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  1. Cardboard is cheap. I suppose the coloring for the art work could cost a little more. I can't Imagine the box being that much bigger. I mean when you buy a PC game these days the box is not much bigger than the DVD it houses if it has a box at all. Now if it needs to be bigger to include the goodies, I could see that. I agree with EdwardWongHPTIV.
  2. How so? Box does not count. Do you get more stuff or something? Not trying to sound like a dick, I am actually curious.
  3. Way to be condescending. How about being helpful and friendly Mr. Mod instead of treating others like they are idiots. I see it now. It is not in the actual tiers. So for $60 which gets you the Complete Box set, you get eternal heart?
  4. I don't see that on the kickstarter page tho. Just the $90 for the physical copies. Which I think is ridiculous when MG does their physical copies for $50 and that includes art book and ost disc. Unless the fan disc is guaranteed to be included.
  5. Not much new. Wagamama High Spec 18+ was pretty much an understood that it would be. It is a very ecchi VN with a lot of H scenes so there is no way they can release it without the H content. Lets hope MG has at least one good title announced today and not more crappy MOE blob stuff. Something with an actual interesting and dramatic story would be nice.
  6. We are not talking 100 years ago here, and just because there is change does not mean it is right or correct. Heck, so many young people don't know how to read, spell, or speak correctly these days. It is pretty sad. I suppose arguing is going to get us no where. Let's just go with what Rooke says.
  7. "Inputted" used to be considered a made up or non word when I went to school. I guess the English language is being dumbed down as time goes on. However, I agree with some of what you posted and most of what Rooke wrote.
  8. I am sorry but being raised and taught by a mother that has a masters degree in English, I know that "inputted" is not a proper word. Nothing I have read that is written in proper English uses this "word". While it may technically be a word, you never see it used in modern English and it does not look right. Would you say: He cutted in line or he hitted me? Same concept. Inputted.........it sounds like a child speaking.
  9. This VN was ok, but a big TL error I see is the use of a non word "inputted". It should be "entered" in most if not all cases. I don't know how the editor did not catch this. I guess that is what happens when you have non native English speakers doing the TL and editing.
  10. Da Capo has a pretty jealous heroine. 11 eyes also has one. Perhaps Shuffle counts too?
  11. There used to be a member that hosted Team Speak as well.
  12. This may have been mentioned before, but since Jast is partnered with Alcot have you talked to them at all?
  13. Lout is slang and Lot is used differently. Proper would be "you folks" or "you guys" for Lot. As far as "lout" there are many synonyms that look/sound better. Just because the British commonly use those words does not mean it is standard English for the rest of the world.
  14. I can't stand all the British slang that is not in her route. Not to mention some bad grammar and wording I have never seen. Why not just use proper English for the entire TL, (unless their is a foreigner character like in this case). Words like grody, lout, lot, rubberneck etc.........Those are not proper English and drive me nuts.
  15. Heh, and the western culture is going to the toilet. Let's not continue going off topic tho. The OP never specified what kind of media he wanted.