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  1. A Sky Full of Stars - +18 Restoration

    I use English on a daily basis. And I started learning it very early on. That's why it's harder to find flaws in my typing here, I guess Edit: I wish my Japanese was as good
  2. A Sky Full of Stars - +18 Restoration

    Okay, I slightly derailed my own thread with various other stuff unrelated to the project, so I won't comment anymore on the issues regarding official localizations All in all, the project is still alive, and if anyone wants to contact me about helping, I'm still open for an editor position.
  3. A Sky Full of Stars - +18 Restoration

    I see. I'm glad I didn't read Kazoku Keikaku yet then I might wait for your re-edit I did read Crescendo though. I think it was good TL, with some issues here and there, but nothing major, game breaking that would have thrown me off the hook. My major gripe with Crescendo is of another nature, not TL-related (that VN would have been one of my favorites if only it didn't fail so big on most of the heroines' routes... I think Crescendo is one of those VNs that had so much potential yet were ruined by poor execution and delivery). I see. Then I guess I won't be bothered too much by it. I don't mind such things as long as the prose reads properly, without many awkward lines or total gibberish.
  4. A Sky Full of Stars - +18 Restoration

    I am not a native ENG speaker either Sorry if I sound too harsh on my critique of Moenovel's TL, but that's because I want it to have the best translation possible. Originally, I was forgiving of it as well because I didn't expect much when I began reading it. When I finished the common route, I realized how sad I am about the quality of prose Moenovel gave it. And yeah, I heard about Konosora's issues. That's why I didn't read it at all yet. When I finish this project, I plan on reading Konosora's fan-made retranslation to compare my experiences of both VNs. As for early JAST/G-Collection... I'll take it that you mean titles like Mugen Yasoukyoku. Yeah, that's indeed below the standard we expect from JAST these days. I read some G-Collection VNs, but I don't remember having many issues with them... well, aside from the engines being old and having some issues of their own, the translations seemed fine to me. I see in your sig "Kazoku Keikaku Re-edit Project:", so I am guessing that it had issues? I didn't read it, but I think it's written by Tanaka Romeo... no wonder, he is a hard writer to TL. Maybe G-Collection did a poor work on him, I dunno. Regarding Sekai, I didn't read any of those titles you mentioned, but I heard only Wagamama's TL was good in that bunch. People tell me that SakuSaku and ChronoClock's TL were a mess. I cannot confirm, but I hope it's not as bad as they make it sound to be xD ... And thanks... Maybe Miagete will be even worth a reread at the end, who knows Little Busters is a Key VN, and Key is a completely different beast. I didn't read any of their VNs, but based on what I heard, yeah, their VNs can live without H. I say, I didn't read anything by them, but I believe in the popular opinion regarding their H-scenes being redundant. And unlikeable xD
  5. A Sky Full of Stars - +18 Restoration

    It's not "ruined" as per se xD Sorry if my previous comments made it sound like that. I just find it to be not how I wanted this VN to read, and I also prefer H-scenes in my VNs, no matter how much insignificant they may seem or how much they may "weaken" the overall plot (personally, I rarely find myself in this situation where I would wish for H-scenes to not be in the VN... heck, porn was one of the few major reasons why I switched from anime to eroge). But as I already said, I agree with you, the patch isn't worth waiting for. I'm very motivated to finish this because of myself, not because I want someone to wait for this patch. Yes, I realize they replaced some content with new one, but if I had to choose between an adult version and an all-ages different content one, I'd rather go for adult version, especially for moege/romance genre. The only VN which I have read without H-scenes at first was Dies irae (a chuunige), but for that one you had to read both released editions, one non-adult, and one adult to get the full picture. For Miagete, you only have the all-ages one, which for a moege/romance genre bothers me. Regarding translation quality... I agree only on the part that it's "completely readable". And that doesn't say much about the quality because nowadays we take many kinds of shitty translations as "readable". I wouldn't label it a "decent translation" because it's not. And no, it's not just "some unfortunate/awkward phrases". Moenovel's TL is full of those lines that read just poorly. Mind you, I never read Konosora before, neither the new reTL patch nor the Moenovel edition. So I don't know how better they got in Miagete, but based on what I have seen so far... no, this isn't a translation I would label anything above so-so. From what I have seen, it looks semi-poorly edited (and also mistranslated at times as well... Mind you, I have only checked first 20 scripts out of some ... I think it's around 300) and there are many issues with it, some of which Decay pointed out on Reddit (the entire prologue, the first 8 scripts until the meeting with Hikari at the train station reads like it's poorly edited). I'm comparing this with translations done by other localization companies, and no, I'm not impressed by Moenovel's work done here. Yes, the VN is good and I love it, but that's because the VN is good, not because Moenovel made a masterpiece or something. I believe even Sekai would have done a better job on it (and that's saying a lot considering how lately some of the Sekai's TLs have been a mess).

