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  1. Most enjoyable VN's read this year?

    From the 4 VNs i've been reading, clearly G-Senjou no Maou and Steins;gate 0. And I even put those 2 in my top VNs. An intense battle of wits with sharp characters is just the thing for me. The same goes for time travel sci-fi, so it's obvious i enjoyed those a great deal. The other 2 are Majikoi and Grisaia no Kajitsu. While i enjoy comedies, they just can't match a more serious story. And that's probably a fact since ancient greek culture, where comedies were considered primitive
  2. What about Clannad? I know it's old and long and a nakige and the 2nd part is not about school anymore but it's definitely one of the best of its kind. And there's also the bonus CLASSIC tsundere Character
  3. What are you playing?

    During the Fuwapocalypse, i read Michiru's and Sakaki's endings in Grisaia. Now this is kind of weird, because i can't even sort my opinions about my favorite route or girl in this VN. I haven't played Makina's route yet, but i don't think she could top the others siince i don't even like lolis that much. While Michiru's route was fun, Sakaki was filled with something more interesting and maybe a bit thrilling. Well, actually it's a fight between those 2 routes and those 2 girls, since i did not really like Amane and i found her route a little boring because it was a BIT too long (Kazuki was probably the only reason i could bear to watch all the other stupid characters). So i guess my final judgement would be Sakaki for the best route and Michiru the best girl. Nothing against Sachi, she just wasn't as likeable for me and the stupid options offered to the player on her route (and obviously their consequences) were a letdown. The same goes for Michiru, the choices the player is offered at the end make no sense whatsoever and i tried hard to think about them even after going through both of her endings. Also, i just finished the last one of Majikoi's main routes. I did a good job of leaving Momoyo as the last one (though, Wanko is still the best girl). My judgement of Majikoi is rather simple: A great comedy, with so absurd ammount of dirty topics and jokes that it's actually funny. I've noticed a few wannabe dramatic scenes that were kinda out of place, because the choices don't matter at all in the story (except of some VERY obvious ones), which ruins any feeling of accomplishment for getting a good ending.
  4. Narration/Inner thoughts in visual novels.

    I think it's used correctly. The 2nd line indicates about something that is happening right now, in this case "You're leaving already?" and after that there is the Zero conditional which uses present tense in both parts of the sentence. Zero conditional is only used to say that something follows after (or is the result of) the condition. So, he is leaving at the exact moment and that is the condition. The result of that is no lunch. But since he hasn't left the room yet, it technically hasn't happened yet, so the result of that is still in the future, not past. And in the next lines, he was speculating about the future, about what would happen if he waited for her, but still has not left I'm not a native speaker aswell, so i could be wrong. But i hope i was at least a bit helpful
  5. What are you playing?

    That Vega & Altair final scene was my favorite part of the whole game
  6. Great tracks from mediocre or bad VN soundtracks

    IMO Kono Oozora had an overall soundtrack like that, but there was one song that i really liked and i think is better than the others, it's this one I also agree on KnS, the title music was always good
  7. Steins;Gate original net animations

    I am pretty sure that i have seen something like that, even in VN format, don't remember which videos they were, but there is sure alot of it on this guy's channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTEHGs2u4PktWMQjBK1iJ6w/videos for you, who were curious, maybe this is what you were looking for @Kurisu-Chan @un1ess
  8. Grisaia was pretty close with Clannad. Just something about 2%. Tbh, i was hoping that clannad would be the winner of that one
  9. It can't be helped!!!
  10. What are you playing?

    I finished Sachi's route in Grisaia yesterday.