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  1. M = mascot Good to know you're taking in the feedback. Do make sure not to redo things too often though. What really matters is reaching the end point. Best of luck!
  2. The part of the story where
  3. Thanks everyone for the replies! They're all really interesting to read. Still, one has to wonder why the hell most eroge/nukige companies don't diversify and take up skills and go into other markets like creating software or selling services to companies(while either waiting for the market to recover or waiting for new chances/markets). If they're so damn worried about the stigma of sex/whatever, they could do that under another company name(as long as they can't trace you). I guess some of their problems boil down to Asian society's fear of failure, fear of risks and their belief "if you work really hard, you will be able to achieve sucess, no matter how impossible, in the face of overwhelming odds"(like hell it does). That's probably why they keep doing the same thing over and over again, even if the results willl doom or bankrupt them. I actually wonder why the hell they don't make a F2P biishoujo game which is split into chapters or segments, and which is published online. Also found a completely non-VN related link, related to software: https://www.disruptingjapan.com/can-this-startup-solve-japans-hidden-mental-health-problem-hikari-labs/
  4. What are you playing?

    Hmmm currently playing Katawa Shoujo. Don't really like the prose or style of writing. Or the way they present some of the character interactions. Guess I'll play on a bit more and see.
  5. Are leading companies like Nitroplus and Typemoon affected by the decline in the Japanese VN industry? Just wondering. Thanks!
  6. Hey there!

    Yeah now I changed to a chicken so you can have fried chicken... yay! LOL So Zaka is into eating of live animals, eh? I should stay away then. Thx, hey wai... wait? Mushrabbit? I will... once I finish what's on my list. Haha... what's with the amount of Japanese, man? Haha yeah.. it's all right, man
  7. Given the delay, it's no longer released at the speed of light. Hopefully, it won't take up a snail's pace.
  8. Hey there!

    Thanks, everyone for the warm welcome! What's with the Japanese? I'd to run it through Google Translate! @Zakamutt Yep I'm going to have to change my avatar and signature... too scary. Guess people get scared.
  9. Hey there!

    I'm roastedmushroom. I've played visual novels before but stopped for about 6 to 7 years, I think. Anyways I've decided to come back and try them again. Please, take care of me! Btw, what do you all think of my avatar and signature? Not too bad, right?
  10. What are you playing?

    Piece of Wonder. The disc version. I think it was rushed out 'cos the developers likely ran out of money. They tried to go for an epic story but due to inexperience and time constraints, had to cut out the backstory for some of the villains. I mean, you even get some random character who runs towards Shoko and is then forgotten(guess they didn't get time to cut him out). The slice of life was okay, nothing very great and the battles were decent: they went from too easy to too hard(not enough time for proper balancing). It was about 6 to 7, I think. At least they bothered to try and wrap up most of the story with the Extra story. Some games are just shipped out incomplete and never ever finished. This marks my 2nd visual novel after about 7 years hiatus. The 1st was Cartagra: it wasn't too bad and I liked quite a few of the characters. The twist at the end... hmm, took me by surprise. Though according to some post on some site, it had more sex scenes than a lot of nukige, which kinda put me off. I'll have to replay it to understand the True Ending.
  11. I hate to say this but this is why I rarely back Kickstarters. At best for Kickstarters, you fund it by taking for granted, everything will be completely delivered (as per the promises). Was looking forward to this but... meh, there are many other visual novels to try instead.
  12. Need help unlocking a scene in Cartagra Hi all, I apologise for making this thread and I hope it's in the right forum. ^^;; So I've reached the "true end" and unlocked all the CGs and have 1 scene locked(14/15). Does anyone know how to get this one? https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B8N0tx4-NJMMcDJjTlllbS1sQzg