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  1. Send me over the files. Not sure if the tools I have work with it, but I can at least try.
  2. If true, then they should do us a favor and pledge the rest too if they can xD (provided no one else does it in the meantime).
  3. Have some faith I am saying this because yesterday it all looked so bleak. Compared to that, this day shines better. ...But yeah, it's still not out of the danger zone.
  4. It's definitely gonna make it. With 9 hours to go, they have enough time to get all the backers they need.
  5. Maybe Sol Press should have hired some spammers and "astroturfers" to skew the public opinion and stem the tide in their favor ...But now seriously, I am not worried too much. They've already bought the license. It's gonna get localized regardless of the KS, sooner or later. They can't cancel it now, and it's likely that they may even try KSing it again in a couple of months but with better marketing and so on. Or what has already been said somewhere... do Iroseka without KSing it at all. One of the reasons I respect NekoNyan so much is because they are actually taking the risk and not doing Kickstarters. I know that in this business it may not be wise or doable for everyone, but to me personally... I'd prefer to buy my VNs when they are finished and already in a store, not having to spend my money on a pre-order kind of deal such as Kickstarter.
  6. Euphoria

    Bible Black is a bit old, and it's more of a classic than anything else. The plot in it isn't anything amazing either, but at least I find it more believable than euphoria's plot. Aesthetically speaking, the game isn't as pretty as euphoria, but for a VN originally developed and released in 2000, I'd say it looks good. Sei Shoujo's art was one of the better ones in those times, so I'd say the VN doesn't look too bad for today's standards. Plotwise, you may find it a bit silly with all the stuff going on, but damn, that VN has one of the best choice systems I have ever seen in a visual novel. There are actual consequences (bad endings) depending on how you play it. That's what I loved the most about that VN. I kid you not when I say that Bible Black is tons of fun just for the choices. Don't use a walkthrough for it if you decide to play it. Yeah, you may get stuck maybe (there's like 20 or so different endings in it and a good number of choices to make), but it's not too difficult to figure out what went wrong when you reach a bad ending. Bible Black has a great replayability value due to how the story was constructed. It just begs you to replay it time and time again (which is why I replayed the entire VN like 3 or 4 times in the span of 5 years since I have read it). I genuinely loved Sei Shoujo's art and writing in it. Unlike euphoria, which I look at only as a nukige, Bible Black is for me both a nukige and a plotge. It doesn't sacrifice either of these two aspects for another. Looking at it now, it's not really an amazing title, but it just clicked with me with the way the story was delivered and presented. I feel like content-wise, Bible Black offered more to me than euphoria did.
  7. Euphoria

    For me, euphoria was ultimately a let-down. Yes, I still gave it 8/10, but if I were to compare it to my most favorite dark visual novel (Bible Black), it's definitely below 8/10, at least in the story department. For what it is, it has some amazing production values, and the ideas presented within it were all very interesting to me. However, at the end, euphoria felt like it was rushed in all second halfs of all heroines' routes, and I couldn't really take the plot seriously anymore. Half of the routes felt like a joke, and the other half unfinished/rushed. At the very end, I found euphoria to be a very good nukige, but sadly, a let-down in terms of plot and development of characters. As a huge fan of dark visual novels, I enjoyed euphoria a lot, despite its flaws. The biggest disappointment to me was the final conclusion. The idea was there. I loved what they tried to pull off. But sadly... no, there's just no delivery. Amazing idea, but ultimately a botched attempt at delivering it. They could have done it so so much better, yet they failed. Euphoria could have been more than just a nukige, but sadly, for me it only ended up being a good nukige with an attempt at having a plot. I am hoping Maggot Baits will be better... and that new VN coming out which gives me great vibes (Dead Days).
  8. Nora to Oujo to Noraneko Heart Steam page up

    To me, this "good enough" usually implies a negative connotation. As in... "it's not good, but we'll have to accept it because there's nothing better out there and there'll likely never be". Of course, what's "good enough" for someone is indeed a subjective matter, but for me, even if I consider something "good enough", I still think it's a bad translation. To some, bad translations can and will hinder the experience, no matter how much one tries to overlook all of its problems and think of the translation as "good enough". That's indeed true. I can look back upon some old translations from the 90s and have a totally different opinion of them when I read them nowadays. Our standards did change, even if only for a bit. When you have good translations to compare with, you can see the underlying issues of old bad translations you may have thought of as good before. Yeah, I am aware of what you said already. There's not enough money circulating in the VN localization business to make it profitable for companies to increase their product quality. And there are, of course, companies like SakuraGame to "burn the forest down". I know all of this. And I know that this is one of the major reasons why "good enough" is something most of us are satisfied with. The danger of lowering the bar of "good enough" is always present due to companies like you mentioned already.
  9. Nora to Oujo to Noraneko Heart Steam page up

    By desperate, I mean how we are ready to accept most translations, excluding blatant MTL and straight-up terrible translations. I am not talking about the number of VNs coming out, or whether these VNs are any good or bad. Most of us are forgiving of bad to mediocre translations as long as we can read them. That's what I meant by desperate situation. We're getting more and more translations, but many of those aren't really of very good quality. But most of us are fine with it, so there's no real incentive for companies to put more effort into their translations.
  10. Nora to Oujo to Noraneko Heart Steam page up

    It's pretty telling of how desperate the situation in the Western VN scene is when most of us are fine with "good enough".
  11. A Sky Full of Stars - +18 Restoration

    Sigh... Okay, I'll eventually get to it. I hope I won't have much trouble there. Thanks for the heads up.
  12. A Sky Full of Stars - +18 Restoration

    RIP. I never read past the common route, so yeah, you may be right. I am eventually gonna have to check. Oh, I remember that scene. Actually, I was told that the text is still the same? It's just that the images are changed/have fog on them.
  13. A Sky Full of Stars - +18 Restoration

    Oh no, keep playing. This is still not worth waiting for. The TL for Korona is completed only on 1 out of 5 scenes, and I don't know when the others will get done. There's still tons of text to go through. And that's not all... someone will have to bother with full game reading at the end (which is gonna be the hardest part to do... or should I say - most time consuming and a chore). It's gonna be a huge stroke of luck if we get it done by the end of this year. And also... I am fucking hoping Moenovel didn't censor too much text around H-scenes. I pray to God they didn't. It's gonna be a real pain in the ass and a chore to fix that stuff up if they did.
  14. A Sky Full of Stars - +18 Restoration

    And faster we are. Hikari's H is fully translated and edited now. Next update - after Korona is done.
  15. 9-nine-:Episode 1 coming January 31st

    Oh, don't be modest, Fred. Good editors should be proud of themselves. I know I'd be proud of myself if I had even only a half of your skills.