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  1. Date a Live Rio Reincarnation question

    That is all under the assumption you will reach the end of any of those 3 titles in the series. I personally couldn't swallow of it, and I dropped the VN right after finishing Yoshino's route in Rinne's Utopia. It's one of the most boring VNs I ever touched, and this is coming from a guy who is a fan of lots of bad VNs out there. You really need to be a fan of the anime and LN to enjoy Date a Live VN. Otherwise, it's gonna be hard to stand it. It has literally only one or two times when the comedy in the VN shines, and maybe a couple of interesting scenes here and there, but that's it. That's all. Most of it is so boring, it's hard to believe it's popular. I was a little curious, so I also checked the anime on a whim, and oh boy, even the anime seems more fun than the VN. I know lots of people hated it for one or the other reason, but the anime genuinely doesn't seem nearly as boring as the VN.
  2. A Sky Full of Stars - +18 Restoration

    Dead until further notice. It may get finished one day, but I'm making no promises.
  3. If what you are saying is true, then this TL is better than I expected it'd be. I am not a fan of 1 to 1 translations, so if they managed to write it well, then kudos to the team. Thank you for your answer.
  4. That's true for most fanTLs. And if you consider how hard Eushully VNs are for translation, you can only expect a super rough translation if it's done by fans. That said... This has piqued my curiosity. This is rare for a fanTL. Are you saying it's a liberal translation? Usually, fanTLs are super literal.
  5. Umm... Shogun? Is everything okay with you? I didn't expect you to write such a butthurt post. He's pretty much posting an update every month or so here, even if there's no progress to be shown. I don't think anyone should be angry over it. I take this as "there has been no progress, but we are still alive". No reason to be disrespectful toward the team like that.
  6. Noratoto - 18+ Restoration Project

    Btw, just to make a small update while we are here. We got some attention on OAG today, and the progress that was mentioned there was when I originally posted this thread. Right now, at this very moment, we are at 6% for the TL of the H-scenes, courtesy of @Zephyrast
  7. Noratoto - 18+ Restoration Project

    That's a lot of work you're talking about, but yeah, I think we won't be able to do that. I personally don't know how much has been altered, but if they've been censoring the original script more than I thought like you suggest, then we are indeed in trouble. Maybe @Bathhouse_Owner could do something about it. I don't know, it sounds like a huge pain in the ass to compare JP and ENG scripts and find all censored scenes like that. I vaguelly recall that someone else told me the same thing. I'm not sure how much has been altered between the versions. I don't know, I pray to God it's not that many stuff... I was actually thinking the same thing back in the day. @marcus-beta told me a couple of good reasons, but... I'd have to dig now what they all were. Unless he can remind me again here. I know that the engine on the JP release is not as good as Kirikiri. We'd have some different problems for the JP release. Marcus's knowledge on working with Kirikiri is much higher than for the engine used for the JP release. I know it's not an excuse not to try hacking the JP release, but it's still something to have in mind. Also... it should be possible to restore everything to be 100% as it was in the original JP release. The problem is how much work that would be. Yeah, it'd be way easier to just port the ENG TL and do the missing content translation than to do it like this. This is what I attempted to do with Miazora. But... here we went for the Steam release for a couple of reasons. One of them was that some of us on the project don't hate the devs nor the publishers and would like them to still make money on Noratoto, so that in theory the localization of Noratoto 2 could happen. Yeah, I know it's not fair for fans to have to fix and help out like that. I am not really picking up any sides here, but I understand why some feel like that.
  8. Noratoto - 18+ Restoration Project

    As expected. He said Hoshi Ori would likely be the last VN he'll ever work on. I am grateful for everything he did so far. In my books, he went down as a hero.
  9. Noratoto - 18+ Restoration Project

    You're saying Triplicate would want to TL this? Wait, did he say so? We already have someone for testing, but if the crew doesn't mind, I don't see any problem inviting more testers later down the line. Indeed, which is why I am curious if he really said he'd be interested. You clearly didn't meet Triplicate yet XD Jokes aside, he's gotta be one of the fastest TLers on the earth right now.
  10. I've seen it only randomly when I was browsing stuff. Since I don't use Anki, I didn't bother saving it or anything. It was pretty much something I saw on a whim but wasn't curious enough to check it out. Edit: But if I recall correctly, it was shared on r/vns.
  11. Conjueror passed away

    Truly a great loss for the community at large. One of my favorite TLers. I just read one of his works last month, and I wondered what he was doing now... truly something I didn't see coming. Rest in peace, Karolis. May your legacy live through all those great VNs you worked on.
  12. I believe someone already made an Anki deck on this theme. Quite a handy list of words to know xD
  13. Saya no Uta Coming to Steam

    Even Makoto is just a human!
  14. They likely wouldn't have gotten involved if Harukaze wanted to do the 18+ release. But that's beside the point. You still can't blame Fruitbat for the censoring as it wasn't them who decided that the localized version will be the one based on the console release. It's true that Fruitbat mostly deals with all-ages doujin VNs (and some other games like that one with tanks and that Orange Juice game, if I recall correctly now), and by their localization pattern, yes, we can assume that they likely wouldn't have had anything to do with Noratoto had Harukaze decided to do the 18+ release instead.
  15. Saya no Uta Coming to Steam

    No translation is ever flawless.