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  1. shredded potatoes


  2. Fuwanovel's 1st Maggie fanclub event

    I AM A GENIUS. BOW BEFORE ME, PEASANTS. This hypothetical badge will make a fine addition to my already amazing profile.
  3. Fuwanovel's 1st Maggie fanclub event

    1. B 2. A 3. A 4. A 5. A 6. A 7. A
  4. wazzup homies

  5. How do you guys find new visual novels to play

    Take this quiz! http://fuwanovel.se/quiz.php
  6. New VN Publisher ANIPLEX.EXE blocks Europe

    Europeans, amirite?
  7. Hey

    Nosebleed? More like Reposebleed.
  8. Coronavirus discussion thread

    I will be spending the coming weeks quarantined in my home, playing video games and masturbating. I hope you're all grateful for my sacrifice.
  9. Hello There.

  10. MangaGamer 2020 Licensing Survey

    After having just looked up the definition of "otome," I see that yours is technically correct, but I nevertheless insist that you shill Hadaka Shitsuji 2 as hard as I intend to.
  11. MangaGamer 2020 Licensing Survey

  12. Hyun-ae is the best VN character, because she isn't a one-dimensional trope turned into a person.
  13. Noble Works? More like NO-ble work, am I right?
  14. I don't know what these dots above my name mean, but I have 8, which is objectively the best number of dots to have, and all of you should be jealous.


    1. Leonor


      I think it's your "level" :o