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  1. sow private training school. publisher olmeca head. best of luck to you because i couldnt really find shit despite having the name and the publisher. sorry.
  2. vn release

    it wont. their kickstarter campaign raised enough for a kitten nekopara! as well as two ova's!!! NEKOS FOREVER AND EVER!!!!
  3. weeeeeiird.
  4. i have it. right below naming the thread.
  5. vn release

    right? even if you have the sfw version, lord knows why, you still do this. like when you go into pet mode you touch the neko boobies and must press P so they bounce all at once. ITS JUST COMMON SENSE!!!
  6. vn release

    time to set bonciness to max!
  7. oh okay. very nicely done either way.
  8. pretty interesting. was this a fan fic in an established universe or did you think of this yourself? i ask because it seemed to have some set rules and a code what with the titles and such.
  9. 8/10. very nice coloring and character choice.
  10. ornstein is much harder to face solo than smough.
  11. inwardly chuckles at the new dark souls victim. hey, thats greay, funya! im sure youll beat them next time. keep at it!
  12. my pc is pretty poo, but it runs most ds games just fine with desume.
  13. mm, okay. yeah, forgot it can have sound issues and forgot what the fix was.
  14. i use desume. pretty simple to use if you have further troubles with yours.
  15. HEY, welcome to the forums! thats pretty awesome. art, studying japanese and wanting to do fan translations. i wish you the best of luck! \ / hope you like it here and make lots of friends!