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  1. MoeNovel's next title - Cross Channel

    The game was already released for PS3.
  2. Same as everybody else cause they just launched.

    She's a filthy dickgirl!
  4. Sorcery Jokers was released on January 12th

    Lol no it's not, it remove all meaning to the word and remove even the derogatory meaning of it, when you call someone a "fujoshi" it's not a compliment! The original japanese version clearly mentioned the fact that a female character was a fujoshi, a disgusting (rotten) girl who gets excited by the sight or thought of guys being together, the english version by SJW publisher NISA removes all of this and just says that the female is a "fangirl" without providing any other information nor context, by changing "fujoshi" to "fangirl" you eleminate all sexual and derogatory meaning from the context.
  5. Sorcery Jokers was released on January 12th

    There are some things that just don't translate well or can't be translated at all, "Fujoshi" translates in english as "Rotten Girl", but it still wouldn't make sense to a western audience without some TL Note that explains in details what that japanese centric term entails, so it might be better to just leave it as "Fujoshi" instead and not do what NISA did by "All-Aging" the term and translating it as "Fangirl", similarly it would be better to just leave "Siscon" as-is rather than attemping to come up with a more western and tamer term that doesn't convey the original meaning, for one "Siscon" is a derogatory term thrown at a person accused of having unchaste feelings or doing unchaste things towards one's sister, unlike "Sister Enthusiast" which is really neutral and doesn't even really mean anything. (how many times in your lives have you heard the term "Sister Enthusiast" being used?)
  6. Sorcery Jokers was released on January 12th

    What do you mean "Nope", you are going to say that you haven't seen how "Siscon" was translated as "Sister Enthusiast"? I mean if you are already selling an 18+ game, might as well go all the way and not try to PC-ify the thing. I am guessing the reason why did they did is that since they were planning on releasing the game as both an All-Age and 18+ title, they just went the easy way in and made 1 PC-fied translation for the whole game while only removing the sex scenes from the All-Age version, of course that impacted things such as "Siscon" being turned into "Sister Enthusiast" in all versions of the game.
  7. Sorcery Jokers was released on January 12th

    Anybody noticed that MangaGamer translated "Siscon" as "Sister Enthusiast"? This is as bad as when NISA translated "Fujoshi" as "Fangirl".
  8. t japan vs SakuraGame

    The art for this game is very well done considering it is from a doujin group, reminds me oif the art style of Killer is Dead.
  9. You bring big shame to Italy, the country of womanizers, this is you: Gawd, tell me you at least have the decency of following great Italian traditions such as helping tourists by delicately relieving them of their wallets!
  10. That's not true at all, there are visual novels for every demographics, PC gamers, console gamers, males looking for moege eroges, females looking for otome romances, all ages VNs (like Steins;Gate), kinetic novels etc.
  11. Cherry Kiss Games should have released this instead of Wild Romance.
  12. The problem is that it needed like an editing and QC pass or ten.
  13. Probably the typical issues that would never get officially fixed, like typos, grammatical mistakes, weird sentences etc. Don't foget, Dies Irae, Chusingura46+1 and so and so.
  14. After 5 long years the MoeNovel infamy against this game will be erased!