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  1. The sh**storm continues. Reaching out to @Nayleen on Discord and Skype.
  2. Not sure if anyone is still monitoring this thread, but a second technical issue I ran into still hasn't been addressed. This is, in large part, because a message to @Nayleen never went through, so I've been waiting for a response to a message he never got in the first place! As soon as this is addressed, I'll put up a new warning and get the upgrades up and running ASAP.
  3. You may call me Sparrowhawk.
  4. Just waiting on a little security change via Nay before I get this done. Gratzi, hero @Nayleen!
  5. Update 1 (12:45 AM EST) Technical issues have caused a hiccup in tonight's upgrade process. Going to ping Nay and we'll try again later today. For now, the forums and front site will be put back online. Original Message: Forums Going Offline at 12:00 (Midnight) EST In approximately 1.5 hours (at the time this goes live), the forums will be going offline for an unknown amount of time so that I can perform an outrageous amount of updates and fixes. I will announce when the forums are back online on our Twitter account (link). Please panic, and may the VN gods have mercy on our souls. (Aside: after the forums are updated -- or irreparably broken -- I will also be working on the front site. Once that's done, if I have any energy and strength left in my body, I will try and make a post updating the community about recent events which have caused my absence, and briefly touch on ways we can move forward.) < 3 - Tay
  6. I'd love to consider adding yours (and several more) review blogs to the hub. The hub has stalled recently due to a complicated CMS bug, but the developer actually got back to me yesterday with a customized patch, and I hope to get it installed before this weekend. Afterwards, I should be able to add you. Just submit your site details per the link posted above and we can work on that! The hub structure and guidelines will be part of the site work this summer, and I'm hoping to bring more clarity to it and the other site projects. Going to plug the recent survey and ask everyone to submit their gripes, questions, and concerns!
  7. How big is Fuwanovel?

    This is something I'd like to post about on the front site. A community update is long-overdue and there's a lot to talk about. I haven't looked at the analytics for a few weeks, but the site's still growing traffic-wise. The front site's major traffic goes to VNTS and Reviews. Kaguya showed some of the forums data, I'll add that walkthroughs are still big. And VNTL-Moon, oddly, is still getting traffic despite being woefully outdated and buggy.
  8. Hi everybody, It's been a while. I'll make a personal update post at some point, but for the moment I'm posting to ask our users to take the first of what may be a series of surveys we put out this Summer. This first survey is essentially an open invitation to tell me exactly what problems are bothering you about the site, anonymously. My site work this Summer will be heavily influenced by this survey, so if you care about Fuwa and want to see site improvements, please participate. Survey Link: https://goo.gl/forms/DHWvWdmusKKXZBh43 I want to thank @Emi for a recent email, @Clephas for some recent posts in the forums I've read which gave me encouragement, all our moderators, @Decay for his patience with my crazy schedule and a soft VNTS pause, and all of our users for keeping Fuwanovel alive. Much love to all of you. Tay
  9. Nobody in their right mind would have recommended Hoshizora. So I'm going to say it's a bug.
  10. Nothing big or front-facing, but lots of behind-the-scenes updates. Search will be wonky for a few hours, but in theory it'll be more effective at parsing threads than before. If you run into technical issues or your themes are bugging out, let me know. In theory everything should be fine, but we all know that's not the Fuwa way.
  11. I watch it every week during VNTS. It makes me laugh every time.
  12. No major changes or bugs should be experienced. If you run into something, however, post them here and I'll take a look!
  13. We can play things by ear with the mods! People know this thread and will come here for a while after you release for feedback/questions/complaints/compliments/brandishing pitchforks/weeping with joy. No need to close it until you feel like you're ready to do so. Congrats on finishing -- looking forward to seeing how it all turns out! I remember fondly back in the day when I was tracking your project for VNTS by going to VNDB and checking for cryptic little edited comments. How far you've come!