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  1. vn release

    Someone just recently sold the Vol. 1 Artbook (only the Artbook) on eBay for 350 bucks. Here: http://www.ebay.com/itm/201812274989
  2. Limited Run Games recently re-twitted a post related to The House in Fata Morgana: https://twitter.com/limitedrungames And one of the founder of Limited Run Games made two tweets related to it too:
  3. Sorry I was not aware. Those videos were posted quite recently though, considering the game is supposed to come out in a little more than a month from now, it's weird that they would post gameplay videos using an old script even though the game is already supposed to be about wrapped up for release.
  4. Why not judge it by yourself, watch this:
  5. I haven't? But it means that the game would be actually translated, should take some time to release the patch though, it could take some months to a few years. Dracu-Riot has been in QC for a long time already, Mahoyo has been in QC for years.
  6. GREAT! Finally, Kono Sora will receive an actual translation after all these years.
  7. There were fan-translation patches released for these two nukige which have animation: https://vndb.org/r45835 https://vndb.org/r50741
  8. That's the thing, Hoshimemo doesn't even have the funny factor going for it unlike say Majikoi.
  9. Hell that's another moege I dropped after completing the maid's route, boring af.
  10. Well Hoshimemo and Period were just bring to me, too much rinse and repeat mechanics: Hoshimemo Common Route: - Protagonist goes to school - Meets with Mare - Visit the twins at the shrine - Visit the red haired girl at the restaurant - Protagonist goes to school - Meets with Mare - Visit the twins at the shrine - Visit the red haired girl at the restaurant ... rinse and repeat until you get into one of the girl's route. I did play through Majikoi no problem took me a month to play through all the routes even though it's a moege, so it's not so much as Hoshimemo and Period them being moeges that's the problem as much as it is them being too boring and uningaging for me.
  11. I am not big on slice-of-life moeges to begin with, Period is worse but I at least managed to finish 2-3 routes on that one. But in both cases I basically had to force myself to play through them and that's something that's been dragging on for years.
  12. I have had the game since early 2013, I tried to play through it multiple times and I still never could even finish 1 route. I put it on the same bracket as Period, boring and unengaging.