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  1. Why the obssession with translators though? I pointed out issues with the script, crashes at certain point in the game that prevent you from progressing and issues with audio voice missing/not playing at certain point in the game. 1. The script issues that I provided photographic evidence for were typos, gramatical mistakes, odd sentences (among other tings), this is the job of the QCer and Editors. 2. The issue with the crashes and voices not playing is the domain of the Technical Staff who's work involve putting everything together in a working order. Pointing out glaring issues with a release is not "ranting". Did you apply the latest patch? If you played a pre-patched copy, most likely you played the original release. The latest version (the one I played) didn't have hundreds of typos, weird sentences and grammatical mistakes. And beside, are you implying that an OFFICIAL release shouldn't be held to a higher standard than a free fan-translation? The reason for that is that it was quite the downgrade compared to the original Steins;Gate 2014 release, simple as that, it might have been "fine-ish" if it was a fan-translation, it is not fine for an official release especially since it is of a lower quality than the script of the 2014 Steins;Gate. While Steins;Gate was pretty much a high quality release with an almost perfect script at launch, Steins;Gate 0 in contrast was quite rough and lacked it's refinement as it did have multiple issues with the script that were never patched, either because it was rushed or because they cheapened out on the editing/QC and post-release support (or both possibly), there were also issues with the display of accents and untranslated parts that were also never fixed either. Making an official release filled with hundreds of typos and leaving it as-is IS the exaggeration. QCer too, so the people who's job involve getting paid for ironing out the script and insuring that everything has been properly ironed aren't at fault for releasing a script filled with hundred of non-ironed issues? Right, sure... I am not the only one pointing this issues out, here is a reddit thread from 12 days ago:
  2. Never mentioned this had to do with the translators, how did you come up with this assumption? I mentioned the issues plaguing the official english release which I played, period. The issues being script errors, crashes and missing voices, as it says in the title. And anyways no matter who is at fault, the issues are there, yet no patch was released to address them and the physical copies are being manufactured for shipping in October meaning the physical copies will come bundled with all the issues presented in the OP which would indicate that they are "satisfied" with this v1.00 and don't plan to patch it.
  3. For example with Amaterasu Translations, you have all these "r1, r2, r3", these are the numbers of released patches. Rewrite had 4 patches released, the latest one was "r4". The Fate/ translations had been constently updated throughout the years, Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate, Noble Works, Muv-Luv Alternatives Chronicles, Kikokugai, Umineko, Rose Guns Days, Remember11, Period, Higanbana and such and such all received updates to their original patches, I haven't played the original patch release, but the latest one was good, certainly "perfect" when compared to the likes of "official releases" such as Dies Irae, Starless or Konosora. And keep in mind that alot of "official translations" are actually fan-translations that have been picked up by publishers, just look at Subarashiki Hibi, Dracu-Riot or The Fruit of Grisaia. And then you have stuff like 11Eyes who only had a v1.00 release and that was it, even though it could have used some more editing passes which never happened since the patch is still at v1.00, there's also I/O Revision II script which had quite a bit of script errors even on v1.02 (the latest released patch version released by Lemnisca Translations before they took down all their patches) though that one could be said that it was due to them not having enough time to keep on updating the script as they suddenly cut all ties to their fan-translation work with the announcement of the official Root Double release and there are some others who are "technically" unfinished such as Ikikoi (the latest final patch is actually named v0.81) and Kurukuru Fanatic. On the other hand Hatsukoi 1/1, Majikoi and Majikoi S fan-translation patches are only at v1.00 and there doesn't need new patches because when I played them I didn't notice anything wrong with the original patches. Fan-translation patches are free unlike official releases, Dies Irae for one costs 40 bucks, Steins;Gate 0 costed 60 bucks at release, Konosora was 30 at release, Starless is 40. I prefer a fan-translation script that's been perfected at the end of the day through the release of updated patches than an official release that's riddled with issues for all eternity because publishers can't be bothered with post-release support (Dies Irae, Steins;Gate 0, Starless and the likes). Slogging through this script filled with errors just isn't fun and takes away the immersion, this is why I never bothered with playing more than 2 hours of Starless (where's that patch JAST?) and I wouldn't have bothered with a script in that pitiful state if it wasn't for the fact that it was Dies Irae, reading through hundred of script errors as well as getting through crashes and missing voices just isn't nice and takes alot away from the experience. You do realize the amount of work and time it took me to compile all this stuff, not to mention the constant loss of immersion with taking a screenshot whenever an issue pops up, right? But I am not Dies Irae's editor, QCer or technical support staff, I am a customer and this work should have all been done by the editors/QCer either before the release of the game or after the release of the game through patches, but obviously this is not the case and we are stuck with what you are seeing right now.
  4. Overall yeah, official localizations are less likely to be good because unlike fan-translation they almost never get patched and they seem to be more cheap and greedy with time, money, QC and post-release support, so an official translation is more likely to release as v1.00 and stay at that forever, so the only hope is to get it right on first try. While fan-translations are more likely to get updated from the original release. For example, the original Steins;Gate has been released in english officially on multiple platforms since 2014 (PC 2014, PS3 2015, PS Vita 2015 and Steam 2016) and it doesn't appear that the script has ever been retouched, so the same typos and other mistakes/issues found in the original 2014 JAST USA version would be found in the latest official release (September 2016 Steam version), as a matter of fact the "definitive version" comes from a fan-translation group known as "Committee of Zero" that released a patch that fixes the Steam version, which fixes the bugs, crashes, script error, introduce higher quality videos, higher quality FMV music, high quality CGs and (finally) fixes the wordwrapping issue in the phone. Steins;Gate 0 on the other hand is a whole other beast, while the original Steins;Gate script was relatively free of errors, Steins;Gate 0 script was riddled with issues (no it's not even close to Dies Irae, but for an official release it's bad as ideally it should be held to a higher standard than what we got), the official english release of Steins;Gate 0 was only for PS4 and PS Vita, it was released in November 2016 and it received 1 patch that fixed a few issues and that was the version I played (v1.01), however the game did have multple issues with the text, lots of typos, mistranslations, unstranslated scenes and issues with accents ("köchel" and "café" gets displayed in the game as "k?chel" and "caf?" ), I emailed PQube in January about some of these issues and never gotten a reply and there was never another patch to address any of this, so basically PQube made an official release with a less than stellar script that still could have used a few more editing passes, released 1 patch that fixed 2 issues and then sat on their asses instead of fixing all the remaining things that were still broken. As a matter of fact, once again the "definitive version" is to be found by the unofficial way by the same fan-translation group that fixed Steins;Gate, the "Committee of Zero" released a patch in February 2017 that fixed these issues. I also noticed a few typos in Root Double here and there (but nothing too big, certainly it's "perfect" if you compare it to the likes of Dies Irae) and as far as I could tell, the game is still at v1.00. However there are some fan-translations who got released with a script that contained quite a bit of script errors and had never gotten a patch to fix them, 11Eyes comes to mind.
  5. I am baffled that after 3 months this game hasn't received a single patch to address any of these problems, this issue is even more glaring since they started manufacturing physical copies, meaning it will have all the issues that are presently plaguing the Steam version and most likely this is an indication that a patch is not coming. I played through the whole game and took screenshots of instances involving issues, so this is going to be a long post, however I know that there are a few more issues that I did not took note of because when I started playing the game I simply did not expect this game to be riddled with issues, I expected at most a few typos here and there like you would expect from Root Double or Steins;Gate, so there might be more issues that I simply did not take note of: Missing Voices: Crashes that Prevent You From Progressing: (You can bypass these by saving right before the crash occur on a new save and reload another save and then click "Skip" it will bring you right after the scene causing the crash, but you will miss out on a few sentences) Script Errors: According to the credits, there 3 translators, 3 editors but ONLY 1 QCer, meaning it only had 1 QC editing pass. No matter how good you are, 1 person alone with 1 QC cannot possibly catch all the mistakes, as has just been demonstrated. Only having 1 QCer was already questionable, but not releasing any patch to address any of the problems is highly irresponsible for a game in this state. Okay sure this is a big game, but when compared to other big games such as Root Double and Fate/Stay Night Realta Nua, the state in which this game is in even more glaring when compared to the almost perfect script of the games I just mentioned, 1 of which is a fan-translation! Meanwhile Degica has been fixing bugs and improving scripts of Muv-Luv months after release...
  6. The Last Birdling released

