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  1. Sol Press just announced the Daresora series

    It seems to not be doing so well at the moment:
  2. cant get baku ane 2 VN to work

    If that didn't help, then I have no idea what it could be. But I do know the engine it uses is a pain in the ass, and also, it could be Win 10 that has some kind of a problem with the game. Not sure what problem though. I have executed the game fine on Win 7.
  3. cant get baku ane 2 VN to work

    I had an issue starting it recently. The fix was to switch to JP calendar mode as well. The option for that is in the regional settings in Control Panel (I assume it's the same on Win 10 too). Just remember to restart the system.
  4. JAST USA RPG sale

    Good! And I was just planning to buy some of these lately!
  5. Nekonyan's Two August Announcements

    Why? Is he that bad?
  6. A Sky Full of Stars - +18 Restoration

    Thanks There's a couple more people on this besides me. Also, you may want to read the VN now anyway. This ain't gonna be over for a while. I strongly advise everyone to read Miazora as it is for now.
  7. Sol Press just announced the Daresora series

    That's why I said they should have aimed for ChronoBox. That's a license to kill for. Then again, I am guessing it was easier to get Anagram than HobiBox. So yeah...
  8. Sol Press just announced the Daresora series

    An episodic VN. RIP They should have just picked up ChronoBox instead.
  9. Nekonyan's Two August Announcements

    I seriously doubt it's Fate. It smells like a chuunige, but I really doubt it's Fate. Edit: Maybe something from light? KKK would be too hard, so something like Silverio Trinity or any other light title.
  10. A Sky Full of Stars - +18 Restoration

    For now, no. I'll post a meaningful update once there's something noteworthy to say.
  11. Hatsukoi 1/1 Translation

    Ah, yeah. I can see the analogy. I definitely understand the problem of "doing everything all over again" and I can see what you mean. But the reason I said this wasn't only because of Hatsukoi 1/1. I remember him not liking Tsujidou. I hope the same thing doesn't happen with HoshiOri. I know it's a project they wanted to do from the beginning, and I hope that passion they have for it holds them together for at least that one VN they wanted to do all along. Also, I am afraid of HoshiOri's length. Only few can survive projects on VNs of such length. That's why I am hoping they'll have the will, love, and energy to see it through the end. Err... I never feel empty when I finish things I like XD You may be right, though. I don't know Trip personally, so he may very well be one of those people who feel empty after they finish doing something they like.
  12. Hatsukoi 1/1 Translation

    The way he is talking lately makes me slightly worried. I think he is getting bored of all of this. Maybe they never finish HoshiOri if he keeps getting bored of TLing.
  13. Pure x Connect Translation

    I agree with the above comment. I can see NekoNyan doing more SMEE. Kanojo Step, Pure x Connect, Making Lovers... they all look like something they could pick next. If you already want to do a fanproject, make it be for a VN that's less likely to get officially localized. Not trying to be an ass, just a friendly advice. No point in wasting energy and time on something that could be officially localized.
  14. Pure x Connect Translation

    You sure this is a wise idea? NekoNyan might pick this title down the road.