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  1. Oh, first blow right there. Is this "content" gonna make it to Steam? Plus what's this about the cut routes? Did they exist in the first place? Sorry, I didn't follow the KS. Edit: I'm also eagerly awaiting all the shocked dislikes by normalfags purchasing this game. It will be great!
  2. If you enjoyed Zero Escape you're probably going to enjoy Ever 17, there's some things recycled, but they're mostly details. The storyline is different but all the lovely Uchikoshi-mumbo-jumbo is there, and really, E17 can probably be described as ZE's ancestor.
  3. Oh gosh. They bullseyed to my soft spot there. How about you?
  4. Best approach (if you don't want to buy the actual console, that is) is to wait several years, and everything will become available at some point. I've been waiting like forever for the translation to Amagami, disadvantages of not knowing Fapanese! Of course, the downside is that probably within some years you'll want to play some other games, so there's that
  5. Looking good. I just hope this isn't another run-of-the-mill eroge.
  6. You need a scale of priorities, and you need to organise yourself when consuming media, pretty much. If I feel like taking a walk, not even all the manga/VN/anything in the world can stop me. Imagine if I had a girlfriend to hang out with! (I've already had those) To make a free quote, "more than a jewel, love lights up everything" (Nadia: the Secret of Blue Water).
  7. Seems antinatural, as most VNs are aimed towards a specific audience (either men or women), and feature routes to please that audience. Also to have actual romance your protag should be bi, and that's too much for now (unless it's OELVN), otherwise you have the bad endings where you wind up with your pal, or the joke routes that are pretty much the same. Another one, deIz by Mike Einel, you have a best pal ending (among a big variety), but I recall it was a "resignation" ending in which you play videogames with him and all that, because you missed any and all significant relationships.
  8. I wish Hatsusaku was in English. Maybe I'll learn proper Japanese some day, and play it.
  9. I'm looking forward to Summer Pockets. But I don't know when I can actually play it, I have a backlog of over 50 games until 2020. Plus anime, plus novels... I'm drowning in a pit of nerdiness.
  10. That's from back when I was an adolescent, but, I don't even award it a passing grade.