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  1. Your funniest moments in visual novels

    When the dudes in Majikoi decided to peek at the girls in hot springs, but got caught by Momoyo, who asks them to let her come too
  2. Visual Novel with best BGM

    Umineko (insane soundtrack, has like 180 songs), G-senjou no maou (can't go wrong with modernized classical music), Everlasting summer (has some neat rock music and also stuff that has kinda magical feel to it), Steins;gate+Steins;gate 0 (epic main theme and also other ones that set just the right atmosphere)
  3. What's your favorite VN/Anime OP?

    Anime About VN, i don't even know, probably Muv-luv's opening
  4. Still a beginner - looking for VN's with good MC

    Read Steins;Gate for a brilliant MC
  5. Fuwanovel Confessions

    Confession: I have PTSD from experiencing a few nights with a mosquito around my bed - had no sleep, constant alert and nervousness As a side effect, i can now hear mosquitoes even when there are none around
  6. What are you playing?

    I've just finished the 4th episode and therefore the first Umineko game. Not going to take a break at all before continuing this behemoth as if 3 huge plotges in a row could ever take me down! As for some of my thoughts...
  7. What are you playing?

    MLA surely took me over 70 hours, but I often read deliberately slowly so i don't miss anything But for example, Fureraba had me advancing the text while barely reading half of the line during the useless narration Reading can vary, i guess
  8. What’s the longest Visual Novel?

    It's Rance 10 https://gaming.fandom.com/wiki/List_of_longest_video_game_scripts
  9. What are you playing?

    Still on Umineko, trying to stomach episode 3's conclusion. I am just speechless at how this VN is changing so often and so suddenly.
  10. Momoyo from Majikoi. Don't remember if there were other instances of paizuri, and I've only read the first game, but Momoyo probably suits your demands
  11. What are you playing?

    After reading most of Fureraba a few months ago, i probably got a moege overdose and played Evenicle, Subahibi and the entirety of the Muv-luv trilogy before returning and finishing Himari's route that i absolutely couldn't stand. As it turns out, i still did not have enough of the "plotge" VNs and picked up Umineko a few days ago. So i just finished episode 1 and praises are the only thing i can think of when trying to describe it. Despite knowing some tidbits about the story that was unfolding prior to reading through it, it was a really great experience, and the writing was absolutely perfect at setting the atmosphere. Can't wait to move on the next episodes and find out more and more about everything.
  12. What are you listening to right now?

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ER67r8OCW8 I recommend using headphones
  13. Showing a friend some anime

    Tengen toppa gurren lagann or Code Geass Mecha might be a good choice