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  1. I was also confused at first, but then I heard it is amazing when the famous purple stuffed worm in flap-jaw space with the tuning fork does a raw blink on the Hara-kiri Rock. Then I understood everything.
  2. Even if my opinion is bad, I at least don't have to resort to shitty meme pictures in my replies.
  3. I still believe that the common route is the best part of Grisaia, across the entire trilogy. It's like a comedy sketch anime in a visual novel form, and it also perfectly captures what the story is about in the first place - a group of quirky outcasts trying to lead a normal life. That's what Grisaia is first and foremost, and as such its main focus are the characters and their interactions with one another - in other words, the comedy. The whole series went downhill as soon as it tried to have a serious plot, in my opinion. Even ignoring the mess that all the different writers made, it just loses most of its charm as soon as it tried to have a constant narrative, and the third entry in the series just ends up being a trainwreck that comes across more like a Hollywood parody than an epic conclusion.
  4. Awesome, MGS2 is by far my favourite from the series, though I guess that's a kind of controversial opinion, haha (just my shit taste and boner for meta). I think you mentioned before that you played the first MGS, right? Even if you did, you might want to refresh your memories before going into MGS2. MGS2 is, more than anything, a commentary on sequels and the hype culture surrounding them - as such, being up to date with the previous game will help you a lot.
  5. Huh, this thread is still a thing? I guess I should post here instead of the regular thread, where I just talk to myself all the time, haha. My reading is kind of a mess at the moment - from stalled VNs to slowly reading a bunch at the same time - really need to start wrapping things up. The stalled VNs are Bradyon Veda, which despite it's cool premise just comes across as really dry and generally not that fun to read; SakuUta, where I finished one route and am just keeping the rest when I can invest all my time into it and Shin Hayarigami 2, which is just an overall disappointment compared to the first reboot... it's pretty funny to have the exact opposite reaction to something than the general reception. Hooray for shit taste! As for stuff I'm actually reading: YU-NO (remake) - enjoying this one a whole lot; all I have left to finish is the epilogue, which was now throwing me for a loop for a few hours; no idea where it is going anymore, which is great! Eve Burst Error R - another remake of an old VN; reading this only because it was on PS+, and I'm not enjoying it that much to be perfectly honest Net High - finished the first case here, and so far this shit is hilarious; I can only hope the game can hold this pace till the end, and keep the memes coming And I think that's about it, at least for things I am reading on a regular basis... I should be done with YU-NO really soon, and then I can probably finish the other.... haha, no... I will just start Saihate no Ima. But hey, I finished Sui after over 300 hours and a year of suffering, I can finish anything... r-right? EDIT: Finished YU-NO. I had some reservations about the plot, but overall I've enjoyed it a great deal. It's hard to think this story is over 20 years old, as it still feels quite unique today - and most definitely does things you will have a hard time coming across now. As for the remake itself, this is as good as remakes can get. The new art is great (fight me), there are animated sequences, the new OST is great, while still giving you the option to switch to the old one, the newly recorded VAs are miles above the Saturn ones in terms of quality, and most importantly, they managed to make the game actually playable without changing the systems in any fundamental way. Finished the game and got a 100% completion rate on the flowchart without having to rely on a walkthrough; and all it really took was adding iccons to interactive objects. Overall, a strong 9/10 from me. For something so old it holds up incredibly well from a story standpoint, and funnily enough the remake puts it above even recent VNs from the technical one. If you ever wanted to read this gem, or even just wanted to see what inspired so many of the VN classics, now is the time.
  6. Are you the guy who gave Steins;Gate an 8.5/10? Fuck you, Mr. Deduct-a-point-and-a-half!
  7. It's fine, we all know the shitty Skype group is the real FuwaNovel... where we almost never talk about VNs... o-oh.... oh no... Either way, you can't quit until C;C gets localised and you read it! Opening this thread was a mistake.
  8. Making steady progress in the YU-NO remake. In fact, I'm almost done with the main bulk of the game - according to the in-game stats, my flowchart completion sits at 97%. I've gotten all the routes and all the endings in them that I could find - there were only a few cases where the game required me to actually switch timelines in order to finish them (mainly to obtain an item from a different route and then come back with it), but these moments were fun and they didn't feel overdone. There even are some hilarious and exciting moments where you get to outsmart other people because of your world-switching fuckery - some of them really reminded me of certain tricks that Virtue's Last Reward liked to pull, and seeing a VN do them almost a full 20 years earlier is just really funny to me. To think that YU-NO was knocking the gameplay-implemented time travel out of the water a full year before I was even born, amazing. Not sure if I mentioned this before, but this VN gives absolutely no fucks about censorship despite being Cero D (17+). Sure, all the strictly explicit sex is removed, but the actual h-scenes are still very much there. They usually cut the scene off before it gets too crazy, but at times they get away with way more than they ever should. Incest? Check. Weird pseudo-rape? Check. Getting sexually assaulted by older women? Check. Having sex while listening to other people have sex? Check... all those people screaming about some inevitable evil censorship like it was the end of the world should just eat a crow, because this remake doesn't hide anything it doesn't absolutely have to hide. All the even slightly plot relevant stuff that might've been in the h is still kept in, almost to a fault. Anyway, I will be coming back to the VN next weekend, as per usual. I haven't had any trouble with it yet, and haven't had to use a walkthrough or look up hints to beat what people like to fo r some reason call the most confusing flowchart in existence (IS THIs THE DARK SOULS OF VNS?!1!1!), but maybe those people will be the ones laughing in the end, as I think I did finally hit a wall. I am missing one branch I can't figure out how to get (flowchart ADHD), and a certain puzzle that looks quite obtuse got just introduced before I stopped... we will see next week if I can do it, or if 97% is the best I can do without a walkthrough, haha.
