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  1. isnt there a skip all read text option in the options? just disable that and skip away. i know i skipped through that vn
  2. Anime that were better than their original VN's?

    Kara No Shoujo
  3. NTR Recommendation - Mayumi's Cuckolding Report

    this has been posted in 3 different places. here, the blog and on vndb. word for word because i assumed you copied and pasted it all. so i finished the first one and it left a bad taste in my mouth. i made one last choice at the end and basically it ended with the wife cheating on the husband. cuckolding isnt the same as cheating where usually both partners are aware of when and with who the other will sleep with. at the end she lies to him about sleeping with someone and yeah. read up on the 2nd one and will pass.
  4. you have brought happiness into my life
  5. i know its not exactly the most popular vn but ive always wanted princess lover to be tled. ive loved the art style for so long and remember liking the anime. just been one on my wishlist for a long time
  6. Your favorite voice actors/actresses?

    may we also not forget tomoko kawakami who did may she rest in peace.
  7. Hi everyone!

    hey welcome and stuff.
  8. Your favorite voice actors/actresses?

    two personal favs are mizuhashi kaori and shizuka itou
  9. Summer 2019 Anime Discussion

    only anime im looking forward to is dumbbell nan kill moteru judge me all you want! \ /
  10. Anyone heard of this hentai?

    again, try hentai source
  11. I need help finding this hentai!

    theres a subreddit called hentai source that may help. try that.
  12. Hey I'm new to fuwa!

    welcome and stuff
  13. The fastest you've ever dropped a VN?

    some of those vns that also made masochist detective. remember these vns came out like no more than a few years ago but their quality were so bad from the menus, the cgs, the text that i just couldnt read any of them for a long period of time. no clue why mangagamer got the rights to them. dumb nukiges i can understand but these were just horrible to look at in every way.
  14. all this talk about the site dying has me worried.

    1. TexasDice


      The dead can't worry :Kappa:

  15. eh, true. the romance part about her route really made me feel uncomfortable especially considering