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  1. Only if you prefer the beauty of an unavoidable bad ending
  2. Harmonia. Better than Planetarian.
  3. Yeah, support Key/Visual Arts. I already own Clannad, Side stories and Tomoyo after. Way to go for a complete Keyfag like me And we still have Summer Pockets in store!
  4. 9 posts in this forum and he already has a title... I'm envious... ...or maybe not, I don't know what title the Fuwa government would give me
  5. How often did you get a perfect score at school? Does that answer you?
  6. I haven't played Saya no Uta, but is this some kind of test of courage? Why test your mettle with it if you don't really like it? There are dozens of other VNs you can potentially like. At least my backlog is pretty long.
  7. We're all Japanese media addict lock-ins, after all
  8. I don't like H scenes because I'm close-minded about sex, and you are exceptionally open-minded about it? Haha, that was great, I tell you. If anything, I'd be close-minded about porn. It has been long understood that H scenes are there to reward the player for reading so far. Of course, in romance novels, they fit well. And knowing that the Japanese otaku are a lonely bunch, apart from the fact that there are many moe novels, the game makers try to address their demands, and their fantasies. A lot of visual novels are unrealistic, not only in the H, and try to pander to the audience. Nothing wrong with that if you strictly separate real life and VNs. About the H scenes themselves, they usually happen eventually, they show you intercourse, and then they are over, as quick as they began. In most cases characters don't talk about the deed afterwards. They are there more for the player than for storytelling purposes.
  9. There are some eroge that revolve more around H content (maybe because the story is run-of-the-mill or downright bad, maybe they have amateur or cheap writers... maybe the heroines are just really hot), while there are some that don't. For example, I guess nobody would really miss the H scenes from Kanon if we removed them. Would it be censure? Of course, but the game wouldn't be significantly mutilated, in fact you'd only save some minutes of reading bad H scenes. They're completely insubstantial and even impromptu.
  10. Not only is it porn, the majority of H scenes (axed or not axed) are pretty badly narrated, or boring vanilla intercourse. You know... like... porn. If you really feel this should be in your game, by all means boycott the censored release. In truth it's all up to you and nobody should judge you. For example, Littlewitch Romanesque: I think that having underage sex is too much for me. I'd only buy it if I wanted to play a raising sim, which I'm uncertain of, because I don't know the genre that well. But, since they have sales on Steam, I'd go for that (pornless) version, if I wanted to buy it. Since I'm not interested in the original porn.
  11. Harmonia is good, even though since its sales were low compared with major games, the stickers are awfully expensive, but if you get 2 or 3 from playing, you might make good business. I got the full Clannad pack: main game, after stories and Tomoyo After, but I'm really a completionist in this case.
  12. Oh, sorry. It was just elsewhere. Sorry.
  13. Of course, that would be similar to facing a native, C1-level English text with A1 level. Fearsome.
  14. *It's something*