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  1. A shame this will not have a 18+ option as the last series did. I think Steam is starting to influence this company more and more in no longer making eroge. As far as I am concerned, Steam is a cancer to visual novels and their fans.
  2. Perhaps it is not translated to English. I found one that was only translated to Spanish for instance.
  3. Well, it says she is the central heroine. I suppose Mangagamer would know as they translated it and have a close working relationship with circus. so apparently it is Ricca. In Da Capo 2 you have to unlock the sisters' routes and they were the main heroines so I can see how it would be seen that way.
  4. According to vndb she is and you need to unlock her route. I guess MG is saying Ricca is, but it seems like Aoi would have a better and more mysterious route from what I have seen. That is a real shame if she is a bonus heroine as I like her the best.
  5. I must have very picky taste as I have read only about half a dozen from that list and none of the rest interest me.
  6. http://www.otakulair.com/english-visual-novel-walkthroughs/da-capo-3-r-walkthrough-mangagamer/ Here is a walkthrough for the routes. As far as order, I don't think it really matters, but Aoi is the main heroine I think. You have to do the other routes to unlock hers.
  7. Well, how would you buy it digital? It is not sold in the western market? Also, does this tell more about the relationships romance wise between characters than the anime?
  8. You would have to get a physical copy for this as it is not sold on the PS Store in the west............Right?
  9. Well the last two are not eroge, but "appealing art" is a matter of perspective. Fans have different tastes. For instance, many think Steins Gate has great art, but I can't stand it.
  10. Well, just about every TL I have seen has used quotation marks for spoken parts, but you are doing this for free so it would not be right for me to expect anything I guess.
  11. I think the quotation marks were fine, normally there are none when the protag is thing to himself vs speaking. That way you know for sure who is speaking etc.
  12. Not really a fan of that myself, especially since Apple won't do 18+ Apps/games. Also, saying moege is ruining visual novels is a crock when moege make up over half of them and are what probably sell the most. Granted, I am getting tired of straight up moege myself, but I don't have a problem with that genre and certainly do not think they are ruining the visual novel market. As far as what the OP is saying, I get the difference between dating sims and visual novels. There are a lot of garbage dating sims out there and personally I have no interest in them. I prefer actually story driven visual novels myself.
  13. I could not think of many. Astraythem, Sukimazakura to Uso no Machi, and Amatsutsumi.
  14. It was a pretty interesting story for me that kept me reading it for hours on end. Yuka I will admit was annoying.
  15. I really want a Limited Edition hard copy ,which will probably happen later, but do I buy this now or wait? I really want to play this.