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    I like anime and visual novels, I'm a bit too into Dark Souls, and I can play a mean sax but can't afford to actually buy one.

    My favourite visual novel is G-Senjou no Maou, favourite franchise is Majikoi.

    I have a weakness for kuuderes.
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  1. but is he better than tiddy snake?
  2. If you like them, yes. If you don't like them, no.
  3. Threw my measly 21 quartz at the gacha trying to get the new archer, and on my last 3 quartz I got Void instead. Sometimes the gacha isn't too cruel.
  4. I read Katawa Shoujo first, then Grisaia, then G-Senjou, then Majikoi, and I can't actually remember the fifth, so it must have been pretty mediocre
  5. Welfare Muramasa pls Also 1* Achilles so I can burn him over and over again pls
  6. The only thing that would make me happier is if they never add Achilles to the game.
  7. Semiramis is here, another meme is dead. Yorokobe.
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