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  1. Yes i agree with Stormwolf:)
  2. Seriously that it's your reason to give up translate a VN, what did you expect, everyone being nice and kind. When you decide to translate a VN you must expect rude words and comments and don't take it seriously. I understand it's not fun to get rude words and comments but that must you take when you decide to form a translate group. I'm sure other translate group and company like MG, Sekai, NekoNyan and JAST USA have get many rude words and comments but you don't se them give up translating a VN, they are continue translate VN and release in public when they are finished with it, so they are not disappointed they so are looking forward to VN in English. Be part of translate group or make your own translate group it's not easy and always fun. But you must take it and continue forward without give up. Have others translate group and company give up same reason as you, we would not have any VN in English at all. But it's your decision but it's many so are disappointed include me. Since I'm sure many was looking forward to play this VN in English.
  3. Yes seriously what are you thinking with. Why did you start translating this VN in first place when you are not going to release in public.
  4. What do you mean with obscure title? What does obscure mean?
  5. Favorite Romance Pairing

    I enjoy reading B×G more than G×B since it's more my taste when it comes to VN and I love otome games very much, I used to be into B×B but not much anymore and I'm not fan of G×G well it depends it have good story. I love VN with gameplay and good story, so I can read B×B VN so long it have good story and big + which it have gameplay element.
  6. I have made a discord about VN

    I know that, i just want to make my own discord group about VN and it's not only about VN since we can talk about anime, KN and manga. So it's little bit different from fuwa VN group, I think.
  7. I have just made a discord where we can talk about VN and you are welcome to join. You can talk about your game there. Here it's a link for group. https://discord.gg/6FEqkkj
  8. I have just made a discord where we can talk about VN and KN. Of course we can talk about other things such as anime or anime related to VN. Talk about Manga are of course welcome. Here it's discord link for group. https://discord.gg/6FEqkkj One more note, please not be rude or give harsh comments.
  9. Welcome to fuwa and i hope you enjoy staying here I'm curious about your VN and I'm looking forward to learn more about it in 2020. I can be your friend, which you want
  10. Need help to remember a title

    Yes i love PreCure serie very much, it's my favorite anime and i love Hugtan very much, she it's so adorable and beautiful. I love friendship and teamwork in Glitter Force and HugPC. I feel it's more friendship in Glitter Fore since girls treat each other as family and I love girls friendship towards Candy. That it's why I love PreCure serie since it's about Friendship, Teamwork and Family.
  11. Need help to remember a title

    No it's not that, it's part of Pretty PreCure serie and i remember one more ting, one adult are pregnant and give birth later in serie, I don't remember it was mother to one of girls or just a friend and start of serie, pink hair girl accidentally cut her bangs and she have a little sister. "Forget it, I found anime, I was talking about Hugtto Precure" Admin can delete this thread.
  12. I watched a anime long time ago and I want to watch it again, since I never finished watch the anime. But I can't remember title only part what it's about. I hope someone can help me and know what anime I'm talking about. First of it's kids anime with magical girls. I remember it's 3 girls and one of girls have pink hair, she hear a baby crying and 2 other girls hear baby crying 2, anime have clock tower and 2 other girls have yellow or orange hair and other have blue hair. Pink hair girl save baby on beach and transform. That's all I remember, sorry I couldn't remember more and I was not specific.
  13. Lamunation Release

    Hurra i have long time for to play Lamunation Finally I can play this VN. I don't have steam anymore since it slow down my computer. But I might download Steam just to buy Lamunation.
  14. Sigh sadly, I don't understand why Sol Press released My Fair Princess with a lot of bugs and errors, knowing many would notice bugs and errors. And end up stop play My Fair Princess. They could released My Fair Princess when it's bugs and errors free. I don't understand what Sol Press are thinking with. I have download game and that was before I knew My Fair Princess had bugs and error, so I have delete game from my computer and thank you to r/visualnovels for mentioned bugs and errors.