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  1. Trample on "Schatten!!" is available in English.
  2. Looks great, I only wish they would ditch the touch pad. And why are the buttons colorless.
  3. It's a job like any other job. They come in, voice act their lines, get payed and go home. Someone who isn't comfortable voicing these scenes does not get hired, or simply declines the offer. That's it.
  4. Start with route A first.
  5. Can I name three trilogies? Infinity series, Zero Escape trilogy, and the Shinza Banshou trilogy.
  6. Tokyo Babel is long and might be a good choice.
  7. Yeah that is interesting. I didn't watch Gaim yet. I agree. The English version of Phantom of Inferno is literally unplayable. I tried all kinds of video players and nothing works. If you want to play this version (some say it's the best one) then I suggest you try the PS2 port. It's exactly the same but without the same problems. The only difference (that I know) between the English and the PS2 versions is the opening.
  8. Vampirdzhija Vjedogonia Urobuchi Gen and Nitroplus have proven themselves to be quite an irresistible lethal combination of dark gritty stories and highly quality stylized production values pinpointing straight into the heart of those visual novel gamers who look for something more serious and unusual, especially when compared to what their contemporaries are doing. Vampirdzhija Vjedonia is Nitroplus’s only the 2nd game but unsurprisingly it keeps the company’s focus on pushing the envelope and trying something fresh and different with their every game but still build upon their reco
  9. Perhaps but sometimes you just can't steer your eyes away from an oncoming train wreck. I still say if you plan to read the vn and still want to watch a few episodes then skip episode 00 entirely. Maybe come back once you're done with the game but by that time you might not care anymore, lol.
  10. If you want to read the vn I recommend staying away from the anime. Episode 0 has some major spoilers, stuff you only get much later in the game.
  11. The fact that they gave 'samples' of all three stories before starting the 'present' chapter did not bother me. I think it was the right thing to do present->past->future chapters in that respective order. But I have to disagree about the story. The entire story was bad. Kano, may his soul rest in peace, had great ideas but a lot of time the execution was not up to par. The 'present' chapter had boring characters, the protag was insufferable, the story just went no where and felt pointless. The 'past' chapter was even worse, it's as basic as a final fantasy plot can get. The idea is inte
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