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  1. Only if they like other men.
  2. Staying together for the kids can be far, far worse for the children than a good divorce. Especially if you "stay together for the kids" but dad's method of coping with it is escapism from reality with a sex doll, which by itself already sounds somewhat unhealthy. If there's one thing in those comments and "interviews" in common, is that all those men seem to be introducing a real person inside inanimate dolls, replacing human interaction for a controlled, imagined one. I'm no psychologist, but I believe that most, especially now in the high wave of the digital era, warn about the dangers of depending or losing yourself too much in make-do relations instead of real ones. To me, it's not about being weird or not, but about how incredibly unhealthy it sounds to become a person whose closest relationship is a made-up one by yourself with a doll. A notable exception, I believe, are those cases where the person in question is truly lonely and with not many options, like the elderly. Maybe I'm wrong, but it doesn't look like just a hobby in most of the cases.
  3. I've heard some people say the game didn't click with them until the very end, when they had a "oooooooh" moment and they changed from "it's not bad" to "this is fantastic". Or it's simply not your kind of game, ofc.
  4. Had the same doubt, and went with Makoto... but both are just top tier. DS II is pretty good, but always pales in comparison with any other game of the franchise, it's a pity.
  5. Ooooh. Since you said "the picture" in singular, I thought you meant a particular one... like my avatar