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  1. MangaGamer AnimeNYC 2017 announcements

    Nothing to really get excited about huh
  2. On h-scenes in VNs

    This! My issue is that people think H scenes should be removed because they serve no true purpose in the story or that specific reader does not like H scenes. I find many members of Fuwanovel to be strange concerning this. I have gone to many other VN/Eroge forums and their is rage if the H content is removed, or even if it is there and there is mosaic censorship.
  3. On h-scenes in VNs

    Wrong, you can have your opinion but don't try to force it on other people.
  4. On h-scenes in VNs

    Well, these are erotic Japanese games so of course they will have H scenes. They are called eroge for a reason. The way I see it, if you don't like H scenes then don't read the visual novel. You are free to choose, but don't ever force your views of H content onto other people. Some may not like H scenes, but A LOT do. I see forums and comment sections in articles all the time where people are upset due to lack of H content and even censorship (mosaics).
  5. If this is a Steam release, it will be interesting to see how they deal with the 18+ patch and directing customers to it. Steam no longer allows links or discussion of this.
  6. Saku Saku Weird Translation?

    I think ChaosRaven made my point for me. Also, there were British slang and words used for non British characters which just threw the TL off for me. As far as SakuSaku goes, anyone that reads it can notice the mistakes and additions even if they know a little Japanese. So far, the only good TL I have seen from SP is Grisaia.
  7. Saku Saku Weird Translation?

    Chrono Clock is a mess. I am done arguing tho. People just suck up this media no matter how poorly it is translated it seems.
  8. Saku Saku Weird Translation?

    Yes, go head and talk down too me. Many of us know you are good at that as you seem to know it all. I know what I saw and heard and don't need to sit here and take the time to show you. An example would be when just NO was said and the translator adds an entire sentence when that is not needed. I understand that, but I have seen way better TL jobs from mangagamer.
  9. Saku Saku Weird Translation?

    In some cases perhaps, but there are parts where it was clearly unnecessary. SP is known to have shoddy translations tho. It is almost like the Japanese companies don't even check their translation, and I know how picky and professional Japanese companies normally are as I worked for one.
  10. Saku Saku Weird Translation?

    Well, I have found other places where the Sakusaku TL was questionable besides this. Some places they even outright added words. What do you expect from SP I guess. I am sorry I bought this game now.
  11. SakuSaku Info and Discussion

    The TL for this game could have been much better. I can't read Japanese, but I can tell from the audio that a lot of text was added needlessly or did not follow the voiced lines.
  12. To Heart 2 Sound and Music Skipping

    Ya, I have built PCs but I am not savvy when it comes to software.
  13. To Heart 2 Sound and Music Skipping

    This worked! Thanks Fred!
  14. So I tried playing this visual novel after the completed patch was released and I get random delays and the music and voice will skip and even partially repeat. I have lowered the FPS as it claims it helps with that problem and it changes nothing. I have Windows 7 and use XP compatibility mode. If anyone has figured out how to correct this issue that would be awesome. As it is right now, the game is unplayable for me like this. Mods, if I have posted in the wrong section feel free to move this.
  15. Saku Saku - Steam and denpasoft releases

    The couple routes I played through on it had some pretty good H scenes. Like 3 or 4 per route I think. The art work is pretty nice as well.