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  1. You play it for 3 things: Sunohara, Akio and Kyou. Others not as good
  2. Just for the sake of it, i would pick Euphoria, so everyone will have to play it, if they want to read VNs
  3. Try grilling a pineapple and put spice on it. Together with the classic pizza that has ham, cheese, tomatoes and corn it's the best pizza that exists
  4. Clannad has more than enough gentle and fulfilling love stories. But can be sad too.
  5. Once again, i am triggered
  6. Pretty much most of the characters in the fandiscs. I only played the original game, and just one and half a route of it, so there still might be a chance for them to appear
  7. I have a similiar case. But i don't think there is anything wrong even if you rate all the VNs you have played 10/10. It depends on you, not on some harsh system . That would just mean you only play the best ones, right? I have 3 10/10 ratings on my list. They are not all on the exactly equal level, but not anywhere near the level where i would give them less than 10/10. So if you just enjoy everything, there is nothing wrong with giving high scores to more games
  8. A few days ago, i started Majikoi. The reason was probably the rumors about it being a quite good comedy. And i have to admit that it met all my expectations, because some of the moments gave me some of the biggest laughs i've ever had. I've done Wanko's route, now i'm reading Miyako. Also, i noticed that there are many Majikoi games, but there are characters that i haven't even met yet. Do they even appear there, or they are just something new in the fandiscs? Also, if someone can tell me in what order should i play them, because i am planning to read all of the translated ones
  9. I kinda feel like Clannad is a bit off between them, but idk. I think if you liked Death note well enough, then you may like Psycho-Pass aswell
  10. I have such a hilarious maths profesor. In the middle of an exam, he played a song from Pink Floyd - Brick in the wall from his mobile. Incidentally, the song starts with words "We don't need no education"