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  1. Do any of their subsidiaries focus on or have a decent amount of loli?
  2. This 3rd person patch sounds like a must get. I'm still shocked at how little translators and localizers understand their target audience. I certainly don't care how a native English person speaks. I care about how the JAPANESE VISUAL NOVEL CHARACTER speaks. I'm not looking for realistic and if you're looking for realistic characters I think you are in the wrong medium. Maybe a day will come when that's what the medium becomes, but I certainly hopes it waits until after I'm dead.
  3. I'm still kinda 50/50 on this one. I love the art style and the OP song, but I wonder how much the violence will affect my enjoyment. I've never read Euphoria mainly because I had already seen the h-anime. How much worse was the VN compared to h-anime? The h-anime seemed fairly tame IMO. There is a h-anime called Kowaku no Toki its based off a VN though I've never read it which is the only h-anime I've seen where some of the violence actually bothered me a bit(to be accurate only 1 scene hint:skull). Anyone know how this VN compares to that h-anime in terms of violence?
  4. Anyone know how good or bad the translations are for this one? I prefer translations that are more accurate/literal than liberal/americanized. Does it keep the honorifics? The title gives me hope that it does but we live in a universe where oniii-chan = dude...
  5. I still haven't gotten around to reading all of Hoshi Ori. I've only read through Marika's route so far. Guess I should get back into reading it so when they finish Gin'iro I'll be ready for it.
  6. I'm actually looking forward to the Rance remake(just the 1st one). I've always avoided the series because of how outdated they are and I'm not gonna start the series at the end. Though the 2nd one looks like it needs a 3rd remake. Gonna be hard to motivate me to play that low resolution crap. Hopefully they keep remaking them up until the 7th one. 8 and up look fine, but everything below that I'm not gonna touch.
  7. Based on the post they don't have an actual translator anymore but are looking for one. They are pretty much just doing all the tech work(hacking and text insertion). I'm sure if you contact them they'd be more than happy to have you do translations otherwise it sound like they'll just use a machine translator(probably googles auto-translator).
  8. It would probably just be easier to add the translations to the Japanese version. Don't worry about adding the new scenes to the Japanese version I'm not that interested in them and they aren't part of the intended original experience. The extra effort required to get them in would likely be time consuming and difficult.
  9. Sounds like they did a good translation. Now if only it had the 18+ content.
  10. One of the main problems I have is a lot of the times it doesn't accurately represent the characters personality. In Fureraba there is red haired chick that's supposed to be a classic tsundere, but all the swearing in her dialogue turns her into an American bitch. I'm pretty sure most of us that read VNs are weebs and we actually enjoy the Japanese anime trope character archetypes. Localization companies seem so hell bent on removing those aspects of a character and changing the characters into an American archetype that is similar. I know I sure as hell don't want that. I want a translation that keeps as much of the Japanese anime culture present as possible while still having sentences that flow well. A lot of the times I see people try defend the overly liberal translations by saying 'native English people don't talk like that'. The fuck do I care about how actual English people speak. I want to see how the Japanese anime character speaks, but in English.
  11. That doesn't mean they won't have any influence on the English translations. Unlikely yeah, but not impossible. I'm sure there will be at least a few Chinese people who will want to read the English translations to improve their English. Keeping the translations more accurate would be beneficial to Hikari Field for this reason. It's also their loss since they aren't getting money from me. Sooner or later I'll get to reading some of them with machine translations since they are more accurate than NekoNyan.
  12. I'm hoping Hikari Field will help keep these guys in line and prevent another overly liberal Americanized translation/localization. I've avoided all of their VNs so far because of this crap.
  13. Congrats on the partial release. I'm so tempted to play it, but I'm gonna hold off on it for now. Are any of the routes completed including all of that characters h-scenes?
  14. I really like the visuals for this one bummer I can't support it though. Hopefully a fan patch will get made to restore and translate the adult content.
  15. I only read one at a time. New English VN releases that I'm interested in are so rare that there really isn't even a chance to read 2 at a time. Whenever a new one comes out I'll usually just hardcore read through it and be done with it within a week. I even avoid going on Discord so I can't be bugged by people to play games with them XD
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