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  1. Ah I see well I would help but I don't know Russian
  2. This is a Japanese help thread, not a Russian one lol
  3. Let me think of somethingfunny TWENTY FIVE
  4. Just get a text wrapper or learn the basics of Japanese like I did, then you don't need programs or it too be translated
  5. I can't do it anyways lol, when I tried it said "No applicable data" so yea I'm just gonna either find someone who can downgrade it or just buy one that's 3.55 ofw so i can do it myself
  6. Welcome mate I is a pimp
  7. I see, guess im fucking it up either way it goes, I was going too put rebug cfw but that's a thing in the past I guess i could just buy an already cfw machine then go from there edit: I had an idea, since my PlayStation has been alive since the dawn of time, I could just go in and put the 3.55 update on it manually, I have the official software package, it's not like it's doing anything better and if I fuck it up I can just buy the cfw machine
  8. So I wanted to bring my old PS3 back to 3.55 from 4.81 so I could jailbreak it so it has more use other than collecting dust in a box, I found out that I needed an e3 flasher which does something that I don't know and I don't want to stick a thing in my PS3 and then just fuck it up when I inevitably destroy it, I have the .PUP file for 3.55 but I want to make sure that it can downgrade so I can install the jailbreak. Does anyone know if it can work? I've read some wiki how's and some like forum posts but they gave me little to no information on how to do it......
  9. Oh ;-; well then idk I didn't play this game so I wouldn't have it, sorry ;-;
  10. We all are friends here, more or less, I do prefer other people over some people, but unless you do something against me then we are good
  11. Did you pirate or torrent it?
  12. I'm getting this for reasons I don't have to explain
  13. Just a question for you did you play NieR:Automata? just a question.... not because your name is nier or anything