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  1. Question for those who have read Kanojo to Ore to Koibito to

    can confirm what phantom said, about half way with the common route, maybe a little less. first choice will be a few more hours from where youre at. if you have the anime sprites version, you have the version with hte little sister route which is accessed in the main menu. wouldnt recommend, as for loli little sister routes go, this one bugged even me.
  2. Akari from if my heart had wings. look at that face. plus, shes shown interest in the mc. YOU CANT DO THIS PULLTOP!
  3. Site Work 03/17/19

    dont worry, i got your back fam.
  4. What's your favorite VN/Anime OP?

    favorite vn op is the one for majikoi A+. final fan disk for the majikoi series that wraps up nicely with an op to mark the end. making references to the previous fd's with cgs, characters, and more! all your favorites are in it with the fd's main song playing! whats not to love!? favorite anime op is probably the first one for full metal alchemist brotherhood. listened to this like a hundred times. i usually skip ops when first watching an anime as i like to be surprised by the characters making an appearance but when i heard that guitar and piano kick in with the lyrics, i was hooked.
  5. Whats the appeal of ntr?

    those stories i cant sympathize with the mc at all. some stories are just there to be some level of ntr and for faps.
  6. Anyone tried reading Majikoi with MTL?

    yes, exactly. .....no, wait!
  7. Anyone tried reading Majikoi with MTL?

    ive literally read every majikoi vn with a machine translator. first one wasnt done and the original tl team just disappeared so i finished with a machine tl. same with the second one. tl took forever for the A series so i read those with a machine tl. i got the jokes, i got the drama so dont listen to the "elites" as its acceptable with a machine tl.
  8. Whats the appeal of ntr?

    listen, its normal for a girl to not think that as soon as those pics are uploaded on the web that there would be no repercussions for the guy at all. its normal to think that rape doesnt get taken seriously by the police. i remember reading this one manga that for whatever reason was labeled as ntr. it was about a guy who likes a girl, confessed but got rejected. other guy comes in and makes his move on the girl. later in the story he meets someone else and thinks about asking her out but we find out she's been sleeping with the same guy. not sure why this is ntr considering that hes not together with either of these girls, one of which he was rejected by. this guy doing the ntr isnt with the girl he confesses to when he confesses to either. weird.
  9. Hello!

  10. i tend to skip op's and ed's for the most part. they show characters usually who havent been introduced yet.
  11. Best funny anime?

    full metal panic had me cracking up.
  12. Manga that has mature themes?

    i read it for the faps. but if you do read imako system, like saint said read until the end.
  13. Manga that has mature themes?

    fyi, imako system is a mature manga. and i mean, REALLY mature manga. like the kind that you dont want others to know youre reading kind, if you know what i mean. .....its hentai. one that i can think of is sundome. deals mostly about sex and a bit of s&m. pretty good read.
  14. Whats the appeal of ntr?

    one of those people, huh? i like this.