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  1. [NekoNyan] Making Lovers releases on April 3rd

    Oh I see it explain a lot. I might still try Making Lovers.
  2. [NekoNyan] Making Lovers releases on April 3rd

    Wtf what it's this, are you sure it's male so are pregnant. This are just sick and wrong. Now I'm not sure I want to play Making Lovers.
  3. [NekoNyan] Making Lovers releases on April 3rd

    Who it's excited for Making Lovers? I'm excited for Making Lovers since it seems like a great game to play
  4. Tsurezure's New Project - Gin'iro Haruka

    Sorry I was just wondering and I do care about human beings and their health. Sorry I should not ask that, it was stupid of me
  5. Tsurezure's New Project - Gin'iro Haruka

    I hope of course Irru don't get Corona Virus but what would happen to this translation project should Irru get Corona Virus?
  6. Tsurezure's New Project - Gin'iro Haruka

    I hope Irru don't get Corona Virus and get sick. I hope Irru enjoy staying in Japan.
  7. MangaGamer 2020 Licensing Survey

    He he I have to agree with Mr Poltroon Since that VN it's not a Otome but BL VN. Here it's VN I have request for MG licensing survey. Akaneiro ni Somaru Saka Gakuen Heaven: Boy's Love Scramble! Mashiro Iro Symphony For company I want MG to licensing more from I choose Moonstone and company I want MG to licensing I choose August
  8. Please help me?

    Oh I'm going to buy Persona 5 Royal when I get money again. I'm going to buy something else then.
  9. Please help me?

    Don't I need to read main story before playing Persona 5 Royal?
  10. Please help me?

    When does Persona 5 Royal comes out? What make it different from Persona 5?
  11. Help this weeb choose a game

    Sadly I have never played Chaos;Child, 428 or Psycho-Pass Mandatory Happiness. So I only vote for Utawarerumono MoD & MoT bundle. I need help to pick a game myself. So I made thread in Gamer Talk.
  12. Please help me?

    It's PSN sale with a lot of games on sale and I don't know which games I shall pick. I have only 489,00 NOK I'm not sure what it's in your currency. Which game shall I choose?
  13. Help me pick a game

    Admin can delete this thread, since I'm going to make new thread.
  14. Birthday thread

    Happy birthday Silvz and i hope you have great birthday.
  15. I am looking for new VN 's

    What about Kanon, it have beautiful story with drama and anime are like good as VN. I highly try reading it. Here it's VN I'm talking about Kanon