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  1. Does anyone have a copy of gsspt.exe?

    I have it, but from what I recall, you can't use it on every SystemNNN VN. Which one did you want to get the scripts from? It was designed to work on Gore Screaming Show, and it has been reported some other VNs don't work on it, or work but with some manual changes.
  2. New guy interested in translating

    ...What makes you think a project leader needs experience? Many projects can be done solo too. The tech stuff can be either easy or hard to sort out depending on what project you have in mind. Some VNs already have tools for them that you can use. For others, it's about finding someone who can help you out with that. As for the editors... there are plenty of them who would do it for you (albeit you should expect amateurs here for the most part).
  3. New guy interested in translating

    Yeah, being a translator should be way easier than being an interpreter. You'd have to be really, really good to be able to translate in real-time xD Yeah, I agree with you - better focus on being a TLer than an interpreter. Hmm... well, while I did say that older VNs are safer, there are some newer, more modern VNs that should also be safe from getting picked up for official localization. I meant that older VNs are safer in general compared to newer VNs. It's not necessarily so that there aren't some newer VNs that should be safe for picking too. There are factors you look in when you judge whether a given title is safe for picking or not. But more about that later. Yeah, I saw. Saimin Yuugi is pretty safe-looking. You can go for that one. Hopefully you'll get a response from the lead of the project soon I checked what you listed here again. Based on this, I may have a few ideas that I could recommend you. Even from technical perspective of getting the script and starting work on it wouldn't be difficult. However, ask me about those ideas if Saimin Yuugi doesn't work out for you
  4. New guy interested in translating

    Sounds good to me We're the same in this regard. Sorry, sometimes I forget it's not a word everyone knows. I myself only discovered it by spending a lot of time on the net. And yeah, good to hear you're not into it for epeen. It used to be a popular reason for starting fanTLs back in the day. People wanted to get famous and popular. I guess it's a reason valid as any other, but personally... I'm not a fan of people who want fame like that. Yeah, I know. I myself started from fanTLs I agree on the part about VNs being more fun to work on than other mediums. However... they're also harder to work on, take more time, and at the end of the day - also paid way less than, say, working on LNs. In a nutshell, you work on VNs only because you're really passionate about them. Other reasons are all against working on them. True, they say that about literary translations too. There are different tiers of pay rates when it comes to translation jobs. Depending on what you're translating and for who, you can earn less or more money. Some manage to make a living out of it, while others do not. VNs... are really hard to make a living out of xD But, there are numerous factors here too. For example, what if the TLer lives in some random 3rd world country? For him, the low pay rate may actually seem higher because of his country's weak economy. So yeah... there are things like this to consider too. When you want to pick up a fanproject, you should aim at those that are least likely to get picked up for official localization (unless you're aiming to sell your work to an official company in the first place, of course). Like, all of those companies you mentioned... they have official localization companies who are working with them. So, I'd advise steering clear off risky projects like VNs from Yuzusoft and SMEE. Or... if it's a very old VN, that's okay too. For example, Yuzusoft has some super old VNs that are very unlikely to get picked up. In fact, this goes for all VNs. Older VNs are super safe from perspective of getting officially picked up. Localization companies can't make money on them, so they want to avoid localizing really old titles. I think I have a few ideas that could work out for you. But I'd need a bit more imput from you on those
  5. New guy interested in translating

