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  1. tl project

    o_o ........scuse me, i must go rethink my life.
  2. tl project

    .......who the fuck are you sir? HOW DARE YOU SPREAD SUCH LIIIIIIIES!! ILL HAVE YOUR HEAD!!!! .....down there. yeah, i know i havent made any updates in forever. this project is really in limbo atm. some complicated stuff behind the scenes with luna translations, some things were said, stuff happened, people came up dead or missing, its really complicated atm. something really major has happened to me recently thats got me thinking about some things. after getting stuff in order, ill have to take a closer look on this project and see where i stand on it. i wont get into stuff about luna and behind the scenes since.... theyre watching. but just stuff happened..... this has been your update on kanjo to ore to koibito. literally just checked to make sure that was the correct name for this vn.
  3. hey, welcome to the forums! hope you have a great time here and make lots of friends.
  4. g-senjou is pretty good. try and revisit it if you can. if you dont want to then i recommend maji de watashi ni koi shinasai. https://vndb.org/v1143
  5. whoa, thats pretty crazy but cool.
  6. i literally just watched all of season 2 in one go and was wondering that as well. also, im really confused as to what it is we're supposed to be doing with this thread.
  7. did any of you beat gwyn in 2 tries like me?
  8. hey, congrats, funya!
  9. er, the subreddit hentaisource might help you better than we can. nsfw link
  10. i have an 9 year old rig that hasnt been updated since the day i got it and was able to run nekopara with its animated sprites and cgs just fine after some tinkering so you should be fine.
  11. well, we dont know when you get home.
  12. really loved this vn. so far its my favorite thats come out this year.
  13. ill take intrusion 2, please.
  14. railroad tycoon 3! ^ counts right? ....right? alright, fine.
  15. just be cheap like me and get the drake sword.