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  1. Unpacking Whale Engine game archives

    Hmmm ... I didn't use it myself yet so I cannot say anything about those matters regarding hash sums and filenames. You should try contacting the hacker who made those tools (the author should be somewhere on that github's page). So far, those seem to be the only tools available for whale engine-based VNs.
  2. Unpacking Whale Engine game archives

    https://github.com/vn-tools/whale-tools Did you try this?
  3. Himouto Umaru-chan "Stole" Otome Domain's UI

    Quite obviously: What I said about not caring didn't necessarily mean I implied that you didn't care as well xD ...
  4. Himouto Umaru-chan "Stole" Otome Domain's UI

    I agree with Beichuuka here. Why should we care about this?
  5. Inferior releases.

    Ah, indeed, you do have a point there, I didn't think about it at that time in that way. Welp, in that case, it seems JAST is finally becoming more serious. Or at least more serious than they were before (even if only just a slightly bit xD). Since they redesigned their website, they seemed to be sort of more active. I think that's a good sign, looks promising, I hope they keep it up like this, maybe they finally become really active.
  6. Inferior releases.

    Speaking of JAST ... My vague memory from earlier this year tells me they promised Flowers Summer (forgot the full name of Flowers sequel) by the end of this year or something like that, right? What happened with that? xD
  7. Inferior releases.

    So ... everybody's talking about Eiyuu Senki "fan-translation" ... But ... If I remember correctly, wasn't the fan-TL actually the official TL by Fruitbat Factory for the console editions (PS3 I think it was) of Eiyuu Senki? The team just pulled out the translation from there and inserted it into the PC edition. And then surferdude from Hongfire added in the translation for H-scenes (and some other content as well). So technically, it's a 90% official TL already, not really a fan-TL? xD Just like with Steins;Gate 0, I am bothered to hear it called "fan-TL" when in fact it was just translation taken from consoles and ported to PC instead.
  8. So many translations as of lately were machine-based so if OP wants to go the same path, I see no problem, it's not like he is asking real money for it (unlike certain other). Also, I'd seriously reconsider that opinion which some people in the community have about VNs - that they are some kind of holy grail that should never be tainted by any kind of translation (in this case machine translation, but there are also serious whackos that hate when a "kamige" VN gets officially localized so I am speaking in general here).
  9. So... we should assume that many of these eroge companies who for this or the other reason don't "adapt" will go out of bussiness sooner or later? That doesn't sound very promising, I wouldn't like to see so many eroge companies die... I hope that survival you speak of won't be dependent too much on their decision whether to go west or stay east. Though I definitively understand the problem, after all we did hear about a fair number of eroge companies going out of bussiness in the last couple of months/years (The most recent I know of was Chuable Soft but there's many more as well).
  10. Doki-Doki Literature Club is a Unique Experience

    Unvoiced overrated EVN ... Read it like for two or perhaps three hours and then just started skipping till the end ... The twist might be interesting to some people, and yeah, maybe you could say it's a unique VN. Yeah, it's better than your daily Sakura -insert random noun here- but at the end I could only say it's just a decent EVN. There was some effort invested into it but the poor side effects, unvoiced, mediocre art, uninspiring BGM, all of it makes the final twist not so impactful as I'd want it to be. I heard that there's a JP VN with the same twist and that's the one I'd like to read more than this "EVN kamige".
  11. Nazi wizards anime released

    Avoid this anime like the plague that it is and instead read the VN.
  12. Haze Man -The Local Hero-

    When I looked at some of the CGs and the OP of this VN, I got an impression that it was a nukige xD ...
  13. Dies Irae 18+ Patch?

    I think I saw the mention of 18+ patch on Dies irae's discord channel but I thought it should have been released by the end of this month? xD Nevertheless, even without H-scenes, Dies irae is one of the most amazing VNs I had read so far and I can understand why many people didn't like it (despite me finding it amazing, I agree with the popular opinion in the community that the villain cast is more interesting than the good guys xD). I'd recommend you play it even if the H-scenes don't come out soon, you can check H-CGs on the net, it's nothing special and some of those even looked too forced in my opinion so you aren't missing that much without seeing them. You'll easily make a deduction on where an H-scene should have popped out, (there's maybe like 13 or so H-scenes in the entirety of Dies irae ... most of the time you'll be enjoying real chuuni plot than H-scenes which mostly look bad, except maybe the ones for Marie). Since you mentioned SubaHibi in one of the posts later, I'd like to mention that while both Dies irae and SubaHibi were overhyped - only Dies irae felt to me like it delivered on the hype. SubaHibi was very good but not a "kamige"-tier VN in my opinon. Also, you can enjoy Dies irae even if you don't have any background on philosophical stuff, while SubaHibi on the other hand ... Well, you can enjoy it to a certain degree but after that, it gets weaker once it starts revealing its mysteries (I at least found those parts weaker). I guess it's a real "kamige" only if you really understand the philosophical backgrounds behind it. So to wrap up what I wanted to say here ... Dies irae is more likely to be enjoyed than SubaHibi if you don't have any background knowledge on philosophical matters.
  14. To Heart 2 for PC Translation Project

    Wow, talk about luck there xD ... Anyways, congratulations on finishing it, I might check out the VN later on
  15. AGTH wiki Closed

    Ah, sorry then, I thought it was the same.