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  1. It's a sunny day in Seattle...

    yeah, i am. welcome!
  2. Pick your Fuwaifu! (2018 edition)

    im touched. of course i have to pick you as well. <3
  3. Share Your Technology Related Hijinks

    i did. downloaded some software that were supposed to fix it but nothing.
  4. Share Your Technology Related Hijinks

    er, well, there was a period where if i put my pc to sleep, it would crash the computer. fixed it now, though i cant remember what i did since this was long ago. now my biggest problem is sometimes vn op's wont play. ill just get a black screen and sound but ive accepted that this si just due to my incredibly out of date os.
  5. You are a pirate!

    ecchi, derg. hes secretly talking about getting his pc pregnant.
  6. Purple Software's Unique Take on Text Boxes

    this. I do like sprites, and i like their expressions. a tad annoying to constantly be looking up after and or before every sentence. purple softwares method makes it so I can look at the sprites more often and i approve.
  7. You are a pirate!

    i dont pirate but i know someone who does. someone whos constantly struggling with bills and such and cant buy all dez vns coming out but my friend has heard the weirdly high amount of annoyance that goes into owning a vn and downloading it after buying it, even from english releases. i of course try to teach him to not pirate vns, nonetheless.
  8. weird. also, im tired as i didnt really go into my reasoning behind preferring voices but it should be obvious. the performances. sometimes theres just a line delivery from the va thats just so repeatable. whether its just something cute, or was delivered well, i can find myself repeating the voiced moment over and over again. well, you just need to shove another vns voice pack in the files. like majikoi and katawa shoujo. doesnt make any sense but hey, its something!
  9. i prefer voices but dont mind reading when they dont. cant technically all vns have both versions, you just mute the voices?
  10. What VNs do you hope are announced for localization in 2018?

    none, cause i dont need em tled. idk, maybe the bishoujo series. or really anything illustrated by happoubi jin. just want him to get more recognition.
  11. Fetishes in VN/eroge

    im not against this. ah, glad i held off then. ...i mean, what? but yeah, i just read things that cater to that fetish really. not like i can get a gf pregnant and lust after her for 9 months than either dump her or knock her up again. tmi? also, i wanna say that euphoria doesnt cater to any of my fetishes. the few, and i mean very few, vanilla moments, yeah but most of it was not for me. i knew what i was getting into but read it anyways since i like clock up stuff. dont regret it. good vn.
  12. Fetishes in VN/eroge

    kind of curious what exactly you mean by this because the answer is pretty simple. i just continue to look for that specific type of fetish in vns or manga.
  13. Which VN should i read?

    voted for shinigami. underrated and a nice vn.
  14. Which VN should i read?

    oh really? the new one? i like this user if thats the case.
  15. Craziest Synopsis You Read for a Nukige

    wonder how many vns there are where a guys semen has saved the world?