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  1. Rolled everything back. Will wait for theme updates. You're safe for now, Fuwa.
  2. I lied. The update is happening NOW. Please panic.
  3. Forums update will be installed tonight at 8:30 PM EST. Weird time, I know, but c’est la vie. IPB 4.5.2 Stuff copy-pasted from Invision: Major New Features / Enhancements - New Front-End Design - AdminCP Dark Mode - Site Statistics, Search Insights, and Club Statistics - Marketplace now built into the AdminCP - Mobile App for iOS and Android (Beta) - Zapier Integration for Invision Cloud Communities UPDATE: Delaying update until the theme developer updates our themes. The update went fine, but 4.5 has a few rather large changes behind the scenes and our 4.4 themes aren't going to cut it. Rolled everything back to how it was pre-update. Shouldn't be too long before they're updated and we can try again.
  4. 8/25/2020 Update: Looking into the Spectrum bug. Fixed all the problems sent in the group DM on Discord Added NookGaming to the front site reviews hub
  5. Thanks for posting the announcement, Meru!
  6. Welcome! That reminds me that I need to go fix the formatting for my Fate/Stay Night walkthrough in the walkthroughs section...
  7. Tay

    Hello there

    Welcome! And I appreciated your comment on the meta thread the other day!
  8. This would be huge for me. I'm transferring to a new hospital starting next week and have over an hour of commute each way. I could definitely start there. Is there one audiobook you especially liked & would recommend?
  9. For those keeping score, I am still slowly going through the front site updates. Should be done within a few days. Eventually I'll be done with it and we can move on to more important things like community direction. Still here. Just cranky about the front site.
  10. Got burned out by organizing front site updates. Will resume tonight. Zaka will have his gosh darn shiny buttons.
  11. These LitRPGs are a bit of an acquired taste. Working on the Seeds of Chaos. Not giving up, just feel like a wanderer in a strange land.
  12. Going to download the Chaos Seeds right now. Can't wait. Edit: Apparently I own the first one, already, but never got around to starting it. Exciting!
  13. Invision killed the feature. Link: https://invisioncommunity.com/forums/topic/451296-next-unread-topic/?do=findComment&comment=2788500 I messaged them to see if there was a way for us to restore the functionality.
  14. Spectrum and Infinite Stomach are good options for those who can’t hack the glory of FuwaFabulous! At a certain @Mr Poltroon’s suggestion, made a message about this to pop up on everyone’s browser.
  15. (Regarding profile customization previously locked behind backer status) I imagine this will roll out to everybody soon. Backer contributions were very helpful for a while, but the donation system is largely gone right now (save those who are still willing to contribute on PayPal) and I know people want those sweet, sweet profile customization options. Glad to hear it! Any performance issues anyone has, at all, please report! (And report it here, not in Discord, as it's easier for an old guy like me to track) May be a caching issue, or may be intentional from Invision. We'll know in twelve hours or so if it's a cron job that hasn't completed or if it's built into IPB. If I haven't written back about this, specifically, tomorrow, re-post and bug me about it until I do.
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