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  1. Utawarerumono help

    I'm playing Utawarerumono: Prelude to the Fallen on PS Vita and need help with last boss Uitsualnemetia. How do I defate Uitsualnemetia?
  2. Hello There

    What it's your cats name? Have you played any VN beside Ace Attorney?
  3. Hello There

    Welcome and i love cats and catsgirls to I have 2 cats myself, their name are Flekken and Nusse. I love them very much
  4. I'm not mad at someone, I'm just sick of people asking update, since you are not the only one. So I'm not angry at all
  5. Seriously can you and others stop asking for updates. I'm sure Infernoplex would share news, when he/she have any news to share, so just be patient until then, like I am. You don't see me ask for updates. Retranalation with +18 content would be finished in near future, so just wait. This VN are readable without +18 content. Retranslation would not be finished quicker, no matter how much you ask for update.
  6. So I Bought a Switch

    Thats good to hear and i hope you enjoy playing Fire Emblem Three House. I'm going to play it tomorrow since I'm busy watching TV right now. By the way congrats with new Nintendo Switch
  7. So I Bought a Switch

    I love Fire Emblem Three House, it's my favorite game and I really enjoy play it a lot. I recommend it a lot. So I recommend to give it a try:)
  8. So I Bought a Switch

    Yes I love Nintendo Switch lite myself, it's my favorite console and I'm playing Pokemon Shield on it. What games are you into? I recommend Tales of Vesperia and Root Letter
  9. What Video Games Are You Playing Right Now?

    I'm going to finish playing Nine Hours-Nine Persons-Nine Doors first and I'm going to continue play it later. I have a gamecube I'm going to play games on and I'm going to play Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Trilogy on Switch later.
  10. What Video Games Are You Playing Right Now?

    I have just played little bit of Nine hours, Nine persons, Nine doors on PS Vita since it's part of The Nonary Games. I have a question about Virtue's Last Reward, it's it sequel of Nine Hours-Nine Persons-Nine Doors?
  11. Don't worry I agree with you and it's sad some translating company must ruin VN with to cut of 18+ content and ruin whole VN. They could just translate VN as the are and let 18+ content be.
  12. I try to keep myself busy with games, watching anime and watch movies. Why would your cat kill you? I have 2 cats myself their name are Flekken and Nusse. I love them very much.
  13. [NekoNyan] Making Lovers Discussion

    Oh I see it explain a lot. I might still try Making Lovers.
  14. [NekoNyan] Making Lovers Discussion

    Wtf what it's this, are you sure it's male so are pregnant. This are just sick and wrong. Now I'm not sure I want to play Making Lovers.
  15. [NekoNyan] Making Lovers Discussion

    Who it's excited for Making Lovers? I'm excited for Making Lovers since it seems like a great game to play