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Akimoto Masato

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  1. i hope you love the info i give you
  3. g re e t i n g s c o m r a d e ☭
  4. i am always late for these, so idk but anyways welcome
  5. twas a joke
  6. always glad too help ._.
  7. oh well I have nothing then.... sorry
  8. http://mvark.blogspot.it/2012/10/geolocation-spoofing-with-windows-8.html read into this
  9. maybe that doesn't work, get a location spoofer or a VPN and set it for the region that it is locked in
  10. Dingus is a harsh word, I prefer retard or mentally challenged
  11. the web page isnt a 404 though
  12. well shit i didnt even know reversing what normal happens would work xD
  13. well its the truth
  14. i would have named it "bitch kills some girl because she wants one guy but in the end she ends up going insane"
  15. a sword, im quite happy with it