is kind of a hit and miss, but overall has a positive tone by the end of it. One major improvement between this route and Kirino's route is that, while both branch off of the Siscaly Tournament, Kuroneko's route actually allows you to see the tournament in action which feels much more rewarding than just having the events told after they have happened. The story deals with Kuroneko mostly giving Kyousuke the cold shoulder 70% of the time and him trying to figure out what's wrong. After getting to the bottom of it Kyousuke and Kuroneko kind of form a duo and by the end you can guess what happens. It's not super interesting since the conflict feels very dragged out with Kyousuke running after Kuroneko the whole time, and even more so because it doesn't really feel like Kuroneko's character is being given the proper treatment by the way she's portrayed, but the ending feels satisfatory enough, especially if you're a Kuroneko fan and even more so if you dislike Kirino. (Kirino just got 360 no scoped) And finally the last of the main routes, Manami's route. Manami's route was.. mostly a miss for me. The game doesn't take any risks with it and uses pretty much every element it can from the anime, so unless you know her character previously, the whole thing will feel kind of forced to you. But not only that, the development throughout her route is super cliché and doesn't really have anything interesting going for it. I get where they were trying to go by finally giving a reward for Manami's efforts to get Kyousuke to notice her, but to me it just felt forced and unatural, something even the game aknowledges later down the line but doesn't really do much after so the end product is kind of an empty story with a couple very cliché romcom situations and then an ending which, despite being happy, really doesn't give you much of a conclusion to the story and it left me feeling like Manami wasn't given the attention she deserved. You'll still be able to see how Manami is like once she finally got what she always wanted, which is kind of funny to see at first, but by the end doesn't really provide very entertaining results. (I'll eat your lunch because you're kind but your story was still average) With the main stories out of the way, let's focus on another good point the game had, the extra stories. To my surprise, and something that left me dumbfounded, I found myself enjoying the "What if" routes the game had to offer, which fix pretty much any issue I pointed out earlier because all of them give you original content regardless of the one you go for which felt so refreshing to read through. Not only that, if you were disappointed with Kirino's ending, you have a somewhat more proper ending to her route in these bonus scenarios which kind of salvaged Kirino's trainwreck of a story. My favorite bonus story, and one I knew about and was very eager to read through was Kanako's route, a character with very little focus or relevance in the anime, which the game really elevated by having Kyousuke go on dates with her and see the more bashful side she has to offer. It was just an all around funny story to read and of course provided a very satisfactory ending. If I had to point out a problem with this route is that it's not a main route, but it instead branches off of Ayase's route. Just make her a main girl already. (I-I'm not a lolicon!) Other extra scenarios include the Rock route where Manami and her brother go down the path of Rock n Roll. The Forbidden Yuri path, which to you might sound like a sweet ending where Kirino and Ayase get together, but you might actually be surprised (I shall not spoil any of it). The Kyoto Inn route which will bring out a very scary result. And the Abominable Kirino route, for those who thought they just hadn't gotten enough of being ordered around by Kirino. (I love you.. Onii-chan...) Overall, there are more positives than there are negatives with all these stories. While there are a couple big disappointments, there are also a couple of really fun routes and the others were average to good. The major issue I had is that the game clearly gives up quality over quantity by offering shorter stories in exchange for a wide range of scenarios. In some cases it works out, but in others it just feels inconcistent and rushed and doesn't really reward the reader with any form of meaningful plot. This is more noticeable when we're talking about the setting which the game hardly ever bothers to expand on, it instead focuses almost entirely on character interaction, leaving out quite a chunk of basic plot. The common route, or the tiny amount there is of it is very lacking in context and would probably be more well recieved if one read the game shortly after finishing the anime so you can actually feel a more natural follow up. But as a reward for the anime's severely lacking ending, it pays off for some characters (Ayase, Saori, Kanako and Kuroneko) while not really giving the proper attention to others (Kirino and Kuroneko), but given the amount of scenarios the reader can experience, the bad points almost dilute themselves which is probably for the best. On the more technical side of things, the game's main mechanics are fairly similar to other PSP visual novels. You have a list of items you can use to unlock certain choices and then you have a dialogue mechanic. These are the main game mechanic to get into the different routes. The item format doesn't have much to it, you just kind of have to talk to characters and see what character gives you what item so you can unlock certain paths. This is both facilitated and made annoying by the game's built-in flowchart. Why facilitating? Because it allows you to see every single branching plot so you can make different decisions in your next playthrough. Why annoying? Because you can't access it in-game, you need to go to the title screen every time you need to check up on it which is incredibly frustrating if you don't remember certain paths. The dialogue mechanic is actually what I kind of liked and disliked about the game. The real time choices are pretty entertaining since you feel like you're properly talking to the characters. The Live 2D animations is also rather smooth for a game that came out in 2011. But then you realize most of them hardly have any impact in the story. Most of the dialogues are meant to unlock CGs and only a handful are meant to lock you onto a specific path, usually later on in the game (i.e you'll get a normal end instead of a good one by failing). In short: You can't actually fail the game because most of the choices are meaningless and even the meaningful ones usually only lead you down to a normal end. In terms of artstyle there's nothing to complain about if you enjoyed the original OreImo anime. The character illustrations are done by Kanzaki Hiro so expect the same level of quality you see in the anime, nothing more and nothing less. It's a fairly distinct artstyle which you shouldn't have a problem getting accustomed with it. And lastly the soundtrack. Oh boy the soundtrack, possibly the worst thing this game has to offer is its soundtrack. There are a total of 17 tracks in the whole game that play in the background and all of them feel incredibly repetitive and boring. It's the same loop over and over and over. Every. Single. Time. This game has almost nothing of value to offer with its soundtrack. If anything, you can probably use it for good elevator music. As a final veredict, I can't exactly recommend this game as any major visual novel. It feels more like a treat, a side dish to go along with its anime counter part. The stories are short and albeit some are fullfilling, others fall kind of flat and as a whole they're usually lacking meaningful expansion and stay in a very safe zone. I know there's disc 2 which will expand on all the stories, but so far this is the impression I've been left with which, overall, isn't a terrible one because if I didn't enjoy it I wouldn't even have completed a walkthrough for it, but at the same time it wasn't the best experience you could get and it really serves to rehash the fact that PSP visual novels adapted from anime are more often than not lacking in the story department and focus on trying to provide rewards to all of its fans. If I were to ever recommend this game, the person who I'm recommend it would have to at least seen the anime, there's no way anyone who hasn't seen it will take any meaningful joy out of this and the game is clearly targeted at those who have seen the show. If you're a Kirino fan and wanted a true ending for her like I did, I suggest you wait for the disc 2 translation (or learn Japanese!), because you'll be left almost empty handed with disc 1 alone. If you're a fan of any of the other girls, I suggest you give this a go but go into it with the mindset that it's more of a way to wrap things up where the anime didn't, not a way to construct and build upon the anime's plot to give you a whole next level experience. In short, it was decent.
  11. I didn't even know someone was making this but it's true. This partial patch translates the common route only, the guy said he's hoping to release the 1st route in about 40 days. From what I can tell and from the description it's an amateur translation (whatever that entails) so don't expect anything of superb quality I guess? The guy's English doesn't seem to be the greatest (he mentions it's not his first language) so I don't know what to expect but I might as well make a thread if anyone's interested. I think it'd be helpful if someone helped him out as well, particularly with TLC and editing. You can download the patch at: http://www.hongfire.com/forum/showthread.php/433753-FAVORITE-140725-%E3%82%A2%E3%82%B9%E3%83%88%E3%83%A9%E3%82%A8%E3%82%A2%E3%81%AE%E7%99%BD%E3%81%8D%E6%B0%B8%E9%81%A0-AstralAir-no-Shiroki-Towa-English-Patch Thoughts?
