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  1. Well, if the activity kills them, it'll certainly help reducing the population, so they Could be right.
  2. Whats the appeal of ntr?

    I would agree with that theory, yes. It's pretty much a matter of empathy. Even if a character is evil, there are some traits you can identify with and respect. But with some characters... it's just impossible. Same reason why most kinds of NTR have never bothered me, actually. The "victims" in these works tend to be so comically weak and dumb I don't really identify with their struggle at all, and so don't really feel bad for them (if you're getting into terrible shit, and instead of going to the police/get help you immediately agree to become X's slave... wtf, what's wrong with your head).
  3. Whats the appeal of ntr?

    Rance is an absolute monster. He's played for comedic relief, but tons of the stories and sub-stories in the games show characters with real struggles whom Rance either rapes or tricks into having sex with him. He's a character that gets really scary if you stop half a second to consider his actions and motivations, and I tell you this as a pretty standard fan of rapey stuff "when it's the point", as you said.
  4. The trap cosplay is actually chinese, I think