  9. I had the same issue with the RuiTomo fandisc - finished Miyawa's route (which was pretty much all of my motivation to read the FD in the first place) and Yenfei's, both of which were pretty nice but nothing amazing. Then I just kind of went on to do other things... need to kick myself into resuming it eventually too, hopefully I still have the saves somewhere.
  10. Around 40% done with the YU-NO remake.... this VN is nuts! Each time I think I've gotten the hang of things, the VN just laughs in my face and just does something completely different. I'm enjoying the gameplay way too much, haha. And the story is shaping up to be pretty great too - it is going places, places I like. Unfortunately I won't be able to play in the couple of next days... not sure how I'm going to survive that. YU-NO is like that unnecessarily obtuse timeloop puzzle game I secretly always wanted, and I can't wait to get back to it.
  11. Playing the YU-NO remake. Not sure if I'd even call this a visual novel, as it feels more like a full fledged point and click adventure game, but hey - let's go by the vndb listing, I guess. So far, I'm enjoying it immensely. My main motivation to buy the game was the infamous flowchart and obtuseness of the overall systems, and it definitely isn't disappointing on that front. I'm making steady progress along Mitsuki's route (?), but I already missed so many branches with absolutely no idea how I even did that, that just thinking about replaying is hilarious to me already. Can't wait to get into the flag fuckery! The remake itself is great - the text and systems the way they were, with VAs, OST and art remade. I know a lot of people have reservations about the art, but I like it a lot myself. Eriko might look a bit better in the original, but I prefer just about everyone else in the remake's art, especially Mio. Also, blinking CGs, wee! Other than that, I've also started the remake of EVE Burst Error, which hilariously enough seems to work on the exact same engine as YU-NO's prologue. Let's see how many parallels I will draw between these - so far I prefer YU-NO much more.
  12. I was a long time ago since I've seen it, but if I remember correctly the content is more or less the same. The Dice-killing arc is good, but it's also pretty short.
  13. As far as I know, Higurashi Hou should include the original eight arcs, the fandisc (Higurashi Rei) and some new Hou exclusive content. The Higurashi Rei arcs were included in Sui, so I can comment on these. There is Saikoroshi-hen (Dice-killing arc), which is one you definitely do want to read. It still contains the spirit of the original Higurashi, and it kind of serves like an introduction to Umineko, if more for Ryukishi himself than the actual story - a fun read. Then there is Hirukowashi-hen (Day-breaking arc), which falls into the barely readable trash category. A pointless joke arc that has nothing going for it but Ryu's average at best SoL. I've also read something about Batsukoishi-hen (Penalty-loving arc) which is equally trash if the anime adaptation is anything to go by, but I'm not sure if it is even actually included... it's not listed in regular Rei for some reason, and it wasn't in Sui either. It's probably for the best. As for the Hou exclusive arcs, I haven't read any of these as they came out after Sui, but they're probably nothing great either. The supposed Higurashi prototype/draft (Higurashi Bus Stop) does sound kind of interesting, but the rest is just a written version of the (really bad) Higurashi Outbreak movie, and Kamikanshi-hen (God-violating arc), which is a continuation of the Outbreak plot, apparently. No idea if anything that far removed from what Higurashi even was in the first place can be any good, but I'll leave that for you guys to find out, I feel like I read enough Higurashi to last me a lifetime already, haha.
  14. Yeah, if you are going through Higurashi for the first time, just read the original 8 arcs as they come out re-translated/with the ported assets, and don't wait for the extra stuff in the middle. It is not worth it. Believe me, I spent around 330 hours reading Sui to completion - it wasn't worth it. The extra arcs range from pretty good additions (the so-called 'advanced story arcs,' dealing with the darker side of Higurashi's plot through an entirely new set of characters and locations), decent, but meaningless filler (anything involving the original cast and keeping the serious mood, all the way to barely readable trash (joke arcs) and downright insulting dreck that will actively ruin the Higurashi canon and make you regret you ever laid eyes on such an abomination (this is mainly just a single arc, but it is enough to make you lose all hope). In other words there's no stuff that'd be worth waiting for on the expense of the original, and there's also stuff that's just not worth waiting for under any circumstances ever. Still, pretty interesting for a project this ambitious to exist. I hope it goes well for the guys, but with something as ludicrously long as Sui is, they will need inane amounts of time and dedication. If 330 hours doesn't sound like too much to you, just remember that the original Higurashi has 8 arcs - Sui has 19. If they do finish this, I'd recommend everyone who likes Higurashi enough to read the advanced story arcs (anything involving Natsumi and Tomoe), but whatever you do, do not, and I repeat, do not read the Kotohogushi arc. Save yourself the despair and suffering and just pretend it doesn't exist.
  15. Would've bought that instantly if it still had the Japanese text in. Language settings should be the standard in VNs - or hell, all of these Steam ports that for some reason can't keep the original text in.