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  1. Is this from the group that made that awful Flyable Heart "translation"?
  2. Not just Wendybell but some other brands, too. Japanese engine programming's often a mess. And it tends to not work well on non-Japanese configured systems.
  3. From my experience with Wendybell VNs before—did you try changing the calendar to Japanese format? I know, it sounds weird, but that's what fixed it for me back in the day. Dunno if it will work for your VN or not, but give it a try. Nothing to lose, after all.
  4. Nice. Never read the fanTL, so it's the right time. Hope the official localization will be good.
  5. Great if it's not an edited machine translation project. Seen a few Silky VNs translators before, but they were all doing machine translation or edited machine translation.
  6. Why limit yourself only to those three brands? You can translate everything that exists in no time with some clever translation set-up.
  7. Nice, Tsukikana machine translation incoming Now seriously, people, please find better things to do with your free time.
  8. Chances are, Shiravune may have already picked this one up along with Dohna Dohna, so it might get a proper treatment.
  9. Please stop treating MTL projects like real projects. Every VN already has an MTL translation done.
  10. Yes, I've been talking about this in private for a while now. The output of the VN industry in Japan has changed a lot in recent years. And not for the better in my opinion.
  11. For biggername titles, their translations are good. For shorter and less noteworthy VNs, it's a mixed bag. Nukige and similar suffer from some obvious QC and editing issues, but are nonetheless playable. If you're looking to grab biggername VNs from them, it should be fine. However, for titles not available on Steam, you may have trouble buying them directly through their own site. Some cards just don't work, and you have to go to Offgamers to buy coins (the currency their site uses).
  12. May I suggest Your Diary? You have one of the main characters from that VN in your signature here on Fuwa, so I thought you're maybe a fan of it. The current official translation of it is borderline MTL (or edited MTL), so the community could really use a proper fanTL of it. I think it'd be a good starting point for you. As it stands right now, the company that localized it doesn't seem interested in fixing that official translation, so it's something I believe fans could work on. Of course, I don't know what the company that localized it thinks about fixing it, but... it has been years since it came out, and I'm of the strong opinion they won't bother fixing it, like, ever. It's certainly a much safer project than Tsuriotsu and similar. Also a very good VN, by the way.
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