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  1. How do you guys find new visual novels to play

    not to get off topic but what mg leaks?
  2. think i saw an anime where they literally fuck the girls to get them into character. and by anime i mean hentai. but like fun said, they read their lines. im sure first timers have issues with the sex scenes and such but its a job. its a lot of va's gateway job into a va career.
  3. Best Visual Novels to Read for a Book Club

    thinking of something thatll create a discussion among the group and the firs thing that comes to mind is Grisaia no Kajitsu that or that one vn. someone help me out cause i cant remember the name. heavy setting in a sunflower field. takes place in japan with those strict rules like no touching someone of the opposite sex. its where this girl is from this one you can treat a bit like a kinetic novel as its like a straight path to the end while the routes sort of divert off of that path, if that makes sense? theres one true end and the rest is sort of little snacks to that.
  4. 10283 posts less than Nosebleed - AMA

    are you real?
  5. 10283 posts less than Nosebleed - AMA

    why you small face so?
  6. looks interesting. like the character designs
  7. Coronavirus discussion thread

    i feel like assholes are gonna pop up with the thought process of "eh, i dont care if i get it. im young so it wont kill me most likely" when thats not the only point. its also about not spreading it to those who are more vulnerable to the virus. the elderly, the ones with asthma, those are the people who cant handle it. wash your hands, dont touch your face when youre out. when you get home, clean your clothes asap as the virus can stick to them and take a shower. be cautious and safe!!!
  8. New VN is development - Heart of a Hero

    hey, best of luck on this
  9. Worst VN of The Decade?

    not personally interested in these titles myself. im just curious what people consider the absolute worst vn they have read during the last decade, seeing as we're starting with a new one.
  10. Hello There.

  11. Hello There.

    wel EDIT: sorry, i thought there was a thing going on where each post got shorter and shorter. welcome! make friends and such!
  12. Worst VN of The Decade?

    just curious what people pick. since we've sucked off the decade enough listing positive i figure we now we beat it up a little for its worst vn it has released. dont have one of my own!
  13. [Release]OshiRabu: Waifus Over Husbandos

    "The brands mission is to fill the world with YURI!" you have my attention. My only problem is having only one choice of heroine but oh well, yuri is yuri
  14. Think I'm Starting to Dislike the High School Romance Genre

    Whaaaaaaaat? What about the part where they had a huge fight in the classroom with weapons that ended with both parties coming out bloodied? that wasn't natural for you!?