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    Hi everyone, I recently made an online petition in an attempt to localize Exile Election, a visual novel similar in style to the Danganronpa and Zero Escape series, death game adventure visual novels. If you're interested in helping persuade localizers to localize the visual novel please consider signing here: https://www.gopetition.com/petitions/localize-exile-election.html You don't need to make an account and you can remain anonymous if you like. Thank you for your time and support
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    During a garage clean up the other week, I found this gem from the year 2000: Sakura Taisen was a hit back in the late 90s. You know the magazine NewType? It has been around since then, and I recall so many issues with Sakura or other members of the cast on the cover. Sega, of course, made the most of its popularity with countless merch and spin-offs. This Gameboy spinoff is different from the console versions. It is about raising stats, there are mini-games, and combat takes more of a backseat. Though Sega has released so many spinoffs (card games, puzzle games and the like), it is nice to see they made an effort and didn’t simply pump out lazy ports. But here is the relic that made me smile: This is the companion “Pocket Sakura”. Tamagotchi was a big thing at the time (as my primary school teacher said, “You can’t bring those digital watches into school!”), and you can see the result right here. The Pocket Sakura connects with the Gameboy via infrared, and you use it to exchange data with the cartridge. Unfortunately, I have never owned a Gameboy Color! Thank goodness we are in the YouTube era, and Erica Griffin has put together this awesome review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=moJ4M6Gfy5I Honestly, I cannot even recall the last time I have put a battery into anything. The 90s and early 2000s will always bring back great memories for me. Do we have companion gadgets like these in visual novels today? I played through Mass Effect Andromeda recently, and that game comes with an app that you can download to send troops on missions via your phone. It might be fun to see that explored in visual novels. I am not aware of any titles that make use of this, but if there are, I would love to know about them. Do you think that is a cool idea, or is it just a gimmick? Thank you!
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    I'm TrinityBree!! ehehehe... Yoroshiku-onegaishimasu! I hail from the farlands of the internet. I have been expanding my knowledge over the internet for years and finally, today I stumbled upon the greatest website ever; called Fuwanovel.net, a place where people come together and discuss the holy goodness of VNs, gyahhhhh *breathes in* Anyways, it would mean a lot to me if you would check out the poll I made to get to know each other better <3 I hope we can become the best of friends and chat-buddies in the near future. *If someone could tell me what a flying helicopter, that would be cool... (I just updated my profile, what exactly is a helicopter gender?)
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    Fred the Barber

    Fuwanovel Confessions

    Confession: I'm intentionally overcooking my pasta for dinner tonight, because dammit, sometimes I like it a little on the soggy side.
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    Dies irae OUT NOW for everyone!

    Dies irae, long-held to be the holy grail of chuuni VNs, is finally upon us! Often praised for its complex and wordy prose, its philosophical themes, its extensive and gloriously nerdy fight sequences, and the manner in which it deconstructs the chuuni action genre, it's a grand battle opera that has become a seminal work in Japan, and we finally have the chance to experience it for ourselves! Whether we're blown away or we're completely let down by the hype, it will be an interesting experience either way. It's currently only available on Steam. If you were a kickstarter backer, go to your Backerkit dashboard, the codes should be there. First things first, the recommended route order: Kasumi -> Kei -> Marie -> Rea. The game's two parts represent the order in which the routes were initially released, but that is NOT the order in which you should read the VNs. The route order is unlocked, yet can ruin the experience if you go out of order. Stick to the recommended route order if you want to have the best experience, no matter who your favored waifu is. Furthermore, there are specific choices you have to make in the Rea route if you want the best, most complete ending in the game. Follow this walkthrough, composed by one of the game's translators, if you want an easier time with that. The second issue: Bueehhh!? Two parts? DLC?? Freemium!?!? Ever since the prefundia launched last year, light has said that there would be two parts. Dies irae is an absolutely huge work, and would typically necessitate a $50+ price tag, yet Steam is a platform that is extremely unfriendly towards high-priced VNs. The split game setup was conceived as a way to combat the hostile environment for high-priced VNs on Steam. And just yesterday, light revealed that they will be offering the common route for free. So, it will be free common route + Act I and Act II purchasable separately, all in one storefront. Third issue: All-ages? Waitaminute! This was an adult game! Dies irae has a long and complex history of releases. To be frank, the initial release of the game was a mess that not many people actually liked very much. They then released a free patch that rewrote large parts of the scenario and added a good chunk of content, but it still wasn't enough. The second release of the game, Acta Est Fabula, added two new routes that further explored the universe of Dies irae and provided a new final route that was far more satisfying than the last, making it actually feel like a complete story. And then, a few years later, the all-ages-only Amantes amantes was released. It didn't add any new routes, but it did add a boatload of content to the existing routes, including an expanded final ending that is considered a must-read, as well as all-ages h-scene replacements that people have said do a better job with character bonding and development. Amantes amantes has ever since been considered the definitive version of the game by its fanbase, and is the version that was Kickstarted. However, light recognizes the weeaboo's love for porn, and is going to offer an 18+ patch that will add those h-scenes back in (and remove the replacement scenes). Unfortunately, this patch will take a little while to come out—it's currently scheduled for late July. Be aware of this if you insist on playing the 18+ version of the game. It's happening, just not right away. Also be aware that the version of the game on Steam now has long been considered THE version of the game to play. Misc issues: The menus for some are in Japanese unless you use Japanese system locale! If you're experiencing Japanese menus, switch your system locale. This is not a consistent issue, and the team is aware of it and looking for a fix. (fixed) So let us see what all the hype is (or isn't) about! Use this thread to share your experiences. Remember to use spoiler tags and to properly label them for anything spoilery.
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    Horror visual novels

