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  1. Haven't started s2 yet, I just want to wait a series finale before starting it Anyway, new event called Osanpo Rally (or Adventure Stroll because KLab EN) has started, hope everyone is still doing well
  2. At normal condition I use x9 for EX/Master, ENH are by default speed. Other times when I am too bored and have a good memory.... Fun fact: Eli is tallest in 2D side, but Nanjolno is the shortest in μ's. Maru is the other way round, shortest in 2D but King looks like a giant in Aqours
  3. Eclipsed-sama luck at its finest Event ending soon tomorrow and I am still collecting tokens, going to hate myself tomorrow
  4. Shocking Party or Private Wars. Shortest songs in game
  5. I got her last night from BT too. @Eclipsed stop whaling
  6. Maki~chan is in the OTK Skype group, though she seldom online anyway Most of the SIF players by now have already started to leave, which is sad but bound to happen, with a lot of new (and better) games coming
  7. Riko cool R, ez. Your team still stronger than mine after quitting for 2 years, dang
  8. Oh hey, my first Aqours UR in 2017. Apparently UR from scouting ticket isn't a myth after all https://twitter.com/imnoob92/status/876122551281254400?s=09
  9. Damn Jade, nice scout Meanwhile me still get shit on 1ssr or 1/2 sr scout. It's getting frustrating
  10. Seems like your account has a hope Good luck retrieving and joining us again~
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