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  1. Opinions on localizing/translating Visual Novel titles

    Huh? "When"? You sound like the localization of those two is 100% to happen. Kiminozo, yeah, maybe (I know there were talks about it), but Oretsuba? O_o I seriously doubt Oretsuba will ever see a localization.
  2. Okay, so started playing a bit. As expected, the editing/QC quality is nothing to write home about. As for translation accuracy, I can't really judge that, but as far as "making sense" goes, it looks okay. The "no honorifics" style isn't really a problem for me, so I'd say this passes as a bare minimum translation. Oh, yeah, there's an abundance of capitalization issues. Not just at beginning of sentences, but simple stuff like "Christmas", "Dad", "Mom", etc. got ignored too. The editor is a bit lacking. As for the girl on the phone... yeah, I know which line you are talking about. In fact, I understood it as "I'll kill you", not "I'll stab you" xD ... I was judging that by the VA's voice, not the JP line (I don't have the JP script yet). I assumed she used "kill" as a loan word, but now I see I was wrong based on your interpretation. Anyway... not the best of fanTLs, but I wasn't expecting anything amazing. I'd say this passes as a bare minimum. The TL, while a bit spiritless for my tastes, and editing/QC issues aside, seems readable. I heard Fureraba by NekoNyan also had tons of QC issues, so it's not like anyone should expect from fanTLs to be better in that regard. I can only wish them good luck and to finish this project in good health. I have to admit - I am a sucker for SMEE. I only read one work fully by them, and while I must admit it was pretty mediocre as far as moeges go, I enjoyed it a lot. Pure X Connect has high production values, so I think I can definitely enjoy it just as much, if not even more than that other SMEE VN. I actually think I'll read it in JP. From the parts I've seen so far, it doesn't seem to be a difficult VN to read in JP.
  3. Well, that's why it's considered harder to do things without honorifics. The reason those scenes didn't make sense is because they didn't bother to rewrite them. That's the downside of no honorifics - you have to put in extra effort to make the text not look too awkward. Or sometimes you just give up (like in the cases you mentioned).
  4. You just reminded me that I haven't heard about Kanishino in a while. I hope they are doing okay. Kanishino is a very hype VN for me. As for what's more difficult... yeah, I guess maybe doing a TL without honorifics is a bit harder? Well, if you are already taking that step, then I guess one should also switch the order of names to Western standard. You'd have to pay attention to that stuff in the script. Yeah, it may sound awkward when a character says a surname+honorific of someone and you see the first name without a honorific in translation. But I don't mind that too much. I am more worried about awkward sentences and phrasings. Grammar too.
  5. I don't think removing honorifics is necessarily a sin, regardless of whether a title is a moege or not. Ultimately, it's a style choice, and if they want to do it without honorifics, I don't have anything against that. Just don't do mixed honorifics and no honorifics. That's just very bad and makes no sense. I didn't have time to check the partial, but I may check it out later. Congratulations to the team for staying strong like this.
  6. Gore Screaming Show tools (gss-dev.rar)

    Okay, now I see what you mean by the "compiling troubles". Yeah, the libpng shit was a pain in the ass for me too. I wasted hours on trying to solve that problem without any success. I have no idea how to fix the linker issues. But... BUT! Randomly, I discovered we both wasted time trying to compile it. Turns out the binary of "pacNyan.exe" is already available. Just grab it from here. Now... the real problem is - How does one use it? I have no idea. It created a dwq folder, but... it's empty. I'll try fiddling with it a bit, but so far... no luck in deciphering how to get those dwq files with it. It's definitely the tool for it, but no idea how it's supposed to be used. Edit: I figured out how you use the tool! The readme file actually explains it pretty well. You need to make these folders according to your pic format. For testing purposes, I extracted some images from GSS in all possible formats that GARBro allows, and made folders like this: Then you just put images in their respective folders accordingly by their format. PacNyan can only convert .bmp and .jpg files (which is perfectly fine, we don't need any other format). Also, apparently this tool also makes gtb files. I am still experimenting, but this is definitely it! You're a genius, Bathouse_Owner! I didn't even realize this was the tool for it! I am yet to see whether the games work when I put in my dwq-made files, but I'll try it out soon. Edit 2: YES, IT WORKS! THIS IS IT! WE HAVE FOUND A DWQ + GTB TOOL! I confirmed it works inside the game! Without you, I would have never figured it out! THANK YOU Someone needs to write a documentation and pack all these tools together!
  7. Gore Screaming Show tools (gss-dev.rar)