    Why wouldn't they be? As long as you're doing something for fun, nobody can stop you. However, if you want to do it for epeen, then don't bother. It's not worth it these days xD Depends on the person. For some, it's about perfecting their skills. For others, it's about trying to make a title they like more popular by making it accessible to those who can't read it for whatever reason. Some do it because they want to sell themselves to a localization company. For some, it's a mixture of all reasons already mentioned. Etc. There are numerous reasons for starting a fanTL. The best reason for doing a fanTL, however, is to meet new people and have some fun. This is my personal favorite for starting a fanTL. Yes, there are some fanTLers who are still alive and kicking. Despite common belief that fanTLs are kinda dead... we're not really dead just yet. Every now and then, a random fanTL pops out. It's true that official companies have more and better output, but fanTLs are still there and they have their place in this day and age. It's not as hard as you think. Btw, why would you want to become a VN TLer? It's not really a career worth pursuing. This is an industry driven solely by passion. There's not much money to be made. Although I have to admit, some TLers have managed to make a living out of it. By the way, you didn't tell us what kind of projects and titles interest you.
  6. Hatsusaku nowhere in the top 100? Shit list.
  7. A Sky Full of Stars - +18 Restoration

    Everyone, I have an announcement to make. As you may have already seen from from this news here, yes, I did indeed join the Alka fanTL group to help out with their Fine Days translation. Look forward to it since it's coming out soon Also, we plan to finish off the H-scenes restoration for the original Miazora. However, no promises on when that's gonna be. PULLTOP projects are just side projects at Alka, so they aren't the highest priority. That said, I have hopes that by the end of the year there'll be something more concrete about this. We'll see. That's all
  8. Musicus: Is this or Mangagamer still relevant

    You have to accept what I said earlier. Not everyone can get Yuzusoft/sprite on board. Are we supposed to shun a company just because they can't make a big name studio give them the rights to their titles? Besides, I don't think many famous companies are left for picking. Maybe Eushully and August, but that's about it. Everyone else is as obscure as you can get. That sounds like some tech problems or lack of QOL features. I don't know which VNs you mean, but I'll assume it's Sakura Sakura/Yotsunoha or that Laplacian VN. Whatever the case, not every VN is going to be like that. I guess they're limited by what they can do with the original VN engines, which by the way, most of the time suck and is one of the reasons why NN wants to have and use their own homemade engine for all their future VN releases. And here I thought OniKiss was a big name. Damn. I guess it boils down to who considers what famous. Yeah, they are "literally who"-games, but it's very likely that Sol doesn't have the means to pick up anything else. You usually pick up some smaller stuff just to get off from the ground, but apparently, it didn't work for Sol. Not to mention, they had to use a Kickstarter for their first two titles, Sakura Sakura and Newton. Obviously, they are very small, and they had no means to pull off what NN did. I beg to disagree. For the first month Fureraba was out, I saw quite a few discussions about it, and I had an impression it was doing very well as NN's first VN. I agree it may have been a "literally-who"-game (although even that is arguable... I had an impression SMEE titles weren't all that obscure in the first place), but it still put NekoNyan on the map. Can't say the same for Sol Press. They did at least 3 VNs at the beginning, and none of them seemed to have put them on the map. Not Newton, not Sakura Sakura, and not Under One Wing. And somehow, even Onikiss seemed to have been received poorly. I don't know how they managed to do that, but I guess their poor PR hit them in the ass, as well as lack of ability to put it on Steam (still... MG never needed Steam to make Imopara a success story). Anyway, my point is - not everyone can get a well-known publisher. You talk about that, but if we go by that logic, most companies should just buckle up and leave when they are unable to get any big name stuff. It's very unfair, especially towards some new companies that may want to enter the market one day. Aside from the fact that there aren't any many really famous companies left for picking, you also have to accept that it's literally impossible to get some stuff. And besides, other localization companies used to survive on some obscurer titles than what Sol is putting out. That's why I am 100% convinced it's not their licenses that hurt Sol the most, but the way they handled them, how they advertized them, etc. That's their biggest problem even today. I mean, Nukitashi and Iroseka should be at least decent, even if we disregard how famous they became in Japan. But Sol's handling of them is... "eh" at best. That's one of the things that puts NN and Sol Press apart. The way they handle their projects and licenses. Neither has bad picks, it's just that Sol has no fucking clue what they are doing. I attribute this to poor leadership and management.
  9. Musicus: Is this or Mangagamer still relevant

