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  1. My fetish✧

    this is a good one. https://vndb.org/v2748 this companies focus is pregnant gals so keep your eye on them.
  2. as the title says. was thinking about this after re-watching an old series and never listened to its ed. after hearing it its pretty dope, yo. listened to it several times and is among my favs. was curious what you guys have listened to a billion times. the ed in question. listened to the fullmetal brotherhood op so many times. and for that piano opening alone i gotta put this on here.
  3. Kamidori Alchemy Meister Fullscreen Issues.

    oh really? hmm, not sure what to do then. i would just suggest accessing that secret menu again and mess with the settings there. sorry it wasnt much help. best of luck to you! its a great game.
  4. Kamidori Alchemy Meister Fullscreen Issues.

    i had the same issue not too long ago and tried this and it worked.
  5. Does Anyone Know This Visual Novel?!

    well theres only a small margin of visual novels with romance that take place in a high school but glad you found it.
  6. What were the worst vn's of 2018?

    as the title says. id contribute something but ive read only a handful of vns this year.
  7. What Tools Can I Use to Read Untled VNs?

    think i tried a virtual windows thing and didnt work.
  8. What Tools Can I Use to Read Untled VNs?

    now to somehow find a working link for atlas.
  9. What Tools Can I Use to Read Untled VNs?

    ive tried that but my browser just keeps telling me that my pc's date is wrong and it wont access the site until i revert it back.
  10. What Tools Can I Use to Read Untled VNs?

    it doesnt seem to work for some reason. can get it to run and connect to the exe but no translation at all. unless theres a newer version out there im not aware of or something.
  11. What Tools Can I Use to Read Untled VNs?

    ah shit, thats what i meant instead of chitrans. sometimes my anger for one resource melts into another and it just becomes confusing!
  12. with the upgrade with windows 10 from vista comes one major downgrade and thats im not able to get atlas working with windows 10 at all. ive tried using chitrans but its just ass. theres some kind of solution of like using google translate and your browser but i cant figure the extension out at all. its driving me nuts since theres sooooo much untled vns i have and want to read. help me obi-wan kenobi.
  13. Hello good,bye discussion

    thought you were saying goodbye and i was like "nuuuuuu!"
  14. Your once in a lifetime VN

    if my heart had wings.
  15. why are you making this thread like its the end of the year or something? looks at date