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  1. How many do you play at once, if any?

    I only read one at a time. New English VN releases that I'm interested in are so rare that there really isn't even a chance to read 2 at a time. Whenever a new one comes out I'll usually just hardcore read through it and be done with it within a week. I even avoid going on Discord so I can't be bugged by people to play games with them XD
  2. Why is no one talking about the Dracuriot leak?

    Agreed. I worry NekoNyan may fall victim to the same thing as well. There has been a lot of announcements coming from a group that has only released 2 titles so far.
  3. Why is no one talking about the Dracuriot leak?

    Sekai is heavily to blame for this though. They should have understood that and aimed to release as fast as possible instead of putting it in the icebox. Hell the title I'm looking forward to the most from them is still in the icebox(Tenshin Ranman).
  4. Why is no one talking about the Dracuriot leak?

    I find it funny that it took so long for an official English localization company like nekonyan to show up. They seem to understand their target audience better than the rest of them. Though this is only true for their VN selection. Now they just need to fix their translations/editing problems. It should be pretty obvious that most of their target audience wants less Americanized translations.
  5. Why is no one talking about the Dracuriot leak?

    Mainly the releases existence in general. Hell in the description for the release there is this little quote "This patch was released without official permission ahead of time". From my understanding sekai had received the full translation for the VN earlier in 2018 and they still haven't managed to officially release it.
  6. How is there no discussion about this here or the VN reddit? I can't be the only one laughing their asses off at Sekai. I only just found out about it and my mood went from meh... to giddy schoolgirl(I'm not actually a girl).
  7. Not surprised this didn't sell well. I didn't buy it, the aspect ratio and resolution are way too out of date. Other things that keep me away from it are multiple protagonists, cut content, and the art doesn't look all that good. I put a lot of emphasis on the 'visual' part of visual novel. You can have the best story in the world, but if I don't like the art I find myself having very little motivation to play it.
  8. lol funny how a simple flip can throw you off so much When I first started typing this post I was wondering why it wasn't working or if my keyboard broke, but eventually I realized it was on the right side XD
  9. How old is "old" for a VN?

    1. Old to me is a VN that doesn't use a widescreen aspect ratio and isn't running a resolution of at least 720p. Yes I realize that still happens in new VNs, but look at it this way. Modern day TV's or monitors are pretty much all 720p or higher and are widescreen. So making a VN with a lower resolution means you are targeting OLD outdated resolutions and aspect ratios that just need to die already. So in my book they can be considered old. Still waiting for VN's to start hitting a native 1080p resolution. Why is Japan so far behind when it comes to standards like this? 2. I don't have an age limit for VN's it mostly comes down to the visuals. 3. I've only read 1 VN from before 2001 which was Kana Little Sister. Loli and incest can you blame me for wanting to read it? 4. Story wise they can age well, technical though I would have to say no. That may change once we start reaching resolutions where the pixel density alone negates the need for anti aliasing which makes going higher resolution becomes meaningless.
  10. What is the most garbage VN you ever read?

    I've never completed a VN I didn't like. I saw all the CGs for Ikinari Anata ni Koishiteiru thanks to the ctrl button but I couldn't bring myself to read it all. Hated every heroine in it.
  11. I'm not really trying to force them to add 18+ content they'll survive without me buying it I'm sure. As others have mentioned though I find it weird that a company that is known for it's 18+ content and have a consumer base mostly focused on things like that would choose to do an All Ages VN for their 10th anniversary. Kinda feels like a betrayal to be honest.
  12. They do mention the scenes will more so be bonus content you unlock rather than be a part of the story. Which is disappointing to me, but I'll take what I can get. Point being it won't affect the game in a negative way if you don't care for the h-scenes.
  13. Mangagamer has released a new update on their blog with a poll regarding 18+ content for Koropokkur. For those of you who wish to see this happen head on over there. http://blog.mangagamer.org/2018/03/06/koropokkur-page-is-now-live-on-kickstarter/
  14. Can Visual Novels really change you?

    While I've never experienced a change like this from a VN I do believe they can impact someone this heavily. Pretty much any form of entertainment can impact someone like this(music, movies, tv series, book, etc). I feel like it's more likely to happen if you are younger or are going through a harder time in your life.
  15. I said 18+ versions not patch. I'm fully aware that their new stuff don't have 18+ versions. I'm mostly referring to Little Busters where they didn't release the Ecstasy Edition in English or should they translate Kud Wafter to English I would only read the 18+ version of it. I might as well just watch the anime instead since their is nothing to motivate me to go and read the VN instead.