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  1. Huh ... Shit, I have used Photobucket a lot earlier. I switched to imgur a couple of months ago but this shit with Photobucket probably annihilated a lot of my old posts with images cause I remember using it here on Fuwa for some time.
  2. Are you visiting the right domain? Namely, the new address is: http://raburabu.net/ I can access it just fine, dunno why would it be blocked in Texas xD ...
  3. That would be cool indeed, since JAST managed to "borrow" Innocent Grey from MG xD It would be fair play
  4. Isn't it obvious? xD Entertainment That's the one-encompassing word to describe all feelings that I desire from visual novels: thrill, excitement, fun, laugh, titillation, etc. All of it in the name of entertainment ... As for why VNs as a medium, it's perhaps because I find the narrative and audio-visual aspect of them quite alluring + how they aren't just simple books (that require imagination on the part of the reader). Ofcourse, I like other mediums of entertainment as well but VNs feel like something I am enjoying the most at the moment.
  5. It seems the TL gets even worse later on in the routes. I am genuinely confused and bored at times while reading some lines. I thought about screen-capping these but then I found it to be bothersome and there's too much of it so I just gave up. Now I am only reading it for the porn. The plot I am just managing to get a gist of, that much I can understand from the bad TL and what's going on on the screen xD ...
  6. Nice announcements, but I believe only MG will deliver on their promises on time ... JAST and Sekai and Denpa - not very likely, I am expecting delays, especially with JAST. But overall, I am not let down by the announcements, not even in the slightest ...
  7. I am quite satisfied with the announcements, well, maybe not with Space Live but everything else is good in my book.
  8. I hope he finds a hacker, I heard good things about that VN, and also, Navel makes some pretty good moeges
  9. It's a shame that the translation they delivered isn't as good as the VN itself, I myself didn't expect I will like it this much. The more I read it, the more I wish they actually payed attention to correct sentences usage, proper romanization of some names (for example, I am not sure "Racronia" was correct name for that vampire hometown, I think it should have said "Lacronia", maybe I am wrong, but I definitively feel like "Lacronia" was the correct name), at times misplaced pronouns ("she" instead of "he", "her" instead of "his" and so on), jokes not properly delivered, some character's speeches not properly delivered, and so on and so forth ... I basically have to concentrate myself on ignoring all of these bigger and minor issues that it simply kills my mood at times, even though I kind of like the cast (except the protagonist) and leaves me to desire more and better. MiKandi really made a rookie mistake here by hiring not so competent translators. This VN definiviely deserved more than it got and I am saddened on how many potential fans might be put off by not-so-good delivery that MiKandi pulled off.
  10. Now let me put a positive spin on this VN ... It has some rather interesting sexual scenes and moments in it that I couldn't simply ignore ... Plotwise so far that I have read it's nothing to write home about but sexual content here with the provided plot isn't that bad at all, provided that you have nothing against urination fetish xD ...
  11. Been reading it a little bit, yeah, the translation is too much literal and sometimes makes no sense at all ... Also, bad grammar at times, wrong tense usage, etc. ... I mean, I can enjoy this but I don't think many will find it fun the way it is translated currently xD ... This is exactly how I imagine a Japanese person who isn't fluent in English to translate from Japanese to English ... It has all the signs of it, this VN could have used some heavy editing by a native English editor and it would look much better then.
  12. I want to read this VN as well, I think I saw it getting high scores on EGS and I have heard good things about it I myself am a huge fan of mystery and horror so I am very excited for this VN
  13. Thanks shogun
  14. Not a big deal, there are many screen caps floating around from E2's FB page xD Useless effort by E2 to hide something now.