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  1. Looking for translation project

    You could help out Yosuga no Sora project. They're looking for some help: https://trjr.wordpress.com/
  2. The thing with Eushully is that most of their best VNs are the ones that came before Kamidori (with Kamidori included). After that, their games kinda got weaker. I heard Sankai Ou no Yubiwa almost made them go bankrupt with how badly it got received. Amayui is apparently much weaker compared to Kamidori, and Fuukan no Grasesta... is decent at best (not my comment, someone who played it described it to me as such). Their newest one is https://vndb.org/v27691 and we'll see how well that one will go. Same setting as Himegari makes it kinda interesting.
  3. Exodus Guilty エクソダスギルティー [Abel]

    Don't make me shiver in fear! :kowai: I didn't read YU-NO, but if this is a story on par with that title, then damn, YU-NO is definitely overrated then. Just finished reading this VN (Youtube has whole playthroughs of all 3 volumes), and oh boy, I think I lost a couple of brain cells by the end of it. One of the worst plotge fails I've ever encountered. It had some very good ideas, but that execution, that writing, that delivery... it's all ZERO! I felt like it was aimed at 12-year old kids or something. So many implausible shit and unconvincing developments... it's comically bad! In many "drama" moments, I couldn't help but laugh at the sheer absurdity of it! It's truly a shame since there were aspects of the VN I definitely liked.
  4. What else would you have expected from FAKKU :face_palm:
  5. A Sky Full of Stars - +18 Restoration

    Would love to, but it's sadly just me at this point I have Hikari's H-scenes done, but releasing only a patch for her is dumb. I don't want to release partial patches like that. If only some good TL would pop out, interested in finishing the rest
  6. A Sky Full of Stars - +18 Restoration

    Just for the record, I'm not trying to change anyone's mind either We're all entitled to our own opinions I'm kinda happy and surprised at the same time to see you guys still following this thread, despite me never delivering the patch. Guess I was wrong about people not caring that much about Miazora
  7. A Sky Full of Stars - +18 Restoration

    My ASFOS tools should work with it, unless they updated the engine. PM me the "Rio.arc" and I'll check. If it works, I'll send you my tools.
  8. A Sky Full of Stars - +18 Restoration

    @adamstan Thanks for the input. Sorry. I think I've read this discussion before, but somehow I've forgotten about it. Figures. It has been a while ago xD As for my stance on the matter... I don't think of sex as "cherry on top", even in teenage romances. I mean, we live in a sex-driven world. Even teenagers have sex, especially in this day and age when in all developed countries sex is considered a normal thing. For me, sex in this type of VNs is like a "deeping of the relationship". Granted, the execution of these aren't always flawless, but that doesn't make them any less important in my eyes. Some people will disagree with me here, but I honestly don't feel like VNs that have their H-scenes cut are much better that way. I've seen a fair amount of people that think so, but I really can't agree with that. What's more, I believe in this even more strongly now after I finished reading Koisuru Natsu no Last Resort. I am 100% confident I wouldn't have enjoyed it as much had it not been for the sex. It's objectively a lot weaker romance-wise than Miazora, but I still enjoyed it a lot due to the fun setting and some heroines that I liked. On the other hand, I enjoyed Umikana a lot as well, but at the end, I felt that the lack of an ending H-scenes for each heroine weakened the experience for me a little, despite liking everything about the setting, the cast, and the plot. I still rated it how I would if it had H-scenes, though.
  9. A Sky Full of Stars - +18 Restoration

    Wait... you're saying Moenovel somehow screwed Hikari's route, while in the original JP release, it's good? Is it due to the way they translated it/localized it, or...? Sorry, I never read past the common route, so you made me curious now.
  10. A Sky Full of Stars - +18 Restoration

    Basically what @Shaun said. I wouldn't go as far as to say it's ruined, but it does provide a weaker experience than it should, at least in my opinion. And as I said, there's no guarantee it will ever get fixed, so you should've read it already by now. The VN has been out for a while now. As Shaun said, don't believe me. Try reading it yourself. And if you like what you see, finish it. Also, I don't agree that H-scenes are a minor part of the experience, but to each their own. Having read recently Koirizo, I can say with full confidence that had it not been for the H-scenes, I wouldn't have enjoyed it as much as I did. I enjoy PULLTOP H-scenes a lot, and I really don't want to skip on that content. Some may call H-scenes in VNs "shoehorned" or whatever, but for me, they're a great part of an experience.
  11. Discord VN community named Aliceshoujo

    Speaking of bad folks to watch out for, beware of kokoro, @Razuma He's a very bad boy. Very bad, bad boy
  12. Discord VN community named Aliceshoujo

    No, I don't even know who that is in your pfp. And I didn't mean anything bad when I said it made me laugh. If anything, I meant it as a light joke, no hard feelings As for the VN community... if you stay here long enough, prepare for lots of obnoxious people. I'd argue it's not as bad as in anime community, but VN community is still pretty obnoxious in its own way. There are good folks here and there, but the core community is... well, you'll see for yourself. Don't think of all of us as bad, though. There are some genuinely good folks here. Also, if you want to know why I laughed... the reason is actually pretty dumb. I couldn't help it because you said "...teaching newcomers the importance of VNs especially Kamiges" in a non-ironic, non-sarcastic way. I mean, you said it in such a serious way I couldn't help not to laugh xD Perhaps it's because of what @Kirashi said. You're a newcomer, so you probably look at it in a different way, but for us older folks it just looks silly, such a statement xD A word of advice... never use the word "kamige" unless it's in jest or something (or you want to emphasize how much you liked something). I know this because I sometimes tend to overuse this word myself. Don't use it too seriously. And don't make science of it. The word basically belongs to the slangy jargon used in this community. Just don't use it in a serious fashion, and everything will be okay xD
  13. A Sky Full of Stars - +18 Restoration

    Yeah, they did. It was overall not a great localization. I compared their Miazora work with Umikana, and I came to the conclusion that Umikana was a far better localization. Not perfect, but still a lot better. What's more, Umikana doesn't have adult content at all, so it's not a censored localization either. I recommend adding it on your wishlist. As for Miazora... I can't promise I'll ever uncensor it. What's more, my goals go far beyond just uncensoring. I still work on the original text by Moenovel from time to time since I am not a fan of how they translated stuff. If no one else comes up to translate the H, I'll do it myself the best way I can.
  14. Discord VN community named Aliceshoujo

    Sorry, but this made me laugh so hard, ahahahahaha! Oh boy, this was good!