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  1. The only character that seemed similar to Usami to me, was Minakami Yuki from Subahibi (one of the protagonists). She had same-ish personality and even the same voice actor.
  2. IIRC, there is now a choice at the beginning of the same route which sends you to the next chapter. If that one doesn't show up, then idk what's the problem.
  3. Unlimited is the 2nd part of the trilogy, Alternative is the third. Unlimited is part of the first game Muv-luv, whereas Alternative is its own game and is around 2x longer than the first 2 parts together. The difference in the story is a little spoiler, so I'm not going to mention that
  4. Steins;Gate and Clannad are arguably the only good ones. Both of them being really highly rated in both mediums (at least the After story in Clannad's case)
  5. Wonderful Everyday (Subarashiki Hibi) is what you're looking for. Some of its content is rather messed up, though
  6. The most extreme case of tsundere from what I have read was in Fureraba. Extreme in the way that before you get to her route, she's the most hostile heroine I've ever seen (for a moege at least) and after, she's so infatuated with the MC that it was annoying to me. So if that's what you're looking for, Fureraba should be an obvious choice.
  7. Sharin no Kuni is pretty much G-senjou's predecessor - there are many similarities, including the ladder structure, which however works slightly differently. At the end of a chapter, instead of sidetracking to a route, you just keep going through the main story. There's both, comedy and drama, just like in G-senjou. And Steins;Gate is another VN with ladder structure, which works just like the one in G-senjou. Also has a true ending, but you'll probably need a guide for that, lol. It does have a bunch of comedy, but it more than makes up for it later in the story with drama.
  8. Mortia Kenichi from Sharin no Kuni. Some people say that he was the inspiration for Grisaia's Yuuji (they do have a bunch of similarities), but I like Kenichi more, because he's the troll master. Yuuji wouldn't be in my top 3 anyway. There's Okarin from Steins;Gate and Battler from Umineko who are just too good. While Kenichi is my most favorite because he's simply way too cool and also makes the non-dramatic moments very fun to read, both Okarin and Battler are much better in terms of being able to sympathize with them. Umineko wouldn't be as enjoyable if the protagonist didn't let you immerse yourself into the story so easily. Umineko did use a sprite for the protagonist and the point of view wasn't exclusively locked to scenes he participated in, but Battler made me feel as if I had an ally in the story, at least one character that you care about regardless of the developments. And Steins;Gate just wouldn't be Steins;Gate without the eccentric mad scientist.
  9. It's possible. I think it happened on even more occasions than that, but don't quite remember, because the common route was so long and I've read it a while ago.
  10. That was episode 4, right? I didn't really enjoy reading about Ange's situation. It was kinda dragging, I didn't sympathize with her a whole lot and her interactions with Maria were just annoying (because I hate Maria). They just went too deep into describing their mindsets and how they're changing their attitude towards life.
  11. The type of plot where a character is ostracized in school for literally any reason. 100% of the time, this is because of rumors or some fabrications. I have never come across a story where a character gets into this scenario for a remotely valid reason, but then again - I don't think this kind of story about someone who's in fact worthy of being an outcast is all that common (because such stories generally involve clearing the character's name and putting an end to all of that). I generally dislike this story because they always use a random side character or a group of them (this group tends to be literally all the students in school who don't have a character sprite, because why would the author want to antagonize characters that are actually relevant) for the sole purpose of being an absolute annoyance to everyone else and to the reader as well. IMO, there is nothing interesting about a story like this, regardless of the decisions the characters make. At the end, they either forget all about it, as if nothing ever happened, or change in a random way, as if becoming a new person, which never makes sense. Most of the time, the unimportant characters that caused all of it don't get any repercussions (and that's not even a bad thing, because nobody cares about these characters).
  12. When I said stupid and random, I meant it mostly in terms of how coherent it was with the choice that sends you there. Taken separately, Michiru's bad ending isn't actually that nonsensical. And also Yumiko's bad ending has some connection to the choice and kinda makes sense, but that ending is just not interesting at all and kinda predictable. However, Sachi's bad ending was just a joke IMO and Makina's was a "wtf moment"
  13. Amane's bad ending was actually interesting. All the other bad ends were kinda stupid or random, but for Amane, I recommend checking it out
  14. I am someone who hasn't even read Shizune's route, because it was kinda too boring for me and I stopped soon after entering the route. The other routes were pretty fine though. I read Hanako's route first because it intrigued me to see what's up with that shy girl stuff, but in the end Lilly became my favorite heroine. In my opinion, Rin's route was the most interesting. I've read this a while ago, maybe as my 3rd or 4th VN. If I was to read it later, like now for example, I probably wouldn't be able to enjoy it as much, as the drama is too tame in comparison to most of what I've read and comedy is not its strong point. But it was a solid experience nonetheless.
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