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  1. Data extraction thread

    Hello. I have a project that is making an english patch for psp version of Rewrite and we are having issues with image decoding. The formats are .PT2 and .DAT. Can someone help us? Here are a link to sample files: https://mega.nz/file/L2IWAKKR#x138U0t4Z_19kH59RSdKx9uJxshfB07Qb_2UBgTKM6k
  2. Rewrite - PSP English Patch

    Hey! Yes, we started QCing a while ago but since me and the QCer is very short with free time, it's being a slow progress. The scripts are all done, but we need to check and correct the errors (there is a lot of them, believe me) and we need to translate the images. The images are in a unknown format and we still need someone capable to extract and repack them, so it's been zero progress on the image side. And we are recruiting QCers to help us finish this project! We only have one by now and we are really needing it. You only need to have a PSP or PPSSPP and of course, love for Rewrite. Thanks everyone for the patience!
  3. Rewrite - PSP English Patch

    It's full voice and it haves sprites for Inoue. That's it. No, it's just for QC. You can do it on a real psp or ppsspp. Just remains the images and the QC. Again, I really need someone to help me extracting and repack the images, if you know how to, please DM me!
  4. Rewrite - PSP English Patch

    The entire story is all inserted, just remaining a few lines to be translated. I need someone willing to do the QC, since I don't have tim.e If you are interested, please PM me!
  5. Rewrite - PSP English Patch

    The project is going to be on hold until I solve some deep personal problems and find more time to do it. I don't have plans in drop this project, so until I get more time to do the project, I'm going to put it on hold. (I only have time on the weekends, so I'll try to find at least 1 hour to do half of a script. (very slow, but still on work)) Maybe in June I can get a good time to do at least the Common Route and do the others slowly. Follow the post, so when I return you guys can be adviced.
  6. Rewrite - PSP English Patch

    Project is still alive, I'll update the progress when I finish more scripts.
  7. I don't care if the translation take too much time to be completed, can take more than 3 years to complete, but I'm still going to wait because I know you are doing a amazing job XD
  8. Good luck with your project! Seems pretty good XD
  9. Rewrite - PSP English Patch

    Mistakes in translations happens, we can't judge the whole tl because of this error. I didn't see anything that comproves that guy on reddit knows japanese very deeply. So i'll continue what i'm aiming to do without caring about this ixrec tl thing anymore. And progress updated. Finally reached the long scripts of common route, good luck for me haha
  10. Rewrite - PSP English Patch

    Thanks~~ I didn't test on PPSSPP yet, thanks for your nice words~ And I will send a private message about the size of the script XD Why not? Ixrec translation isn't bad like everyone says.
  11. REWRITE - PSP ENGLISH PATCH A english port to PSP edition, using Amaterasu fantranslation. INFO: PROGRESS: CREDITS: SCREENSHOTS:
  12. I'm looking forward for the translation! ^-^
  13. PSP Visual Novel Hacking

    Thank you! I will try my best!
  14. PSP Visual Novel Hacking

    Oooh, that's really great. Unfortunately, I do not know how use this programs codes. If you can pass me a program or anything, I will be very thankful. ---