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  1. Worst couple and ending in Avatar, ever
  2. Alphinaud memes are best memes.
  3. Winter 2018 Anime discussion

    Oh, I do agree on the OP thingie. Adding to that, rather than cheap drama, I dislike it more when a show sacrifices itself for the sake of portraying the MC as even more OP. We even had two great examples of awful MCs this season and the past one. MC from Death March and MC from Smartphone. On the other hand, Saitama from OPM is one of the best ways to do an OP MC. And, yeah, Overlord is a similarly good attempt at an OP MC (attempt cuz the anime is still not finished). Perhaps slightly less meaningful than in OPM but clearly great and the pull of the show; a MC who's an actual overlord.
  4. Winter 2018 Anime discussion

    Worried we were going to miss on the sexy time, eh? Let's all be grateful the show is saved
  5. Winter 2018 Anime discussion

    Wew, I've "marathoned" Darling in the FranXX, and gotta say it is pretty good. Still have to see if the MC will be more inspiring or bitchy, though, and the show obsesses a bit too much with its themes and symbols (yes, we get it, the dynamic of the pilots is about marriage and sex).
  6. Winter 2018 Anime discussion

    Make Anime Great Again.
  7. Winter 2018 Anime discussion

    Well, I did mention on the first answer that I do enjoy Gate. It is a really entertaining read/watch indeed.
  8. Winter 2018 Anime discussion

    I can get behind that feeling.