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  1. VN with a cheating route.

    well, like i said, the vn is called "kotori love exp" and it includes da capo but it makes it so its impossible to get a good route unless its kotoris. the disk focuses solely on the mc's relationship with kotori. it includes some fan disks that have and havent been released before. if you want, you can skip ahead to the last one so you can see their marriage.
  2. VN with a cheating route.

    well, if you wanna be a real monster, theres a route in kotori love exp where youre happily married and have the option to cheat on your loving wife in one of the fan disks.
  3. If my heart had wings

    yeah, theyre different. i think kind of the overall goal is the same with each route, seeing the morning glory but since the routes focus on different girls their reasoning for doing so are different. if youre worried that theyre the same in the sense that the route plays out like kotoris just a few line and cg differences, then theres nothing to worry about.
  4. Maitetsu - any after content?

    i am not as a friend of mine has looked into it and says there are extra content for maitetsu. as far as them being released in english, idk.
  5. Maitetsu - any after content?

    well, i dont know about those images you saw but i do know there are like dlc for maitetsu. content released later for the base maitetsu vn.
  6. i found a parody flash game for love hina online (didnt know it at the time) that had dating sim elements in it. if you get the girls love meter, or whatever, at 100% you unlocked a code to have a dress mode and basically make em nude. me being a horney teenager, even the idea of ms paint boobs made me jack. so, i figured id try to find something similar to that. i looked around until i landed on a site that had the word "free" in it. being naive, and not really intending to pirate, i downloaded some vns and played them. the two i got was "x-change" and "do you like horney bunnies." dylhb i couldnt get to work because i didnt know about daemon tools so i played x-change first. and thus, my adventure began.
  7. Ever played a VN twice?

    if my heart had wings, majikoi, kamidori alchemy miester. probably others but yeah, ive done it. think i read nekopara twice. if its something i enjoy i do but rarely nowadays since i have limited amount of space and need to read others vns. ignore the fact that im currently re-reading if my heart had wings with the new translation
  8. Hello! ♥

    hello and welcome! yuri huh? we dont get enough of those so more developers for them are welcome. hope you make some new friends and like it here!
  9. E

  10. Presentation and Greetings

    might want to put the pic in spoiler as it is nsfw. also welcome. looks nice art wise. best of luck
  11. Moenovel announces next Title

    "ooh, look at me! im derg! im an official tler now!" NOBODY CARES! ...but looking forward still to that mg yuri vn.
  12. Meanwhile, in Australia...

    yeah, seems weird. and this is coming from me!
  13. Moenovel announces next Title

    youll be mislead, ill tell you that much. worst advice you want is from someone whos very pretentious.
  14. Moenovel announces next Title

    with this announcement we will wait at least a year for its release, and then ill wait like 4-6 for its retranslation.... worth it. fuck moenovel and their all ages stance on vns.
  15. Revamp Rules and Staff List

    i mean, they have a good point. if youve seen these loli pics then why havent you reported them? is it solely for the purpose of "Look how useless the mods are allowing something that isnt allowed on the forums" that seems a bit unfair and hypocritical to complain about said subject and not do anything about them.