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  1. Sol Press announces 'Newton and the Apple Tree'

    I'd still really recommend setting the Kickstarter updates to public. It's a good idea to let as many people as possible see this type of news in as many outlets as you can. It's also easier for me to just find the Kickstarter, and I'm pretty lazy : P As Silvz said, linking to your dev blog is not against the rules. As long as you don't spam the link in multiple threads over and over and over again without contributing anything else, I can guarantee that you have nothing to worry about. Might want to do a quick read through of Fuwa's rules, btw, if you haven't already. Only other relevant rules that might affect you guys, besides spam (which I doubt you'd even come close to violating), would be posting embedded NSFW content in the forums, and the loli/shota rules. I'd hope you wouldn't post torrents or other illegal content, considering what your business is I don't even tell most of my friends that I watch normal anime, man Publicly confirming I like anniemay tiddies would be unimaginable. I hope that develops. I'm definitely not alone in preferring a non-Steam distribution platform. I don't expect anything anytime soon, considering how new you guys are, but I hope you invest in that eventually.
  2. Sol Press announces 'Newton and the Apple Tree'

    Thanks for responding. I'm sorry if I came across as overly negative. I'd highly recommend setting Kickstarter updates to public. I can't see any of these updates because I didn't back your project. As far as I knew up until now, the only staff working on Sakura Sakura are listed on the website you made. Attaching well-known names to your translation does quite a bit to help perception, and hiding that from non-backers does nothing to help you. Are there any plans to create your own distribution platform for 18+ VNs, like MangaGamer's site or Sekai Project's Denpasoft brand and site? I don't really like downloading and patching VNs on Steam because I don't really want other people I know in real life knowing I read VNs, and I don't want the hassle of having multiple Steam accounts. If the VN is good enough and there's literally no other option, I just buy it anyway, but having to do so irritates me. With something like SubaHibi, I'm straight up refusing to buy it on Steam because of the content that's associated with it. I don't personally care myself, but I don't want other people knowing that I consume that type of content.
  3. Sol Press announces 'Newton and the Apple Tree'

    I'm well aware that MG's earlier TLs were terrible. It's a pretty well-known fact around here and r/visualnovels, and to everyone that was in the visual novel scene when they started business. If they were still as bad as they were then, you wouldn't see me giving them a red cent. I'm not advocating that you should never forgive companies like MiKandi for mistakes that they've made in the past, just that it's generally a bad idea to go wild and throw money at companies in the hope that they'll churn out something worthwhile. MiKandi is making a seemingly good attempt to fix their reputation and translation, but quite frankly, I'm never going to give them my money again unless they can prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that they've learned from their experience and won't repeat the same mistakes. That was one of the worst pieces of writing I've ever had the chance to "experience", and it bums me out to think that I helped fund that garbage. When you produce something like that, you damage your brand, and that has serious effects on the future of your business. MG had to take drastic measures to fix their public perception, and rightly so. Like you said, their translations were atrocious. I'm sorry if I came across that way, because that wasn't my intention. It just upsets me to see things like Sakura Sakura get funded with nothing but a reportedly poorly translated demo as proof of a quality product. I don't believe in supporting companies that make a bad product in the hopes that they'll get better eventually, mostly because I value my time and money too much to do that, and it just feels wrong to me. I don't want to reward the creation of a bad product, even if the company is just starting out. All I'm suggesting is that people be slightly less trusting when companies have done nothing to earn that trust.
  4. Sol Press announces 'Newton and the Apple Tree'

    If anything, the titles Sol Press have been able to obtain indicate that they have a short reach when it comes to licensing deals. I think that they'd most likely be unable to obtain a license for a 07th Expansion VN, considering that both titles Sol Press have snapped up aren't very popular at all. Now, that relies on 07th Expansion asking for more for a license than companies like Hiqo Soft and Laplacian, but considering that the former has actual name recognition and a series of popular titles and the latter don't (at least in the west, anyway), that's almost guaranteed. MG is making actual progress on their backlog, and I wouldn't really say that's a factor against new acquisitions. All the major TL companies are making new licensing deals pretty much all the time, regardless of their release backlog. Hell, look at Sekai's backlog. I'd still recommend communicating to MG that you're interested in newer titles like Trianthology. No, you're not wrong, but Sekai has a track record of decent to great TLs. With the experiences I've had, if Sekai Project was just starting up now, I'd say the exact same things about them that I'm saying about Sol Press. There's no reason to assume that companies like Sol Press and OG Sekai Project are competent and will provide good products, and placing your trust in them is like playing Russian roulette with your wallet, you just have to hope that they aren't lying, that they aren't incompetent, and that they have the skills needed to deliver a quality translation. Pre-ordering VNs is bad for the exact same reasons that pre-ordering traditional video games is bad: it encourages bad business practices and is typically a bad deal for the consumer. I'm not advocating not giving them a chance, I'm saying there's no reason to throw money at them without results first. Ultimately, your money is your money, and you're free to do what you want with it, but all actions have effects. That's not what I said, though. I'm saying that people in this community should be more wary instead of just tossing money at every VN translation company that exists. More titles translated is always good, but I don't think it's worth it if they're poorly translated, because that almost always means that we'll never get a better one. After Libra, Taisho x Alice, and most of all, Moenovel, I really wouldn't suggest that being skeptical about new players in the industry is such a horrible thing. Feel free to imply that I'm a jaded, awful Negative Nancy, I really don't care. Doesn't really bother me in the slightest I never claimed to be an optimist.
  5. Sol Press announces 'Newton and the Apple Tree'

