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  1. Rate the avatar above you

    isn't your user name that one actress that did a rather revealing version of harley quinn 10/11 for kissy
  2. Hello! VN Dev here

  3. Rate the avatar above you

    I like it 9/10
  4. Hello to everyone!

  5. mate if you haven't noticed by now im only talking so much because I want the posts on my profile lul I couldn't give more than 3 shits on this subject
  6. I didn't even know about sweet love until about 4 months after I installed the resto patch so ding dong your opinion is wrong
  7. mate it wasn't clear you said resto patch not sweet love
  8. I say he should have said something about the sweet love thing
  9. ohhhh you installed the sweet love patch, I never did that, its not required but its recommend that you do install it
  10. also make sure have the game outiside of program files until you put the patch in there
  11. you got a fake ass restoration patch lul we don't support pirating vns here's the official fuwa fan patch from a long time ago
  12. VNs with bromance?

    ;-; sorry