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  1. 1) I have no hard feelings about this either way, as long as it's consistent throughout the translation of the work. So if the TLer decided to keep honorifics, they better stay there till the end. 2) Same opinion as with the honorifics. No hard feelings either way, as long as it's consistent and matches the tone of the character who's speaking it. 3) Depends on context. In some works, you can get creative about this. I guess "tsundere" would be fine to keep, but where does one draw the line? At "mayadere"? "Coodere"? Luckily, I don't think I've seen these rarer ones appear in dialogu
  2. Actually, we did improve some things with our release short after release. I didn't post about it here earlier, but here's the link to the short announcement we made back then. Anyway, we're aware of the official localization of HarmonEy. But we're also aware it was done by the same company that localized Tenkiame, and that one didn't turn out so well. And judging from what I saw from HarmonEy's release so far, it's just as bad. Also, I looked at the tech, and they didn't fare much better. They couldn't even change the font. Overall, it's a pretty meh localization. Hachimitsu Soft deserve
  3. You really know your way around with those tools! I'm impressed!
  4. From what I recall, yes, the game's script files are encrypted. Every VN in that engine has its own encryption or something.
  5. Glad you were able to solve the problem! I was about to suggest redownloading the demo from a different link, given how the demo works for me, but you already tried it yourself. Anyway, what do you think about the engine? Is it complicated to hack like I heard, or...?
  6. Hmmm... that's weird. I only have the full games, and they work just fine. Gonna try the demos now. Could be that their demo versions are borked.
  7. PurpleSoft engine, pretty please? You can even grab a demo of some of their titles, like Reallive or Seishun Fragile. Here's an incomplete list of titles using their engine. I did find some Chinese-developed tools that should supposedly work with their engine, but it only covers some older titles (that already got localized).
  8. Why not just use VNR or something to machine translate it for yourself and call it a day? If neither of you knows Japanese, it's pointless to bother doing projects for any VN.
  9. FanTLing Yuzusoft titles is a bad idea. NN's under obligation to shut down every such project. But I guess they wouldn't care if it's not to English/Chinese, no idea
  10. The one that comes to top of my mind right now is the promised combined version of Amentes Amentes and 18+ H-scenes. That never happened, and instead, you had to play both version separately. There were also some resolution shenaningans and CG cropping. There's probably more stuff, but this is what I remember at the top of my head.
  11. Why would you translate Flight Diary? Unless you wanted to TL the H-scenes, or reTL the whole thing completely, I don't see the point in it. Flight Diary was already localized by Moenovel.
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