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  1. Grisaia was pretty close with Clannad. Just something about 2%. Tbh, i was hoping that clannad would be the winner of that one
  2. It can't be helped!!!
  3. I finished Sachi's route in Grisaia yesterday.
  4. Will give them a try, thx
  5. I feel tired of watching anime, where they emphasize the support of the MC's friends or relatives, or where teamwork is the answer (actually, i don't remember ever seeing an anime where that wasn't the case). So i am looking for an anime that does not revolve around a team, one where the protagonist is all by himself all the way through (because sometimes the case is that he tried to do everything alone, but realizes how much he needs help and how much he depended on the support of others) In gamer's words: I want an anime about soloplaying If you've got anything like that, i'd apprecitate it. Conditions: no shoujo anime, no yaoi, no sports related.
  6. Don't know about Grisaia, but as for Clannad, Kyou is on my waifu list, there are not many characters that can compare to her
  7. Got onto Sachi's route in Grisaia. Idk what were they doing there, but the resemblance to a certain Clannad route is just way too strong.
  8. I think that this girl fits into the isolated category https://vndb.org/c569 Don't know if you have played Grisaia, though
  9. Steins;Gate is more like a kinetic novel. When the time comes, you just need to make one choice to get an ending. It works like that for 3 of the 6 endings
  10. Just started Grisaia no Kajitsu. The first thing i paid attention to are the emojis on fuwa.