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  1. Not a big deal, there are many screen caps floating around from E2's FB page xD Useless effort by E2 to hide something now.
  2. Thanks @Daydreamer97 for this thread ... I never heard of the VN before but I had a good laugh, this was truly comedy gold stuff xDDD
  3. Thanks @MaggieROBOT
  4. There's no reason to delete this topic, somebody with the similiar problems in the future might need solutions provided here
  5. Will there be Tayutama 1? How safe is Tayutama 2 without Tayutama 1?
  6. Not using VNR at the moment but thanks for this useful FAQ, it's very useful.
  7. No physical edition will be announced on Anime Boston. MG said so itself in a comment to their post on Facebook:
  8. I think you burned yourself out a little bit, perhaps take a break and then when you are in the mood again, pickup reading VNs again
  9. I didn't know that ... A dedicated fellow then, I see ... Well, one man cannot harbor the whole burden on himself, I am hoping editor will also be as motivated as that guy who is translating.
  10. That's fast indeed, maybe too fast in my opinion, I hope the TL is at least readable and mostly correct, from a fan-TL I am not expecting anything of super-quality but still, readibility would be something I'd prefer to if it's possible xD
  11. I heard good things about the VN and Tone Work's other VNs but I haven't tried the partial patch, I usually wait for a full TL on anything I want to read
  12. I'd like a better translation myself but I am afraid you will get C&D, perhaps you should have kept it a secret translation, but like this, there's high chance of C&D
  13. That's like superfast compared to my connection speed that goes 500 KB/s at max
  14. I would also like more darker stuff ... Stuff like Maggot Baits Gore Screaming Show and similiar, Iwaihime, etc. ...
  15. Both look fine to me so I don't really mind which one you are going to use xD