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  1. Which Vn is the best out of these three.

    gonna go ahead and start reading this asap
  2. Hi guys!

    yes, welcome. youll make a fine addition.
  3. Princess Evangile W Happiness Frames drop.

    hey, i found out what the problem was. had to delete the userdata folder in the game files. after that it asked me to create a new one and asked me a bunch of questions. i guess you should do this if youre having the same problem.
  4. yeah, for some reason the fan disk drops frames like crazy. not sure why. ive tried playing it without anything running in the background but still, crazy frame drops. any solutions?
  5. so years and years ago i read a vn called hitomi my stepsister. it was one of the worst vns ive ever read! but one thing that i really liked about it and have never seen since was that the vn starts when the two meet. at first shes very shy and weary of him but slowly starts to open up and trust him. i would like to read a vn with something similar to hitomis set up. where they meet, the girl is really shy and she begins to really embrace having the mc as a brother. maybe a little more happens later?
  6. Derg's life in Japan - Culture Shock -

    takes a note. never go to Japan. O_O
  7. Like what? I used to do that but I just have soooo many vns to get through that I know I won't go back to them.
  8. Tell me about. Solid h in that one. also a good vn.
  9. Hello Senpais~!

  10. starts plotting things.
  11. ......FORGET IT!!! none of you know the pain of diliberapting for days on what vn to delete because you only have 2 gig's left and must make a choice. I HATE YOU ALL! IM RUNNING AWAY!
  12. That sounds like thinking to me..... HE'S A WITCH!!!