    I see. Yeah, I understand you. It's hard when you want to see a particular VN translated and no one willing to translate it. If my skills at Japanese weren't shit, I would have even helped you perhaps. I'm still at Genki-tier studying so I can't help you even though I am interested in SQUEEZE nukiges as well.
  7. A Sky Full of Stars - +18 Restoration

    Oh, I see... 5 years... God, that's an awfully long time spent on a project. They really stayed dedicated to the goal. Man, how I hate Moenovel. It pisses me off so much that you need fans to go after them and fix their shit.

    Didn't you say Quof will do maybe one of those titles? Also, I vaguely remember you intended to MTL one of the titles? xD
  9. A Sky Full of Stars - +18 Restoration

    The problem isn't the TLer at the moment. I am a slow editor, kek xD Maybe I should open up a position for it, seeing how it takes me a week or two to do barely some 150~200 lines. Also, the fact I picked up Moenovel's TL in hopes of salvaging it also adds on the time investment necessary to finish this. I am hoping I won't end up like Konosora project that took a couple of years to finish (I think... 4?). But truth be told, I think I am going exactly in that direction. That's why I am telling people not to wait for this patch because by the time it comes out, it will already be a cold dish. In any case, it'll get done... slowly xD But thank you for your and everyone else's support
  10. A Sky Full of Stars - +18 Restoration

    My point exactly shogun. They still haven't done a proper release of Konosora and I don't see them doing a proper release of Miazora either. Also, I heard Fine Days is slightly more sex heavier than Miazora so I think they won't do the fandiscs either, just like they didn't do them for Konosora (Flight Diary and Snow Presents). Also, the reason they skipped doing Cocoro Function is probably the same (I heard it's slightly more sex heavier than Miazora and Konosora xD).
  11. A Sky Full of Stars - +18 Restoration

    Likely not this year (it's impossible to finish it by the end of this year)... ETA is sometime in 2019 (my early ETA, mind you). I will say what I already said before. The VN is readable at the moment, even without the H-scenes. Many people have already read it. I would recommend reading it like it is at the moment, without waiting for the patch because it's going to take a while for it to come out. I originally started this project with intention of fixing the Moenovel's poor work and censorship. And that's why I plan to finish it till the end, no matter how much time it takes me. There's a way to read the H-scenes with machine translation by using Marcus's tool. I didn't try it myself, but based on what people said, it kinda works. There's another possibility and that's that Moenovel might decide to finally release the full uncensored version by themselves. I don't know how likely that is to happen, but I am gonna continue the project until I see them doing it themselves (which I don't think will ever happen, but some people told me it might).
  12. A Sky Full of Stars - +18 Restoration

    Yes. It's still ongoing. A kind soul offered to help me with TL, but it's still gonna take a while. I'm editing right now, but it's going slow. Everything I said earlier still stands
  13. It's getting MTLed at the moment by some fellow here on Fuwa, but official localization, no, I don't see it happening. Maybe if people request it enough, MG might see about doing it.
  14. Hello

    I heard many horror stories of people who went to Japan and got disillusioned after living there for a couple of years. I know I would never want to live there. All I'd do perhaps would be to go there as a tourist. It's fun to give it a month and just enjoy Japan as a tourist.