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  1. It looks like a really neat machine to be used only with emulation. Hope you find some good-looking modern titles. You can try the BlazBlue series, it's on Steam.
  2. VN's with doctor themes? Or yanderes...

    Try Crescendo [https://vndb.org/v29] for an actual nurse heroine. Then Dracu-Riot [https://vndb.org/v8213] for a doctor secondary character with weight in the story (you'll know more about him depending on which route you go). Also, he's gay.
  3. The State of VNs

    That's just because the Sakura games are cringey, while NepNep is not. It may not be your cup of tea, but they are still legit games. Still, I'm sure that there are lots of people looking for what both Sakura and NepNep have to offer. That's the thing. We easily consider Sakura games trash, but how widespread is our view? That notwithstanding the great amounts of people who have Sakura games in their inventory and haven't even touched them. I have seen some cases like that.
  4. The State of VNs

    If the Sakura series is shovelware, because they churn out games like mad... then what is Idea Factory with NepNep and others? And still those are very well regarded. You get memes instead of soft porn, but it is still considered shovelware within JRPGs.
  5. The State of VNs

    In fact, Sakura games are not that bad. Even if you take Sakura Beach 1, which I think was the very first entry, the visuals and technology are good. It's just that the story is simply not engaging in any way, presenting overused tropes that lead to soft-porn scenes. It's not my thing really, but for people who really love (or still tolerate...) those tropes, and people wanting some "stimulation", it can work, as the sales proves.
  6. The State of VNs

    I don't think most things done in the West are "rubbish". I enjoy Ebi-hime VNs and find some really indie games, such as those posted in Renai.us, really charming. And the flagship, Katawa Shoujo, made many of us stay in this hobby. Major/Minor... huh, the furry visual novel (there are other examples). I think that the furry community is a really closed off space where things are instantly liked just because they are furry, not by other merits. Well, let them be.
  7. The State of VNs

    You shouldn't, but you may. I would add that sometimes, and for some people, MOST of the time, we aren't looking for quality, but for some other fulfillment instead.
  8. The State of VNs

    It's like that with everything. Like, in some parts of the world, top-selling videogames are always FIFA and Call of Duty. One has to accept that. About DDLC, it's by no means a masterpiece (though it has enjoyed a wild success), but it's well done and fresh (probably some other untranslated VN has tried something similar, but here in the West we don't know it). No need to be head over heels about the game, but no need either to bash it. It sure made my Halloween.
  9. So, a facade of promoting VNs and it really destroys them...? What a turn of events!
  10. What's the deal with VN mods

    Let modders be. Most often, they do a great contribution to the community.
  11. Hi, I'm learning Japanese slowly. To improve, I'd like to try a VN that: - Has to be short - Has to use simple language and kanji (furigana would be nice) - Isn't too trash, since I'd cringe while reading; probably excludes nukige but if you insist... Thanks!
  12. Fetishes in VN/eroge

    In the end, it's just pornography. But surely, I don't think I'm the only one who thinks fapping to rape says something about you, and probably something wrong. It's not like violence in regular video games, because that's taken for granted and people aren't generally excited by the violence, but the thrill and the action. Think for just a moment, being aroused to things like rape is just... wrong.
  13. Which VN should i read?

    Hoshimemo is not that bad as we're led to believe. In fact, it's quite good. A solid 7 out of 10.
  14. VAs generally do a terrific job, especially Japanese ones (since they're well regarded, paid and trained, so they deliver a good job). But I can tolerate and enjoy a game that has no budget for them, such as Ebi-Hime ones (those are all about the writing, however).
  15. Fetishes in VN/eroge

    Huh... of course, if the fetish exists, there are people who'd love to put that into practise. There are coprophages, urophiliacs, and child molesters out there. If anything I'd say that the RL tastes far surpass the fantasy ones. That's why I approach love of lolis with caution -you never know when your fetish is simply aesthetic and platonic, and when it will become a big part of your sexuality. Ahem, I know loli porn is a sensitive matter here, so admins, feel free to edit this, though I wanted to state my opinion. Do you think eroge have invented anything at all? Most of those fetishes are as old as the world. Eroge just cater to that.