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  1. I'm watching Naruto Shippuden all over again, since it have been couple of years last time I saw it. I have missed that anime very much.
  2. Nice and it's not bad idea to learn Japanese, I have tried but it's not easy to learn Japanese sadly.
  3. I'm download Kimiaogi now and I have plans to download primal hearts duology, I'm not sure about Hashihime, I might download Aokana.
  4. Can someone please recommed good VN? yaoi, Yuri anything beside gore and High Sexual Content but VN with late Sexual Content it's okay, like D.C. ~Da Capo~ I'm really bord and really want to read VN. lite blood in VN it's okay.
  5. Well I'm into dating sim and have played a lot of them. I like the idea of 18+ content but which possible, it would not be bad to turn 18+ content on and off, so we can choose to play with 18+ content or not. I like adventure part and it would not be bad idea to have club in it, so main character can join club and get involved with people that way. Have shopping mall it's not bad idea, so main character can buy gifts and give it to her beloved or for to win his heart. She can buy things for herself for to get status up such as charms.
  6. I'm watching Shugo Chara my number 1 favorite anime. I have watched it 3 or more times and never got bored of it. Story it's simple amazing and character design are good. I love friendship between character and romance in it. It have many funny scenes.
  7. I'm playing Yakuza 0 on my gaming laptop using Xbox game pass and really enjoy it very much. It's such great game with good story and fighting are good as well.
  8. Oh well, I hope someday somebody can give this properly edited and QC. I'm not going to read it before then.
  9. It's this translation https://vndb.org/r47105 playable? From being to end? I'm worried about lacking of editing and QC.
  10. Yes I'm wondering something myself, I would be sad should this translation be dead, since I really want to play this game in English.
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