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  1. Maji de Watashi ni Koishinasai COMPLETE!

    yes, easily. just felt kind of stagnant, i guess. i mean, you get routes to heroines you may have liked in the first one like margit, kokoro, or mayuchies friend but those routes also just let you down in how much potential is wasted on compelling stories for these characters to just quick fan service. then you get new characters that seemed to serve the purpose of help selling the fan disks. you get a taste of them in s but the good stuff for them is in A.
  2. Maji de Watashi ni Koishinasai COMPLETE!

    yeah, a shame how it sort of went a wrong path after the first when and just stayed there for the fan disks.
  3. Maji de Watashi ni Koishinasai COMPLETE!

    one day, xykros. hang in there!
  4. just to clarify, im referring to all the fandisks and of course the main game itself as well as the little known A+ fandisk. so unless math has failed me thats 8 vns done from the majikoi universe! quite the ride its been. cant deny that i was getting majikoi fatigue at the end. love the main vn to death but my god. theres only so much majikoi a person can take. not sure exactly how many years its been exactly but its probably been like 6 years, maybe? anyone remember when the translation for majikoi was released? the one that had all the routes except miyakos and the agave route? i believe fuwa still had torrents floating about when i first played majikoi. think this is where i got it, in fact. I do know the picture that sold me on majikoi though. just look at that face. so happy and carefree. the face that started it all. so yeah, read majikoi when the original tl team released the translation that would lay in limbo for majikoi english progression for a long time. so long that i became impatient and started reading with a machine hooker. while i was reading it i learned that a new team was gonna tackle majikoi and years later they released a full english version that was uncensored. re-read majikois miyakos route and the agave route to get a better understanding of what was happening and finished majikoi fully. learned of the fan disk S and got started on that and its partial translation. history repeats itself as i read an unfinished translation with a machine hooker and learned that another team was gonna complete the vn. didnt go back this time to that one since i got the gist and had a better understanding of japanese. then the a series. oh god, the A series. 6 fandisks, 18 heroines and a whole lot of rinse and repeat. yamato must help the girls with some kind of big event and then theres a massive, overly long fight sequence. with the amount of girls in the majikoi universe that yamato can bone, id be really surprised if there was a main character of a vn who has more total possible heroines than yamato. feel like making a chart for all the possible boneable heroines but i dont want to right now. later. decided to change my avatar after like 3 years of having the same avatar to mark this occasion! what a nice reward after all these years. the famous last words from this series will be with me after this long journey. "Maji de watashi ni koishinasai!"
  5. Hello there!

    hello and welcome back!
  6. Fuwanewbie

    hello and welcome! hope you enjoy being here and make lots of new friends.
  7. Do you think Evenicle will be as famous as Rance?

    short answer, no. long answer nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. not evenicles fault, rance just has a lot going for it and not just its main character. in order to get some context, lets go back in time to 1996. eddie murphy started wearing fat suits, the first mission impossible was released, super mario 64 came out, and then there was kichikuou rance which shook up the vn industry. alice soft was going under and they decided that their last game in their popular franchise would be kichikuou rance, a what if scenario with various ideas from the company thrown into the vn. stories they wanted to incorporate but couldnt are now possible in this what if to the universe. the vn came out to high praise and high sales, saving the company from bankrupt and solidifying rance as a household name. ....okay, maybe not that far. my point is that to this day the vn industry can still feel the light ripples that kichikuou started. even if it wasnt for this, rance probably might maybe be more popular. rance just has a ton going on based on the ones ive played. its simplistic but can lead to complex stuff. youre basically staring at a forum sheet for doing your taxes for rance with the amount of shit you can do on one screen but again, the simplicity of it allows for complex gameplay. you got your harem to attend to, building relationships, leveling up characters, exploring dungeons, gathering items, leveling rance up with h-scenes, all kinds of stuff. also theres rance. say what you will about him but he does leave an impression on you. i remember playing senki and just thinking how boring the mc was. he was so nice and always doing the right thing and, ugh! rance may have his evil moments but its more entertaining watching a hero being reluctantly good than one whos always good. evenicle isnt bad just there are times where it feels tedious with walking place to place. yeah, you unlock a teleporter pretty early on but still. just be happy you were able to enjoy evenicle as much as you did.
  8. English-translated Eroge Recommendations

    maju de watashi ni koi shinasai
  9. MILF But who doesnt have massive ta-ta's

    yeah, played shiny days and shes an example of what im looking for. though she does also kind of seem loli. at least in comparison to the other mothers in that vn.
  10. MILF But who doesnt have massive ta-ta's

    I WASNT GOING TO ASK! WHAT DO YOU TAKE ME FOR!? ok, i like. looks pleasant. this and the first one from before ill check out. ill get in touch shortly.
  11. MILF But who doesnt have massive ta-ta's

    hmm, im intrigued. might check it out. not against possible netori.... again, dont crucify me.
  12. MILF But who doesnt have massive ta-ta's

    oh yeah, i completely forgot she was a heroine.
  13. MILF But who doesnt have massive ta-ta's

    first one looks interesting. may check it out. problem is they look... old. please dont crucify me old friend. also, i dont know anything about it since theres no synopsis on vndb. i might be persuaded to check it out based on its premise. just a distinctly older heroine. older than kaori in crescendo. shes more of a big sister. i mean, i know she is the big sister but i mean someone who is much older.
  14. as the title says. listen, i dont mind big boobs but i am kind of sick of milfs having massive breasts. i get that it represents motherhood and such but GAH! pretty please, kind non-judgmental people of fuwa.
  15. Random drawing: my new fuwa-chan

    showing pantsu? so lewd!