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  1. Forget it I found wood. Now I need to find Clay
  2. I understand that, I really do I hope you decide to work on it
  3. Welcome to fuwa and it's nice to meet you What VN are you translating?
  4. Gi meg something Good here it's my anime list https://myanimelist.net/animelist/MyAnime21&view=tile&status=7 It don't matter it sub or dub Length of anime don't matter since I have a lot of free time to watch anime.
  5. I have got the PS3 kontroll to work on PC
  6. I have give up on DS Emulator but I need help with another thing. I have download PS2 Emulator and I have PS3 kontroll but I need help to get PS3 kontroll to work on PS2 Emulator. I have Windows 10 64 bit.
  7. Oh okay no I don't own toaster
  8. I'm more familiar with Desmue myself but sound on the game I'm playing are very bad
  9. ok I shall try that, thank you very much for your help
  10. I'm not sure how many are using Nintendo DS Emulator but I need help. I'm using NO$GBA and I don't know how to ratio it.
  11. Ok I'm going to give the game a try when alpha come out
  12. This game look amazing out and nearly have same style as Sims 4 But it's not my type of VN I'm sure other would enjoy the game through