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  1. Ok thanks you. I'm going to ask there.
  2. I remember watching anime years ago but I can't remember title of anime. It was old I think, heroine was twins and every girl was twins and male prognanist meet twins girls when he was little boy. That's all I remember.
  3. It's just a option but I don't think would be bad idea to make Halloween theme VN since it's close to Halloween and people seems to read scary VN more and it's not bad idea to hear what people like when it's come to VNs
  4. Welcome and hello to you too.
  5. Sadly I can't make VN myself, tried with Ren'py but no use and I want my idea come to life. So I hope somebody else kan use my idea and make VN with it. Since I'm sure it's exit somebody so can make VN. Here it's my idea. Title:unknown VN/KN: KN Playtime: I'm not sure maybe short. Genre: Horror, supense, thriller, bloody scene and mystery. Bio: it's about 17 years old boy so decide to explore old school building on Halloween together with few of his friends to learn about seven school mystery when his friend slowly but slowly disappears more they learn about
  6. Do I have to play blue reflection before I play blue reflection second light
  7. I have steam version and I have downloaded 18+ one.
  8. I'm going to play Shuffle since I have just finished watching anime and then I'm going to play Flowers on steam.
  9. Good work and I love the picture. Take your time and I'm really looking forward to finally play it.
  10. I'm going to download it.
  11. Can someone please recommend jap VN to use with textractor and Sugoi Japanese Translator? I want to try to use it, since I have never used it before. No hard core VN or Hentai RPG. Game similar to Koisuru Natsu no Last Resort.
  12. I'm going to download two program tomorrow, thank you very much.
  13. How do I set up translation for fandisc?
  14. I'm playing Koisuru Natsu no Last Resort and I miss play it very much. I'm going to finish play Koisuru Natsu no Last Resort before read next VN. it have such good storyline and i love character design
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