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  1. \O/

  2. H-hi there s-senpai

  3. can’t afford that, i’m broke
  4. dogs can’t have onions and the damn thing was 75% onion actual responses would be helpful
  5. sorry for being dead my dog ate like a lot of salsa is it going to die
  6. moenovel is releasing "A sky full of stars"

    edit: realized i’m retarded and didn’t read or maybe you did mean as of right now
  7. moenovel is releasing "A sky full of stars"

    i like pulltops VNs as long as it’s not machine translated or a 12 y/o weeb who thinks he knows jap because he can say hello
  8. why are people still talking about this, one has tits and the other doesn’t, simple
  9. Hey!

    well i guess the gay half is true enough
  10. Hey!

    コミュニティにようこそ。しかし、あなたはすでに死んでいることを知っていましたか? なに!?!?!