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  1. Sekai Project Anime Central (ACEN) 2019 Announcements

    when was the last time they released something?
  3. ...please tell me there isnt any anal sex in it...
  4. [Spoilers] Avengers Endgame Discussion

    maybe? idk anymore. be weird if they didnt. past thor is just without his hammer the whole time.
  5. [Spoilers] Avengers Endgame Discussion

    also, i think its a bit funny how this movie and infinity war basically undid everything the writer of thor ragnarok did with thor. he got his eye back, his hammer back, and his hair back. only thing missing was getting asgard back.
  6. [Spoilers] Avengers Endgame Discussion

    it was but idk, just felt like the same thing weve seen over and over again. rich guy whos incredibly intelligent and arrogant suddenly loses everything and goes through hardship while trying to connect with the woman he loves. he goes on a journey to become less arrogant and face a boring villain. love his interactions with the other avengers. great to see him in ragnarok and interact with thor. then avengers with tony, the gaurdians, spider-man.
  7. [Spoilers] Avengers Endgame Discussion

    ....whos kraglin? well tony was pressed for time really. it was a battle between everyone on thanos side against everyone on avengers side. if thanos side got the gauntlet it could potentially mean the end of their entire universe. tony couldve waited for someone more powerful to get the stones or gauntlet from him but its something he couldnt afford to wait for.
  8. Majikoi Agave (True Ending) Route Length

    close to the length of the main heroines routes though im sure agave is a bit longer than any of theirs.
  9. [Spoilers] Avengers Endgame Discussion

    really? i didnt get that at all. i know i complained about a lot of it but i enjoyed it. felt like a good end of an era with the potential for new beginnings. hmmmm, i dont think i liked it as much as infinity war now that i think about it but i thought it was a good end. i mean, couldve been a looooooooot worst.
  10. [Spoilers] Avengers Endgame Discussion

