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    I like anime and visual novels, I'm a bit too into Dark Souls, and I can play a mean sax but can't afford to actually buy one.

    My favourite visual novel is G-Senjou no Maou, favourite franchise is Majikoi.

    I have a weakness for kuuderes.
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  1. Fate/Grand Order

    You poor thing
  2. Fate/Grand Order

    but is he better than tiddy snake?
  3. Fate/Grand Order

    If you like them, yes. If you don't like them, no.
  4. Konnichiwa~!

    Welcome to Fuwa
  5. Fate/Grand Order

    Threw my measly 21 quartz at the gacha trying to get the new archer, and on my last 3 quartz I got Void instead. Sometimes the gacha isn't too cruel.
  6. Pick your Fuwaifu! (2018 edition)

    Can I vote for myself?
  7. Fate/Grand Order

    Please I need Illya
  8. Kinda makes it distinctly not all ages
  9. Very very flat good reasons
  10. I read Katawa Shoujo first, then Grisaia, then G-Senjou, then Majikoi, and I can't actually remember the fifth, so it must have been pretty mediocre
  11. When none of the remaining routes interest me, I'm all done
  12. Almost a year later...

    No bully my waifu
  13. Fate/Grand Order

    Welfare Muramasa pls Also 1* Achilles so I can burn him over and over again pls
  14. Fate/Grand Order

    The only thing that would make me happier is if they never add Achilles to the game.
  15. Fate/Grand Order

    Semiramis is here, another meme is dead. Yorokobe.