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  1. Mai-hime unmei no keitoujuu

    Are you interested in working as a translation checker alongside us? I already have the scripts ready. Could always use a renowned TLC as yourself. (since i only know hiragana and katakana and a bit of kanji xD)
  2. Mai-hime unmei no keitoujuu

    Seems like a good game. Gonna talk to my hacker @Kiriririri to see if he could get me the scripts.
  3. Suggestions out of these titles

    SakuSaku is great
  4. Favourite Foods

    Ever heard of the 5 seconds rule, my frie—nice try. Almost fell for that again
  5. Why did I pursue a marriage counciling career...that’s beyond me.
  6. Did we actually find you a ship at last? Can I go home with my head high because we finally did it? No Nice trying involved? For real? 本当に? Congrats Chewy, I’m so happy for you and Zander.
  7. Thought Kiririri was into idols only
  8. M/F/K Fuw0 Edition 2018~

    You can't use that Kei CG against me!!!!!!!!!
  9. M/F/K Fuw0 Edition 2018~

    It'd be much weirder if you did.