    Oh, yeah, definitely. It is a Gold Mine, but only if you know what you're looking at. I still have trouble understanding how to use those repos. The lack of manual is truly a problem. But even if there was one, reading in Japanese would be a challenge. Then again, some level of dictionary-level attack MTL could maybe help us decipher it. That said... I managed to build some of these myself on my end. Like this one, this one, this one, and this one. However... I couldn't figure out how to use them. In particular, I didn't figure out how to use them with the .dwq files. We just need a way to convert PNG and JPG files to that goddamn .dwq format. That's why I fiddled with the IDE, trying to develop a VN myself. But I had no luck. I don't understand how to use that IDE. What I am sure of is that .dwq files are a proprietary format made by the developer of the SystemNNN engine. Making them should be doable inside that SystemNNNEdit IDE. I don't know how to do it, though. I tried with the repos I linked just now, and I still didn't manage to solve the problem. You're supposed to make a mask for those picture files. .DWQ is basically masking images, so that they can't be read outside the game. And we already have code that deciphers these images back to PNG, JPG formats, but we're missing the code on how to convert them back into DWQ. I wish my coding/programming skills weren't shit, so I could write a tool for that myself... Sigh. I could try building it up for you, if you want. But figuring out how it works is gonna be a challenge beyond me. EDIT: WAIT! THAT'S THE IMAGE PACKER?!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAA! Gonna try to build it right now! How did I miss that was supposed to be an image packer?!!!
  8. Gore Screaming Show tools (gss-dev.rar)

    Nice work @Bathhouse_Owner This is truly amazing research you've done here. I see you managed to find a solution for ' display. Also, some of the things you documented are a very nice find. Yeah, this was discovered the other day. Jaefine can't repack images for her GSS project now. There's a source code on how extraction of GPK can be done here. Too bad GARBro doesn't do reverse functions, so you'd need a hacker to write a code that would work in an opposite direction. Also... one more thing. Repacking .gpk files is not necessary. The games work fine if you just extract .dwq files from them. This is what I did. The only thing you need to pay attention to is to structure the dwq folder like this: Now the real problem is how to make these dwq files. GARBro has source code for something related to how to read it (link), but not how to convert your JPG/PNG image to that format. Things I've tried so far to solve the problem... I tried checking out various code repositories made by the developer of SystemNNN (link) but without any success. I don't understand Japanese, so I wasn't able to figure out what does what, and my knowledge of programming is fairly limited. There's a free version of SystemNNN IDE on the developer's site (link), but after countless hours of fiddling with it - I wasn't able to figure out anything. This is what Japanese devs used to make the game itself, but I had no luck deciphering how it works. There's a help somewhere, but reading in Japanese is hard. Maybe you'll have more luck than me figuring out things, seeing how you discovered a lot of things I yet didn't.
  9. P/A Potential Ability Port to Ren'py

    He's machine-translating, LOL. Don't just encourage every single project out there
  10. P/A Potential Ability Port to Ren'py

    No, thanks. I'd rather read Sei Shoujo kamige in Majiro engine than Ren'py. But if you find a TLer for it, I wish him good luck :thumbs_up:
  11. Windows 10 Shiny Days Fullscreen Freeze

    The engine is bugged. On all newer OSs, starting from Vista at least, you get constant fullscreen freezing in both Shiny Days and School Days. The game seems to be, as Sanah said, more stable when played windowed. Back in the day, during my testing on School Days, I discovered that you can somewhat lessen the amount of freezing if you play the VN using Borderless Windowed. That's by far the best solution I could find, and it still freezed from time to time. I heard that running on Windows XP virtual machine solves the freezing altogether.
  12. One of the titles is Sukebe Elf by Lune. 100%. The other could also be a Lune nukige. And the third one... who knows what it could be xD
  13. Have you ever read a VN twice?

    I've read Bible Black 4 times. Yes, it's the only VN I've ever went through so many times xD (first time in 2009, second time in 2012, third time in 2015, and last time in 2017). Truly a masterpiece of a VN. I've read only 2 works from Sei Shoujo so far (with Heartwork being the second one), but I already think of him as one of my most favorite eroge writers. As for other VNs... I've read some of them twice, like for example Yukizakura and Figures of Happiness. However, I didn't enjoy these two as much as Bible Black, so my second playthroughs on them felt more like a chore than anything else. There are some other VNs I plan to reread at some point, like I/O, Dies irae, Swan Song, SubaHibi, and UmiKana. But those will have to wait. I'm too busy reading other stuff, so I won't get back to those anytime soon, despite enjoying them quite a lot.
  14. Yeah, it seems the FLAC is the only solution for you now. I couldn't find anything on Yotube either. And I don't like Chinese download websites. Especially those that use pan.baidu. You're out of luck. You'll have to take the FLAC version and convert it to MP3 and split it into multiple files.
  15. Oh, I see what you mean. Yeah, that'd be a lot of work. While it's doable, it's certainly cumbersome... have you tried checking on Youtube perhaps? I know a lot of OSTs from VNs are posted on it. And you can use a stream ripper to get the MP3 out from it. Try checking Youtube and see if it has Pure x Connect's OST on it.