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  1. What other hobbies do you have?

    What?! How did I not know of this before now? show me!
  2. Looking for new JP vita VNs

    What gave it away?!
  3. 容赦ないなー If you thought that Senshinkan's characters were that dull, then I guess I'm in for a treat in that department when I try out other Light titles, eh? Anyways, thanks for your input!
  4. That’s a lot of oppai for a lolicon
  5. Senshinkan and Bansenjin were the first Masada works I experienced, so I don't know how well the characters compare to other VNs of his work...What do you think they lacked in comparison to Dies for example? In my opinion, characters like Rinko and Ayumi had much more to them than meets the eye which came off as a surprise. Even the other male characters had their own "set back, buckle up, it's my turn to be the protag" moments, so you could say I really loved this cast. Can't say I found the main antagonist boring. At the end of the day, I couldn't help but nod to myself and say "well, he does have a point." I completely understand what you mean with the impact, though, especially with the plot twist of Bansenjin. T-thank you, Dorg (/ω\) Believe me, you wouldn't want a Yurika ojou-sama route.
  6. Soushuu Senshinkan Gakuen Bansenjin (will be referred to as Bansenjin from here on out) is a Light title and the fandisc/sequel to Soushuu Senshinkan Gakuen Hachimyoujin (will be referred to as Senshinkan) that was released in 2015. It features all the Dies Irae and the prequel’s Light team composed of Masada's excessive articulate writing, G-yuusuke-sama's ravishing art style, and has Yonao Keishi as the main composer. Let's start with the premise of the game, shall we? It talks about the dream of "kantan" (or just the dream world, if you will). The ones who have the qualifications to enter it, acquire and are able to give different powers to anyone of their choosing. There are five different types of powers: attack, defense, cancel, magic, and create. The dream world is composed of 8 layers, and the ones who are able to conquer the 8th layer will become a Rousei and will be able to bring their powers from the dream world into reality. This completely new storyline follows the normal lives of descendants of the Senshinkan characters, and it doesn’t take long until things take a turn to the worse and they are granted the right to use their ancestor’s powers. The characters in Bansenjin look the same as the old cast, and have the same exact names, even. You won't have to get used to a whole new set of characters. The gang are still the same as ever, but with some new additions (more on that later). There’s Ayumi and Harumitsu as the jokers of the group always stirring up some trouble, my lovely klutz Sera is still very lovely, Rinko still makes weird faces, and Akira is pleasant to have around as always. And like in Senshinkan, they are determined to not let these events stop them from living their lives as normal students attending school. You could discern that the game is pretty fandisc-y in nature at a glance since it uses an SD character selection menu, where you get to pick which character you want to spend time with two times a day. And I'm telling you, the game has LOADS of those. This can be a double-edged sword, but I've got to admit that all of the characters truly shine in those scenes, like Sera, who didn't get as much of a spotlight as she should've gotten due to the structure of the first game. The game is divided into two segments this time around with "truth" and "trust". It makes it a little bit more easier to follow this time around since the first game switched between “trust” and “truth” without any warning. (Not like it was confusing, but it’s a nice little touch). The former is what happens in the world of dreams, with the latter being their normal everyday world, where the slice of life scenes happen. I'm the kind of person who rarely enjoys SoL but it was quite different in this series. I have yet to play Dies but from what I've heard, it seems that Masada really stepped it up a notch when it comes to writing these scenes in Senshinkan and Bansenjin alike. They were very enjoyable, like when they did a swimsuit tournament behind closed doors (Yes, this happened). Everyone was having a fun time until tomatofacei’msodesperateforaboyfriend-sensei had to crash the party. What made the scene even more absurd was that they used the final battle theme from the first game as BGM throughout the whole damned thing. Now let's look at the two new characters. First off, Ishigami Shizuno. Acting as the main heroine of the fandisc, Shizuno the new student attending school who came from the countryside where she spent her years training deep in the mountains of Hiroshima. She’s also the self-proclaimed #1 fan of Hiiragi Yoshiya and the gang's ancestors. I've got to say, I loved her as a character. As I have mentioned, she spent most of her life training in the mountains, so she doesn't have a grasp on how to approach members of the opposite sex, which leads to a lot of hilarious reversed-tropes scenes with her and Yoshiya in good ol' Masada fashion. (For example: Shizuno walks into Yoshiya when he's in the bathroom and asks him about what he thinks of her body. She’s pretty hot if you're wondering.) She's