    I thought RPGFan refused to review VNs because they think they are for degenerates?
  7. I had this problem with this game in both the japanese and english version, basically the auto-mode would keep going even if the character voice hasn't done talking, it doesn't seem like there are any options in the menu to fix this either?
  8. MangaGamer just updated it's "Project Update" page and it seems that work on Sona-Nyl has finally started: http://mangagamer.org/sona-nyl/ http://blog.mangagamer.org/project-status/ 2020 can't come soon enough!
  9. About your Dies Irae guide you say:

    "Also Rea's route is unlocked after beating Marie's route."

    You sure about that? I played through Rea's route before beating Marie's route.

    1. SeniorBlitz


      Maybe that only applies to the japanese version of the game, since all routes are unlocked on the steam release. 

  10. Apparently there is some licensing issue with this IP, so that might have something to with it.
  11. Yeah, originally Amaterasu Translations had planned to translate both Valusia and Sona-Nyl , but dropped that when Liarsoft became a licensed company with MangaGamer, the good news is that we got an official release of Ghakthun translated by koestl and we will be getting the best version of Sona-Nyl officially released, I am talking about Sona-Nyl Refrain which was released so far only in Japan on Xbox 360 and PSP, so that's pretty great. No Valusia so far though. I would like that too, unfortunately apparently Gahkthun didn't sell so well for MangaGamer, otherwise they would have announced the Fandisc by now (as they just did release the Princess Evangile Fandisc, so it means they don't hate Fandiscs, at least not the Fandiscs of games that sold well). According to the official progress update here: http://blog.mangagamer.org/project-status/ Sona-Nyl hasn't been worked on yet. Maggot Baits is on the process of getting translated, a 2018 release is the most probable.
  12. +1 I definitly would love to see the Fairytale trilogy (Requiem, Encore and Symphony) in english! Huge props to Liarsoft for demonstrating alot of originality and diversity in their titles as Liarsoft is one of the very few VN dev who don't try to ride the easy mainstream wave and go with school settings, I don't have anything against school settings but when literally 95% of VN have a school or school-ish setting it really start to become monotonous.
  13. Oh? How does it compare to Aoishiro?
  14. So I started playing the game and I can't move past Fanuel's second quiz, I get the following error each time I try: Anybody know what I am supposed to be doing to get past this? EDIT: Nevermind, I downloaded the bad patch, the only patch in proper working condition is this one: