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  1. Visual Novel In-Game Date

    just dont forget to play on that date, otherwise youll have to wait a whole year before you can play again.
  2. Hello there~

    hello and welcome! hope you have aw wonderful time and make lots of new friends. i can only think of one vn thats all ages with yuri. Flowers
  3. Clockwork Alt Works

    you rang? ...oh shit!
  4. Soooo Red Dead Redemption 2 Came Out

    so been playing and to get some basic satchel i need a pristine deer pelt, a pristine elk pelt and a pristine panther pelt. holy shit.
  5. Soooo Red Dead Redemption 2 Came Out

    gta 5 is a very shallow experience. red dead is the same as gta 4 or san andreas with how it feels like a living world with its npc's. some random encounter could turn into a quest for treasure or a secret about someones shop or home. im sure through subsequent playthroughs youll recognize some patterns but until then, its unpredictable.
  6. Soooo Red Dead Redemption 2 Came Out

  7. Soooo Red Dead Redemption 2 Came Out

    this little studio released a sequel to their popular western game, dont know if anyone has ever heard of it called red dead redemption. years later they released a prequel to this game but despite being a prequel it has a 2 after it. could have called it anything else that starts with an r like red dead rhetorical, or something. anyways, bought it little under a week ago and ive been playing it constantly. its been affecting my sleep (and my reading. ) been having loads of fun and having some loads of shit thrown at me in this game. a lot of gripes are minor in the big picture though. i am loving this game a lot despite its problems. i cant dislike a game that has fishing!
  8. Happy Halloween

  9. Happy Halloween

    welp, i got no trick or treaters. guess ill have to eat all this candy all by myself. how sad.
  10. Happy Halloween

    MUHAHAHAHAHAHA! hello ghouls and goblins! tonight is an especially scary night as the demons walk along the earth after delicious treats to eat. as the moon crosses over the night sky, horror shall ente-ah fuck it. what are your plans this evening? mine are to eat all the candy and blame it on trick or treaters. heres momoyo dressed as a witch. idc.
  11. "It" Director To Direct a Live Action Attack on Titan Movie

    i sometimes think about the comparison of spider-man and odm gear and how it would be a lot harder for them but suspension of disbelief. i just hope they dont go the route in the movie of just over explaining for the sake of not creating "plotholes"
  12. "It" Director To Direct a Live Action Attack on Titan Movie

    I mean, why not? race is always an issue with these movies.
  13. so, uh, yeah. i mean, im not too surprised really. not sure how i feel about this. my first thought isnt "OH MY GOD! HOW COULD THEY DO THIS SA.GJL;DAT;L" but im just shell shocked, i guess. im curious how theyll handle this for sure. i mean, the good thing about aot is like theres only one character whos japanese so no real white casting. BUT what i am worried about is casting other races. other races in the aot universe were mostly wiped out. but they can simple overlook this and not even mention it in the movie and cast erwin or hannes black or something. you know, dont wanna be called racist. anyways, im getting off track. so, there you go... i mean, i hope they dont fuck it up but i wont be surprised if they do.
  14. Koikuma release thread

    lolicon. ....shes get no D?