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  1. i agree it's like literally the best thing i have watched in YEARS
  2. I can't really find the words to express the amount of irony it is for you to say something like "primarily it's text that's possible to fall in love with" when you use MTL for your reviews. The thing that makes Mareni's writing so unique is that at the start of a new portion of the story, he always manages to find a way to implement a smaller plot within it. An example I can remember of this was when he made the details of how the protagonist got to a certain destination seem very interesting as opposed to just typing out the reason of why then teleporting him there. It's something he utilizes so well, and with him going on a lot of tangents often using the most peculiar and insane similes, the picture of any scene can be painted so clearly within your mind that the whole world of the game never felt so alive. So I don't really understand where the whole "flow is slow and often boring" is coming from because that's never the case. If anything, one of the most impressive parts of reading his games is to see how well his writing flows even when the text covers the whole screen almost every time. And that brings me to the most annoying point you make which is about how the game has "no distinctive plot" like seriously fam, what are you even smoking? Kagerou is a very dark that tackles cannibalism and torture but also manages to make you feel cozy in a very strange sense while reading it. It always mixes new stuff to keep things intriguing for the reader in the form of weird magical items and bizarre rooms that work so well in the whole context of the place Seishuu happens to find himself in. But perhaps using MTL so often has done such a considerable number on your brain to the point of you not understanding what the word "distinctive" even means. I don't know how it lacks excitement either. The thing that I always find myself disliking in Mareni games is the fact that he keeps on using longer sentences in more dynamic scenes that hurt the excitement you're getting, not the other way around. If there's something you're right about is the fact that Mareni games aren't for everyone and that's it. MTLers btfo
  3. Looking forward for @Zakamutt to fulfill his promise of reading muramasa!!!!
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