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    I love Anime(not as much as before I got into VNs), Love Live!, Gunpla-Building and Visual Novels.
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    Golden Marriage TL Project- Project Leader and TL
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  1. mikado, I feel like the reason is the latter.
  2. A screenshot would help.
  3. Route TL Order: Common - Marika - Rei- Ruri - Touko - Yukariko - Kasumi - Ep 00 I am currently looking for the location of the choices and I was not able to find it in the Game's text.(with the help of Text Crawler) I plan to ask binaryfail, but it looks like he/she has not logged in since June 25th. I will try messaging him/her. But for now, I would like to ask if anyone knows where the choices in KoiRizo are?
  4. L^3


    Welcome Velvetique!! I hope you enjoy your stay here.
  5. Welcome and enjoy your stay in Fuwanovel!
  6. Will begin tomorrow. RL has been preventing me from starting. Note: Progress section will be updated monthly.
  7. Golden Marriage Translation Project https://vndb.org/v14264 Description(Quoted from vnerogereview) Team: All The Jobs: L^3 Note: I'll eventually try to recruit some people to edit stuff. Progress: Common Route: 0/9890 Lines Yukariko Route: 0/4532 Lines Rei Route: 0/4008 Lines Touko Route: 0/3777 Lines Ruri Route: 0/3730 Lines Kasumi Route: 0/3584 Lines Marika Route: 0/642 Lines EP00: 0/436 Lines Extra Things: It has been about 8 days(as of 2017/06/24) since I posted https://forums.fuwanovel.net/topic/17884-golden-marriage-tl-projectplanning/ in the Fan Translation Discussion. I did this because I had absolutely no clue in how to start a translation project. Now, I have sorted out all the things and I am ready to announce that I will begin translating as of today. Please check the poll as well if you have time and vote for which route I should do second(first will be common). I would also like to thank everyone I've met so far in the forums for being very welcoming and I'm looking forward to spend more time on the forums. Special Thanks to Huang Ling Yin, this probably wouldn't have been possible if not for his help. It looks like I pressed enter way too much so... that explains the large gap.
  8. If that's all I have to do, then, I think I'll do that. Thanks Huang Ling Yin.
  9. As I plan to do this project solo, I feel as if I need to the hacking myself as well. Thus, I'm about to start checking out http://proger.i-forge.net/Hacking/Stage Once/. So... that's where I am right now in this project.
  10. Thank you very much. I'll check it out.
  11. As seen in the title, I'm planning to translate Golden Marriage, a VN by Ensemble. However, due to my lack of knowledge and experience, I'm looking for any advice for TLs. I've read https://forums.fuwanovel.net/topic/2254-how-to-translate-a-vn/ before, but I would like to see a detailed step-by-step explanation. Golden Marriage uses .arc files(Like If My Heart Had Wings) and I have successfully extracted the files(I think). Extracting Rio.arc gave me what I think is the script. But, I can't comprehend it. Example:・ 往 }MA9 1eI}=II 往 I would greatly appreciate it if anyone can explain. https://vndb.org/v14264
  12. L^3


    Thanks for the welcome, everyone.
  13. L^3


    Thanks, just 4 more days of exams.
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