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  1. Grisaia PT Vol 4 - Like the past 3, it is fine. One more to go? Trinoline Genesis - Was happy to see Shirone be happy. Soi Kano - Very formulaic in terms of story beats but the anime ladies are too cute to care.
  2. You should wait for Eternal Heart, since I found it essential to the story of the only great route in the entire series.
  3. Hoshizora no Memoria - Steam ver backed and wasn’t really planning on playing all the way again but decided to check it out. I ended up finishing Komomo route. Junjou Karen Freaks – Liked it. Very sweet heroines, good time.
  4. its a trap, you'll be put on a list if you buy
  5. Wolfenstein II - Beat it in one single session. It is a fantastic game that I love and hate. I think the narrative is amazing but the game falls flat with the gameplay design, for me personally. The game wants you to be on the move at all times but the combat areas are far too narrow to really make me feel comfortable moving around. Also, the dumb health system is blah and the guns also don't really feel satisfying to me. Other than that, the game pulls off some amazing moments that legitimately blew me away. Some great characters too. Other stuff: PUBG, Halo 5. Fun Fun. I'll probably get COD:WII and see if I dig the MP, although the maps in the beta did not give me confidence.
  6. Looks like I'll be watching less anime this season too. Just Because - Kinda the only one that I sort of enjoyed? Even though it is generic as hell, thus far. I'm ready for the drama too. Kekkai Sensen - Cool style like first. But nothing else to offer besides. Umaru - Kill me. Imouto - K̷̨̢̖̗͖̥͉͎̲͔̆̈̓̎͛̈́̐̈́̀̀͋ì̵̡̟͎͓̩̖͚̙̬̩̥̎̿̈́̽͐̈́͝l̸̦̗͑͊̈́̎͒͂̌̐̐͝l̴̛͙͖̩̘͂̓͛̍͌̈́͛̐̀̽͐̌̐̚ ̵̧̯̖͕͈͙͇͖̘͕̣̑̉͗̃̽͑̀́̅̍̎̕̕ͅM̵̧̰͎̗̣͙͕̝͔̦̘̄̃e̷̡̹̠̭͒̈́ Bitch 1 - Trash. No need to watch more.
  7. they are all bad but it has cute anime girls so its good
  8. Grisaia PT - It was alright but kinda felt that these type of characters were too similar and not as entertaining as 1. Golden Hour - I'm really like this one a lot, it has done an alright job of making me care about the characters. Edit: Done. The big reveal in the true route didn't put me off. You can kinda begin to piece together what is happening early on but it was alright. Overall, I enjoyed it.
  9. I didn’t really watch all that much this season. All I watched. Aho Girl – Super dumb and surprisingly very enjoyable. Classroom Elite – Okay Kakegurui – Decent Gal – Trash
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