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  1. VN with a cheating route.

    ...But it also gives you some hot H-scenes, so it's necessary to do those to 100% the game.
  2. VN with a heroine who is a villain/rival to the MC

    Riho from Deardrops. But only if you want a story about music and bandsmen.
  3. Ever played a VN twice?

    Chisato's route is tolerable but not great. I'm a big fan of All in all, Koichoco touched interesting themes, not as daring as Yume Miru Kusuri, but also without failing spectacularly like that, so.
  4. [Spoiler] Euphoria: About Byakuya Rinne

    I believe to get everything about Rinne you need to play her route and Nemu's. You can eschew the rest.
  5. Core i5, Core i7

    You can also play VNs on potato laptops, even netbooks or whatever they are called nowadays. Most of the available VNs are designed for Win XP or Vista. Also don't leave Linux outside, it swallows a lot of VNs.
  6. Analysing EVN and JVN fans on Steam

    Obviously VNs appeal to gamers with potato PCs who coincidentally tend to have lower budgets, so I guess they play a lot of free VNs. The gamer/VN-player multiclass also exists, and those people have decent PCs, so they're not shy about spending some bucks on a VN, I guess they want quality above all. I've spent around 400 euros on my Steam library, or so it says, and most of that is VNs, so there you have it.
  7. Considering playing a game is a combination of factors. A lot of times the major factor is whether that game is similar to others you've played before and enjoyed. Synopses are still good for the discerning eye, more than these so-called genres.
  8. It's just that those labels tend to, not only not give you a sound idea of what game you're getting into, but, some of them overlap in a lot of games. For example, even though I've found people who disagree with me, I consider Key full-blown moe, you're made to care for the heroines presenting drama as a way of "bonding" with them. Oh, poor girl, let's see what happens to her. Strictly better than having no interest in a character, but along moe lines. The feeling you get from classic Key heroines is akin to moe (I bet most of you find them adorable, and the Facebook Key fangroup is scary at times). I also consider Hoshimemo to be a nakige (and moege too), but fundamentally different from Key. In fact, along the years we've had lots of attempts at the nakige formula. And charage vs. moege? Who can tell them apart? It's more that charage is a subdivision of moege, in my view. Like someone said even chuuni is a brand of moege, because it's a field that appeals to otaku.
  9. Well, you know. Back in the wild 90s this also happened. Pretty easy to grab a copy of an eroge RPG like Knights of Xentar, if you managed to pay the outrageous price. A "hard" way to grow up.
  10. AFAIK said patch only works with the Japanese version of the game, which I haven't been able to get. Of course not with the Steam version which I own.
  11. I wanted to make a broader comment, I'd really like for MoeNovel to drop their stance and adapt to this new policy, but it's MoeNovel after all. I really want my full IMHHW. About Libra, I think that the patch wasn't accessible to everyone, which was pretty stupid to be honest.
  12. De-censor things like Libra of the Vampire Princess, and I can finally think about paying for them... past the terrible TL, that is.
  13. Probably vanilla nymphomania ^^ As seen in one of Crescendo's routes, most likely. This is still Western through and through. And seems to have 0 fetishes.