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  1. What Anime are you watching now?

    Deciding to finally put my Crunchyroll app to use and have been watching the following: Gintama: Watched up to episode 11 and I have to say this series is growing on me. While not as laugh out loud funny as Gabriel Dropout, I do like the group dynamic of the central cast and the Shinsengumi are pretty funny too. Lupin III (first series): Watched up to episode 3 and I am liking it so far. I admit I am mainly liking it for how 70s it feels, especially the opening. I'll admit episode 3 was a little on the weak side, like it tried to do two much in one single episode. Also... Legend of the Galactic Heroes: Die Neue These Watched up to episode 2 (I don't have a subscription for CR) and I am liking it so far. The space battles were cool and both main characters are likable; so count me interested in seeing where this goes. Of course I'm saying this as someone who has not watched any of the other parts of the series, but I don't feel the least bit lost so extra points for being a good jumping on point. Gun Gale Online: Watched up to episode 2 and this has been pretty neat. I haven't watched SAO, but thankfully wasn't lost watching this either. The main character is pretty likable and as someone who does tend to agonize over my character's look in WRPGs (yes that even includes Baldur's Gate) the second episode really clicked with me a bit. Curious to see how she met the guy she was partnered with in the first episode... Cute High Earth Defense Club Love! Watched up to episode 3 and it's been pretty funny so far. It does a good job pardodying the magical girl tropes, reminding me not only of quite a few of the ones I saw in anime club growing up but also of this one anime I saw in my college's anime club called Pretear in which the transforming characters were also guys (plus the main girl) and their transformation also had an awkward name to it (through in Pretear's case it was more the phrase than the name).
  2. What is the most garbage VN you ever read?

    Available in english: Super Secret Sexy Spy http://gamesforadultsandeveryone.blogspot.com/2013/06/games-for-adults-super-secret-sexy-spy.html Untranslated: Kansen Ball Buster http://gamesforadultsandeveryone.blogspot.com/2013/10/import-games-for-adults-halloween_10.html
  3. Okay, here's mine (numbers don't quite indicate rank): 1) Crescendo While not my first eroge, this was my first story focused eroge and showed to me what potential this genre had to blend good story, characters and ero. I haven't played it in a while but it still holds a special place in my heart. 2) Tsukihime My intro to the supernatural genre and the first of what got me hooked onto Type Moon and its insane, dark yet endearing mythos. 3) Fate/Stay Night It may be unfair including this too, but F/SN took everything Tsukihime did and perfected it. Of any VN, this is the one that has me coming back to UBW and Heaven's Feel, their adaptations and their many spinoffs. 4) Kyonyuu/Funbag Fantasy The first nukige to show me that such a genre can bring characters and story to go along with its massive ero content. Honorable Mentions: 1) Phantom of Inferno My introduction to Nitro+, didn't make the list because even when it came out the DVD format made it a pain in the ass to replay. 2) Sharin no Kuni, Himawari no Shoujo One of the earliest eroge where the character centric stories really sucked me in...that and Norio Wakamoto's excellent performance as Hozuki.
  4. What Anime are you watching now?

    I meant to use former for the last part, indicating I meant the first two episodes were forgettable. My fault for typing this stuff up before bed
  5. What Are You Playing: Video Game Edition

    Been making some progress on the White March expansion of Pillars of Eternity and it's been pretty good. Sure the White March itself does feel a little too similar to the Icewind Dale from Forgotten Realms (I'm talking about the setting not the video game, which I haven't played...yet) but I have still been having fun with the sidequests. The quest involving the town bum getting himself poisoned (with my help ) was pretty funny
  6. What are you playing?

    Finally finished Kyonyuu Fantasy 3 including the epilogue ero scenes. Overall I thought it was pretty good, about as good as the first one. Definitely liked how they utilized Yurinas' role as a god and his mentor relationship with Inferius was something new and perhaps the best arc of the game.There are definite signs that parts of the story were rushed and I get the feeling the VA for Ajura had some schedule conflict come up while they were recording since aside from her noticeable absence from much of the story, her H scenes are surprisingly short for this series. Also finished Impey's After Story in the Code Realize FD. It was a nice light read with some cute and funny moments between Cardia and Impey.
  7. What Anime are you watching now?

    Finished watching Gabriel Dropout a few days ago, really enjoyed it as it's probably one of the funniest anime I've seen in a while, especially any scene with Satania. Also watched a couple of episodes of Gintama, man is there a night and day difference between the first two episodes and the ones after that. The latter actually being interesting and funny whereas I can't remember a thing about the former. Also been working on getting caught up on Detective Conan; watched up to the Kaito Kid two parter of 627-628 along with its Magic Kaito tie in episodes. Also watched Movie 14 which all in all was pretty good, but a little too long . Also while I like Heiji and Kazuha but you could easily cut them out of the movie's plot
  8. Granblue Fantasy [English Language]

    Finished the story portion of the event and it was pretty good. A nice fun crossover...even if it did end on a cliffhanger
  9. Fate/Grand Order

    How does King Hassan compare to Jack?
  10. Granblue Fantasy [English Language]

    The Detective Conan crossover event started today and finally had time to play the prologue (could have played it on the sly at work, but I wanted to hear the voice acting). It's at least being creative in an enjoyable way when it comes to establishing why the crossover is happening. The only thing is it's also a reminder of how far behind I am on Detective Conan since I have absolutely no idea who this Amuro Toru character is outside of what the brief description the game just gave me
  11. What are you playing?

    Finished Sorami's route in Tokyo Babel and...it was fine. The new villain was pretty good (still surprised my first guess as to his identity was right), most of the fights were really good and I did enjoy the buildup of her relationship with Setsuna. It's only when we get to the end where I have some problems:
  12. Fate/Grand Order

    Well, I'm close to maxing Kiyohime's affection stars so if I do get Raikou I'll have a replacement for an AoE Berserker. I guess I'll save the quartz for the summer event and use the tickets I've saved up for Raikou. Don't really need Iskandar since I have Drake, might try for Shuten Douji since I don't have a 5 Star Assassin yet.
  13. Fate/Grand Order

    So is Iskandar worth trying for? What about Shuten Douji?
  14. Fate/Grand Order

    I've heard Raiko is really good so that's the next one I'll be saving for (sorry Iskandar). Have also heard Swimsuit Saber is pretty good
  15. What Are You Playing: Video Game Edition

    Giving the mobile game The Alchemist Code a try and so far it's decent. Admittedly I'm liking it more for the gameplay (and as a nice nod to FF Tactics, you can throw rocks at your enemies for a very weak long range attack) as the story (I'm currently on chapter 1) while not bad is about as cliche as it gets: you'll be calling literally everything that happens in the opening cut scene. Edit: I will say one more thing, I found myself really liking the op movie, something about the animation kind of reminds me of the openings for some of the classic PS1 RPGs