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  1. Steins;Gate Zero was already a money grab, though it was interesting and enjoyable, some people rate it very highly. However after finishing it I was suspecting further games were gonna be... not full of quality. There's still another spinoff programmed for release 2018 in Japan, I guess. Please stop milking S;G away.
  2. I don't know if you're in for drama, but in that case I'd strongly recommend to stay put for when Little Busters! hits Steam, sometime next year I guess.
  3. Looking for a few MG 100% save files

    Well, about the choices, use a guide. It's what I do anyway. That would be thornier with untranslated novels, I guess.
  4. Looking for a few MG 100% save files

    About save files, I've always wondered: why not skip the game completely and then read what you want?
  5. "Some good Lucia x Kotarou romance" Plz no.
  6. I should add "Walküre Romanze" to the list. Pretty unknown novel that even has an anime, and the sex on it seems amazing.
  7. Coincidentally, I also played Little Busters in 2013. :3 I'm uncertain as to the quality of Kud Wafter, but it should be a blast.
  8. Most of them already mentioned... - 12Riven (since 2013 when I played Never7 and got into the Uchikoshiverse) - Kud Wafter (since 2013 too) - Amagami (the last one since 2013, hopefully someday) - Hatsuyuki Sakura - Natsu no Kusari - Tenkiame
  9. Short feel good VNs

    They recommend "Love at first sight" (the one with the cyclops girl), so much that I went and bought it. But maybe you've already played that.
  10. Depends on what you like, preemptive antivirus programs are too meddlesome for me, so I use Malwarebytes when the shit hits the fan, and it works really well. It has saved some of my Windows installations.
  11. Wagamama High Spec Release

    Supposedly the game was popular in Japan when it released and ranked high there, thus they decided to bring it over. Also a very modern VN which is a plus.
  12. It's cheaper to hire a prostitute.
  13. Konosora is alright... with some Celtic vibes that are nice. It felt elegant and pretty relaxing. The Quack song is just your regular "wtf" comedic moment track, every novel has them from Steins;Gate to Deardrops.
  14. [curiosity] Errors in VNs

    Because these are low-key VNs
  15. Wagamama High Spec Release

    Sekai isn't being clear about that on their Facebook. Even though they clearly know we all want the 18+. Meanies.