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  1. Pick your Fuwaifu! (2018 edition)

    Sorry I'm late; was spending time with my Valentine.
  2. Delayed Introduction - Hello :)

    Yo yo yo, Sora! I, too, like Comic Sans.
  3. Derg: Fiddle. I commend your subtle insult of saying "Fiddle" instead of "Fiddle's."
  4. In case there was any doubt regarding your sexual orientation, neither of you said "no homo" throughout that entire exchange.
  5. Gamecube recommendations

    In addition to both of the Legend of Zelda games on GameCube, I recommend both Metroid Prime 1 and 2 (in order).
  6. @Dergonu Please ban him again.
  7. Hello everyone

    Welcome! Your name is wei cool, yo.
  8. He..llo

    Yo yo yo!
  9. Sup Everyone

    Yo yo yo!
  10. Fuwa Confession: I'm lost.

    It's helpful you mention that you're about to graduate, because, as previous posts mentioned, it seems that you need only get an acceptable grade and be on your merry way. I assure you that even the most anxious of people don't think about these things 10 years down the line―on the contrary, you should expect the stress of this project (and the individuals associated with it) to be behind you as soon as it's done.
  11. Locked Heart (free otome VN review)

  12. Will Dergonu now have more likes per day to give me?
  13. VN Question

    https://vndb.org/p364 I don't know for sure, but the translator probably couldn't pass off the scripts to anyone (assuming anyone was even willing to complete the translation) because of this DMCA.
  14. Hello to everyone

    Yo yo yo, Onii-fam!
  15. Yo yo yo! I Send-u my warmest welcomes.