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  1. Finished Annerose and I overall enjoyed it: decent action, good artwork and voice acting. Kind of wish it was longer to expand more on some of the side heroines. Still I can't help but wonder something...
  2. While not a pure VN, there is the Blazblue series though it pretty much peaks at the second game...
  3. Out of all of them I'd recommend Grisaia as your first choice, especially if you want humor as the common route may be long but it is very funny (especially Michiru's antics). Not very many choices in that one though aside from what route you go on (just don't play Yumiko and Makina's route back to back). As for the second one I'd recommend either G Senjou no Maou or Muv Luv; the former if you want some humor to go along with a bit of a thriller and also want the added bonus of the main antagonist being voiced by a before he was famous Jun Fukuyama, ironically doing what feels like a take on t
  4. The first arc of Gaiden 2 takes place in the same country as FF2 where they do reference things that happened in that game's story; to say anymore would be a spoiler so I recommend playing and enjoying from there.
  5. If you've finished those two then yes, read FF2 next before Gaiden 2.
  6. Okay, since the trilogy stuck the landing I guess I'll try making room for starting it in my untranslated VN backlog, maybe I'll tackle the first once I've finished Sengoku Koihime X.
  7. It's actually best to play FF2 after you've played at least FF1 (I'd recommend playing it after Gaiden) since you'll appreciate a neat little reveal in the ending of one of the heroine's routes. Just make sure you play FF2 before you play Gaiden 2 because it references some things from the former.
  8. Most of the ones I'm looking forward to on this list are movies (FGO Camelot, Lupin, Gundam Hathaway and Goblin Slayer), but I am keeping my fingers crossed that the Uzaki-chan anime will be good since the manga is a nice mix of chuckles and fanservice (and source of some decent doujinshi).
  9. Currently playing the game and definitely agree Seira is best girl hands down, in fact one reason it's taken me so long to get further in the game is because (by the walkthrough I'm following) it's going to be a while till I get more interactions and h scenes with her
  10. Haven't played the game, but I've heard this one's really good, though only half the heroines seem to fit the bill for what you want. https://vndb.org/v415 On the JP end there's Tsumamigui 3, though it is a nukige with a good enough story to it. https://vndb.org/v18486
  11. Still enjoying what I've watched so far of Darwin's Game as the main characters are all enjoyable in both personality and how they use their Sigils. I'm especially liking how in battle they're smart about fighting and get rewarded for that. I really hope this gets another season. Also I'm getting some enjoyment out of Kemono Michi Rise Up; when it's funny it gets its share of laughs from me. Unfortunately it does have issues with balancing comedy with the occasional time it wants to get serious, in one episode it kills what was a pretty funny joke by telling it two more times in a row and
  12. Devils Devel Concept https://vndb.org/v1308 I've played most of it, but I would love to play it in English since I know there was stuff lost in translation with my limited Japanese literacy, especially the lore drops. Plus I really want to enjoy Mutsuki's route (and the Nanagi twins as a nice bonus) again, this time in a language I fully understand.
  13. Been playing more of Sengoku Koihime X and have gotten to the character interactions before the Echizen battle and I am liking how a lot of the character interactions are building up the harem arrangement Kuon puts together and Yuina managing it About the only complaint I have is out of all of them Karasu and Suzume's stand out from the rest; basically for characters that just showed up it feels a little too early for them to suddenly want to be in the harem (though even Kensuke points that out) while another new character Shizuku seems to be more properly built up into it. On the
  14. VNDB, checking the websites of companies I like, and the occasional browse of what's up for preorder on AmiAmi.
  15. Been watching Darwin's Game and caught up with the Crunchyroll release. So far it's a surprisingly enjoyable take on the death game genre where the main characters are actually likable, the action's good and the moment you see what special ability the main character gets you'll instantly know the creator of this series is probably a Fate fan
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