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  1. Thank you so muchh!!! Kami no Ue looks so cute and interesting
  2. Today I said goodbye to being a lesbian... How did I NOT fall for the heartthrob that is Joe Jonas back then????????
  3. Any visual novel reqs with colorful pastel visuals? Hundred times better if it also has a good story Maybe most VNs are pastel but theres, something different and magical and almost retro, about Unisoft Shift's pastel. Maybe I just want a similar artstyle to flyable heart and alice parade i dont know. Please assist c :
  4. Im reading umineko. Its growing on me.
  5. Same thing happened to me. I think it was microsoft office too because it paused once and I saw that. Don't know how to fix it or anything else about it.
  6. Forums have been my home on the internet for a very long time. If I get an interest that I can't talk to people around me about, I pretty much join a forum for it. I was surprised when I found fuwanovel 2 years ago because i'd been searching for a visual novel forum like this for years. As my main interest, I am of course a member of quite a few idol forums, such as onehallyu (thats the korean one.) hongfire - I joined this forum orginally for game making purposes but eventually used it for VNs anime-sharing- I migrated here after hongfire went down the drain. This was my main VN for
  7. I havent read from these companies in years but they are still dear to my heart with many fond memories <3 1.Shiritsu Sakuranbo Shougakkou 2. Real (the REAL og) 3.Unison shift (I love their artwork and their stories create such a nice relaxing atmosphere. A world in which I could safely escape from the nightmare that was my life.)
  8. Japanese music and idol fan forums.
  9. Most likely But I havent actually gotten to any parts with violins yet since im a slow player.
  10. I'm actually pretty mentally unstable lately, which translates into: my life would great VN material right now.
  11. Yes. I'm pretty much a loner anyway. And the few friends I made are also going there when they graduate. But im pretty much just going there to attend idol concerts and do other idol related things. I'm sure I can befriend that crowd, the "idol fans" easily. Plus my kind of video games will be everywhere which is always a plus. I can deal with everything else, ridiculous work hours etc. Im just going there to enjoy my hobby. The hobby that I found due to my childhood obsession with japan which has now faded.
  12. Taking a break from Nurse Love Addiction to play G-senjou no mahou.
  13. Higurashi is available on mobile
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