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  1. ill be honest, don’t remember what i was talking about here. my best advice would be to follow what @littleshogun said and install the patch freshly, then do the fix you found yourself where you delete the old save game. if none of that works then i can try to help if you can let me see the new message
  2. Hi This account died for a while because I honestly just didn’t feel like being here for a long time, but imma try and stay active more to keep this account at least semi alive. thank and bye
  3. yeah uh since moderation are the only people that can delete comments, its a moderation complaint
  4. never tried but is it possible?
  5. pretty simple actually put the basic phone up on craigslist, or in the trash, no one wants that shit anyways buy a cheap android tablet/smartphone, a kindle works decently if you know how to get the play store on it and its also cheap af find a visual novel/ visual novel player enjoy
  6. tried making a new account to the website because i lost my old accounts password, anyways no matter what i sign up or how i do it, the website says "no such user in database" even though it legit just said that i could log in, am i doing something wrong or what?
  7. yeah i’ll just wait, no point in reading if i don’t get the full experience
  8. ah if only i knew how to, that max guy or whatever his name was said he might do it (at least you said he did) so my luck might not run out on this
  9. idk, this translation patch means nothing to me because i made the mistake of buying the steam version instead of the jap version like i should have
  10. oh this guy can have his swastika in the image but when i do it, it’s “racist” and i need to change it >:[
  11. I’m looking for an anime i watched a while ago and forgot to finish it was about this guy who was a ghost and he was in this house with 4 girls and one was a robot or some shit and the guy got superpowers from seeing pantsu and something with cinnamon, idk if this is enough to find it or not but i’d appreciate the help
  12. should i read the revival of kana or the original? the revival has voice acting apparently but also a new character design so idk and i think i’ve already read narcissu
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