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  1. Can somebody recommend me a really scary VN?

    You should try Subarashiki Hibi https://vndb.org/v3144 I think this VN was genuinely creepy, although the source of the creepiness is probably a bit different from a regular horror story I believe that music is the best tool to create any kind of atmosphere, and this VN does have some pretty creepy pieces in its soundtrack
  2. Your favorite voice actors/actresses?

    Wakamoto Norio. Definitely one of my favorites too. He also voiced the Emperor in Code Geass, the general from Muv-luv Unlimited and Alternative (whose's name i can't remember). Then there's Jun Fukuyama, because he has the most charismatic voice I've ever heard (IMO), mainly as Maou and Lelouch, but for example Lawrence from Spice and Wolf was memorable too. Mizusawa Kei, because of all the things that were already mentioned Miyano Mamoru, because noone else could have pulled off Kira and Hououin Kyouma as well as him
  3. Great Romances like Fureraba and ...

    I see your point, but this can make things less enjoyable if the reader does not like the heroine too much (telling someone to skip a route if that's the case is not quite right either). Just as a side note, isolating the characters in Majikoi in favor of one heroine would pretty much destroy the whole VN's premise
  4. Great Romances like Fureraba and ...

    I think you should check out Maji de watashi ni Koishinasai https://vndb.org/v1143 I think Fureraba kinda drags on too much after you get on a route and you are a little isolated from other characters. This thing is handled a lot better in Majikoi in my opinion, because there's a whole group of friends, so you'll be seeing all of them on most of the routes. And there's even more comedy than in Fureraba, which extends beyond the common route, so one shouldn't ever get bored while reading this VN (or not, depends on sense of humor).
  5. Your funniest moments in visual novels

    When the dudes in Majikoi decided to peek at the girls in hot springs, but got caught by Momoyo, who asks them to let her come too
  6. Visual Novel with best BGM

    Umineko (insane soundtrack, has like 180 songs), G-senjou no maou (can't go wrong with modernized classical music), Everlasting summer (has some neat rock music and also stuff that has kinda magical feel to it), Steins;gate+Steins;gate 0 (epic main theme and also other ones that set just the right atmosphere)
  7. What's your favorite VN/Anime OP?

    Anime About VN, i don't even know, probably Muv-luv's opening
  8. Still a beginner - looking for VN's with good MC

    Read Steins;Gate for a brilliant MC
  9. Fuwanovel Confessions

    Confession: I have PTSD from experiencing a few nights with a mosquito around my bed - had no sleep, constant alert and nervousness As a side effect, i can now hear mosquitoes even when there are none around
  10. What are you playing?

    I've just finished the 4th episode and therefore the first Umineko game. Not going to take a break at all before continuing this behemoth as if 3 huge plotges in a row could ever take me down! As for some of my thoughts...
  11. What are you playing?

    MLA surely took me over 70 hours, but I often read deliberately slowly so i don't miss anything But for example, Fureraba had me advancing the text while barely reading half of the line during the useless narration Reading can vary, i guess
  12. What’s the longest Visual Novel?

    It's Rance 10 https://gaming.fandom.com/wiki/List_of_longest_video_game_scripts
  13. What are you playing?

    Still on Umineko, trying to stomach episode 3's conclusion. I am just speechless at how this VN is changing so often and so suddenly.