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  1. About Worm: It's a pretty popular web serial (as popular as these things go) about people with superpowers who probably shouldn't have superpowers. The specific of the story is pretty unnecessary as far as understand my fic goes, but if you want to check it out, be warned that the fic would have a big spoiler regarding the underlying mechanic of powers. I intend to do some short-ish stories for whichever VN happens to catches my liking at the moment. And anyway, here's everything you'd need to know about Worm as far as my fic goes: Fragment of the fallen gods. A Worm/ Visual N
  2. Well. As someone who had dabble here and there with fanfic writing, I'd like to try my hand at writing fanfic for some VNs. But as it stands, the English speaking fandom for VNs is mostly nonexistence on fanfic boards like ff.net or Ao3, outside of a few popular series (and mostly, those are popular because of their anime adaption more than the original VNs). So... May as well try it here. Wouldn't hurt, would it? I can't say that I'm a good writer, nor I have any intention of seriously taking up writing. But I do hope my stuffs don't come off as too crappy. So here we go?
  3. Hi guys, I'm looking for some VNs that have the view point character(s) not being the hero of the story, and more importantly, not the one to finally "save the day", but rather just someone who provides support, or even just an observer to the real centerpiece hero(ine).
  4. Well, anyway, I just watched Inglorious Bastard again, and it left me wonder: Is there any VN that portrays hatred or revenge in a (relative) positive light? I'm looking for something like the climax of IB, when a bunch of Nazi is trapped in a burning building while the culprit laughs. Ie: when the hate is justified and not involving bystanders.
  5. Strong, handsome, awesome hero! 10000/10000
  6. Consider how recent it was that gay marriage was illegal in the majority of US states, why are you surprise?
  7. Er, less about "hardcore" and more about US laws banning all form of bestiality. There's a Cracked article about a trashy romance writer a while back, and he mentioned that Werewolf/puma/bear/etc... written porn exists because the laws explicitly ban bestiality and people get around that by using "technically transformed human". Kinda funny because Bear is a Canadian classic.
  8. Okayyyy.... That seems wayyyy too explicit for Valve.
  9. I like Liarsoft's old Streampunk series and Kindred Spirits's art. I also like Steins; gate. Innocent Grey is also nice. In general, I dislike overtly large eyes and too much "anime-esque" art.
  10. Look like she's having a good time. 10/10.
  11. I honestly couldn't fap to that... It drained all the joy out of me, watching that horrible train wreck.
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