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  1. What is your least favorite type of route plot?

    if they ever update the character models maybe one day but i have seen the animes. those i dont mind, except nagisas a bit but not as bad as others.
  2. What is your least favorite type of route plot?

    yeah, all these. they also kind of blend in together for me since they all involve the heroine potentially going away one day. whats annoying about the incurable disease is the goddamn fact that they never say what it is! just that they feint every once in a while and cough and the only way to cure is with love!
  3. Attack on Titan Final Season To Be Done By a Different Studio

    ive never seen it but from what ive heard people didnt like it.
  4. For those who are a fan of the anime that's been going on for 7 years at this point, not continuously, you might be interested to know that the WIT studio responsible for the 3 seasons so far will not be returning to animate the final season of one of the greatest animes this generation. Instead the project will be piloted by MAPPA who's responsible for Dororo, Yuri on Ice, Zombieland Saga and many more. Their quality has been pretty good which may calm those worried about previous examples of studio changes to animes that have only resulted in the product being worst such as One Punch Man, Date A-Live, and Highschool DxD. With the trailer being out now you can see for yourself the quality of the animation and judge for yourself but if that wasn't enough to give you relief let me just continue. Manga writer Hajime Isayama who worked alongside WIT studio during its production of AOT is also working alongside MAPPA for the final season. And as an extra bonus, the original composer will be working along theirs for the music and this is the best news in my opinion since AOT's music is God Tier. I still have my doubts for the quality, I mean, no matter what the final season is going to stick out like a sore thumb because of the obvious change in style and it's the last season but we'll see. I'll hope for the best but prepare for the worst. Also, for those who have seen Dororo, what do you think? Think Attack on Titan is in trustworthy hands? Leave a comment down below and don't forget to like and subscribe for........
  5. HII!

    hello, welcome, make friends.
  6. Grisaia no Kajitsu - Missing CG

    im assuming it has to do with amanes bad ending. gotta make a different choice at the end.
  7. Hello There

    @Fiddle GODDAMMIT YOU STOLE MY JOKE!! welcome and such.
  8. Katawa Shoujo, the queen of homemade VN

    katawa shoujo was a lot of peoples gateway visual novel and was for me a way to see visual novels as more than just nukige stories. i consider it vn of the decade because of how influential it was and its strange background. a vn from 4chan could've been terrible or great for meme reasons but it turned out to be a genuinely heartfelt story with a lot of passion put into it. as for favorite character i gotta go with hanako. lily is realy great and i loved the story but hanako is my absolute favorite.
  9. NSFW anime requests here, nowhere else.

    ...i can help you find jesus instead.
  10. Stories that surpass the original premise

    we're about to have some words. or not? idk, you turned it around as you went along.
  11. So I Bought a Switch

    alright, bought fire emblem. i feel like i bought it too soon cause i was already torn betwenn playing botw and animal crossing and now im torn with a third game to play. next purchase will either be mario kart, dragon quest XI, smash or mario odyssey
  12. So I Bought a Switch

    that is also on my to play list waifu? TEA? i need to buy this game asap
  13. So I Bought a Switch

    a resounding rec for dragon quest so i will get it. i planned to get xenoblade chronicles 2 for a while now.
  14. So I Bought a Switch

    i will definitely play it then
  15. So I Bought a Switch

    speaking of fire emblem, been eyeing fire emblem three houses. what are your/peoples thoughts on that game? would love to play some bayonetta 2 so may look at that one. forgot all about it tbh.