    Expressing your interest in newer 07th Expansion titles to MangaGamer would be much more productive than trying to get a different party involved. MG already has a relationship with 07th Expansion (Higurashi and Umineko), and have a proven track record of quality translations, and also doesn't rely on Kickstarter for every single title they want to release. I hate to be pessimistic, but I'd highly recommend staying away from anything Sol Press does until they release Sakura Sakura, especially if it's yet another Kickstarter. Remember the lesson we all learned from Libra? I don't have it in me to place my trust in untested companies that try to get by on the goodwill of the community without providing any sort of proof of translation quality or good track record. If I was to go off of their demo for Sakura Sakura, I'd be extremely hesitant to pick up anything they touch. The demo was subpar at best (I've heard it described as "poorly translated" by multiple people that actually know Japanese, and it was also pretty bad in the English department as well), and if their final product is of a similar quality, it's not something we should be supporting, in my opinion. I think we've gotten past the point of "any translation is a good translation", and can afford to be pickier. I'd argue that abominations like SakuraGame are spawned from that unhealthy line of thinking, and even more copycats will pop up unless we advocate for quality releases and refuse to accept anything less. Feel free to dismiss my worries as paranoia, but at the very least, please think twice before you pre-order. Every purchase you make is a vote of confidence and support in the company that supplies the product, and providing that support before you can see the quality of the product typically isn't a good idea. If Sol Press makes a quality product with a good translation, by all means, dump money on them, just try waiting for Sakura Sakura to be released and reviewed first. The small amount of money you'll save via pre-ordering on Kickstarter (which is what, $5-10?) won't matter much if it's a piece of crap, because then you'll still have overpaid for a piece of crap.
  6. Fate/Grand Order

    I finally pulled an SSR Saberface! Not Artoria, but I'll take all the Sabers I can get Also finally pulled Redman, but I wasn't excited enough to screenshot.
  7. Fuwanovel Confessions

    Confession: I think I need to up my dosage of depression medication. Lately I've been lacking any motivation to do anything besides go to work and play BotW, and I get bummed out really easily. The weird thing is that when I was off them entirely, I wasn't as depressed as I am now, and I started taking them again about a month ago.
  8. SakuSaku Info and Discussion

    Delayed yet again.
  9. NoraNeko heart

    Just thought I'd mention it anyway, in case "safe link" was referring to piracy. Most people don't read the rules before they start posting
  10. NoraNeko heart

    In case you didn't already know, Fuwanovel doesn't condone or support piracy. It's against the rules to ask for or provides links to pirated content. Feel free to post links to official sites, though.
  11. RPG/Strategy VN

    There's a PS2 emulator that works pretty well. You'll definitely need a USB controller, though; I just use an Xbox 360 controller and map the controls to the same button layout as the PS controller. No PS3 emulator out at the moment, though, so you either have to buy a PS3 or play the waiting game.
  12. I don't think I've ever actually deleted a VN that I intend to read or already finished I actually bought a bigger hard drive and an external drive just so I could store more VNs and anime.
  13. Can anyone identify this Image?

    It's from the VN Geki! Tokunou! Shiru Mamire ~Senpai ni Dashite Kakete Semen Darake~.
  14. Fate Visual Novel Can't seem to get it working

    Did you follow the setup instructions to a T? If you can't remember, try reinstalling while following this guide. I used that one, and it worked perfectly.
  15. Hatsukoi (First Love)

    Asking for or providing links to torrents is against Fuwanovel's rules. If you want to purchase it, you can buy it here (NSFW) for ¥2,980 (around $27.25 USD), or, if you'd prefer to buy from a more reputable site, it's also on Getchu (NSFW) for ¥1,490 (around $13.62 USD) and DMM (NSFW) for ¥2,980 (around $27.25 USD).