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  1. Of course there will be no physical copies sold on Denpasoft like they told us originally. I mean they could do what MG does and have physical copies sold on Jast.
  2. I was surprised Sanabo Witch was not picked up. Maybe it flopped in Japan?
  3. I was hoping Sanoba Witch would get picked up.
  4. I am not bashing Damekoi. I was just curious. That makes sense tho. Sounds like it will be better than your typical MOE romp. Let's hope MML is better than Princess Evangile. At least 90% of the setting will not be in or focused around a school.
  5. Why license a game from a company that has only 3 games tho? That and the fact it is quite old, 2007. Or is this an opportunity to possibly partner with their parent company, Willplus.
  6. For some reason it won't play for me. I click on it and it does not play.
  7. D.S. Dal Segno (Now Available)

    Sigh, I think Circus's story writing is getting worse and worse.
  8. D.S. Dal Segno (Now Available)

    Da Capo 3 was not that great at all. I was expecting something far superior in story, drama, and humor compared to DC 2. Boy, was a let down. I am curious if this will be better.
  9. [Poll] Deciding between two visual novels.

    I never read Little Busters, but Princess Evangile is over hyped. I own it and it is not that good. I read one route and a part of another and that was it for me.
  10. ChronoClock Review Discussion

    I am not going to entertain your asinine condescending arguments.
  11. ChronoClock Review Discussion

    I could not stand the dialogue. Too many British words and slang even for the non British characters.
  12. fullscreen problem(URGENT!)

    I have built multiple PCs and this would not hurt his computer. You can always update it back to current driver. Perhaps it was not the best advice based on his particular issue, but He should have explained it better or provided a picture. He just said black bars or lines which could be a gpu problem. You know sometimes they are flawed from the factory. It could also, be a driver issue. So don't talk down to someone when you do not know about their experience level on the topic. I notice you speak/type in a condescending manner to a lot of people on here and it is an attitude you need to change.
  13. fullscreen problem(URGENT!)

    Either driver issues or a bad card. Try rolling back to an older driver.
  14. Dies irae OUT NOW for everyone!

    Why is it going to be in two parts tho?
  15. NEKOPARA Vol. 3 Released!

    Or you can buy it from DL site. NFSW http://www.dlsite.com/ecchi-eng/announce/=/product_id/RE200500.html