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  1. Lamunation! announced by Love Lab

    @meru any possibility of a standalone 18+ release? I personally don't like the whole "buy on Steam and patch the porn back in" approach, and much prefer buying 18+ VNs on more private platforms than Steam or GOG.
  2. Okay, enough is enough. No more "controversy" talk anymore, it's eclipsing the original topic of the thread. Almost 3+ pages of arguing? Nah. Take it to PM's if you guys desperately need to hash things out past this point.
  3. SakuraGames announced Midori no Umi

    wat It's SakuraGame's fault for not giving even the smallest shit about the quality of their products. They're machine-TL'ing scripts, and literally nobody is holding a gun to their head and forcing them to do so. The devs that work with SG and the customers that buy their games are partially at fault for enabling them, but the blame for the garbage SG craps out lies solely with the people producing it.
  4. What are you drinking?

    I kinda like the hard stuff, not gonna lie. I'll take shots of straight whiskey if I'm not feeling in a beer mood, and I've learned to like the less shitty brands of vodka. I do like beer too, though, but I mostly stick with IPAs, since ales are a bit too weak for my taste. I'm finishing up chapter 4 right now. I tend to get easily distracted when I read VNs, so I'm not that fast at reading them anymore.
  5. What are you drinking?

    A light hangover, which consisted of soreness, dizziness when I moved and general fatigue. Nothing a cup of coffee and some relaxation couldn't fix. I've been pretty lucky with hangovers so far, I've yet to experience a really bad one.
  6. What are you drinking?

    Not drinking anything at the moment, but I had multiple shots of vodka, an 805 and a spiked seltzer last night. Parties are fun
  7. Revamp Rules and Staff List

    If you stumble upon any piracy links or sexualized loli/shota content, please do report it. I tried in the past to remove all direct mentions of piracy sites and links in a bunch of old threads, but it was quite frankly exhausting. I spent hours and hours and hours doing nothing but that for several days before I got completely burnt out. I still remove them whenever I happen to find them, but I don't have it in me to crawl the entire forum removing every bit of infringing content. As far as I can tell, Kags and I cannot change that page. If I had to guess, only admins or users with powers over content on the main site can do that.
  8. Here's a post by Doddler, a tech guy that works on a bunch of official VN releases, in this reddit thread:
  9. Nope, not a loli. Feel free to post to your heart's content. Eh, Hibiki's not a loli, at least in my opinion, but I dunno if she'd be okay to post. Definitely shouldn't post any h-scenes of the other four girls, though, for sure.
  10. That's a no, dawg. No sexualized loli stuff allowed in any form. You can link to h-scenes of the non-loli characters, though.
  11. Best translation for CROSS CHANNEL?

    Ixrec/Amaterasu TL: weird "Japanese-y" sentences, reportedly butchers the prose and themes of the original VN, literal to the point of being borderline nonsensical at times GHS TL: so verbose even Polonius would tell him to shut the fuck up, 2deep4me, heavily modified to support GHS' weird view of the world Moenovel TL: literal shit. I wouldn't read this if it were the literary version of water and my eyes were on fire. If I had to pick one, I'd pick ixrec's TL every single time.
  12. Any good jrpg ?

    I second Rance 6 and Evenicle. They're both great. Utawarerumono is more of a tactical RPG than a straight RPG, but it's a great game, and the story is pretty damn good as well. If you ever played any of the Final Fantasy Tactics games, it'll be right up your alley.
  13. What Are You Watching: Movie and TV Show Edition

    I initially avoided them because I was afraid of Disney Disney-ifying them, and removing swearing, violence and sex jokes. Infinity War put those worries to rest (Quill actually says that Thanos has a nutsack for a chin lol), so I decided to go back and watch the rest of 'em. I liked them quite a bit, as a whole. TDW and AoU were meh and meh-er, but stuff like The Winter Soldier, Thor: Ragnarok and Infinity War made up pretty easily for them. It helps if you just shut your brain off and just enjoy the spectacle.
  14. What Are You Watching: Movie and TV Show Edition

    Watched virtually every Marvel movie, aside from The Incredible Hulk, because I don't give a shit about that one lol I originally watched Iron Man 1 when it first came out in theaters, and my next one was Infinity War. I went back and watched all the others after IW.