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  1. Welcome to the community, we would love to have you and your company, frankly I needed something new to read anyways
  2. That first one is fucking genius way of getting money, the latter would be more likely
  3. My best guess would be to look up "Time Stranger Kyoko read online" or something
  4. Ah I would try what Nosebleed suggested, that seems like the better option
  5. Then that's most likely not kanji, it's more like hiragana or katakana
  6. Same, I learned hiragana and katakana Jōyō kanji just because I didn't want this to happen and me not too have anything to read the untranslated VNs
  7. It's very dead, a lot of the new visual novels don't work with it
  8. Was this February 14th of this year?
  9. Woo moreeeeee
  10. Over 85,000 kanji in Zhōnghuá Zìhǎi 2,136 in Jōyō Kāngxī has over 47,000 Hanyu Da Zidian has over 54,000 Dai Kan-Wa Jiten has over 50,000 the question is which one are you trying to learn
  11. God it's like I'm at the end of the spectrum when it comes to storage ;-;
  12. in modo da sapere italiano? but welcome
  13. Woo, first one anyways welcome to fuwa, we're glad to have you.
  14. but I personally like a
  15. Well considering that most people here are just Japanese media addicts, but we aren't Japanese so we wouldn't have one, I'd consider trying either a. Moving to Japan and getting a phone b.moving the question to a different forum c. Keep trying internet phone numbers sorry for the inconvenience