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  1. Hi!

    welcome. make friends and such!
  2. Your Favorite VN of 2019?

    as the title says. id give mine but idk what even came out in 2019. idk, boobs fantasy 2 or something, idk.
  3. List of notable Visual Novel related discords as of 2020

    i keep forgetting sekai project is a thing until im reminded of them.
  4. i guess katawa shoujo maybe? a western release made by a group of people off of 4chan couldve been forgettable and nothing major but it turned out to be a well written vn. it was also many readers gateway vn into the medium. i remember after reading KS i had a different perspective on vn's. they can be inside looks into characters going through personal turmoil and growth who are all in a way messed up.
  5. I haven't Created a Post on Fuwa At All This Year

    haha, oh you guys! we all have fun here.
  6. i brought this up because one of the routes seems to kind of hinting that possibly one of the heroines might be the mc's mother just at a younger age. they havent outright said it but if its so, he isnt aware of that possibility and neither is she. as i was reading this i was wondering if there had ever been a vn where the mc was his own father through like time travel? i know this is fucked up beyond all reasoning but i mean, i fucked women versions of chris columbus, genghis khan, oda nobunaga, billy the kid, etc, etc because of a vn so its not entirely out of the realm of possibility.
  7. New Year Resolutions?

    survive until next year
  8. Happy new year

  9. they most certainly will. and with half life alyx coming out for VR, much like how half life 2 set the bar for first person shooters, alyx may just set the bar for VR games.
  10. this got way darker than i was hoping.
  11. I guess it's my turn now..

    welcome! make new friends, and stuff.
  12. Me personally, im looking forward to some robotic parts. may start with my left index finger, it could be longer.
  13. Massive Forehead

    why are you the way you are?
  14. Most obscure VN you'd like to see translated?

    https://vndb.org/v11071 its very weird that the translator has skipped this one altogether in favor of its 4th entry. i get that its good but this one is great as well. its the second one in the series that i think people should read but the translator has decided to go out of order with this series.