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  1. Mankolamer translations pls
  2. Thank you.
  3. Thank you, Fuuta.
  4. Rip in Palestine
  5. Happy birthday @Dergonu !
  6. I don't remember the translation being particularly dreadful, but then again it's been years since I've last read it. Anyways, you should give it a read it's a pretty decent chuunige.
  7. Decided to take a break from reading unTL'd stuff for now and focus on translated titles that I've been putting off starting with Fate/Stay Night. Let's see how this goes.
  8. Since I'm still freshly out of the Senshinkan train This has to be the best track in the whole game, but strangely enough you can't find it in the soundtrack menu
  9. It was after I read Tsubaki's route that I decided the side routes were just a waste of time, actually...She's still one of my favorite characters from the cast, though.
  10. Who cares about the side routes anyways? Don't waste your time on them.
  11. It's pretty awesome to see the LeyLine trilogy getting a localization. I really wish I could back it....Hopefully it pulls through!