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  1. I've just uploaded about 70 new seamless metal textures. All are 2048X2048. Some have a "camo" look and might work well for military-themed objects. Others have intriguing patterns that might look cool in fantasy-based things. And some are just plain weird looking, but what the heck...give them a look. Hopefully some of them will be helpful. http://soundimage.org/txr-metal/ (Scroll down...they live toward the bottom of the page.) More are on the way. :-)
  2. More brand new free tracks for everyone... "REACHING ALTITUDE" – I would love to hear this in a drone video…(I’m a huge fan.) But it might work in a travel video as well. http://soundimage.org/events/ "THE ASTRONOMY CLUB" – Somehow these kids always seemed to have a lovable goofiness about them. I was never in the astronomy club, but probably should have been…I love all things having to do with space (and certainly qualified as far as the goofy factor was concerned!) http://soundimage.org/funny-3/ "GRUNGE STREET GAME" – (Looping) Might work under a fighting level. http://soundimage.org/action/ "MIDNIGHT WANDERER" – Through the cold concrete jungle. http://soundimage.org/city-urban-2/ "A CITY FOR ALL MANKIND" – Perhaps one day people will finally learn to get along. http://soundimage.org/positive-upbeat/ Have a great week! :-)
  3. Thanks so much...that means a lot! I've uploaded about 50 new metal texture images for everyone. Feel free to edit them as needed. You'll find them here: http://soundimage.org/txr-metal/ I hope some of them are helpful!
  4. Hi everyone, Now that looping versions of most of my tracks are done, I'm back to creating brand new music and soundscapes. Got a new synth, too, so lots of new sounds are on their way. Here are some for starters: "Sky Runner" (standard and looping) "Cyber Teen" http://soundimage.org/sci-fi-5/ "It's Always Sunny in the 80's" "It's Raining Pixels" "The Ice Cream Man" http://soundimage.org/chiptunes/ "After the Invasion" http://soundimage.org/horrorsurreal/ "From the Sand to the Stars" http://soundimage.org/techno/ I hope some of them are useful! :-)
  5. Hi everyone, Things have finally calmed down a bit...pfew! ...In that spirit here's: "Gulf Breeze"_Looping http://soundimage.org/positive-upbeat/ The rest of this week's new free tracks are from my Technology Page...I think some of them might work in sci-fi themed projects. They are: "Intriguing Future"_Looping "Future Business"_Looping "Future Grid"_Looping "Switch On"_Looping http://soundimage.org/techno/ Enjoy your week! :-)
  6. It's been a very hectic week, but I did manage to upload some new tracks: "The Old Parolee"_Looping "Autumn of Life"_Looping "Drama in the Caribbean"_Looping http://soundimage.org/drama-2/ I hope everyone's having a calmer, less stressful week than I am. :-)
  7. A bunch of new images are ready: http://soundimage.org/txr-wood/ http://soundimage.org/txr-bark/ I hope some of them are helpful!
  8. Hi everyone, This week's new free tracks are: "Cyber Dystopia"_Looping http://soundimage.org/sci-fi-5/ "Sewer Creepers"_Looping "Grunge Bot"_Looping "Breakdown"_Looping "Countdown"_Looping http://soundimage.org/sci-fi-4/ I get emails every once in a while from folks who seem to be having a bit of trouble navigating the site. Here are some things to keep in mind that should hopefully help: 1. The titles of the pages in the tan box under the header image are actually links to the various pages. Hover over them to highlight them (a box appears around them) and then click. 2. I think sometimes people are fooled when they click on one of the page links, like for example "Fantasy 3" and nothing seems to happen. But if you look closer, you'll see that the title of the link you clicked on actually turns to bold indicating that you are now on that particular page. Simply scroll down to see the contents of that page. 3. Since all of the page links appear at the top of every page, it's easy to think that you haven't been taken anywhere after clicking on one of them. Again, notice that the title of the link you clicked on has now turned bold...and you have to scroll down to see the page contents. Anyhow, I hope that's helpful! :-)
  9. Hi everyone, This week's new images are all seamless so they can be tiled. The first group might be useful in sci-fi games. Feel free to scale them, mix with procedural textures or other images as needed. http://soundimage.org/txr-sci-fi/ The second bunch are stone textures and could be useful for walls or other structures. http://soundimage.org/txr-rockstone/ Please note: On all of my texture pages, the seamless images are grouped below the standard ones so make sure to scroll down...(WAY down on the rock/stone page.) Anyhow, I hope some of them are helpful. Have a great week!
  10. Hi everyone, Here are this week's new free tracks: "Strange Zone"_Looping http://soundimage.org/horrorsurreal/ "Alien Vistas"_Looping http://soundimage.org/sci-fi-5/ "Murder in the Outer Colonies"_Looping "Faltering Circuits"_Looping http://soundimage.org/sci-fi-4/ And don't forget to check out my new Chiptunes page if you haven't already. :-) http://soundimage.org/chiptunes/ Have a great week!
  11. Hi everyone, A bunch of cool new stone images are ready. You'll find them here: http://soundimage.org/txr-rockstone/ I hope some of them are helpful!
  12. I've received a lot of requests for chiptunes style music so I've opened a chiptunes page and uploaded a bunch of tracks to get it started. I hope some of them are helpful! http://soundimage.org/chiptunes/ Have a great week!
  13. Hi everyone, This week's new free tracks are from my sci-fi and horror pages. They are: "Sewer Monsters"_Looping http://soundimage.org/sci-fi-2/ "Closing In 2"_Looping "Night Stalker"_Looping "Disturbed Soundscape"_Looping "Lurking in the Shadows"_Looping http://soundimage.org/horrorsurreal/ I've also been getting emails asking if my tracks are free to use in commercial projects. The answer is yes (with proper attribution.) Please see my homepage for attribution information. :-) Eric
  14. Hi everyone, I just began a new page of cool Sci-Fi texture images. Give it a look: http://soundimage.org/txr-sci-fi/ I'll be adding many more images, including skins for creatures, aliens, etc. Any requests? Btw, I've also had folks ask about how to credit me for my images. Please simply list me and my website under "Textures" in your credits section...there's no need to identify which images are mine...unless you really want to. :-) Anyhow, I think this is going to evolve into a really cool page. Hope it's helpful! Eric
  15. Hi everyone, It's a little hard to believe, but Soundimage turned 3 years old this month, so I wanted to send out a big thank you to everyone who has been so positive and encouraging from the start. Creating original music is a lot of work, but it's thrilling to hear my tracks in your games, apps, videos and emerging art forms like interactive novels. I feel like part of me is in your work, and it's incredibly satisfying to be able to help you make your visions into realities. Thank you! In a few more weeks, I should have seamless looping versions done of nearly every track on the site. That said, this week's new free tracks are from my sci-fi pages. They are: "Retro Sci-Fi Planet"_Looping "Night Winds"_Looping "Eerie Cyber World"_Looping "Dizzybot"_Looping http://soundimage.org/sci-fi/ "Dystopic Technology"_Looping http://soundimage.org/sci-fi-2/ I hope some of them are helpful! Eric