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  1. Holy **** what a coincidence, I just real quick remembered this game, as a result decided to come visit fuwa because of it, saw this thread title and thought "Himawari", I go in and the first reply was "Himawari"! And yeah I agree, overall between the boring slice-of-life main routes (common, Aries, Aqua and Asuka) and the terrible let-down cliffhanger no-resolution ending, that game is overall a case of missed opportunities and self-tripping flagellation. The only redeeming feature of the game was it's two side-stories (only unlocked when you finish all main routes) which were far more i
  2. Aww, I was hoping Iyo was the main heroine (I like non-human heroines in most cases), anyways I want to play all routes, so I will play it in the order Celphas recommends, thanks!
  3. But Celphas says that Kotori should have had her route done last while everybody else says to do her route first?
  4. Is there a "true heroine"? Like who did protag had his first kiss with (it's mentioned very early in the game, but the protag doesn't mention who he had his first kiss with).
  5. Yeah I don't like when translators take too much liberties with the original script and just basically rewrite whatever they want.
  6. Yeah EGS is not reliable AT ALL for games that aren't eroges.
  7. It's incomplete? So there is a Vol. 4 or something in the works or something?
  8. Shirone is best girl, too bad her ending is basically a bad end (unlike Yuuri and Sara endings).
  9. Looks nice! Too bad I can't read Russian, or Chinese or Japanese...
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