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  1. Holy shit nya. This is more alive than I thought nya.
  2. Such is life. I mostly drift around normie life and mainstream online geemus these days.
  3. Been getting into metal, and this song just got stuck in my head.
  4. Same, but it has probably been like 2/2 years and a half for me. I have a beard too dorg, very nice. Also this is probably my first post in like 4 years. I sometimes do miss my days of shit posting between 2015-2018. Such is life.
  5. I am indeed a wholesome human being, good thing you've started to notice it.
  6. Se ele encontrar isto de alguma forma ele vai ter que ir ao google translate XD
  7. shhh just accept the fact that you're being called old.
  8. wait wait wait, I actually got mentioned in a post? what year is this 2015? But yeah I meme sometimes, let's just hope that Kara no Shoujo 3 comes out before I die.
  9. Happy belated birthday. E nada de abraços para o Senior.
  10. As a purist and an elitist on the matter I do sincerely hope that the project burns down.
  11. Nah I think he just wants to be nailed.
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