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  1. On h-scenes in VNs

    Sure it has. It helps that the H scenes are actually animated. A gigantic step forward from Knights of Xentar's mouth-only animations
  2. Does anyone here watch (modern) anime English dubs?

    Well, I usually go with Japanese VA, but I could tell for sure that Danganronpa's VA was under par. I'm more or less accustomed to native English speakers talking, but it seems the choice of actors wasn't very solid.
  3. Does anyone here watch (modern) anime English dubs?

    If you have enough English-listening level, why not? Though the original voice actors have their charm, too. I found the dub in Danganronpa the VN a bit poor, besides, I didn't like the game. Zannen.
  4. What other hobbies do you have?

    Miniature models. I'm at a middle-low level at doing them, but I'll improve over time.
  5. On h-scenes in VNs

    My advise with H scenes: find the ones that appeal to your fetishes, and scrap the rest. Maybe if you're inexperienced with sex or need some inspiration, you can try a lot of them "for reference".
  6. Karakara 2 review discussion

    Let Sekai rip off moe addicts with this game and others. That'll make way for more interesting VNs. That is the way of the world.
  7. A long awaited VN gets released, but... not in the way we were expecting.
  8. Symphonic rain

    Depressing stuff... isn't that the fabled feelz? It can be interesting if you're in for some drama, but I agree it isn't always welcome. If you're prone to depression yourself I wouldn't recommend it.
  9. The game is curious at any rate, and it's about the best you can get for 0 coins.
  10. If you ask me, Rin is the central heroine because the game revolves around her that much (you'll understand when you play through Refrain and arrive at the answers). Especially in Refrain. The other routes (which apparently you haven't tried yet) contain romance but separate from the main story, for me Rin is always canon (because basically Riki can't have a harem, can he? Though that's not stated anywhere, plus you have this Kud "Wafter" game that's currently untranslated and serves as your regular Key after-story). She is the only girl in the Little Busters' original lineup and has known Riki since forever, so there's that. The other girls are just recruited by Riki for the baseball team. All of this is odd, but you'll get it eventually after completing the game because everything gets explained and falls into place.
  11. Yes, there is that, but apart from one case (and of course Rin since she's central to the story) I don't remember that they appear in Refrain, and the contents of their respective routes aren't referenced in it. The routes are not pointless but they're not essential for the core story.
  12. Refrain ties the whole game together, and it's centered around the classic lineup of the Little Busters (Riki, Kyousuke, Masato, Kengo and Rin). If you look at the game's structure when you have finished it, the girls' routes are separate from the core, but there's a certain girl that makes a noteworthy appearance in Refrain. There are no argumental ties between the pre-Refrain routes and it, with the general exception of Rin.
  13. Little busters PE is on steam

    Uh, right... that's sad, and it isn't being addressed out there.
  14. Little busters PE is on steam

    How are they censored?
  15. They actually look more interesting now.