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  1. Emi

    wow fiddle is 6 yeas old today. gold dude. soon allowed to have youre own youtube account :Run:

  2. For some VN engines, tools have already been made to extract and replace the scripts and images, and anyone with a little patience can figure them out. You may want to consult this thread, although it's fairly dated. Other VN engines may require hacking, but I recommend you scour the internet to see if anybody else has done it first. If somebody has worked on a VN translation (even a dead one), you may be able to contact them for the relevant tools, assuming they haven't been made public already.
  3. Hey kid, want some mercury?

    1. Fiddle


      Sorry, I already have a guy.

      Best of luck in your endeavors, though.

  4. @Dergonu How did you follow yourself not once but twice, you bastard

  5. My upcoming VN Life of Fiddle features that dynamic. I'll keep you posted.
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