    I couldn't recommend this one enough. I love denpa, and it was this VN that got me to fall in love with that genre. According to the TLwiki page, the translation is at 42%. So, probably in a year or two the translation will be done. And maybe they will release a partial patch sometime in between too. As for already translated titles, Saya no Uta is great. And I've only heard good things about Phenomeno. So I'm vouching for the people who recommended those.
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    Well, nice to meet you.
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    フワへようこそ。 No one I know reads VNs either I feel you.
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    Death (>-<)

    Hi everyone . Well, one thing is for certain--we're all going to die someday. As some of you know, my dad passed away around six months ago, so this topic has been on my mind. I wonder how regularly people think about it, because I often do, and I find it heaps scary. See, I'm someone who tends to get stuck in the past. Let's say I often take walks around a certain city block. It's so sad to think someday, I'll never be able to do that again, and the world will continue to spin anyway. When my dad died, the world had changed forever from my perspective, yet when I walked to the shops next door, I looked around and realized oh, no one cares. If we're talking about the universe, I guess our entire race is hardly worth a footnote. Then there's the thing about what happens when you die. Do you become a ghost, is there a next life, or do you cease to exist? The last option is scary. It sounds kind of silly, but even the simple things I enjoy like gaming will be gone. Let's say Persona 17 comes out, but I won't even exist anymore to play it. That's sad. There's this Face App on mobile devices that lets you see how you'll look when you get old. I hung out with some friends the other night, and we messed around with that app a bit. The gender swap function is funny, but there's something sad about the aging one. It's a shock when the change is sudden, but when it's gradual like in real life, maybe it's okay. I'm in my 30s now, and if I look at photos of me in my teens, I'm sure I look different, even if I can't tell just from memory. The other week, I found some old photos of my dad in the garage, and I thought wow, I guess we were all young once. Hopefully when I'm old and dying, I'll be able to smile rather than complain all day about regrets. I've heard when your time is near, your brain will release whatever chemicals are needed to ease you through the process. Not smart enough to know the details, but it's a comforting thought. Then again, I've also heard we may be able to upload our consciousness onto machines in the future, so see you in cyberspace . Thank you !
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    Hello everyone, I'm L^3. Nice to meet you guys. I joined a few days ago. However, due to some exams, I have been unable to introduce myself. The exams are still ongoing, but it's Friday here so... yeah. No one I know reads VNs. Thus, I decided to join the sacred halls of the Fuwanovel forums to talk about VNs. *My wording may be awkward, but it works.(probably)
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    Alchemy Ichijou

    My Introduction- Alchemy Ichijou

    Hi everyone, my name is Alchemy Ichijou and I just joined this forum. I'm obsessed with visual novels and the more I play, the happier I feel haha xD! I hope we can all get along and discuss our visual novel interests. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this post ^_^!! I'm pretty bad with intros so this is what I came up with but I think it'll do xD
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    Visual Novel Reader HELP !!

