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  1. Favorite opening movie in a VN

    One of my favorites is the opening video for muv luv alternative though that's more for the song than the video.
  2. Thoughts on Fakku distributing eroge

    These official h-places need to get past this barrier though, otherwise the free alternatives will always be superior. I'm sure I've read some things from them and didn't even know it was by them and thought it was just a fan translation.
  3. Thoughts on Fakku distributing eroge

    Since I had nothing better to do I went and looked at their site. No loli tag no small breast tag so I'm gonna consider them a fail site in my book. If they want to become the go to place for buying digital h-content they're gonna need to get rid of that bias of theirs.
  4. Thoughts on Fakku distributing eroge

    I'm talking about many years ago though so maybe things have changed since I last went on the site. If that's the case I could see it being a good move as I can't imagine their reputation being worse then Nutaku. From what I've seen they failed at their attempt to become the go to place for h-games/vns.
  5. Thoughts on Fakku distributing eroge

    I personally don't use the site so I can't say much about it. But from my understanding it's a pretty popular site which makes it seem good. But I could have swore they had something against loli content and if that's the case it's just gonna be a subpar version Nutaku who have said they won't remove loli content from games other publishers/devs add to their store. I could be wrong though, I just remember going to Fakku many years ago and there was no loli content and it wasn't allowed.
  6. Yeah sorry I was talking about the English version of the 1st one. Though to be honest I question if I'd play it even if it had an 18+ patch. Never been a fan of the whole samurai era type thing in anime, vn, manga, and such. Which is kinda funny considering I generally like live action movies based around that type of stuff.
  7. Or we could continue to ignore it since it's censored.
  8. Tayutama 2 -You're the Only One- on Steam

    Translation and English editing are 2 different things. The translations for the more part are correct. The real problem here is the English editing. There are just so many problems with it that it detracts from the experience. The biggest issues with them are the characters feel like they have no personality, the sentences are awkward, grammar issues, and conversations don't flow well. By conversation don't flow well look at the below example. It doesn't feel like they are talking to each other at all. It feels like each line of dialogue was translated without taking the previous line into consideration. This segment even shows all of the other issues I mentioned.
  9. Tayutama 2 -You're the Only One- on Steam

    Thanks. Looks like the translation isn't horrible it just NEEDS a native English speaker to run an editing pass over it. Though it might also need a translator to clarify some parts of it as well. If it's cheap enough I might be willing to get it, but by cheap enough I'm talking $5 tops in its current state. I know it a long VN, but I can't justify more than that in its current state. Are English editors really that expensive though? Hell someone who is still in middle school could make this drastically more readable.
  10. Tayutama 2 -You're the Only One- on Steam

    I'm too lazy to download the demo to check its quality. Any chance you can go into a bit more detail on the translation quality? Is it the same quality as the screenshots? While they are not good and are literal to a fault I feel like if someone(preferably a native English speaker) were to do an editing pass on them they could be acceptable. I feel like I'm the only person who's not looking for top tier English writing unless the Japanese version was written in top tier Japanese. One of these day I'm gonna run into a character that's supposed to be a complete idiot, but speaks like they have a doctorate degree in English... That wouldn't be a good translation, but I feel like some of you think it would be.
  11. moenovel is releasing "A sky full of stars"

    Most people would buy Evangile from MangaGamer's website so using it as a comparison to A Sky Full of Stars is no good. You need to find a high profile VN that only released on Steam with an 18+ patch available for it.
  12. Beyond Clouds — Beyond bad?

    Ahh. I thought you were talking about one that had already released. So long as the English version isn't a machine translation I'll be getting that one for sure. Otherwise I'll just get the Japanese version and read it in VNR. Too many fetishes I like to say no to XD
  13. Beyond Clouds — Beyond bad?

    Wait which VN is the one with a loli heroine?
  14. Beyond Clouds — Beyond bad?

    I'm 99% sure the English translation will just be a machine translation of the Chinese translation. Which is unfortunate because I do want to read the VN.
  15. moenovel is releasing "A sky full of stars"

    MoeNovel devs gave me a warning on the steam discussions for this topic http://steamcommunity.com/app/745960/discussions/0/2906376154330413460/ It's the most I've ever heard from them though, now if only we could get the same for the censorship. For those interested in seeing the warning message I'll put it below. It's just a typical response you'd expect though. I put little edit on the bottom of the steam post to try keep it from getting deleted again. "Hi, I'm afraid that I have to issue you a warning regarding your post. Both the original post and this post have been flagged to us as encouraging hate within the forums. As much as we want to allow our users free speech and the freedom to express their opinion openly, we still have to abide by Steam's rules. Should this thread deteriorate down into a hate-encouraging speech, we will be forced to remove it again. We hope that you will understand this and consider the Steam forum rules. MoeNovel"