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  1. That it's good thing and reason I asked are because I couldn't see 18+ on VNDB, when I looked up Pure Pure
  2. Hurra I'm really looking forward to read this VN and Good luck with translating this VN Would this be all ages or 18 +? Thank you for translating this VN
  3. I have already played little bit of Luminous 1 and it's good RPG game
  4. Yes I have started playing Lux Pain and it's quite decent game. I'm going to play more Lux Pain when I'm finish playing Time Hollow Have you heard about Lux Pain?
  5. I want to talk about Time Hollow a adventure and visual novel by Konami for Nintendo DS. Here it's link where you can read about it https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Time_Hollow#/media/File:Timeholloweurope.jpg I have just start playing the game after buy Nintendo DS with flashcard and transfer Time Hollow to flashcard from SD card reader and I really enjoy the game a lot. it's very fun game to play and I have already come to chapter 2. I'm not going to spoiler very much since I don't know how many have played Time Hollow. I'm recommend give Time Hollow a try, it's game worth playing.
  6. ''Sigh'' yes very sad news and Linkin Park are my fav band, I love their song very much RIP I'm always going to listring to their song
  7. Pokemon 20 movie and Digimon Tri I'm going to watch
  8. Hello BlueMist Welcome to fuwa and it's nice to meet you What it's your favorite company? Mine are Mangagamer
  9. It was very well said and I agree with you
  10. I'm very happy VN's exite on Steam since it only way for me to buy VN's and I have already buy many VN's. Of course I have plans to try The Visual Novel Engine sometime
  11. It's okay ittaku, this VN are worth waiting for and good luck with proofread Lucy's rute
  12. I'm not sure what to expect, since we are getting many good VNs from Mangagamer already. Of course I hope we don't get more hardcore VNs since many of them are getting translated by Mangagamer. I'm not fan of hardcore VNs
  13. I know since I have just found out. I'm really looking forward to 22 June now. I'm definitely going to buy that game. Lucky I'm getting a lot of money on that day.
  14. Yes it's very coolI'm going to look for it
  15. In english or Japanese?