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  1. So I started playing the game and I can't move past Fanuel's second quiz, I get the following error each time I try: Anybody know what I am supposed to be doing to get past this?
  2. Basically we will be getting this: https://vndb.org/r21537 Except in english.
  3. Thanks, just wondering cause I was planning on getting the PS Vita version eventually when/if it gets on sale.
  4. According to them it's (Introductory Chapter) been re-translated in 2017, so any improvements over the bad translation released a few years ago?
  5. Unofficial translation, unfortunately the official release will always remain crap for all eternity. So you saying the localization of Nurse Love Addiction isn't so good?
  6. Well then, why not give the translation patch a try and see how it is?
  7. White Album 2 is getting a fan-translation, see website here: https://todokanaitl.wordpress.com/patch/ White Album on the other hand is getting neglected.
  8. "Awwww did your whore feelings get hurt?"
  9. Here is some gameplay: It was released on PS3 in 2010 and PC in 2012, the PC version seem to be digital-only and a DMM exclusive.
  10. 25th December 2017, just like it was for G-Senjou no Maou translation patch back in 2010! By the way, after To Heart 2 is finished you should translate the other big cult game from Leaf: http://www.dmm.com/dc/pcgame/aquaplus/whitealbum/
  11. That sort of thing might have worked back in 2014/2015 when Visual Novels in the West were still a still a rare sight on Kickstarter, but in 2017 there is just too much competition now that lower tier VN just barely makes it anymore.
  12. Weird, all the others ones are listed as "Not Voiced" while Rance 03 is listed as "Fully Voiced": https://vndb.org/r41875 Must be a mistake as it doesn't make sense to have only 1 game voiced while all the other ones are voiceless. If you look at credits though, there are no VA credited for any characters voices. Someone here ask a question about why Sengoku Rance was not voiced: Since the games are not voiced this is going to be good for MangaGamer and will increase the chance of them making a big profit due to the licensing costs not involving licensing voices (remember Kara no Shojo?) and the Rance's name recognition in the western VN fandom and from the looks of it Rance 5D and Rance VI sold pretty well, otherwise they wouldn't have bothered releasing a physical edition, which does in turn spell good things for the future of the series's localization in the West. Also talking about Rance, the next upcoming Rance game (Rance X) is set to be the final game in the series: http://alicesoft.wikia.com/wiki/Rance_X
  13. Just voiceless. Even Rance IX which was the latest Rance in the series is listed as "Not Voiced" on vndb.
  14. But he said that your patience will not go unrewarded! That is what it would appear like for any sane people.
  15. Korean language do have some fan-translated patches, I see Korean being listed from time to time on certain games listed on vndb, but overall chinese takes the #1 spot when it comes to translated VN as you can both include officially translated games and fan-translated ones, #2 seem to be english nowadays when you take into account both fan-translated and official releases and VN in english are really taking off now. As a matter of fact back in 2013 it was all pretty much fan-translated games and I could easily keep up with the releases, but today there is just so much long VNs getting released either officially or fan-translated that I can't keep up anymore. It could be possible, but it would require alot of hacking and I am not really sure if it would still be feasible whiteout additional work from the original developer. The situation reminds me of E.X. Troopers and why it couldn't be localized in english: https://www.technobuffalo.com/2012/12/12/capcom-explains-decision-to-not-localize-e-x-troopers/