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  1. Alice Soft 30th Anniversary

    and to think they wouldve gone under if it wasnt for kichikuou rance. the company i believed filed for bankruptcy and was about to go under. so for what looked like to be their last game they just said "fuck it!" and did a what if in their rance vn. the vn went on to break records and was highly praised and stands at the top of the top of visual novels. some citing it as the best vn in the last few decades. good for you, alice soft. you hang in there.
  2. The Outer Worlds

    you can try on the hardest difficulty to add some variety
  3. The Outer Worlds

    ive played about 3-4 hours of it and i love it to death. i was faced with an actual moral dilemma where i second guessed each choice. choice A was shitty but B was just as if not more shitty. so without getting too deep into it, i had a choice to provide a resource to one or another faction of people. faction A is shady as fuck but B is willingly letting innocent people suffer for their own personal beliefs. now with faction A i truly believe the people of that faction are slaves to their own society but still, it provides comfort for them. they provide food, shelter, protection. faction B wants to force an ideal on to innocent people just along for the ride. what i love about this is it makes you think about your actions and consequences on so many levels, like so many levels. in the end, i had to go with the less shitty option but i love that the game lets me feel so conflicted. its not just a black and white decision. combat, nothing really amazing. it works and stuff but meh, nothing spectacular. theres weapon degradation but its very basic. thought about going on the hardest difficulty just for the new vegas like play style but went with normal for my first go. love leveling up just to see what i can unlock next. this playthrough im sort of focusing on everything aside from melee. i just love, love this world. how even in personal journal entries people have to sell themselves to an idea, where they write advertisements to themselves about their way of life. its something forced upon them by their oppressive leaders. its so cynical but its done so well, its brilliant. might be obsidians best written work.
  4. The Outer Worlds

    yeah, looked into it and seems to be a key for epic, which is bull. fuck epic. theres also the microsoft store. im not sure of the full details but you can play it for a dollar now. full game for a dollar.
  5. The Outer Worlds

    @sarkasmus private division, the publishers of the game are selling it through their site for pc if you want to bypass epic.
  6. The Outer Worlds

    no, but i plan to. so far its gotten high praise from critics and users for its writing and world building. as a fan of fallout: new vegas, the best fallout game, and a fan of knights of the old republic, i was excited for obsidians new ip. has shooty mechanics like fallout and as far as ive heard an improved "vats" system called ttd, or something. and it returns to the same style of dialogue options as new vegas with skill playing a huge factor in dialogue. i plan to get the game this friday and have high hopes ill enjoy the hell out of it.
  7. It's finally here... MAGGOT BAITS!!!!

    ill read it... slowly but surely and let you guys know how it is.
  8. ohayo (・ω・)ノ

    welcome and such
  9. Arunaru not working anymore with mangagamer

    thats sad to hear really. man, i honestly thought mangagamer was like the Rockstar Games of the visual novel industry since theyve been at it forever but turns out theyre struggling just as much as the rest of them. of course their pay is inexcusable. people need to make a living.
  10. ive heard about this one for years and its finally here! @Dergonu read it before it was released in the west and warned me of its horrors! normally i wouldnt read this one but it is from a company that i really enjoy, clock up. ive read euphoria and enjoyed that, as well as eroge! sex and games make sexy games, as well as... please, rape me. all of these i have enjoyed from the writing to the H and style. now im gonna make the plunge into something truly vile to see if my love for them holds up! call this a test of sorts. a test for what? idk, sanity? pray for me!
  11. for sure. ive barely read any vns this year despite some decent vns coming out and what i do start i rarely finish. ive finished 167 visual novels in the like 8 years ive been reading vns. maybe a bit more cause there might be a few i dont remember. and i guess im just burnt out. ive read a fair amount of various vns from psychological horror, to nukige, to stories that just brought joy to my heart and ones that made me laugh hysterically. BUT that being said, there are still ones id like to read. the future rance vns coming out and.... maggot baits.
  12. Yuri nukige

    i wouldnt say a lot. kind of standard amount.
  13. What are some strange things you’ve ever done?

    i was saying it was a vn
  14. What are some strange things you’ve ever done?

    this one time i installed this thing i thought was a game, but it wasnt a game! instead it was like reading a book! with tons of images on screen and sex!