  12. Why isn't there a thread for this? Anyway the title is self descriptive. Have you ever been really hyped for an upcoming anime or you hear something about an already finished one and you eagerly start watching it and then you realise how bad it is and you feel really disappointed that you even wasted time on it? That's the kind of show i'd like to ask you about. What was for you the worst anime or the anime that disappointed you the most? Some rules before you post: No hating on other people's opinions. Although not mandatory, try to explain why you hate a show properly. No hentai (inb4 Boku no Pico) We all know 99% of hentai anime is bad. Every other genre outside of hentai is okay (ecchi included) The anime must be at least 20 minutes long per episode (just to avoid those really tiny shows that aren't even worth mentioning) OVA/ONA/Specials are acceptable as long as they meet the previous rule. Anime movies are okay too You can post as many anime as you'd like. Despite how bad you think a show is please put any spoilers in a spoiler tag. The plural of anime is anime Flat is justice Now then. As far as me I usually tend to thoroughly inspect a show before watching it so I know i'll like it but this is harder to do on on-going series and thus i have had encounters with some really bad stuff. And my no drop policy also enforces me to hate it even more because I need to watch it until the end. So far for me some shows that are worth mentioning here are: Coppelion This thing was for me an absolute train wreck. There was no point in it whatsoever at any moment, ever. It started off with a promising setting of an abandoned radioactive city and then the whole show just plunges downhill with useless characters (this includes the protagonist) and useless antagonists and a ridiculous story line with 0 depth to it that not only was super predictable, but was also utterly boring. The finale was anti climatic and cliché. And the only character i ever actually appreciated freaking died. Way to completely destroy an interesting premise Coppelion. This show is not only radioactive as far as the story goes, but it will definitely cause you to lose brain cells as well. Genei wo Kakeru Taiyou Remember Madoka Magica? Now imagine a really bad copy of it with overused elements and a cliché storyline and god awful characters. And then throw it in a blender and step on it some more. Then you get Genei wo Kakeru Taiyou. This show tries so hard to be "dark" and "dramatic" that it's pathetic. I felt no empathy for any of the characters at any point and probably wouldn't mind if they all died. The story once again is cliché as hell despite being some sort of mahou shoujo anime. It's also barely explained with near 0 backstory to it and when you finally understand the premise behind the whole show (aka why bad things are happening) you will probably laugh out loud at how stupid it is. It was original I give them that but originaly doesn't always mean good and in this case it was terrible. Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai! Ren People who've been following the winter anime discussion already know how disappointed I am at this. When you have such a nice foundation such as the first season of Chuu2Koi where you could develop a more serious and romantic relationship for the main couple that everyone wanted to see, and then you throw that completely out the window and go back to square 1 in season 2, it feels like you're spitting in your fans' faces. This show turned back into the way it was when the first season started, with Rikka and her autism and Yuuta still being a total dense wimp. Even the side characters comment on how stupid this is. Every other character outside of the main couple makes this show good and then the main couple ruins it. That's not how you're supposed to make a story go like. I've been cheering for Satone ever since she was introduced and I've seen a lot of people already hating on rikka's stupidity and finally coming to their senses that this is enough, the story needs to move forward and have some seriousness to it as far as the romantic plot goes. Chuu2Koi Ren is not giving us any of that. Luckily we have the side characters and their antics to keep us somewhat interesting. But the main plot is definitely the worst part of the entire show. I could probably rant for some more anime but I think 3 is good enough for a starting post. I'm interested to see how many other people have come across something they really hated to watch.
  13. Yes it's exactly what you think (probably). After the beautiful display of affection in the appreciation inception thread by some members I thought about how many shippings you can make with fuwa members and what other shippings do other members (may) have. So what 2 (or more?) users on fuwa do you think suit each other. Or that you just personally ship together. Hypothetically of course For anyone not familiar with what shipping is, here's a brief explanation Let's see how much non canon love does fuwa get. PS: This is not meant to offend anyone so please don't take it too seriously.
  14. Galactic Rolling Dynamite Pancake™ presents: Karenai Sekai to Owaru Hana The Translation Project Plot Summary (Source: Hau~ Omochikaeri): Shou and Ren arrived at a beautiful town full of colourful flowers. They met the three sisters Haru, Kotose and Yukina, who run the cafe “Famille”, and he starts working there in exchange for a bed to sleep in. In the middle of the night, Shou follows Haru far away from the town to a hill covered with flowers as far as the eye could see. He watched as a little girl whom Haru was embracing turned into a flower under the large moonlit tree. She noticed his presence and smiled lonesomely while looking fondly at the beautiful flowers in full bloom. “I have survived up till now in this world by doing this. But I still want to continue living… even if it’s in exchange for other people’s lives.” Shou looked up at the petals which fluttered down and responded: “No matter what this world forces upon you, no matter how many people won’t forgive you... I’ll still pray for this world to end.” Galactic Rolling Dynamite Pancake's current team: We're but mere specs of dust in the vast universe... Project info: I debated for a while on whether or not I'd publicly announce this. In fact, I still have many doubts, but I decided to go for it instead of hestiating to keep the momentum I have going right now. Yes, I decided to start another translation project, and for a game I only very recently got into. Could this be the biggest mistake of my life? Who knows, but I'm doing it anyway. I hope you'll bear with me on yet another journey that will hopefully not crumble. And remember, when in doubt, Ren: Current TL Progress: 254/18,461 lines translated FAQ Q: When will the project be done? A: When Sekai Project accepts to buy the patch. Q: Will there be a partial patch? A: No. Q: I want to help! A: Thank you, but this point in time, I don't need any extra help. Q: "Ur TL sux pls die" A: K.
