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  1. Even better in my opinion is Armin appearing in the paths, to see nothing but Zeke playing with sand and saying "oh, hey Eren's friend."
  2. There will be no hats this year, or probably any subsequent year, because I'm busy. Apologies.

    1. Dreamysyu


      What have you done?..


  3. There will be no Santa hats this year. I am too busy.

    Make your own Santa hat avatars, idiots.

    Merry Christmas.

    1. 1P1A


      Christmas is ruined. I hope you're happy.

  4. For some VN engines, tools have already been made to extract and replace the scripts and images, and anyone with a little patience can figure them out. You may want to consult this thread, although it's fairly dated. Other VN engines may require hacking, but I recommend you scour the internet to see if anybody else has done it first. If somebody has worked on a VN translation (even a dead one), you may be able to contact them for the relevant tools, assuming they haven't been made public already.
  5. @Dergonu How did you follow yourself not once but twice, you bastard

  6. My upcoming VN Life of Fiddle features that dynamic. I'll keep you posted.
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