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  1. As I see it vndb's rules are vague for a reason. As there is some leeway to adding and removing titles. A more unspoken rule is if the work in question is fits into the rest of the image of the entries in vndb. Which are as I see it, 2D sprites, a text box, story focused, mostly you spend time reading. While it feels quite weird to remove the last title in the zero escape series. It does diverge from overall image vndb has. Games from Eushully and Alice Soft might have more gameplay than say X game that got removed from vndb. Their games does fit in with the rest of the vndb titles imo.
  2. Whatever suits you the best man. I find the litrpg, English light cultivation edition books are quite nice. Just adds a different taste to it all than the normal kind of stats stuff. Oh. Recalled another cultivation one, it's more of a scruff/haha at most cultivation/societies. Maybe you'll enjoy that one. It's called The Dao of Magic.
  3. Alright hmm.. If you couldn't get into Chaos Seeds (this has a audiobook as well btw) which I'd consider a nice beginner series. If you want more action. Something like Reborn apocalypse or Shadow sun. If you want more world exploring/info-dumps prbly Completionist Chronicles. But if I'd say one. I'd go for first book in Reborn apocalypse series. it's just great.
  4. I can't really deal with static protags either. Chaos seeds is a somewhat unique in that it does the serious, but not serious feel really good. You've read some of them. I'd say Completionist Chronicles is similar. Also heard good things about The Realms. Level up or die is quite entertaining as well, although childish.
  5. Oh god, no clephas. Don't do this. That's how I felt as well when I started reading the litrpg books as well. Basically english isekai more or less. Many of the litrpgs have excellent audible audiobooks as well. I recommend trying those for those who don't want to read and prefer to listen. I personally tend to keep my eye reading to books that doesn't have audio books. Some other series I enjoyed were: Reborn apocalypse series, audiobook is really good I'd like to mention. The Voice actor has the very very dark and edgy voice going down so good. I grinned like a moron while I listened to it. Completionist Chronicles, good comedy, feels kinda like choas seeds in that regard and funky stat build going on in a weird world. The Wraith's Haunt, has the I am in isekai yaay, but combined with fatalism haha.
  6. A lot of things comes into play in rather hilarious ways when it comes to scores in vndb. The biggest divide is from TL readers and people who read JP. First the English readers. The highest scored vns are the ones that are tl'd and recommended to beginners. Beginners usually are easily impressed and give high ratings. As you read more and more, you tend to give lower scores and be more critical. So when you start to read more obscure titles, you'd give lower scores. You might or might not have scored the more obscure titles as a beginner if you read them early. Hard to say, as later on you choose things out of your normal reading range because you'd read everything else you wanted to read. Now to the Japanese readers. Although not universal, most people who for some reason decided it was a good idea to learn jp. Prbly has consumed so much weeb material they wanted more. So they usually are more picky or know very well what they enjoy. Moe loves will give 10/10 to moe stuff and wise versa for edgy or chuuni stuff. Or they might be more reading everything. Overall though I'd say they give lower scores averages. So basically. A low score title might be just low because the readers are more strict. Or it might just be bad. If someone has good taste and recommends it, usually it's the first. G-senjou was the first vn I read. Loved it at the time. Years later I tried reading it in JP. I found it enjoyable. But I didn't enjoy it nearly as much the 2nd time. As a afterthought. Afterwards I didn't bother changing my vndb score for the game. And I don't think many people do either. Even if their subjective taste change with time.
  7. Similar to chrono here. Wondered how and when it would be that I stopped reading vns. I haven't really do that yet. But after 8 years or so now. I can't really get into it anymore. At the very least, before I also think my goal of reading vns was a goal in itself. Because just reading vns just felt that good and enjoyable. Now. Its fun. But I can't get into it. Haven't really turned away from otaku culture though. Reading like 50+ vols of Light Novel's each year. Just having text honestly feels more comfortable than the game-computer elements, which I find in the way. I find that hilarious tbh. Because I remember I found books the reverse when I started with vns. Knowing myself though. I will prbly come back to vns again when I am bored of LN's. No idea when I'll totally stop though, 10 more years? haha.
  8. I can still remember the sound of the train going ka-chunk ka-chunk ka-chunk vividly. That feeling connected to that sound never really disappeared even years later. The reaction to living passively, making your live feel like a never ending boring train ride. I still get that feeling from time to time. I think when life feels to calm, easy and repetitive. It feels like I am on the train again. Back in high-school again. ka-chunk ka-chunk. Just different scenery. Mostly, for me the ka-chunk has been replaced with new kinds of existential anxiety as I got older. More manageable anyway, early life was more soul crushing imo. Tried playing the vn again a few months ago. But I couldn't get into it again. Partly because as you said I think. That kind of life is somewhat past us now. Also I'd note. I think that yume miru is a lot better than Catcher in the Rye. Which I read about same time. When I was about 19 years old as well. haha.
  9. I think this is a good development. Adding more features to vndb would be a good thing. As long as it keeps its database profile. https://vnstat.net/ and similar sites are nice and all. But its less a db, more a standard l gamelist site. Hopefully vndb will live another 10 years.
  10. The vn community doesn't condone whatever you enjoy in the vns (unless machine TL's lol). And why should it? We are just a bunch of loosely connected people who enjoy a hobby. People starting to only read vanilla vns are doubtful to create less "dangerous" people. You might develop some messed up fetishes from playing vns. And you'll get off on this. This doesn't necessarily mean you'll feel aroused from actual people. Even less to act upon them. Sitting on my arse all day is prbly more harmful...
  11. Truly glad I know you man, because this is one of the greatest pieces ever created by a dog's hands. I am impressed and somewhat tearful that this is out in the wild. To be seen by the unknowing masses. Not truly knowing the true value of riddle joker. Me being a part of the glorious church of 萌 I know this to be the truth and the only truth. Not to withstand the passage of time and perhaps even the burning fire of the purgatory of non-padded 少女. Truly. A masterpiece...
  12. Basically. Good work + bad TL = Bad work Bad work + bad TL = Bad work Good work + good TL = Good work Everyone is ofc free to enjoy whatever they want. But TL's destroying the quality of a work is rather sad.
  13. It's normal conversion nowadays to use ITHVNR for the newer games. As it got a updated/new hooking engine and works better for new titles. So I recc you get that one.
  14. What the hell.. Alice Soft made this? Another kind of mindfuck haha. Nice review, nice gem you found.
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