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  1. Pantsu Hunter looking lame out and boring. Who want to play VN so are about underwear, not me. I don't get impression of what VN from Pantsu Hunter, then again I have not play that VN.
  2. I didn't know you could run renpy games on hacked Switch with homebrew app. Can you run Renpy games on Switch so are not hacked?
  3. It's it just me or have vn get more popular in West on console like Switch and PS4, I'm not sure about Xbox one or Xbox Serie X and S. It's seems we are getting more VN on console lately. We just got Root Double Crime Days and soon we are getting Autumn Journeys on Switch. We have Clannad, Tomoya After, The Fruit of Grisaia, Phantom Trigger and many other VN on Switch. I'm very happy with that, since I enjoy play VN on Switch. I hope we are getting more VN in West on console. I have four favorite VN I hope get on Switch. 1. Kanon(I know it might not be possible, but I hope it get ported on Switch) 2. Da Capo 3. Flowers -Le Volume sur Printemps- 4. Air. I'm not much into yuri but I did enjoy Flowers -Le Volume sur Printemps- and I have plans to continue play it. What do you guys think about we are getting more VN on console? What VN do there hope get on console?
  4. Right now i'm going to play Root Double Crime on Switch and i'm confused which route i shall take first. After or Before?
  5. Love Letter From Thief X discussion. So I want to talk about Love Letter From Thief X From Voltage Inc it's a Otome game. Here it's information about game https://voltage-inc.fandom.com/wiki/Love_Letter_from_Thief_X it's great game with beautiful story and artwork are simple amazing. I really love Riki story very much, it really touched me and I loved how he open to heroin and tell her how he feels about her and I loved his relationship for his sister Ibuki. I'm going to get his other endings and then I'm going to get all ending for guys like Takato. I loved scenes where Riki lot Tatsuro hit him because of his feelings for heroine. I really recommend to give Love Letter from Thief X a try and it's much better on Switch and you can get all endings without paying for it. So have someone else give Love letter from Thief X a try? What do you think about it? I give it 9/10 since I wish heroine had voice and we could see her face.
  6. What why Indonesian translation and not English? Now I can't play this VN and this looks like good VN. Sigh I hope somebody else can translate this VN into English in near future. Good luck
  7. Can someone please make walkthrough for Buried Stars? Or guide me where to find walkthrough for Buried Stars. I need walkthrough for Switch.
  8. Oh so closeI'm really looking forward to this game, thank you for translate this game.
  9. I want to finish watching Inuyasha and Bleach, I don't want to start from start, so I need help to remember which episode I last seen. When it comes to Inuyasha, I remember it was episode mostly about Shippo and he meet three or four people, then he need to borrow Inuyasha sword. What episode it's that from? In Bleach, Ichigo it's going to save Rukia and got injured, then meet woman so transform from talking black cat, he believes was a guy. What episode it's that from?
  10. Thank you and I have update directx. Game it's working now.
  11. I have download Iwaihime and when I shall start up game, I get this error XAudio2Create How do I fix this problem?
  12. Yes I know about this one and I can try this one.
  13. Yes I know and I should choose something else but that was the only one I found.
  14. It's not VN fanfic, it's simple fanfic, like this one https://m.fanfiction.net/s/3519309/1/ What it's machine translators?
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