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  1. We need to dissociate here between the VN proper and the terrible translation. Likewise I like Konosora as a VN a lot, it definitely didn't deserve the butchering. Konosora's H scenes were probably cookie-cutter as VNDB suggests, but its slice of life, the characters and their chemistry are pretty good. The whole VN gives off a cozy impression. However shit happened and fate conspired to bring us these VNs in a terrible state.
  2. Most people don't know that the seasons are reversed between hemispheres. It's astronomy.
  3. If the TL is improved I will consider getting the game, even if it will cost me a fortune because of the extra 18+ patch sold separately. The game definitely seems worth it. For the moment I'll leave sleeping dogs lie. There are lots of other games that deserve more to be supported.
  4. I bet there's some abnormality going on, but if you want to have summer in December, just set the game on the Southern Hemisphere I guess. Dropping off the boat, not gonna read another generic eroge for the moment. Not for $35.
  5. Please don't talk about piracy. I regret that my previous post caused this. It was only a comment to give a thought about a possible solution to this deadlock. Even as much as sharing the patch is illegal.
  6. This may be downright illegal, but anyway, maybe the good people will share the patch on the interwebz.
  7. I was surprised to learn that the Steam version of Libra of the Vampire Princess asks for 3 gigs of RAM on a 64-bit system. Only 1,5 on 32-bit, but it seems a little too much. I hope the game is gorgeous at the very least.
  8. Out on Steam now. 30+ bucks. The 18+ patch seems already available, according to VNDB, but it asks for a login at Mikandi's page, I guess. Any help?
  9. Run of the mill eroge, or not?
  10. I guess he likes slice of life indeed, just not vulgar slice of life.
  11. I suppose you like nakige? You have a lot of Key titles there. Which I'd recommend leaving for later for the sake of maximising the number of games played, games like Little Busters or Clannad are very time-intensive. That's not bad, but it's a problem when you set a schedule and need to play the maximum number of games.
  12. You have to make do with quasi-cycling novels such as Kira Kira with "Happy cycle mania" and Konosora with his ex-cyclist protag.
  13. Fingers crossed, though half the people interested in it will have already left the boat. Edit June 20th: Roughly 2 hours left of the day here, and no sign of it. I know the releases are America-based but it doesn't look like happening.
  14. If I hadn't read the base game already, maybe I'd back it up, though I dislike all things Kickstarter.
  15. Chill man, the game hasn't released yet. They will announce it in time I think, but they've done things bad enough already.