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  1. Hey, I'm back. Now I don't exactly know what type of VN I'm looking for but it's definitely not a tearjerker or a dark chuuni vn cause I had my fill of those. Just recommend me something good that won't bore me sleep. I'm reading Riddle Joker currently and it's.. okay? At least I'm entertained enough to not drop the vn midway. I would prefer untranslated vns from recent years if possible. Thank you in advance. EDIT: Should add that I already plan to check out Yuzusoft's other games so no point in recommending those.
  2. The Promised Neverland, Mob Psycho 100 II and Jojo part 5. Also Vinland Saga and Dr. Stone coming up later this year. What a great year to be an anime fan.
  3. Confession: Just wanted to post something on fuwa since I returned after a long gap, so there.
  4. Currently reading that. Ouka Sabaki added to list. Planning to read Butterfly Seeker simultaneously with C;C. I wouldn't be bothered with some amount of psychic stuff as long as its a good detective story. Also this game having one of the best part of Silence of the lambs integrated in it is something I can't wait to read. Already planned to read Sakura no Mori since I heard a lot about this game but just not now when I'm a bit fed up of fantasy stuff. Those are some really old games. Heard about Eve and Divi and are already on my list. Added the others too. I do
  5. Well I said I read almost all of the translated ones. Cartagra and Kara No Shoujo and its sequel I've already read. Already read Umineko. My best vn to date. Also read most of Agatha Christie's work as I'm a big fan of whodunnit type novel not to mention she was the queen of detective fiction, still is. Phoenix Wright is already on my list. Sorry to say this but I'm not particularly a big fan of Innocent Grey. Cartagra and KnS left a bad taste for me constantly breaking my immersion cause of the characters and the convoluted plot lines. It's seems that for once, weird
  6. Any worthwhile detective fiction? I've read almost all of the english translated ones so a recent or untranslated vn is what I'm looking for. Also, things involving science fiction and supernatural elements is a big no-no for me. Something grounded in reality like G-senjou is what I want. I'm currently reading Chaos;Child but since it's a sequel to Chaos;Head(which I do not have a fond memory of), I can already see myself whining and nitpicking at the end of the game and it too has sci-fi elements so there's that.
  7. I played Chrono Clock, will try Snow Sakura and I'm totally fine with bad endings as long as there is no drastic tonal shift. Funny thing is I didn't even notice the swastika in my profile pic until a moderator offhandedly mentioned me getting request for ban by various users. I just thought the picture was cute when uploading. Correct. This is why I posted a thread here instead of searching in vndb since what I found there were mostly moeges and the most popular comedy vn is Fate/Stay Night... But you can still recommend me moege if nothing else comes to mind. I p
  8. The problem I have with Isekai or even most fantasy anime is how everything is 'gamified' shall I say? You have lvls, drop items, dungeons, dragons, stats, slimes, healing potions, demon kings, these things are omnipresent even in anime/manga where the protag isn't trapped in a game. It's like they have a notion of what a fantasy world would be like(by playing rpg) but they never evolve their idea past that point and that just looks lazy to a spoiled consumer like me. Also why does everything have to be with a european setting? I want to see the Japanese take on the fantasy world w
  9. Fell into depression reading/playing too much dark shit so I've been rethinking my plans. It has to be something that you yourself have personally enjoyed as a comedic VN. But I'd like to avoid moege(only if possible). I finished Tsujidou which somehow turned into a slog through the middle. Currently on Noraneko and I'm having a laugh which surprised me since I went in expecting this to be another chapter of my never ending battle with moeges. I can only hope it remains that way. Majikoi, Little busters, just recommend me something you personally played.(also fine with re
  10. Currently reading The War in the West by James Holland. Since I'm having trouble with how to describe this book, I'm just going to paste the description from amazon. In Germany Ascendant, the first part of this ground-breaking new history, James Holland introduces the war, beginning with the lead-up to its outbreak in 1939 and taking us up to mid-1941 as the Nazis prepared to unleash Operation Barbarossa, the invasion of Russia. To tell the real story, he weaves together the experiences of dozens of individuals, from civilians and soldiers, to sailors, pilots, leading military strategists
  11. Hoi IV music all day for me! I generally prejudice myself over hearing catchy songs but in this case I found out that I really seem to like those german march songs. I suspect auto-loop played a big role in that while I was busy right clicking my units to waypoints.
  12. Confession: Sometimes I literally spend hours on writing just a small post since my english is not good. I dread about making a fool out of myself because of wrong grammar or misspelling.
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