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  1. An absolute improvement to Nagatoro. https://streamable.com/ph0xx
  2. What are you playing?

    Mostly agree.
  3. Official Anime News and Info!

    Oh man, and now we also get both Cells at Work and Re:Zero season 2.
  4. Rewatching MHA, and, really...
  5. Whats the appeal of ntr?

    For me, it's the fact that 90% of those stories are impossible to imagine due to the protagonists either being dumber than a rock or backing themselves into a corner for no reason. "Oh my god, the gym teacher has a picture of my panties/me and my bf holding hands! Better agree to become his sex slave till graduation or he'll spill the beans."
  6. Winter 2019 Anime Discussion

    Eh, that's pretty much it. I read the manga up to where it was and skimmed through the novels, and it basically goes down the typical path for this sort of works. Sooner rather than later, it forgets its initial premise and slowly descends in quality until it's just an ok story you follow because you're already invested. Much like you and ittaku have said, though, it's basically an unambitious isekai going through a checklist of tropes that kinda works because of it (and being generally wholesome). Shield hero is a bit similar in that regard. @Mago IvoIronically, saw your answer some time ago and completely forgot to comment. That... has been repeated a few times the past few weeks. Oopsie? To comment on the topic, however, I did end up giving the show a chance as I had mentioned! And thankfully, it is indeed pretty funny and wholesome. Perhaps I'm a bit sad that it's very obviously not going to get anywhere when it ends, but it'll have been a good run.
  7. What are you playing?

    Been checking the school life comedy VN options to get some relaxing read, and I might start with Hoshiori.
  8. Whats the appeal of ntr?

    Isn't it a bit ironic to say "best not to think deep about something as momentary as porn." right after asserting that people who like NTR are either people with no self-respect or individuals with mental problems? Here's an alternate explanation. Why do people like things like ugly bastards or NTR? It's transgressive porn, as is stuff like rape. Like you mentioned, the first two are mostly unheard of in the West, and consequently more difficult to discuss/compare. However, you can look up studies and texts on sex and you'll find out that niches, fetiches and the like very rarely relate in any way to real life. This means that, to use a very common example, a woman finding out she's into rape porn isn't unconsciously wishing for some random stranger to rape her. And a man into NTR/rape isn't a human husk with no self esteem or a monster 1 step away from committing a crime. That's not really how psychology or sex fetiches work.
  9. What are you playing?

    Well, this certainly derived into a very out of topic discussion. I'll just finish my participation (would have no problem through private messaging) saying that I find it a bit of a sad accusation, to accuse me of being some sort of radical leftist for believing in female autonomy and choice over the "bros before hoes" bro code mentality, and waving away my argument with a disrespectful and insulting "I didn't read everything cuz it's sjw nonsense".
  10. What are you playing?

    There is no such thing as claiming women, though. It would have been a dick move if Yamato hadn't even confessed or expressed his feelings in any way and Captian just passed all over him cuz "omg I just realized she's super cute". The moment Yamato confessed, and claimed that he'd work to become the man he had promised to be, the choice was on Momoyo's hands. Yamato's feelings were known to her. There can be no unfairness or dick moves because Captain isn't trampling over Yamato, impeding or denying his confession; it has already happened. Hell, Gakuto tends to always try and flirt with Momoyo, and I don't see any complains about how he doesn't "back off". It's only a dick move if you don't consider Momoyo her own person, with her own mind and capacity to make choices. At the end of the day, the only possibility would have been for her to answer yes or no to captain. And if she had said yes, it would have meant that she liked him more than Yamato (who had already expressed his feelings), and it would be Yamato's dick move to try and keep her on a "reserved" status until she said yes to him. Apart from the fact that Captain doesn't rush without reserve, he openly tells Yamato, and he "accepts".