    Are you brazilian? I see 'Captura de Tela' e 'Inglês e Russo'. Eu sou brasileiro também!
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    Welcome to the site!
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    Why NISAmerica specifically though? What about PQube, Atlus U.S.A. and Aksys Games?
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    Horror visual novels

    Phenomeno is nice too. It's short but does a good job with the horror.
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    My OriginalRen Fansite

    I've been learning some HTML/CSS, and to no cause could my knowledge be better applied than a dedication to my good friend OriginalRun. As such, I've decided to craft a website that makes liberal use of CSS's styling capabilities so as to yield maximum Renness. Enjoy! https://originalren.blob.core.windows.net/ren/ren.html Acknowledgement to my friend @Keisuke who wrote some JavaScript and identified a few missing parentheses that made the website a total mess of scattered images. EDIT: The website appears to have expired. For posterity, you can download it here. Extract the folder and open "index.html" in your browser.
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    Horror visual novels

    Saya no Uta is the lovecraftianiest of VNs.
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    Welcome to the Fuwa forums, hope you enjoy your time here.
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    Horror visual novels

    What kind of horror are you looking for? If you're looking for straight-forward horror with ghosts and gore, the Corpse Party series is probably the go-to. There's also Iwaihime on the untranslated end of things. For psychological horror, you might want to look into Higurashi, or something from the denpa genre, like Sayooshi - this one isn't translated either.
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    i would make it longer but if i did that would lead to my shitposting and stuff, but we will try
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    Akimoto Masato

    Death (>-<)

    death is something i consider as a gateway to the other world (or blackness depending on your beliefs) but its not something that should be feared
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    Ohhh, I see now!!! Thanks for the new info, *New Knowledge Get*
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    Well look at that, I learned something
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    In contrast to common belief "Fuwa" isn't derived from the onomatopoeia for "soft" or "fluffy." It actually comes from the word "不和" which means "conflict." Anyways, フワノベルへよこそ! どうぞよろしくお願いしますわ~
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    Birthday thread

    Happy 23rd to @Infernoplex out there (Very late I knew), and hope you had good year ahead.
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    Hello guys im new here and can someoen recommend me a good vn that make me burst in tears? Edited: w/ english patch pls ( i cant read japanese yet)
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    Welcome to Fuwanovel, and likewise hope we could had some VN Discussion (Or hearing your opinion in regard of that) later. Also hope that you'll enjoy yourself here.
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    Thank you soo much !!
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    フワへようこそ。 Hope we get along, enjoy your time here
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    Hey there!

    Yeah now I changed to a chicken so you can have fried chicken... yay! LOL So Zaka is into eating of live animals, eh? I should stay away then. Thx, hey wai... wait? Mushrabbit? I will... once I finish what's on my list. Haha... what's with the amount of Japanese, man? Haha yeah.. it's all right, man
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    oh, thank you so much for the suggestion, it works!
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    Backgrounds are sometimes overlooked when we play visual novels. I for one am guilty of this, so today I would like to, well, I guess you can say repent. When you have multiple illustrators, there is always a chance your art styles will clash. The easiest solution, of course, would be to feature a single artist in your project. In reality, however, other concerns come into play. Schedules, motivation, workload—there are many factors to juggle. In The Last Birdling, I have opted for a relatively safe route. That is, to feature different artists for the backgrounds and characters. Since these elements are quite separate, it makes clashes less likely. Tooaya is The Last Birdling’s artist, while Juliestorybored is our background illustrator. As the assets trickled in, we first put together a test to make sure the elements fit: Lighting changes based on the time of day, so we must have all our bases covered: Once the test is complete, we can proceed with production: I prefer not to use language like “my team” or “my artist”. Once someone joins the team, we are in this together. When it was time to design Tayo’s village, Julia took the lead and did a great job: The Last Birdling has been in production for two years. During that time, I often study other visual novels for inspiration. The Starcraft VN caught my interest back when it first released. I was particularly awestruck by the city nightscape that animated into place: My previous project, Cursed Sight, featured backgrounds painted by the talented Tooaya. However, none of them animated during the game: As I learn from other creators, I apply those lessons into future projects. In The Last Birdling, I have coded CGs and backgrounds that contain parallax animations, which work especially well for long distance shots: Sometimes I am tempted to say my ideas are my own. If I ever claim that in the future, you can call me out for being a liar. I am a fan as much as anyone, so I will always be a student first. Thank you for reading!
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    Dies irae OUT NOW for everyone!

    There is no real ichaicha romance in the game... all the romantic elements are of the type I like to call 'love under extreme stress'. Kei's is romance between enemies, for instance. I think Rea's path is the most romantic (in a Shakespearean fashion), though it is also the most emotionally stressful of the paths from the characters' points of view.
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    Dies irae OUT NOW for everyone!

