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  1. The vn community doesn't condone whatever you enjoy in the vns (unless machine TL's lol). And why should it? We are just a bunch of loosely connected people who enjoy a hobby. People starting to only read vanilla vns are doubtful to create less "dangerous" people. You might develop some messed up fetishes from playing vns. And you'll get off on this. This doesn't necessarily mean you'll feel aroused from actual people. Even less to act upon them. Sitting on my arse all day is prbly more harmful...
  2. Why Riddle Joker is Kongou's Bongos

    Truly glad I know you man, because this is one of the greatest pieces ever created by a dog's hands. I am impressed and somewhat tearful that this is out in the wild. To be seen by the unknowing masses. Not truly knowing the true value of riddle joker. Me being a part of the glorious church of 萌 I know this to be the truth and the only truth. Not to withstand the passage of time and perhaps even the burning fire of the purgatory of non-padded 少女. Truly. A masterpiece...
  3. What is wrong with reading a bad translation?

    Basically. Good work + bad TL = Bad work Bad work + bad TL = Bad work Good work + good TL = Good work Everyone is ofc free to enjoy whatever they want. But TL's destroying the quality of a work is rather sad.
  4. Got H-code for this game?

    It's normal conversion nowadays to use ITHVNR for the newer games. As it got a updated/new hooking engine and works better for new titles. So I recc you get that one.
  5. DiaboLiQuE / -デアボリカ- [Alice Soft]

    What the hell.. Alice Soft made this? Another kind of mindfuck haha. Nice review, nice gem you found.
  6. Most enjoyable VN's read this year?

    Soukou Akki Muramasa, without a doubt. Glad I finally managed to coerce myself to play it. It is one of the best vn's I've played.
  7. The best most epic most awesome JRPG ever made!

    Great post man! Alright, I've been wanting to try out a game on the Nintendo Famicom system. You gave me a excellent reason to try it out, thanks! Good to see you posting again~~
  8. Need some short VN suggestions

    That moment when you realize OP quotes everyone; besides you.
  9. Need some short VN suggestions

    Hanachirasu Dra†KoI 3# aside: Natsu no Kusari
  10. Shiko hate thread

    I heard he once transplanted a tree into another man's garden.
  11. I've met myself (´・ω・`)
  12. Do you love me, and swear to be my waifu?
  13. Hentai As An Art Form

    Those eyes of the octopus. Man. That is some kawaii stuff going on there, man. 10/10 art as well as made my jibbes go jibbery.
  14. Hentai As An Art Form

    I'd stand up and clap my hand if you were in my class. Nothing wrong with some nice hentai. Them social norms and all. Controlling what we should like or not.