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  1. I know JAST does do physical copies, but I never heard they are gonna do them for Ninetail. That's why you got me confused. Anyway, from what I know, only thing that JAST did for Ninetail is helping them a bit with promotion on Twitter and hired an editor for them. I don't think they offered them, or that they will for that matter, deal to do physical copies. So you don't really have to be worried about that. If anything, there are numerous other reasons for why the project could stall. Only one thing concering JAST that can go "slow" is editing, but even that is doubtful since the editor they hired is a known pro who worked for FrontWing, MangaGamer, and others. It's not some random nobody who takes decades. So there's no way for JAST to stall this project.
  2. Wait, wait... JAST releasing physical copies of Venus Blood Frontier? O_O
  3. You with this again? Haven't I (actually we) already told you multiple times that JAST isn't a publisher in this case? O_o Ninetail is the publisher. For the nth time. JAST's speed won't have anything to do with how fast this is gonna be finished.
  4. Uncensoring through neural networks

    Thank you, sanah
  5. I don't think they canceled it. Unless it flopped in Japan too, it's probably gonna get fully translated and released in the West as well. However... I can't say it's looking too promising. This is why episodic releases are bad. Who's at fault if, say, the original dev doesn't finish the series? You're left with an episodic unfinished mess. Just look at Supipara to see why this model sucks so much.
  6. It's not really that unknown. I see people calling it "Aokana 2.0/Not Aokana", so I guess it's a title that has something in common with Aokana.
  7. A Sky Full of Stars - +18 Restoration

    It's not as bad as IMHHW. It's... digestable, I'd say. The problem with waiting for this is that I may never finish it actually. I am too busy with some other stuff, so can't really work on this project all the time. That's why I said it's not worth waiting. If I ever finish this, I just plan to release it out of the blue... provided Moenovel never changes their ways.
  8. A Sky Full of Stars - +18 Restoration

    Yes, albeit at a snail's pace. As I already said earlier, better read the VN now and don't wait.
  9. Fan Translations Are Nearly Dead?

    I think that at least 1/3 of titles on that list will fall into oblivion (Hanasaki?! Flowers?! Really? Those will hardly be remembered as classics xD). Especially those that had no translation. And that reminds me... VNDB users often vote on untranslated stuff based only on art and popular opinion. I know some of these were taken as disappointment at large by those who actually read them. Aside from a chunk of really good titles on that list, others will surely not be considered classics at all. Speaking of which, my original point was about how many titles produced in this era will be remembered and talked about. I didn't say there aren't some amazingly good titles that came out in this era. I tried to do the same rating comparison for VNs between 2000 and 2012, and... it's not good data represantation. The list is skewed toward titles that have been translated. Yeah, I know it's expected considering what the main VNDB demographic is. I guess finding untranslated classics with this method won't be an easy task using VNDB xD ...
  10. Fan Translations Are Nearly Dead?

    Indeed. And that brings me to my next point. How many VNs from 2013 and then onward to, say, 2024, do you think will be considered classisc in the times to come? Sometimes for hours, I browse VNDB entries from the last 6 years, and I can't help but wonder how many of these will be talked about in a couple of years from now, if at all. I seriously doubt we'll have as many classics as we had in the years between 2000 and 2012.
  11. Fan Translations Are Nearly Dead?

    And 2019 - Hoshi Ori Indeed, thank you God for bringing us Triplicate and irru to this world
  12. Fan Translations Are Nearly Dead?

    To be quite frank, many older VNs are much better than nowadays releases. You don't have to look far to find many VN fans from the JOP circle who think older VNs had generally better stories and more love put into them. I think even a discussion on this happened not too long ago here on Fuwa. So fanTLers focusing on oldges wouldn't be such a bad development, not at all. I myself am quite interested in many oldges, and yeah, that includes Sayooshi. Speaking of it, there already is a fanTL of Sayooshi. If I remember correctly, Cafe did a translation of it back in the day, but never released it as he wants Visual Arts to do it officially.
  13. Decripting .ypn/.yps file

    And here I was, doing exactly that - bruteforcing through AE tools and wondering why is it not working xD
  14. Decripting .ypn/.yps file

    Nounai Kanojo title. Good taste :thumbs_up: Anyway, no, you need a hacker to decrypt these .ypn files. Every YU-RIS engine VN has its own decryption code for the scripts, and for each VN one needs to manually find which one it is. It shouldn't be too hard to find it, but I have no idea how hackers do it. A friend of mine did it relatively easy before, but I have no idea how.