  15. Dracu-Riot! Completion Project Project Info: As i said in a previous post, if the Dracu-Riot scripts were released, I will translate Miu's route, and that's exactly what I'm announcing in this thread. But I'm not alone in this crusade, I've partnered with the wonderful people at The Oxford Comma is Superior Subs so we can deliver the best possible final product and lay the Dracu-Riot memes to rest. We also got several people from the Fuwanovel community to help speed up things even more. How is the project going to go down, you ask. Well you can read this post if you want detailed info, but the tl;dr version is that we are aiming to release multiple patches. The first patch aims to translate the remainder of Miu's route as well as any remaining untranslated content (images, menus, etc.) with complete editing to polish the current patch. We are going to try and release this in about 2 months, if everything goes according to plan. The second patch is meant to be more heavily translation checked as that's when Fiddle has enough free time to go over the whole game. There is no ETA for this second patch. This doesn't mean the first patch will be terrible, we will of course strive for a good product, but we would still like to inform you of our schedule. If we waited for Fiddle to be completely free, it would take much more time to release Miu's route, and so we've decided to do it this way. I hope you look forward to future updates. FAQ: Why not just make a Miu partial patch, why do you want to go over the whole game? There are actually 3 main reasons for this: The first and biggest one is that Insem's patch only works with the physical version of Dracu-Riot! which is very hard to get in the West and we want to make a new patch that works on both the physical and digital versions of the game, this way people can purchase the digital version and patch it, thus supporting Yuzusoft. The second one is that we want to americanize the writing style as well as make sure everything is edited properly, because Insem didn't have time to finish the whole thing. The last one is translation checking. Although we don't doubt Insem's abilities, we really want to try and make sure the translation is accurate. We also want to include translation notes in the game. Only 2 months? That seems way too fast. 2 months is indeed fast, if we were translating the entire game, but we're actually only translating about 4,000 lines and we're splitting those lines between two main translators, this will hopefully make that 2 month deadline possible. Please do note we will not jeopardize translation quality for the sake of reaching the deadline. If we can not make it in time, we will delay the release until we're satisfied with the end result. Will the translation have memes? Yes, but only the dankest ones. Why aren't The Oxford Comma people making the announcement here? So I can get those sweet, sweet internet points. I want to help! Contact @Fiddle and beat him in a pipe bag showdown (plaid skirt is mandatory).
  16. So I've just installed the game and it keeps asking me to start it up with Administrator permissions, even though I'm already doing that (physically going into the game directory and right clicking to run as admin). It doesn't let me do anything else. The folder has 3 different start ups for some reason and I've tried running all 3 with administrator permissions, but to no avail. I've even tried running the game from the CD launcher but it gives the same error. sinsemilla_start redirects to sinsemilla_srp when I execute it The CD launcher also tries to run sinsemilla_srp, as does the desktop shortcut. Attempting to run sinsemilla.exe as administrator gives a "Launcher not found" error. Any ideas on how to fix this? Error in question when I run either sinsemilla_srp or sinsemilla_start "Please start up with administrator permissions"
  17. List of Legal Anime, Manga & Light Novel Sources Figured this topic might be useful to be pinned in this section. The plan is to list down legal sources where one can watch anime and read manga/light novels and support the industry as much as possible instead of using illegal sources. If you wish to contribute to the list, please post in the thread or PM me so it can be added. Other mods are free to edit the list as well, although I would appreciate it if you could check the box that shows you edited it. Disclaimer: Obviously I don't use every single one of these sites so I can't provide personal experience for all, so please do read each site's ToS/FAQ before using it and make sure it will work for you, I only be giving a brief overview of each site. If you have any experience with any of these sites and want to give feedback to other members, please do make post about in the thread. Anime Streaming Sites This might be a good place to start to see if the series you want is even available for streaming. Crunchyroll (Subscription based. Usually tends to have most of the recent