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  1. I would call it the "Weis-Hickman effect". It's rare in visual novels. Another problem altogether is when a route in an eroge is completely predictable. Especially if you've read dozens of them. In some, you can pretty much tell what is the noose, the development and the denouément. Some, from the common route already. In other cases, shortly into the route. In that sense, Lucia Konohana's route did leave me baffled, but at least it did surprise me, completely.
  2. According to Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Utawarerumono First game - Q2, 2017 Second game - Q4, 2017
  3. Seems like you really enjoyed Kusari. One question, did you follow the release of the game, or just were curious when I opened up that thread? Because if it's the latter, I might have (involuntarily) influenced you into reading something you enjoyed. And that's good. Of course, everyone should reflect how our tiniest act influences the world, and how our absence is deeply felt in the grand scheme of things. If there's anyone feeling suicidal here, keep this lesson in mind Love
  4. "Boo." --Kunihiro Hinata from Noble Works
  5. If my heart had wings suffered from scene butchering and terrible translation. I could have bought a game without H scenes (like I plan to buy pornless Littlewitch Romanesque version), but they turned it into utter crap. I'm a big Key fan, and began to read Rewrite, but I became bogged down, very interesting concept but poor execution in many places. Will finish reading it, hopefully this year.
  6. I demand Virtue's Last Reward in there. Releasing soon in PC, where it will be truly appreciated, I think. You could remove crap like Sharin no Kuni or Yume Miru Kusuri to make room
  7. "A wizard is never late, Frodo Baggins, nor is he early. He arrives precisely when he means to." --Gandalf
  8. Wasn't there a Sony service where you could purchase PS4 titles for PC? Like an Origin for Sony titles. Should be expensive as frak, but more worth it than buying a whole PS4. Also due to impopularity, it probably derps a lot. Edit: It was called Playstation Now, and seems to only serve PS3 games. Whaaaat.
  9. Hey, got this game on my wishlist, looking good. My question is, will they release the next chapters, or did precisely this policy garner them measly sales? This isn't exactly the most anticipated VN ever.
  10. Yup, I suppose the writer is to blame, in this case. The director too, I guess. Edit and PS: I tend to enjoy the more elaborate novels, with 5+ heroines and an interesting concept; from Hoshizora no Memoria to If my heart had wings to Little Busters to Period. Wait... Period didn't have too much of an interesting concept, but it's fine anyways.
  11. A Profile, together with Sharin no Kuni, killed off my desire to read any Akabei Soft games. Or at least, those from that era. I think I played one more by them, but I can't recall which now.
  12. The heroines definitely suck. And if you remove the heroines, what remains? Kaine? Nothing?
  13. Maybe you're missing...
  14. A Profile is as boring and convoluted as you can get. I can't think of any redeeming quality of that game, apart from giving you a +1 on your VN reading history.
  15. I think I left my gun nearby... there. (BANG) ... ....... ............... ............................