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  1. Date a Live Rio Reincarnation question

    I'm going to do that
  2. I'm playing Date a live Rio Reincarnation and i'm getting 3 choice. Rinne Utopia, Rio Reincarnation and Arusu Install Which shall i start first?
  3. I'm quite excited for it and what are Minori's recent releases?
  4. Nintendo Switch VN

    Yes it's very nice Clannad are ported to Switch and i have plans to download it. Yes I want more all ages VN ported to Switch, like Flowers -Le Volume sur Printemps- and Remember 11: The Age of Infinity
  5. Nintendo Switch VN

    today IMHHW came out for Nintendo Switch and we already have some VN for Nintendo Switch and I hope we see more VN for Nintendo Switch. Which VN would you like to see for Switch? are you going to try IMHHW? For you who have Switch what is your favorite VN? Sorry for misspelling, i need to use google translator since I'm not very good in English. Since I'm Norwegian and from Norway.
  6. I vote for Furukawa Pass from Clannad I know that it's not here name, but that was her name on vote list. Yes I know i write her last name wrong.
  7. Ouran high school host club, it could be remake and follow manga. Like Fruits Basket did. Gakuen Alice same as Ouran high school host club.
  8. I'm sure your aplogy are accept and i understand what you mean. I'm sure he would come online and explain everything when he it's not busy.
  9. Well said Inferno and i agree with you. You don't have to be so rude Shogun. We should be happy to get progress, even though we got nothing progress. I'm just happy translation project are still alive.
  10. I agree with Satsuki, it would be much easy for you and translation can finnaly be complete. It's much better than start translating from scratch.
  11. IMHHW(Nintendo Switch)

    I had feeling it was butched version with horrible translation. I'm not going to buy it, don't worry about that. I don't see point MoeNovel released IMHHW for Switch, it's not like many it's going to buy it.
  12. IMHHW(Nintendo Switch)

    I'm not sure anybody have heard this but Moenovel are going to released IMHHW for Nintendo Switch. I'm not sure it's good idea or not. I'm worried about translation and I'm sure it's going to be all ages. What do there think about this?
  13. Anime recommend

    I'm going to watch ond of themthank you for recommandation.
  14. I'm a little up and down in the mood today because of what happened yesterday. can't say that much since it's private stuff, but can say so much that it has something to do with my stepfather's parents and needs a good anime to watch to get the mood up a bit. have any good anime to recommend?
  15. Well Said and i 100 ÷ agree with you, I wish Moenovel would just quit and stop ruined VN, it's like they are doing on purpose for to turtore us. I can't say anything about Sakuragames or Fruitfactory since I don't know much about them.