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  1. Winter 2019 Anime Discussion

    Didn't mean to sound harsh. It's just that this kind of shows tends to do this kind of "pointing at one girl", and then they end super openly, or take 20 seasons to actually get anywhere.
  2. Winter 2019 Anime Discussion

    At least for now, this season I'm going for: Mob Psycho II: Obvious choice if you enjoyed the first season. Dororo: Had heard good things from this Tezuka work, and the first episode did not disappoint. Slime: Mostly cuz I'm already watching it. Still as lukewarm as before. Neverland: Great reviews, so I'll check it out even if I'm generally not all that into mystery anime. 5-Toubun: My trash show of the season. I mean, maybe it surprises me and it's actually half decent; for now, however, it has shown me exactly what I had expected. Either for good or bad. JoJo: JoJo. Edit: Also, I'm scared of giving Kaguya-sama a chance. The premise sounds interesting, but it could also be an incredibly annoying "let's see who can be more tsundere/assholey to each other" contest. Where do they make that clear? If you mean the whole wedding scenes, there are so, so many romcoms with similar bait scenes/premises, so I don't trust that whatsoever.
  3. Fall 2018 Anime Discussion

    I sort of half-thought about it before it, but that same video is what made me write that comment yesterday
  4. Fall 2018 Anime Discussion

    Goblin Slayer surprised me positively. I had already perused the manga and knew what I was getting into but, anime being the kind of world it is, I wasn't sure whether they'd treat the issue maturely. (not) Ironically, most critics were wrong and the show was pretty conscious of the kind of stuff they were showing. The bad animation kinda drags the anime down, though. Mr Poltroon and ittaku have mentioned how it's a simple but entertaining good vs evil, to which I agree, but would also add that it explains an interesting story about "what happens with minor conflicts/problems when people are distracted with saving the world". Bunny Girl Senpai... is a tough sell. It's a good anime, but can't help but feel it's been overhyped and overestimated really hard. People have been praising it was the masterpiece of 2018, but the beginning felt kinda pseudo-intellectual to me, and some of the middle arcs were repetitive. Still good, though. Slime is a surprise, because I love the manga. But the anime... has felt lukewarm. Perhaps it is because I've already read the manga (up to date) a couple times and nothing felt new or surprising but, at the end of the day, everything was very cookie cutter. The stereotype isekai in practically all of its aspects. I guess the more "mature" MC marks a difference, but I'm not sure to which degree. JoJo is just amazing. Golden Wind reminds me yet again why I love this franchise so much. Watching a show that actually allows its protagonists to be smart and win fights with their initial power through strength and cunning is the best... and so rarely seen in anime. Juliet is entertaining but ultimately says nothing, does nothing. Another RomCom. Bloom Into You is a show I haven't been capable of even giving a chance to. Simply put, anime has scarred me when it comes to yuri. More often than not, it's lesbian porn for teens thinly covered with cheap drama and torrents of fanservice. Perhaps this show is different and I'm doing myself a disservice but, by this point, it's difficult to even consider watching this genre. Kaze Ga started really cool and, gosh darnit, I still haven't finished it. So I guess I'm hoping it hasn't gone to hell. Honda-san was really cool! Very simple slice of life comedy, but it did give me a few chuckles. Also, it was interesting to learn how Japanese bookstores work.