    I could not find any option in game to change it to 4:3, so I think you might have to wait, unless I'm missing some feature somewhere.
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    Nice to meet you! I'm new here <3
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    Lets all be best friends and talk all about VNs hahaha!!! But in all seriousness though, whenever I bring up VNs to my friends, they would assume that I play Otome, not that I mind. But in my school culture, they treat it like some kinda weird kink you'd have in the closet... and not out in the open. ''There are other genres too, y'know!'' If only I could tell them that... T^T Say, welcome to fuwafuwa... I think Fuwa means soft, What a cute name :3
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    Weeeeee!!! Nice to meet you ... I'm TrinityBree, but you can call me Breeeee :3
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    Death (>-<)

    Death isn't something that scares me much personally. Perhaps I have this perspective now because of my young age (I just turned 20 two months ago). Or maybe it is because the closest person to me that died was my paternal grandfather. And that doesn't compare to losing a parent. Furthermore, he suffered from Alzheimer's his last few years, and so in his case I felt death was a kind of blessing. So perhaps when I experience what you experienced, my view may change. But the reason that I don't fear death, is because there are 2 possible outcomes as I see it. 1) You permanently lose your consciousness, which wouldn't feel like anything. It's like when you sleep a dreamless night, you don't feel the time change at all. So if that is what happens after you die, you won't notice anything. 2) The other option, is that our spirit/consciousness/atoms, etc, manifest into something different. In which case, our life will continue in a different form. Actually, in a VN I just finished (Suba Hibi), there was an interesting conversation between 2 characters where they were talking about the universal feeling of fearing death. And one of the characters brings up, that fearing the unknown and new is natural. That in a similar way that humans fear death, babies perhaps fear life. The incessant crying of a new born baby, could very well be understood as a fear and terror of life. Something they have no concept of or experience with. Indeed, the very beginning of life is probably in many ways just as terrifying as the end of life, its just that we can't remember what the beginning of life is. The question of immortality and continuing life longer than natural, is something I would pass up on. I could continue speaking, but incidentally the same VN I mentioned previously has another interesting scene regarding immortality. And it just so happens that this very scene is uploaded on Youtube from the partial translation patch. So here is the video:
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    Eden* Translation Tools

    Well. If you have the scripts extracted and the images (sprites, backgrounds). You can make a port in Ren'Py. Ren'Py is reeeeeeeeaaaaaaally easy. Try search about this.
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    For some reason my Facebook page for Soundimage won't let me post my daily updates (or anything else) so I've started a personal Facebook page. Here's the link: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100017638394276 Have a good weekend! :-) I hope some of them are useful. :-)
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    Hair Tropes in Visual Novels

    Have you ever wondered what a character's hair style tells you about their identity? I did a little stats analysis using vndb to find out: https://bunnyadvocate.tumblr.com/post/161292880097/hair-tropes-in-japanese-media There's nothing too surprising in here, but I thought it was fun to examine~
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    Uh oh the money seems to be dying down.... We'd better fking make it to EH.... There really is no other point other than to get that translated
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    Uh, yes, I guess I'm too tired.
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    this goddamn-ish mentality of yours is exactly what´s keeping companies such as mikandi jp to appear on stage, ultimately fucking up people´s hopes and expectations. you seriously don´t want to get it, do you? like if this (libra etc) was an unofficial translation of sorts, like if some retards suddenly decided on doing stuff they had no single clue about, like them stubbornly ignoring all goodwill-ish feedback in the process of creating an abomination you could either read(?), or refuse doing so, because well, it´d be an unoffical one, so fuck it. but in the case of libra it´s fundamentically different - licensing costs & whatnot probably at a minimum due to them being all lovey-dovey with xero - still got an impressive sum of little over 180k out of the kickstarter campaign of theirs - having put quite some reccources into propaganda and avertisement - unless all funds were spend on drinking finest shochu and whoring around with schoolgirls, there should´ve definitely been enough left for hiring themselves some competent staff - & lastly let´s please not forget one of the claims they did make: "XERO has partnered with MiKandi Japan to complete this giant task. Together we are working with the original writers, and programmers to deliver a superbly translated game" so yo, from a customers point of view this sure is sth to feel angry about, even more so if he/she happened to back the aforementioned campaign, which as things stand now was build on lies and utterly false assurances. not even remotely wanting to mention the bad turn they´ve done to each and every smaller-ish publisher who´s trying to somehow get by when doing kickstarters. edit: and just to be clear, this has so fuckingly nothing to do with being able to read moonrunes or not, because if you´re calling yourself a professional, yet keep on delivering one hell of a garbled mess, getting condemned should be expected. simple as that.
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    Heh, that word's used almost every day by people in Ozzie-land. It might seem a bit weird at first ... but you should probably get used to it, because when Australia is the sole survivor of the coming apocalypse everybody will be using that word May also be used in Britain (I'm not sure.)
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    Carpe Diem and Sepia Tears are both free and are pretty good too They ain't free unless... Y'know, arrr matey