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  1. So I was going through my play stations add on list, and I found dawngaurd for skyrim..... it's original file size is 666MB xD
  2. Welcome to all of our lives... and soon too be yours
  3. Nice addias (?) hat bruh 19/30
  4. Hopefully he meant buy..... pirating is illegal......
  5. Welcome to the community, I myself loved Kono oozora, once you get finished with it, you should read pulltops many other VNs (Koi Resort, Miagete Goran, Yozora no Hoshi o, etc.) i myself am still working on Koi Resort cause I forgot Like half of the routes so I decided to go back and do them. but I'm your local everyday shitposter, and I welcome you
  6. Guess so
  7. Nah bruh, I was quite the pervert when I was younger as well, I learned how to flip skirts in such a way that it shows off EVERY angle of the girls undergarments
  8. wut n sexual insemination
  9. Going to America on Sunday so I should be landing on the same day I take off ill be there until Tuesday so it's gonna be fun
  10. Sounds like shit, have you tried a fake bomb threat, they normally work better than the hentai
  11. If you don't like the tastes then spit us out and delete your account Jk
  12. So I should watch it? ive been a diehard SAO fan since it aired in Japan while I was on vacation, I couldn't understand any of the Japanese back then so I just watched it and then the subs started coming out then I fell in love with the actual story, not just the asuna panty scene ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) but I saw the movie ad and didn't know if it was gonna be shit or not
  13. True, although it would have made more sense to quote the person who made the topic, not me :/