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  1. So, as it turns out, a backup I initiated just a bit ago triggered a forums upgrade. Surprise? Anyway, I'm posting this really quickly to acknowledge that the world has exploded. I tried my best, but unfortunately I didn't manage break everything. I'm sorry. Search and some similar functions will be wonky for a bit while the software re-indexes the database. I'll post a feature update shortly into this post. New Features/Changes: If you signed up for two-factor authentication I've temporarily turned it off. IPB and I are arguing about one of the settings. I promise it's all in our best interest to continue the good fight until they fix this. Eventually I'll get this sorted out and you can have your 2FA back. A bunch of crap that doesn't apply to us because @Nayleen is a friggin champ and fixed HTTPS for us I think -- I think -- a thing they did fixed imgur embedding. I'll be testing this below. Wish me luck. Update: Imgur embedding is now fixed! You can post the url and it'll auto-embed (and give you a choice to make it a link instead of an embed) Stupid ACP updates This That Not that The other thing Imgur Embedding Tests (Simply pasting the url SHOULD auto-embed the image) JPG: GIF:
  2. Not sure if Nay cleared caches after the change, so I just did it. Try clearing your own (or use an incognito/private mode) and let me know how it fares.
  3. I'll pick Nay's brain about this!
  4. How's the project coming? Need anything?
  5. How's the project coming? Need anything?
  6. (Posted on the front site.) Hey everybody, hope you’re safe and doing well (and doing well in Final Exams, if that applies to you). This post is to brief you on the various initiatives I and other Fuwa team members hope to accomplish by the end of the year. Original VN Tracker Last month Batman announced that we were looking into tracking original visual novels (VNs) in an analogous fashion to VNTS and translated VNs. While I don’t want to spoil the specifics, I can confirm both my project prototype and database were completed and approved by the rest of the team. In essence, that means this project is about ready to roll, so please look forward to its launch later this month. Note to VN Devs: In the coming days/weeks we will be rolling out the listing standards and directed contact information. It’s difficult for me to track all of the devs which have contacted me on this issue, so please stay tuned for more information published to this site. I will not have policy or standards ready for you before that time. Year-End Surveys I’ve consulted with the math geeks who help me out each December, and I’m told the statistical models are ready. All that remains is for me to finish writing the surveys and pass them by volunteer editors for comment and feedback. I can’t promise an ETA, but I do plan on running the surveys for approximately one week (as is the usual for our year-end surveys). Games Database (Front Site) The games database will now focus on releases (original VNs; Licensed TLs; Fan-Translated Patches). My goal is to add entries near or at the same time as sitting down to complete VNTS posts. By December’s end, my goal is to have all 2016 releases added to the site. Lastly, while I do not have any progress to report regarding a true-database implementation, I can confirm that I am still actively working on this issue. For your edification, here is a nearly-complete listing of VN translation projects which were released in 2016. I believe we are missing only a handful. [ See post on front site for this table ] True Org Email with Unified Lists Clearly the sexiest update on the post: the email system for administrators and project leaders is going to be overhauled, and certain team members will receive complete org software (limited by cost). Year-End Public Report Once the surveys are completed, I will be posting a year-end report of the state of the site. I plan on breaking down traffic patterns, survey results, site finances, and planned action items.
  7. I'm attending a funeral today as well, but my sense of loss isn't as pronounced as losing a dad. I'm so sorry for your loss. I think you noted something very wise in your OP. When we are faced with tremendous loss, the narratives we construct to cope are fragile. I don't know the depth of your mourning, but I've known you for a while and I've seen what a thoughtful person you are and can infer how difficult this must be. The only advice I can offer is to consider a stronger narrative -- that of your dad's life and how he lived it. The type of person he was when you knew him -- quirks and humor and warts and all the rest -- didn't die with him. That's something we give to those around us, and outlives us all. So what sort of narrative was his life? What would he want you to do this afternoon? Chances are, if you were close to him, he'd want you to let yourself mourn and feel whatever it is you are feeling -- without judgement -- and take things a day at a time. Today doesn't have to be a celebration if it doesn't feel like that to you -- you'll have years and years to grasp and celebrate what he left you. What this boils down to, I suppose, is that the celebration of your dad's life isn't -- and cannot -- be contained in an afternoon. It's going to crescendo in the years to come. Today? Today is for feeling whatever you end up feeling (even if that's numbness for a time), without judgement, and appreciating the coming-together of friends and family in remembrance of a good man.
  8. It's on my list! Thank you for bringing it up.
  9. Hey everybody, We did a forums update today. If you run into bugs, problems, or want to leave feedback, please put it in this thread. The software update included the following items: Better Analytics Integration Tag Quick Edit Default Warning Notes Custom RSS Feeds Word and Link Filters Leaderboard Moderation Improvements Security and Privacy Embeds and Integration
  10. We'll get you added to VNTS this week : ).