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  1. Yes i know but i need only quest and how to do them.
  2. Can someone make quest walkthrought for Ara Fell? I really want to do couple of Quest and i need hjelp with them. Since i have just buy Ara Fell on Switch again, after i buy myself another Switch after i sold my old one.
  3. No this can't happen, why must this happen. Oh well it's not much we can do about it. "Sigh" it's going to be long time before i can play Fine Days. Since I want to play this game first and i dont touch this game until restartion patch are made.
  4. I understand why you want Duelist X Engage get translate or which possible you could translate yourself. It look very intressing out and i love the plot.
  5. Let's say you get chance to become translator or get chance to join translator group. Which few or more VN do you want to translate? feel free to provide information about VN and show VN you want to translate and why you want to translate it? Should i become translator or join translator group, here it's few VN i want to translate. 1. Akaneiro ni Somaru Saka ( I have watch anime and i simple feel in love with anime and i have always dream to play VN and it have beautiful story. 2. Hoshizora e Kakaru Hashi ( same with Akeneiro and i love rivalty in anime) 3. D.C. Girl's Symphony ~Da Capo Girl's Symphony~( it sems to have great story and i wonder how game it's differnt from other Da Capo games) 4. Mashiro Iro Symphony(I just love this anime of it more than Akeneiro and Hoshizora, it have beautiful story with great romance and rivalty) 5.Memories Off(Memories off seems to have great plot with drama and romance, i wonder how other memories off serie are)
  6. I will try the game, either to download the game when it is uploaded on nyaa. Or buy the game when I for money. the game looked very interesting. Right now i'm broke
  7. Can someone recommend me RPG games? RPG like Octopath Traveler and Atelier Ayesha RPG games on PC.
  8. I'm playing Utawarerumono: Prelude to the Fallen on PS Vita and need help with last boss Uitsualnemetia. How do I defate Uitsualnemetia?
  9. What it's your cats name? Have you played any VN beside Ace Attorney?
  10. Welcome and i love cats and catsgirls to I have 2 cats myself, their name are Flekken and Nusse. I love them very much
  11. I'm not mad at someone, I'm just sick of people asking update, since you are not the only one. So I'm not angry at all
  12. Seriously can you and others stop asking for updates. I'm sure Infernoplex would share news, when he/she have any news to share, so just be patient until then, like I am. You don't see me ask for updates. Retranalation with +18 content would be finished in near future, so just wait. This VN are readable without +18 content. Retranslation would not be finished quicker, no matter how much you ask for update.
  13. Thats good to hear and i hope you enjoy playing Fire Emblem Three House. I'm going to play it tomorrow since I'm busy watching TV right now. By the way congrats with new Nintendo Switch
  14. I love Fire Emblem Three House, it's my favorite game and I really enjoy play it a lot. I recommend it a lot. So I recommend to give it a try:)
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