    i would rather set fire to my crotch which im sure brie larson would enjoy. the cunt is entitled and stuck up and said she didnt want a bunch of white men with beards to see her movie because their opinion didnt matter. she is an idiot and unlikable and i dont want to support the spoiled cunt in anyway. again though, last movie seemed like it was setting up something with hulk going into hiding but it never does. hulk also barely does anything in this as far as fighting goes. i was hoping for some kind of scene where banner and hulk connect in some way. maybe how hulk has been making banner afraid for years for how strong and unstoppable the hulk can be. idk, something with that plot line. as for galactus, i feel like it doesnt really matter if he is stronger than thanos. thanos did win and he beat pretty much every avenger in hand to hand combat. sure they reversed his snap but he still did something on a universal scale while everyone fought to stop him. galactus cant really top what he did unless it was to kill the entire universe but even then it wouldnt feel as good. thanos was built up for 7 years in the avengers, he couldve been a huge let down but he turned out to be the best part of infinity war, i just dont see how they could top that in anyway. again, i just cant see it that way. the character change from serious to plucky was way too drastic for me and i could never fully enjoy and that ramped it up in endgame.
  11. So, i went to see this today finally and really enjoyed it. i still think the inclusion of captain marvel was one of the strangest things in the movie. basically her scenes were "hi im here... okay, byyyyeeeee." until the end when she still doesnt do much. sure she stops the ship from raining down fire on everyone but i still feel her involvement in the movie was really shoehorned. sadly the movie was spoiled for me in two areas which wouldve been awesome to not known these but one was, iron man dies, i knew that. some no life cunt on a stream decided to just spoil it for no reason. it wasnt even a marvel gaming stream, no one was talking about endgame. he just picked a random stream because the no life could do that and just spoiled that death. also i knew captain america was finally gonna pick up that hammer because it was in a thumbnail for a video that some dumb kid made that was like "captain america vs thanos fight in legos." maybe neither of these couldve happened but it was still in my mind as i was watching and they happened and they did nothing for me. had someone link a video on why spoilers dont ruin your favorite things and i stand by my statement that that video is just plain wrong. anyways, im gonna talk about each character. honestly looking back i sort of dont care but again, im pretty sure it only has to do with the fact that i was spoiled to two major events in endgame so my excitement and enthusiasm on the discussion (despite being the one starting it) has died a little. first off, captain marvel, i hate her still despite never seeing captain marvel and never will. her actress is a snotty, stuck up cunt and she made it so i lost all interest in captain marvel. her character is boring and bland and can never be wrong. whenever someone had something snarky to say to her she always had a quick retort and was in the right. again, shes boring. shes op but i am glad that she didnt one punch thanos, although it did come close. im glad her screen time was so little that ant man would be jealous. clint, aka hawkeye. i enjoyed his turn in this and the beginning with him. it was so quiet and peaceful and just a normal day until thanos snapped his fingers. dont know how its day in africa where wakanda was and day in america but whatevs. i liked the touch of not showing his family dissapear even though we knew exactly what happened, it added to the cluelessness and sort of helplessness that clint was feeling. dont have much to say about this character but i liked what they did with him. thor. alright this one while funny was kind of disappointing. he had the most badass moment in infinity war and they reduced him to a joke. a funny joke but still. remember infinity war when he took on the full force of a sun to melt the metal required for his axe to kill thanos, the titan who destroyed half his people and killed his brother? remember him traveling through the bifrost to arrive on wakanda (even though he shouldnt have known where it was or what was going on) and wrecked shop? all kind of reduced to a joke. i get people like thor ragnarok for its light heartedness and changing thor from a serious bland hero to one a bit more stupid and lively but i never liked the change, at least not to the degree they did and it was kind of worse here. antman. great part of the movie. hes like dr strange for me, hes great with the avengers but not so great in his own movies. i like them alright but he shines as part of the team. i liked his interactions with captain america, hulk, all of them. he was great in general. not much of an arc in this but he was the key to everything. i will say, i feel kind of bad for the daughter in the first two movies. she was great and cute and is now replaced because she didnt grow up fast enough. sorry kid. hulk. okay, what the fuck? so the last movie the hulk didnt want to come out for some reason (they never establish why) and then hes just gone. i mean, hulk was still a being with his own personality. maybe they didnt want to use that horrible voice changing effect with him anymore. seriously, how was it so bad in ragnarok? it sounded like on of those videos where the pitch is meant to be all over the place aka bad for humor. anyways, it was just weird. also, the fuck with nat? like, this build up from ultron and iw and nothing happens with them? not even a line of "we tried and we couldnt make it work." speaking of nat black widow. meh. i mean, idk, i just didnt care she died all that much. i get she kind of needed to out of the two, as noble as clint wanted to be, he would put his family through what he went through. iron man um,i honestly dont remember much from him. i remember things but nothing stuck out for me as defining moments i guess. of course he got a daughter, he saved the world (though why he couldnt just steal the stones and hide them til captain marvel woke up is beyond me but meh. another reason why she was pointless in this movie) and dies. again, wasnt sad, saw it coming. i wish there was more of a moment with steve and tony where they just sit and talk. i felt their resolution was over pretty fast. they argued a bit for sure but then they made up. i get they needed to work together for the mission but i wish there was more to it with them considering how important they were to the team and what they meant to each other. thanos. he was alright in this one. infinity war was basically the thanos movie but here his part was a bit lessened. he was basically an obstacle the team needed from undoing what future thanos did and that was it. i honestly thought there was someone else to talk about but im drawing a blank tbh. sures theres nebula, rocket and rhodey but they were just sort of there. they had there moments but nothing major. last and not least, captain america. his arc was the most satisfying one in the movie. i always liked who captain america was in the mcu. no matter what he would always sacrifice himself for the greater good, he would jump in to save any man. he always tried to do good because of some old fashion american dream and it was nice. he may have been naive at times but overall he was just an american hero. im sure his ideas might not resonate well with people not from this country, hell even people in this one but through it all i liked him. but one underlining character arc that was always present throughout all his movies and more was he was never really home. he had a life that was waiting for him back 70 years ago and he could never really shake it. he fought for his country as much as his body would allow him to. he sacrificed a lot in the name of freedom, even his friends for what was right. he never complained despite all the pain and just continued to fight. even against a million to one he would still stand his ground and fight. steve rogers, captain america deserved to give up the shield after everything and deserved to be happy with the woman he loved for 70 years. he deserved his dance with the right partner. so thats it pretty much. the movie was 3 hours long but it honestly didnt feel that way, same with iw. my question is is whats next? i feel like the next avengers movie will just be underwhelming. my biggest fear with endgame was time travel and everything was going to be undone but not exactly. its still five years later and everyone still dissappeared it was just they werent aware of it like everyone else, so it still happened. theyre still in a universe where thanos won and wiped out half the universe. again, where do you go from there? how do you up the stakes? when it comes to future movies, aside from spider-man, im just gonna casually watch them. wait for them on netflix and watch them. well, disney is splitting from netflix so maybe not. you know what i mean though. aside from spider-man, nothing really has me excited for what they could build up for the next avengers. hell, even in this one we finally got the line "avengers assemble." which was great, fuck you joss whedon. oh yeah, sam is now captain america which is nice. im not as interested in his adventures as i was with rogers but ill check em out for sure.
  12. Weird text Issue With Kamidori Alchemy Miester

    huh, interesting. i dont remember the fs thing.
  13. Shuffle! Sequel announced

    well.... this is more surprising than that sonic trailer.
  14. VNs that need more attention

    the fourth bishoujo game vn https://vndb.org/v19182 it has elements that people turn their head up to but its a really good story, same with the second one.... which still isnt being tled and instead the fourth one is getting priority.... for some reason... anyways, i think the story is really unique, especially with how it ends. dont turn away from this gem just because of the trap and the nukige.