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  1. Another tragically successful forums update. Not much to put here by way of changes just yet, but please let me know if you have weird bugs or problems crop up.
  2. Apparently the forums just updated. As far as I'm aware, nothing major was changed. All the same, made a thread for complaints/bug reports because that's my #brand.
  3. Going to do some theme updates this coming weekend, but didn't have time today. The spam issue took too long. Please ping me on Skype if spam doesn't improve.
  4. Unfortunately, my forum maintenance appears to have worked and everything is working. Please let me know if you run into bugs (because, frankly, there WILL be bugs). Rough Change log: Spam is dead? I think I fixed everything that was allowing for spammers to get in. Please keep an eye out, and ping me on SKYPE if things don't get better. This is a crazy week for me, and Skype will be the most reliable way to get me until Sunday when my exams end. A new moderator setting to restrict users from ignoring moderators. Thoughtcrimes detected and purged A new group setting to allow members to lock their own content. A new group setting to hide a group from filters in search. A secret group headed by you-know-who dedicated to hating on kittens and puppies was found and destroyed When moving content moderators are now prompted for where you want to be redirected after the action. Activity Streams can be created with condensed view as default. All users are equal, but some are now more equal than others. An email is now sent when an account is locked for too many bad login attempts. Rooke deleted. Again. Feedback is also appreciated, as always.
  5. So, as it turns out, a backup I initiated just a bit ago triggered a forums upgrade. Surprise? Anyway, I'm posting this really quickly to acknowledge that the world has exploded. I tried my best, but unfortunately I didn't manage break everything. I'm sorry. Search and some similar functions will be wonky for a bit while the software re-indexes the database. I'll post a feature update shortly into this post. New Features/Changes: If you signed up for two-factor authentication I've temporarily turned it off. IPB and I are arguing about one of the settings. I promise it's all in our best interest to continue the good fight until they fix this. Eventually I'll get this sorted out and you can have your 2FA back. A bunch of crap that doesn't apply to us because @Nayleen is a friggin champ and fixed HTTPS for us I think -- I think -- a thing they did fixed imgur embedding. I'll be testing this below. Wish me luck. Update: Imgur embedding is now fixed! You can post the url and it'll auto-embed (and give you a choice to make it a link instead of an embed) Stupid ACP updates This That Not that The other thing Imgur Embedding Tests (Simply pasting the url SHOULD auto-embed the image) JPG: GIF:
  6. Not sure if Nay cleared caches after the change, so I just did it. Try clearing your own (or use an incognito/private mode) and let me know how it fares.
  7. I'll pick Nay's brain about this!
  8. How's the project coming? Need anything?
  9. How's the project coming? Need anything?