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  1. I have read Sekien no Inganock, but I'll consider reading the rest. I/O and Root Double seem interesting, I'll try either of them in near future.
  2. Hello, I have run out of list of VNs I want to read, so I decided to ask for recommendations from experienced fellow VN readers here. Recently I have finished Kara no Shoujo 2, Yume Miru Kusuri, and Ever 17. Now I can't decide which way to go after Ever 17. Some people here recommended Umineko, Ikikoi and Demonbane before, but I want something that (hopefully) suit my taste better. Currently I need two recommendations that I hope it'll decide my future preference. Those will be: 1. Moege/Charage one, with a not-so-genius protagonist but passionate in pursuing a goal, the VN is about achieving a goal (similar to Konosora) and has somewhat warm theme. A good romance VN is also appreciated if not containing a M and useless protagonist. Some of my favorite VNs of this type: Hoshimemo, Konosora, Koichoco. 2. Action/Mystery/Chuunige one, something with legit story and interesting protagonist. Maybe something that's close to either Steins;Gate, Kara no Shoujo or Ayakashibito. That's all, thanks for helping!
  3. well Kuu, I don't think you've done any wrong, as far as I know since we met for first time at fuwanovel. you're a fun guy to socialize with, and you introduced me to some new things. you just have to go explore and find more people who can accept you, and if you think we are pretentious in front of you, you're certainly wrong. we still need you here, especially your jokes, opinions of every matters, and whatever we can talk about. please, love your life more.
  4. Finally you decided to make a thread about it, huh. Good luck for your project, because I'm interested in your work.
  5. GG WP. The ending is a bit rushed imo, because I have been used to reading long and dramatic ones. But still, the story is nice overall, it made me see another light in you, senpai. \ / Very well done, and good job.
  6. ...maybe Gosick isn't for me. Got bored halfway watching some of the first episodes.
  7. Noooo, Dergonu-senpai. You died after we have been this far...
  8. Okay, looks like we have animes we can choose to watch now. I will try to force myself to watch one or two episodes everyday. Gosick and Baccano sounds nice.
  9. I only know a few titles of historical anime, which are Gintama, Sengoku Basara, Arslan Senki, and Kingdom. If anybody know nice ones, please recommend.
  10. Probably someone who is in quest of pursuing something to satisfy his need (protecting something, for a greater good of some factions he belong to, or gaining greater power for example), encounters complicated situation, and gets corrupted in the process. Some villains I know can also become a target of hatred just because he wants to, or he just want to destroy everything because of potential evil in every living beings. Madness is also a good aspect for a villain as well as corruption and ambition. But I think some good villains is masterminds hidden from the rest of the story until the main antagonist is defeated, therefore becoming ultimate villain of the story. Imo, extreme desire and ambition are things that can drive someone to become a villain, but they also need evil philosophy to complete them.
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