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  1. A Sky Full of Stars - +18 Restoration

    Nothing to report yet. Maybe sometime later, after the corona pandemic is over.
  2. Patching Astronauts' game

    Are you trying to fanTL the VN? Also, if yes, is it ENG or some other language?
  3. You TLing into ENG or French?
  4. Shame in liking H scenes/18+ Content in Visual Novels

    Shame? No, I feel no shame. However, I think there's a more interesting question you could've asked. And that's how many of us actually fap to these so-called H-scenes From what I gather, a lot of people either don't want to admit that they fap to it, or many really do skip them like Clephas mentioned in his example.
  5. If you're talking about "the localized" copy of it, then that one is a completely edited MTL translation. It's possible that in the middle of the VN and onward, they just stopped even editing it.
  6. Summer Pockets is here!

    Yes, I know. It could go either way. We'll see. I agree, but most people won't see that way, and you know it That's beside the point. As you know, sometimes more content, even if it's bad, is considered better than "missing content". Whether it's bad or not is irrelevant to naysayers xD You're in luck. There's a raffle going on: Join the raffle and test your luck
  7. Summer Pockets is here!

    An add-on that adds a lot of new content, if I may say so (judging by how it was described in VA's tweets). What's more, people are always gonna consider the original base game inferior compared to the new complete edition. So yeah... Not saying SumPocko is bad without it. It's definitely a complete experience on its own, just not complete in terms of everything that exists for Japanese fans xD (if they don't localize this new content too)
  8. A Sky Full of Stars - +18 Restoration

    @excel3789 PMed you ^^
  9. A Sky Full of Stars - +18 Restoration

    Always glad to see more support, and yeah, I wish I could find a TL. However, the endgame is most likely me translating it myself to the best of my ability.
  10. Attempting to translate Saihate no Ima? Give up, you mortal. There's not a soul who can do it justice.
  11. Looking for translation project

    I see. In that case, maybe giving @cryonic84 a chance wouldn't be such a bad idea
  12. Looking for translation project

    I believe Virgin said they already got a new TLer. Unless something happened...?
  13. Looking for translation project

    Nah, not really