shows. Offers subs in multiple languages)Funimation (Subscription based. Offers English dubs for a lot of the recent anime)Daisuki (No subscription needed. Streams worldwide with possible restrictions)The Anime Network (Subscription based. Streams worldwide I think? Possible restrictions)Hulu (Subscription based. Streams in the US only)Netflix (Subscription based. Streams in some regions depending on the show)VizMedia (Hulu based so same thing as Hulu)Non-english streaming websites: Wakanim (French, has subscription, non-subscription and VOD offers)ADN (French, subscription based)Both My Anime List and Anime News Network have also recently partnered with some of the above sites to stream on their site as well. Buying Anime There are several sites and stores across the globe that probably have some anime in stock, so you should always check your local retailers first. Also check anime databases like MAL or ANN for the official licensing companies as those are usually the ones in charge of providing the product directly to their consumer. The most useful sites tend to be Amazon and RightStuf. AmiAmi also tends to have the most recent blu-ray releases, often the limited editions as well. Note these are strictly in Japanese. You can also use Amazon Japan if you have a proxy or a forwarding service that can get you your stuff. Manga Before you do anything, Manga Updates is an awesome database to find information on the publishers of any given manga/manwha/manhua/light novel, including webcomics (something a lot of other databases leave out) so you might want to look up the title you want there first and foremost to see if it's been licensed or where it's being published. Digital Manga Crunchyroll (Subscription based. Usually up to date. Available worldwide. Has an iOS/Android app)Book Walker (Commercial. Offers Light Novels too. Has an iOS/Android app)Book Walker JP (Same as the above but offers only Japanese manga and light novels. Has a bigger catalog though)Kodansha Comics (Commercial. Offers lots of both digital and physical manga)Comic Walker (No subscription needed. Is often out of date though)Comic Walker JP (No subscription needed. Much more up to date but offers only Japanese manga. Also has links to purchase)Viz (Offers usually both digital and physical versions of their manga, usually through Amazon)Shounen Jump (English simulpub of Shounen Jump. Available in English-speaking countries only)Amazon (Commercial. Amazon often tends to offer digital editions of the manga in their catalog)Amazon JP (Only Japanese manga, usually the most recent stuff. You'll need to have a Japanese amazon account)Physical Manga Amazon (Usually people's number 1 site for purchasing both physical and digital manga)Book Depository (Free shipping to a lot of regions. Is also a regular book store)RightStuf (For some reason the manga is under "Graphic Novels)Kodansha Comics (Offers lots of both digital and physical manga)Seven Seas Entertainment (Has quite a wide range of retailers)Amazon JP (Only Japanese manga & books. Usually the most recent titles are on Amazon JP and amazon does ship manga and books internationally)Honto (Only Japanese manga & books. Ships internationally, often said to be cheaper than amazon JP)Light Novels The subreddit /r/lightnovels has a very extensive list of upcoming releases with several purchase links so feel free to bookmark that page and follow the sub if you're interested in keeping up with the latest stuff. I would once again heavily recommend checking out Manga Updates to see if the light novel you're looking for has been licensed in English, and if so, by which company, before you start googling away. Light Novel Licensing Companies Yen PressVerticalOne Peace BooksTokyo PopMost of these companies end up selling their books through third parties like Amazon or Book Depository Region Restrictions A lot of these publishers, mainly anime streaming sites, often have restrictions depending on the region you live in. However, you can always use a VPN service to change your IP address to the respective country where the service is available, which more often than not tends to be the US. Some sites only require your IP address to belong to that region during the sign-up process while others always require you to have that IP address when viewing their site. "But isn't VPN illegal?" you may ask. Yes, in theory changing your IP address is illegal, however you're supporting the industry by purchasing or watching/reading from any of these sites, so I think most people would agree that it's a lesser evil for a greater cause.
  18. Hey, guy who is still working on this project here. Just wanted to inform people that we did not drop this, I just don't really come on Fuwanovel very often and don't update the thread because I don't feel the need to. Of course I won't stop anyone else from attempting to TL this, but just wanted to let you know that we are still working on a translation for this game.
