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  1. Moege "Kimi to Yumemishi" for free!

    Phantom Triggered.
  2. Moege "Kimi to Yumemishi" for free!

    🤔 Are they saying that no new content has been added or and nothing's been removed, but porting it to a different engine has affected the performance? Google Translate just spits out contradictory translations about it being the same yet different from the original release.
  3. Moege "Kimi to Yumemishi" for free!

    ayy using pixiv to surf porn finally paid off \o/
  4. Oh, yeah, definitely. IIRC, Lilith even says to Setsuna that they could bang at the end of her route, and it kinda ticked me off, since it was like rubbing salt in the wound. Don't tease h in an all-ages game, it's not fair (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
  5. Been around for almost 5 years now. AMA.

    How did you get into Japanese entertainment? Was there a specific anime or manga that got you hooked? How did that lead to you discovering VNs? When did you watch Naruto, and do you regret doing so? Also, can you make a list cataloging the top 50 Top 50 VNs You Should Read Before You Die threads? I need to read more of them, but they're just so hard to find
  6. Gamecube recommendations

    I second the recommendations for Wind Waker and Twilight Princess. They're both amazing Zelda games, and absolutely worth experiencing at least once.
  7. Recommend me a book!

    Not exactly classic lit, but I always like to suggest Catch-22.
  8. Nuki Doki! Tenshi to Akuma no Sakusei Battle - Revolution.
  9. Yep, I was wrong on that one. I went back and checked, and he was referring to SakuSaku itself, not translation in general. If you actually go back and read what I said, I said those mistakes sounded like ones that someone with a subpar grasp on English would make, not that Akerou is incapable of properly understanding English. That would be understandable if it was one of a few errors, except that the rest of the script is riddled with them. I never claimed that native speakers were inherent gods of the English language. Most people I know that struggle with it are native speakers, in fact. However, I don't think anyone is going to claim that non-native speakers don't tend to struggle with certain parts of the language more than the average native speaker. The saying, if it's the one that means "to make no progress despite making an effort", is actually "spinning our wheels". Searching google with "spinning on our wheels" only really comes up with results for "spinning our wheels". The only results that appear when searching for results containing the exact phrase "spinning on our wheels" are blogs, and I wouldn't trust the average blogger to know good grammar or the proper usage of idioms. Uh...I specifically noted that there wasn't any proof he was directly responsible for any of those lines. That doesn't make it any less incorrect or awful-sounding. You can't just swap in synonyms and have sayings still be correct. Let's face it, he was the lead translator on both SakuSaku and Hoshimemo, and both releases weren't all that good. Hell, you even admitted that SakuSaku's release wasn't that great. It's not that absurd to look at both releases and think that the people they have in common, which we know to be at least Akerou and you, might be the cause. Was it just a fluke that both TLs were mediocre?
  10. Ehhh...the main translator of both SakuSaku and Hoshimemo's TLs (and now NekoNyan), Akerou (aka Christian Ehrmanntraut) has stated several times that one of the reasons he got into translation was to polish his English, which isn't his first language, as he's German. That doesn't necessarily mean that everything he produces will be crap, but looking at several parts of Hoshimemo's TL, it makes a lot of sense. Some of the strange phrases that Fred highlighted in his review, like "I relish in my memories", "spinning on our heels", and "stroke of sharpness", sound like things someone with a sub-par grasp on English would think makes sense. People that haven't fully mastered a language tend to struggle with idioms, slang, and other parts of a language that are more complicated to learn than the easier, more logical parts, like grammar and sentence structure. Now, there's no way to prove that he translated those lines himself, or was even responsible for them at all, but I'd argue that signs like that should at least make people wary of anything they produce until they actually have a product out that people can evaluate. If their translations are good, I'll be more than happy to buy their VNs, but I won't do so until they prove themselves. I'll repeat what I said in the Sol Press thread: it's a good idea to wait for results before buying VNs from a newly-formed translation company.
  11. 18+ or All ages version? (No, it's not about Dies Irae)

    I'm going to post this every day until you read it
  12. 18+ or All ages version? (No, it's not about Dies Irae)

    I didn't even bother to read the 18+ version. All-ages has voice acting, higher quality art that's less potato-y, animations (nothing drastic, but they still look really nice), and virtually intact h-scenes. Pretty much better in every conceivable way. I recommended it to you a year ago and you still haven't read it (╯)╯︵ ┻━┻
  13. I finally got that blue username...
  14. It seems like they're just doing PR work for them. Can't confirm that, obviously, but they're not working on the TL, at least. delet this Last time I suggested that, I got shit on for being a cynic
  15. I, for one, prefer machine tls. They'll always be inherently superior to liberal translations because machine tls don't take as many liberties with the script, and as such, get much closer to the original jp, word for word. The closer to what the author originally intended, the better. EDIT: KoiRizo had a function in the backlog where you can jump back to any line and have the sprites return to their original positions for that line and replay the voiced lines, almost like mini-save points for every single line. I really wish that was standard.