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Please consider taking this survey (Link) and let me know what you want to see fixed/improved upon across the various Fuwanovel sites. Your feedback will determine my work priorities this Summer/Fall. (Forum Post)

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  1. Recommend a VN to Fuwa's Recommendation Program

    I just wanted to give a little update as it's been a week or so since we ran the sorter quiz. We got nearly 20k votes in total, and ended up with a pretty great ranking in my opinion, so thank you to everyone who voted and suggested VNs! Unfortunately there were a few last minute suggestions we weren't able to add as the bulk of the voting happened over the first couple of days, but we hope to add more VNs to the site over time. We've got most of the coding done on the main site, we just need to verify the data and collect some additional screenshots etc, so I expect it'll take around a week before we're ready to go live. Here's a little preview of how it looks: A big shout out to @Emi for her help in producing the visual design of the site, it looks absolutely gorgeous!
  2. Fuwanovel's VN recommendation website design

    Oh sorry for being unclear. This is just a fan project. There won't be any ads or patreon or anything else generating revenue, we're just doing it for the fun of it, so it isn't a paid gig. The coding is generally pretty straightforward, it's just the visual style that I'd love to get some other's ideas on. You're still welcome to help out with the code if you like, but I totally get if you aren't interested in an unpaid gig.
  3. The Fuwa VN recommendation list is progressing well (see post). In just under a week, we've gotten over 17 thousand votes and a pretty reliable ranking of newbie VNs. I won't be posting the results just yet as I'll leave the voting open for another week and I don't want to distort any votes by showing the current ranking, but it's a great mix of genres so far. We're currently experimenting with a few different sorting algorithms to get the best result. We're also working on the website that'll allow users to enter their genre preferences and display the best newbie VNs in those genres, and are looking for any web designers who might be interested in giving a hand. While I'm adequate for an amateur, I'm no expert, and I'd love to get the input of some more experienced designers. If you're interested, just reply here, or send me a DM on Discord (Sunleaf_Willow /(^ n ^=)\#1616).
  4. Recommend a VN to Fuwa's Recommendation Program

    Ah I'm sorry, it looks like we missed that one. We had a few people copying the suggestions into the google sheet and so I think each of us assumed one of the others had handled it already. I've just added it now so it should be in the sorting quiz.
  5. Recommend a VN to Fuwa's Recommendation Program

    As Palas says, I believe all the VNs that were recommended here have been added. You can vote on them here.
  6. Recommend a VN to Fuwa's Recommendation Program

    Funnily enough, we've just been discussing that topic. Currently, anything that has a sexual content tag is flagged as adult. If you check all 3 of those VNs and turn on "show me spoilers," you'll see all 3 have sexual content tags. However this often just tends to be a text-only reference to a sexual act rather than a h-scene. So we're going to try and update such VNs to not be flagged as adult, but instead have a note in their description that the story touches on some sexual themes.
  7. Recommend a VN to Fuwa's Recommendation Program

    Ah yep, we'll be sure to have a little user review comment section for each VN.
  8. Sort VNs According to Their Newbie Friendliness

    A recommendation list can still be useful to those who are aware of Fuwa/vndb etc, as vndb isn't that user friendly for its tag search, and not everyone will want to start up a "help me I'm a newbie" thread on Fuwa. I'm hoping that in time, if the website is good, then VN fans might want to link it when they hear others talk of trying VNs out.
  9. Sort VNs According to Their Newbie Friendliness

    There are 361 VNs on there. You have approximately a 0.5% chance of seeing a specific VN for each pair. You'd have a 5% chance after 10 pairs, 10% after 20 pairs, 20% after 40 pairs, and so on. To have just an approximately 50% chance of seeing a specific VN, you'd need to go through 160 pairs (+- 10 pairs). If you want to increase your odds, I'd recommend using the filtering option to take out untranslated VNs, and to mark the "don't show me this VN again box." @Clephas I updated the site so now there's a "show only untranslated VNs" option now. If you choose to give it another try, let me know if you have any problems.
  10. Sort VNs According to Their Newbie Friendliness

    Hmm I'm not sure why it wasn't working then. I just tested it now and got an untranslated VN in my first result. Maybe you were just really unlucky. If you fancy trying again sometime, maybe try skipping a bunch of pairs until you see an untranslated one to make sure it's working ok for you?
  11. Sort VNs According to Their Newbie Friendliness

    You haven't got "show only popular VNs" ticked have you? Can you take a screenshot of the options you have selected?
  12. Sort VNs According to Their Newbie Friendliness

    Ugh that's annoying. I'm not sure if it's the php or the mysql database screwing up the character encoding. I'll try to fix it before the recommendation website goes up.
  13. Sort VNs According to Their Newbie Friendliness

    Are you sure you've got "show me untranslated VNs" ticked?
  14. Sort VNs According to Their Newbie Friendliness

    Ah nice pick, Snatcher is awesome. Too few people have played it.
  15. Sort VNs According to Their Newbie Friendliness

    Your votes are saved forever, but the counter will reset after a long enough timeout (I'm not sure how long it is, maybe a few hours?). I wasn't expecting people to enjoy voting so much, so I hadn't included that many bunny pics are it gets further in. I should have thought to add more rewards.