  19. True or False

    So i was bored and thought why not add a new forum games Rules are simple Person A posts a statement about the person below. Whoever replies must state if it's true or not. You can give an explanation of course. After this they write a statement about the next person, and so on. Example: Alright i'll start The next user posting is non human
  20. Corpse Party: Blood Covered

    Corpse Party Blood Covered Licensed byXSEED. Summary What was nothing more than a casual hangout for a small group of adolescents turned deadly serious when one of the females in the group was overcome with the need to inform her peer that she would be transferring schools in the near future. In a spurt of serious desperation, one of them revealed that they knew of a spell that could enable them to always remember each other. The majority of the group showed no hesitation as they reached for the preternatural paper whose visible silhouette could be likened to that of a human. On the same count, they pulled at the paper, and waited in anticipation. When nothing did, they gathered up their belongings and parted their separate ways. However, at that moment, a powerful tremor shook the ground beneath their feet. Whatever the reason was, the party found themselves blacking out, and the very next conscious experience was probably the most horrific one: the paper was a curse, and it had teleported them into different dimensional planes within Heavenly Host Elementary School. Split up and disoriented, the members were in for the most terrifying experience of their youth. With no choice but to wander, the young students roamed the grounds, their phantasmagorical experiences seemed to to form a chain, from disturbing to downright petrifying. From corpses strewn haphazardly across the school, to a band of ghastly children whose only precognition was to prevent their escape, they were in for the chase of their lives, and they weren't the predators this time. Ending Guideline Corpse Party consists of several chapters, all of them having only one true ending (albeit for Chapter 5). You will start off in chapter 1. Unless you can get the true ending for that chapter you will not be able to unlock chapter 2 and so on. There's many wrong endings within each chapter that I will try to list, there's also various ways to get the same wrong ending, I will merely list the fastest and simplest way to get that ending. There's a lot of gameplay involved in Corpse Party rather than just making choices within the dialog (not to mention most of these don't have any real effect) so be prepared for a lengthy walkthrough. The main purpose of this guide is to help people figure out the right order of things they need to do or where to go in order to proceed because this novel will cause you to get stuck often if you are not thorough in every little detail or don't pay attention, to top it off, when you get a bad ending you are often forced to replay the entire chapter with unskippable text. My advice is that you save often whenever you get the chance, it's the key to avoiding having to re-read a ton of stuff (unless you are using an emulator, in this case the quick save function of the emulator comes in hand a lot). This walkthrough will be as spoiler free as I can make it. Chapter Walkthroughs Chapter 1 True End Wrong Ends Chapter 2 True End Wrong Ends Chapter 3 True End Wrong Ends Chapter 4 True End Wrong Ends Extra End Chapter 5 True End Other End Wrong Ends Extra Chapters These chapters include various scenes from other students that came to the Heavenly Lost in the past. They are not linked to the main story but their bodies and notes can be found through out the main playthrough. They are unlocked by obtaining certain endings in the main 5 chapters. Extra Chapter 1 Unlocked by completing the True End in chapter 1 Extra Chapter 2 Unlocked by completing the True End in Chapter 3 The remaining 8 chapters are read only Extra Chapter 3 Unlocked by completing the Extra End in Chapter 4. Extra Chapter 4 Unlocked by completing the True End in Chapter 4. Extra Chapter 5 Unlocked by completing the Wrong End 2 in Chapter 5. Extra Chapter 6 Unlocked by completing the True End in Chapter 5. Extra Chapter 8 Unlocked by completing the Wrong End 6 in Chapter 5. Extra Chapter 9 Unlocked by completing the ending to Extra Chapter 6. Extra Chapter 10 Unlocked by completing the Other End in Chapter 5 Name Tag Locations There are several corpses and notes spread around each room and hallway. They are not required to actually complete a chapter but in the menu you can view all of them in detail. It's interesting if you want to know more about the previous deaths that have happened in Heavenly Lost Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Summary beautifully written by: Naomi This walkthrough was edited and put together using the following sources: http://www.gamefaqs.com/psp/989995-corpse-party/faqs/63749 http://corpseparty.wikia.com/wiki/Corpseparty_Wiki
  21. Winter 2017 Anime Discussion

    Hey I remembered to make the thread on time Use this thread to discuss all anime airing during the Winter of 2017. Any other threads made during this time period will be merged with this one.
  22. Mass Effect Andromeda - Ready for judgment (TuT)

    Anyone who's reaching far into their ass and pulling this argument is probably not someone you want to take seriously anyway.
  23. VN with 18+ scenes

    I am pretty sure it's just a fetish thing and nothing else.
  24. What Anime are you watching now?

    Orange was all about best boy Suwa. I agree the conclusion was rather underwhelming in tone, both in the manga and in the anime, but it was still a nice adventure.