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  1. Cool, thanks Decay
  2. Thanks for the heads up :). Do you need to know the original Grisaia to play Phantom Trigger?
  3. Thank you for the responses! Yeah, it is hard nowadays with the flooded market but once I am locked in I am loyal . Time does play a matter though what they do within that time plays more of a role for me.
  4. Here it is friends : The full entry: http://invertmouse.tumblr.com/post/160040463084/devotion-to-one-character-kawana-misaki I got this fandisc several years ago via an online auction. Chances are, it was originally produced for a Comiket from many years back. It makes me think, I wonder how often this sort of thing happens today? A fandisc over a single character, real life meet ups, sharing desktop accessories for fans to enjoy. It feels like such simple times, and I like that a lot. I have never had a chance to attend a Comiket before. From the outside, the crowd looks intimidating, but when I browse through discs like these, it makes me think, yeah, I would like to attend at least once. We all know about the porn, but what is the atmosphere like? Happy to hear stories of Comiket and any other fandom stories that transcends the games. Thank you!
  5. Thank you Fiddle! Real talk though, that last point about inflating lines hurts me so deeply .
  6. Thanks for the responses everyone! I had failed to mention Fata Morgana, 999 and Ever17 but yes, I have actually played those games as well .
  7. Thank you Zakamutt ! For writing, as long as I am judged by gamers with a neutral mind and not written off based on where I am from or hype level, I can live with whatever. Everyone has different styles and tastes man. Kills me how art isn't like sports where there are stats no one can argue against.
  8. Yeah, that's fair . I thought about not sharing those because I had the same thought. With Unhack 2, I showed next to nothing because most of that game contains heavy spoilers. This made promotion difficult, so with The Last Birdling, I hope to toe the line more. If I end up crossing it, I will then take that feedback and adjust accordingly in the future. Thanks!
  9. Thank you Narcosis! Yeah, just simple color changes, yet that alone has brought about so many complications in terms of code. Really appreciate your comment .
  10. Man, I am already cringing . Some of you recently gave me permission to post about my projects more often, so I am going to do it. I will do everything I can to write quality content rather than just going me me me. As advised, I have posted a blog entry on how to handle perspective shifts in VNs, using The Last Birdling as an example: I want to use this chance to ask if anyone got examples of VNs that handle perspective shifts in unique ways (visual or word wise)? Many VNs are written in first person, which can make readers stumble during viewpoint changes. I know in An Octave Higher, the game shows the new POV character standing alone on a black background first. Mind sending me some more examples? I want to use this opportunity to say The Last Birdling has been approved for publication on Steam as of a few hours ago. Really thankful for the votes guys. Thank you so much !
  11. Thank you Mr Poltroon. I tried to beat you to it but looks like I lost by a bit .
  12. My upcoming project, The Last Birdling, alternates between Bimonia and Tayo’s perspectives. Today, I would like to explore some of the details behind this system. Your feedback is most welcome, and if you know of other visual novels that handle multiple viewpoints in a fresh way, please let me know! The Last Birdling is written from a first person perspective, so the viewpoint character’s personality will come through in everything she observes. Her inner thoughts, reactions, they are all distinctly her own. On paper, or on screen in our case, this means different word choices as well as sentence structures. That said, I dislike making characters act a certain way just to showcase their uniqueness. If you study writing books, you will often be advised to make every character sound different, to a point where you can tell who is speaking even without dialogue tags. Now, imagine a group of your friends. If you closed your eyes, and they all had the same voice, would you be able to tell them apart? I for one would have a hard time. For me, being truthful takes priority above all rules. Since we are in a visual medium, we may as well take advantage of that when it comes to perspective shifts. Notice how the UI changes to green in the screenshot below: This means we have switched to Tayo’s perspective in chapter two. The same concept applies to decision points: In the world of traditional novels, shifting perspectives mid-scene is ill advised. To avoid disorienting readers, we want to jump into different heads during a scene or chapter break. The Last Birdling does not feature chapter titles, but there are end of scene cards to signal a perspective change: This introduces several concerns in terms of programming. For instance, if players return to the previous scene, will the UI switch back as expected? What about loading another saved game mid-session? I hope all the common scenarios have been addressed. We will see if players spot any edge cases after the game’s release. So why would we alternate between perspectives? Once readers recognize the pattern, it is no longer something they need to worry about, which makes for an ideal reading experience. If the view changes went as follows: Bimonia, Bimonia, Tayo, Tayo, Tayo, Tayo, Bimonia, Tayo, Bimonia, Bimonia And so on, gamers would stumble every time we reached a new scene. We want to set up roadblocks for our characters, not our players. To round things off, The Last Birdling follows the journeys of Bimonia and Tayo from childhood to adolescence. By the time these two reach their teens, they have suffered through an awful lot. To reflect both their physical and mental shifts, the UI will also update accordingly: Find out more about The Last Birdling via: http://birdling.invertmouse.com The website contains a demo version, which illustrates how the perspective changes work. Please feel free to have a look. To finish things off, I am happy to say The Last Birdling has been approved for publication on Steam several hours ago. Thank you so much for your support! Hope to see you again soon .
  13. Thank you so much everyone ! I deeply wanted to be judged based on skill (some will hate my work and that's fine), but maybe I was too green and didn't understand how the world actually works.
  14. Thanks fun2novel . I reckon I will give the Fuwa blog thing a look. Yeah, I love reading about behind the scenes stuff as well. Thank you so much shcboomer! You know I have appreciated you since day one .
  15. Man, such a click-baity title . As some of you know, I released Unhack 2 recently. People who gave the game a chance mostly enjoyed it, but I had a hard time with discoverability. I hate shameless plugs, and I wanted to do the show-don't-tell thing, so maybe I was naive. Currently, I am working on The Last Birdling. I pour my life into these games (the earliest ones embarrassingly bad), so I don't want to pretend they're just for fun anymore. Still, I don't want to cross the line. Different forums have different rules, after all. The Fuwanovel forums are pretty kind and generous in terms of guidelines. Can I throw a couple of questions out and see what you think? 1) If we have a new project to announce, should we restrict it to the Original VN Projects section, or can we post about it on Visual Novels Discussion? Is it a case where if it is a Western VN, it can only sit in the Original VN Projects section? Big Japanese releases clearly are allowed in Visual Novels Discussion. I am happy to follow the rules if everybody else does the same, but yeah, I would like to know what the situation is. 2) Do we have issues with creators plugging projects as their very first post on these forums? There are places where that will constitute an instant warning or even ban. Actually, I guess this one doesn't apply in my case since I've loitered here for a while now. 3) I want to write up some articles related to my upcoming games, which also links to bigger discussions. Is it okay with you guys if I shared them on this board? Hopefully I'll come up with something worthwhile (while sneakily talking about myself which shames me so much) along the way. Thank you so much for allowing me to be honest guys. Hopefully you won't find this annoying. I've cared deeply about my work for many years and really want my situation to improve .