    This is one of the things that I can't comprehend to this day. I see so many of you criticizing Sol's license pickups, but none of you go out of your way to explain what exactly it is that Sol should've been picking up. Actually, I don't even see much difference in NN and Sol Press pickups. Both have comedy and moege VNs in their portfolio. The only difference is that NN was able to go after more famous ones, and was lucky enough to make a partnership with a Chinese localization company. That's it. Other than that, the genre of VNs they are both doing is the same. We can talk about what a shitshow Sol Press is behind the scenes and their poor handling of projects and PR, but as far as localization choices go, I don't see any problems with their pickups. In fact, I'd argue some of these should have been bestsellers, yet Sol had an unfortunate luck to be... well, Sol Press xD I mean, if they couldn't sell Onikiss, then they definitely did something wrong. It's the kind of title that MG made banks back in the day (and is still making to this day). But the whole VN medium is kinda niche, more or less. What do you expect Sol to do? Not everyone can get Yuzusoft and Aokana. They picked up some okay average VNs, I don't see what's so niche about picking up, I dunno, My Fair Princess over Hello, Goodbye. They are both niche just as much as each other.
  10. A Sky Full of Stars - +18 Restoration

    @Novel21 No need to overreact, I am used to it (but thank you for standing up for me ) Anyway, I mostly explained the situation in my earlier posts. @MDruidd The progress is that there is no progress because no TLer. It means that it's still stuck at where it was before: only Hikari done. It will stay that way for the foreseeable future, unless someone finally comes to help me or start another project for it (I was hoping Alka Translations may do it in the end, but who knows...). I kinda had a spreadsheet here before. Well, since all TLers left the project for various reasons, I had no way to update the spreadsheet. So... I could post a monthly spreadsheet update, but it'd stay the same as long as nobody comes to TL. That's the problem, and why I am not using any spreadsheets now. It's pointless. I was contemplating maybe releasing a partial with only Hikari H-scenes done as someone earlier here suggested, and that may happen down the road. We'll see. Ideally, someone would come along and just finish it off. But I guess we don't have such luck ;(
  11. A Sky Full of Stars - +18 Restoration

    I actually had to look this up, and damn, you're right! They really have songs by these names. Truly interesting. By the way, Umikana's localized name is free-style and has nothing to do with what the original title says. So they definitely may have been inspired by these Coldplay songs xD
  12. A Sky Full of Stars - +18 Restoration

    I don't come online for a couple of days here, and you guys already start a party here without me xD
  13. A Sky Full of Stars - +18 Restoration

    Ahahaha! I don't doubt that for a sec Especially when you're the one to praise it
  14. A Sky Full of Stars - +18 Restoration

    Curious. I see most people would like to read it, but I guess not everyone is interested. Tbh, it's very likely not as good as the original game (most fandiscs are never on the same level as the games they are based on), but it's still probably fun enough for those who liked the original game.
  15. A Sky Full of Stars - +18 Restoration

    If they really believed this, then they were clearly deluding themselves. Moenovel already made a lot of money on IMHHW. They made money on ASFOS too, although not as nearly as much as they did on IMHHW. Still, they were their two best sellers. Nothing else in Moenovel's catalogue sold nearly as much, at least from the SteamSpy numbers I saw. The fan-restoration patch would have done nothing to prevent that. I myself never had this delusion, and as I already said before, I was primarily motivated to do this project for my own reading pleasure. Moenovel was the last thing on my mind, LOL xD This is definitely true, and I myself won't bother with the MTL patch. I know I keep saying "read with the MTL patch, read with the MTL patch", but that's because from what I've observed, a good chunk of the community doesn't mind MTL for H-scenes. The standards are so low, people generally don't care what they are served as a translation. There are definitely people who won't touch MTL no matter what, but a good chunk of people are fine with MTLs. Wait, why? I thought you liked ASFOS?