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  1. Atri My Dear Moments. I think it's like 10 hours and is on Steam.
  2. ISLAND https://vndb.org/v18498 is no H scenes but has reference to them, especially in a couple routes. Himawari the Sun Flower https://vndb.org/v210 also has references to having sex as well.
  3. I disagree. Irosekai is a highly sought after and a long waited for Nakige. Also, The Fruit of Grisaia series, which is dramatic, was also popular. You also have Island, and Atri My Dear Moments to name a couple more titles with drama and nakige elements. There are many other dramatic titles brought to the west that were also popular. People want more visual novels with plot and drama, this is why many are disappointed with moege only announcements. I have nothing against moege itself, it's just that the market is overly saturated with it and it gets old after reading 50 to 100. People want something different. Now if you like moege that is cool, but these companies need more variety besides just nukige and moege. It looks like Nekonyan is starting to have more recently thankfully with Future Radio and the Artifical pigeons, Aoi Tori, and Irosekai. Let's hope that continues.
  4. What are your thoughts on these? Looks to be mostly light hearted Moege to me.
  5. Nekonyan is starting to look more like Sekai Project with all the delays and how long in general it is taking them to release titles. Also, they keep adding to their catalog of in progress works and go months without releasing anything.
  6. Honestly, from my research this one looks more trouble than it is worth if you are looking to play the version with the H scenes. Others on VNDB were having trouble getting textractor to work with this properly. The Steam version appears to have the EX addition, but no H scenes. There is some 18+ patch available, but I don't know how good it is and does not appear to fully translate the game.
  7. I also really enjoyed this game as well. It is for sure better than Hoshimemo. Funny this thread popped up shortly before the English release. I have already played it, but for sure will be buying the English version. Let's hope at least the sequel is translated as well.
  8. Thank you for doing this Riku. Perhaps it will cause more to be interested in this game. Maybe someone will even take it up for translation. Wishful thinking I know,
  9. Oh really? I loved both OPs, especially the second one. I guess everyone has different tastes. Yes, it is hard to find much that compares to Sakura Moyu. Well, my taste might also be changing as I get older.
  10. There is a video on youtube that has the Japanese lyrics. Just thought I would ask.
  11. Can you translate VN openings? I really would like the have the English lyrics for the Sakura Moyu openings.
  12. Is this really English Dubbed?? I hope this is not going to become a thing for future visual novels in general. Anyway, I am happy this is getting a PC release for those that were really looking forward to it. People are getting sick of censorship and their voices are being heard.
  13. I don't know about any of this, but this is why you never see me post on here. I also don't post much on reddit and only recently made an account. The community, or people in general on the internet, has gotten so toxic that it is not worth it. Heck, the other day I was supposedly shadow banned because the mod thought I was defending Nekonyan (who he hates) and Laplacian concerning the Future Radio release and Cyanotype Daydream. All I said was that NN had nothing to do with Cyanotype Daydream and the Future Radio translation was started way before that. Apparently I am shilling for the two companies. So what if I am?? Do I not have a right to my opinion? Not like I was starting any kind of drama. Ok, I am done venting. The community has gotten sickeningly toxic tho. Heck even those that work for the localizing companies think they are elite or something and us non Japanese readers are just plebs.
  14. Circus is really milking this series huh. Honestly, I think 2 was the best and after that it's downhill. I guess someone is buying them tho. I would not hold my breath on MG localizing this as they have not done so for Da Capo 4 or even mentioned it at all.
  15. A bit of spoilers there on 2045 Tsuki Yori. How do you know how the story goes? It JUST came out. If this is true, then what a let down. I had high hopes for the title. I thought it might be similar to dramatic stories like ATRI and Plastic Memories.
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