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  1. Well, in the end, I guess I did it for Onee-san X Shuffle, ahahaha
  2. Oh, I see... That's a good approach, I think. Though it's going to be lots of tech work, I suppose. Oh yeah, sorry, my bad. I didn't answer your original request. I'd help with the savedata stuff, but sadly, I'm busy with something right now, so can't find the time to make those save states you need. I'd need to grab the VNs too, which I don't have either.
  3. I see. Interesting. Looks quite ambitious. But you have my good luck wishes. It's about time someone translated an Atelier Kaguya VN. Btw, you may want to keep it under wraps before release. From what I gather now, it seems you're porting the entire VNs to Unity. It won't be like a fanpatch release, but a whole game once you're done. I'm not sure if the dev would care about it (they certainly don't seem interested in the western market), but better be safe than sorry.
  4. Did you manage to figure it out yet? I recall most of those old VNs could only be translated through hex editing. Not sure how the situation is with old Kirikiri VNs, though.
  5. Someone must know. Did you try asking in VNR's discord server? I really remember seeing some people showing screens of it and claiming it's from DeepL. It's probably legit, unless it was all bullshit. I'll PM it to you in a sec.
  6. I recall extracting the script from https://vndb.org/v25719 back earlier, but I can't remember if I managed to make the game not break after script reinsertion. In any case, I can send you the tool I used for it, but no promises it's going to work for you. AdvHD can be a bit of a pain in the ass sometimes. Btw, did you try VNR's built-in MTL feature? I see you mentioned DeepL, but I think there's a way to make that work with VNR, and even make the text display right inside the game's textbox. At least I recall seeing it being done by some people.
  7. For what VN? Extracting the script and editing it is the easy part. What's not so easy is that when you recompile them back, it can break the game after the game's OP (there are some technical issues why that happens). This is true for all AdvHD VNs.
  8. Not one, not two... but four projects? WTF? Is this intended to be a translation by human, or machine? Or edited machine TL? Because I've never seen a fanproject TLer ambitiously trying to pick up 4 VNs at once.
  9. Damn, so Hadashi Shoujo VNs are using Reallive? I was interested in their stuff for a while now. What a shame. Especially Lovedory Halation... All Reallive VNs have a different encryption key on the script file. That's the hardest part to figure out. For that, you need a genuine hacker. I mean, from what I heard it's not that hard to find it. But... err, you still need to know what the fuck you are doing. And if you're not really a reverse engineer, then you're out out of luck Same here. I was too stubborn to give up, and just went through with it. Needless to say, I didn't accomplish anything, and then someone who's a real hacker solved the problem in a day. So yeah... we can't really do anything without help from a real professional.
  10. No problem, I didn't help you that much anyway. That said... You made me curious. For the love of God, what VN is still using RealLive in 2017?! That's outdated by years now! It got out of service when Siglus engine came out. Btw, you just went through the same thing I experienced with RLDev. You have my respects for even trying to do stuff with it xD
  11. I see. Yeah, you have a point. For VNR, you need to be always online. Anyway, to answer your question -- Is the engine SystemC? A couple of engines use .fpk format, and SystemC is one of them. Judging by how the script file is named, I'm guessing that's indeed SystemC. If so, were you using this to change the game's script text?
  12. You want to publish MTL patches online? Btw, it's unnecessary if so. VNR has a built-in ablity to replace the Japanese text with machine-translated text (right inside the textbox), just as if you applied an MTL patch over the game. Unless your goal is something else?
  13. This was Denpasoft's survey, not MG's
  14. Your Diary's easy to get the script from. At least from what I recall. I know I didn't have any issues getting it.
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