tomboy-ish by nature, and this might be weird to say, but I fell in love with her speech pattern and voice as well. I wish she spoke in Hiroshima-ben more than just that one time in the game... It was ridiculously cute. I think she takes the 2nd spot in my favourite characters of the series, after Mizuki Sera, of course. The second addition to the cast is Higoromo Nanten. She’s very mischievous when dealing with Nobuaki, and has a knack for diminishing people as well. But don't be misled by her underdeveloped body proportions as she portrays the role of a villain. Nanten suffers from a lot of terminal illnesses, as is the theme of the descendants of the “Gyaku juuji” (reverse cross), and is willing to do whatever it takes to be cured. I really liked the relationship she had with Sera Nobuaki as he regards Nanten as a strong individual, no matter how weak and fragile her illness makes her seem. He believes that there's no right or wrong when it comes to wanting to live. All of that accumulates in one of the best scenes in the final parts of the game. Speaking of relationships, one of the most interesting in Bansenjin and even in the prequel was the one between Tatsumiya Yurika and Narutaki Atsushi. Yurika is a mischievous ojou-sama this time around, and the scenes with her and Narutaki -given his secluded nature- are comedic gold. But there's more nuggets of gold to be found in this game - like the OST. And holy cow, if this isn't one of the best soundtracks I've heard in any series. It capitalizes on its already mind-blowing OSTs featuring a bunch of high paced and exciting new tracks that will get you on the edge of your seat, immersing you into the battle scenes immediately such as 桃源万仙陣 (my personal favourite), and 雪麗封神榜, both of which play during the final battle in Bansenjin. Coupled with the intense writing of Masada helps make those battles all the more memorable. Shizuno has her own battle OSTs as well like 盧生、死すべし―― and 迦楼羅舞う which are great pieces in their own right. All in all, Bansenjin delivered when it came to music, so no complaints from me on this front. The main villain of the game is nothing short of amazing as well. Being the pacifist that he is, his powers still manage to pose a danger so great that even the strongest Rousei can't take him on alone. The final stretch of the game where the battle between all the 4 Rouseis ensues is the best part of the game as you would expect. Amakasu pretty much decides to steal all the glory and summon whatever creatures he wants. He just can't help himself from going a bit too far when he's fond of someone's ideals, not caring whether they're right or wrong but looking at the absolute value of it. Rousei are regarded as representatives of the human race and they were all so well-written to the point that you can't help but sympathize with each one of their philosophies. The 4th Rousei (the main villain) is no exception either. His philosophy sits very well with all of the other Rouseis from the first game. Unfortunately though, Bansenjin does suffer from not giving enough spotlight to certain interesting characters such as Kriemhild-nee-chan who is supposed to be a very prominent character in the game. The thing is, the game wanted to do too much at once, and ended up reducing Kriemhild's screen time to make space for SoL scenes for all the other heroines... Same thing happened with Amakasu in the first game, and it's just a waste, really. He's one of the most interesting characters I've ever seen, but by the time the game is approaching the end, you get the feeling of wasted opportunity for what could've been. Kriemhild still had her moments with her battle against Sera (my two waifus are fighting kyaaa), and in the final battle, too. Another thing is that although Bansenjin has its own twist, it really didn't hit hard as much as it did with Senshinkan's final reveal. Not to take anything from it, it's still well-made, but that's just how it is. At the end of the day, I liked the first game a little bit more. Overall, I think Bansenjin is a very imperative addition to the Senshinkan universe. That’s because it's apparent from the start of the first game that you're in somewhat of a loop, but the characters don't remember the events of what happened in their first attempt at conquering the dream world. Bansenjin brings the events that weren't touched upon in the first game to light, and it helps tie up some loose ends quite neatly. I'd recommend it to anyone because of the new storyline, and hell, if you're already invested in the first game and want some more out of the characters, you need to give Bansenjin a go. It won't disappoint. I mean, you get to see Sera being kawaii and all, right? You also don't want to miss Kriemhild in action. P.S.: Although reading through the game's various SoL scenes could be annoying sometimes, you get a very great reward for it~ Make sure to check it out!
  7. VNs with bromance?

    I’d recommend Tokeijikake no Ley-Line which is expected to be out sometime in November, so you could keep an eye on that.
  8. Not wrong...but not quite right.
  9. じいい。。。。。。

  10. だってだって!この世の中は苦しみで満ちているから死こそが平等な救いである! それはともかくとして、私の元に来なさい!!!
  11. ハローhello I’d like to ようこそyou to 不和novelへ I hope You have a 素晴らしい時間 around the forumzu Can I 持ち帰りyou home with me? The nyatashi sold me out