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  1. Does anyone here watch (modern) anime English dubs?

    get out and never speak of this again. i dont listen to dubs by default. sometimes ill switch over when im curios about them but most of the time i dont like what i hear. unless laura bailey is involved. one punch man stuck out as a pretty solid dub with some weak points, mainly genos. i think the voice actors for attack on titan are good but even so, i wont ever listen to it, mostly because i hate what the dub writers and directors done with it. they made mikasa more sarcastic instead of blunt, eren is more self blamey. and one scene i knew how they would change it before i even saw the ep and they did. in one scene theyre cleaning up bodies after a big disaster and one of the soldiers recognizes one of the fallen. he is distraught with grief and cant believe hes dead. a lady comes by who im guessing is in charge in some way or another and asks for the fallen soldiers name. in his grief he ignores her and tries to find answers on what happened when she asks again. he looks at her in annoyance like "cant you understand what im fucking going through right now?" and she responds in a firm but calm tone that they need to finish their current duty in order to avoid disease and another potential disaster. she doesnt say sorry because its a job they have to do now and grieving comes later. ofc i knew they would include her saying sorry to him in the dub. i know it seems liek a minor detail but they change a lot of shit all the time for no reason. one scene comes off as confusing because of how its said in the dub when it was supposed to tell a very detailed and important message.
  2. Any female VN fans in our little community?

    >.> okay!
  3. Any female VN fans in our little community?

    yes. time to sacrifice kurisu-chan. to what? idk, but he is an abomination. >.>
  4. Error VNR kanojoxkanojoxkanojo

    when trying to read it, i used ithvnr and it worked with no issues. dont think i used an h-code for it either. https://github.com/mireado/ITHVNR/releases hope that works for you.
  5. oh fucking nice! this is some good, no, great, no, EXCELLENT, NO WONDROUS NEWS!!! looking forward to this, to say the least.
  6. Little busters PE is on steam

    "But not the one it deserves." -Spider-man
  7. huh, looks pretty cute... i was 100% on board until i saw you would play as a male character. now im not a yuri elitist or anything but i just went in expecting it to be a yuri vn and got excited. now im like 80% on board. love the art style and the character designs. best of luck on this and cant wait for its release.
  8. Immediately Satisfying Anime (for teens)

    elfen lied. jk, try say i love you. someone recommended usagi drop and i gotta second that one. just tell her not to read the manga if she ever gets the urge.
  9. VN against Loneliness

    katawa shoujo. its about a young man sent away to a new school after months of feeling completely alone and discovers love and friends in the new environment. the art is nice, the writing is great and so is the music. the music is very soothing to the ears.
  10. To Play or not to Play?

    lol, im not an ntr lover and i can say that those two routes are my favorite in those vns. in a profile miou's route is last so if its bad maybe youll enjoy the other routes? both yuka's and mious routes are hard to stomach for reasons i cant state for spoilers but they are a an enjoyable read for sure in the end. and yuka's route in crescendo isnt the only route and isnt mandatory. the other girls routes arent bad so again, you might like those to make up for hers if you do have a hard time with her route. bottom line, give them a read. and yes, keep in mind they do have happy endings.
  11. Older Sister/Mother Heroine

    OMG! I FREAKING LOVE HER! makes me wanna stop everything and read it now. >.<
  12. Introduction Thread [Gone Wrong] [Gone Sexual]

    thats just..... :zadorg:
  13. Can Too Many Choices Ruin Your VN Reading Experience?

    oh? is that the ending where
  14. Can Too Many Choices Ruin Your VN Reading Experience?

    you are a wise sage, sir. i think we can all agree that you have enlightened us with this in depth answer. thank you for taking the time to write this down for us all to see. we are not worthy.