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  1. AGTH wiki Closed

    Ah, sorry then, I thought it was the same.
  2. AGTH wiki Closed

    Isn't this old news? Sanah posted about this back in ... 2015 http://sanahtlig.blogspot.rs/2015/08/rip-agth-code-database.html
  3. Just give me all Black Cyc VNs xD (especially Extravaganza and Gore Screaming Show)
  4. FuwApocalypse is Over

    Yup, the forum is kind of wonky at the moment. But congratz on coming back at all I guess ...
  5. Yeah, I watched Yu-Gi-Oh, I know what you are talking about, indeed it has Thanks for explanation ^^ ...
  6. So it's basically a VN that has a huge online game in it? I didn't watch mentioned animes (but I do know about Sword Art Online xD), but I did read something that might be close to that VRMMO theme then (specifically, I am talking about I/O, by how you described it, I think it fits the desciption somewhat) ...
  7. VRMMO? O_o ... What does the acronym stands for? What kind of a VN is that?
  8. Interesting info Nandemonai, thanks for sharing ...
  9. Kyuuketsuki no Libra TL quality

    They probably don't speak English at all (which isn't strange by the way, I know that in Japan English language isn't a priority) so it was to be expected that they won't be able to see anything wrong with the condition in which their work was.
  10. What happened?

    Huh ... Shit, I have used Photobucket a lot earlier. I switched to imgur a couple of months ago but this shit with Photobucket probably annihilated a lot of my old posts with images cause I remember using it here on Fuwa for some time.
  11. Are you visiting the right domain? Namely, the new address is: http://raburabu.net/ I can access it just fine, dunno why would it be blocked in Texas xD ...
  12. MangaGamer 2017 Licensing Survey

    That would be cool indeed, since JAST managed to "borrow" Innocent Grey from MG xD It would be fair play
  13. What do you seek from VNs?

    Isn't it obvious? xD Entertainment That's the one-encompassing word to describe all feelings that I desire from visual novels: thrill, excitement, fun, laugh, titillation, etc. All of it in the name of entertainment ... As for why VNs as a medium, it's perhaps because I find the narrative and audio-visual aspect of them quite alluring + how they aren't just simple books (that require imagination on the part of the reader). Ofcourse, I like other mediums of entertainment as well but VNs feel like something I am enjoying the most at the moment.
  14. Kyuuketsuki no Libra TL quality

    It seems the TL gets even worse later on in the routes. I am genuinely confused and bored at times while reading some lines. I thought about screen-capping these but then I found it to be bothersome and there's too much of it so I just gave up. Now I am only reading it for the porn. The plot I am just managing to get a gist of, that much I can understand from the bad TL and what's going on on the screen xD ...