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Stocks and Devil Review



Visual Novel Translation Status (12/24/2016)

Okay, first of all merry Christmas to any reader who read this post here. The title for this week was akin of anime Spice and Wolf, except that for this week releases we have VN which had stock market premise and there's one with devil (With Rance) so I figured that I just make it stock and devil. If I may explain the comparison here, spice was quite valuable at Europe in the past and wolf was sometimes associate with devil. Coincidentally, the writer for stock market VN was also the writer for Spice and Wolf (Isuna Hasekura). And with that done, welcome to my VNTS Review which I wrote at Christmas Eve here (Duh).

This week, there's good release from Mangagamer and Sekai (Rance VI and World End Economica Episode 3). Maybe I'll try to talk about those two later, but as for other two releases I didn't knew about Apathy to be honest here (Nor did I pay attention to it to be more blunt here) other than apparently we'll had horror setting there. Also it was apparently some collection to compilation of three stories (Horror obviously). Another release was Creampie Festival, which from the title it was nukige and it was for android instead of usual PC (Good for anyone who like nukige and like to play game using phone as well I guess).

Oh, and by the way there's another release. It's Sakura Christmas Party which created by Winged Cloud that we love and knew to fill your Christmas with their 'quality' VN. As for the score, it was plummeted very badly in VNDB just as expected. By the way, about this game I'd remember that I made my AX 2017 commentary using title 'Sakura Christmas' back at July. Guess Winged Cloud was take the inspiration from my post lol (Although it was very easy to came up though if you speak about the title idea). I'm not played this by the way yet (And maybe never) and just knew it was already released from 4 days ago today.

For the updates, this week while both of Sekai and Fan Translation deliver usual, Mangagamer deliver batch of updates at this week other than usual release (Just treat those as Christmas prize from Mangagamer, okay?). As for other section, this week we had Libra progress which if I may said subjectively it was good. For more detail, right now Mikandi translated 85% of Aoi's route, 90% of Lycoris's route, and they already translated 30% of Aoi and Lycoris mini episode. And for Dies Irae Kickstarter, they managed to gather past 100,000 or to be exact was at 103,407 funds gathered.

While for Other section was at least had Libra and Dies Irae progressing, unfortunately I couldn't say the same for JAST. For more elaboration, I edited both of JAST this year released plan to TBA back at VNDB because apparently JAST still not had their activity in regard of those two yet or any news to be exact (Although I may missed something at JAST forum though). For more info, I edited both of Seinarukana Steam and Ryko to TBA and they planned to released it at this year (2016) which is almost end. In conclusion, there's no update from JAST at this week as usual, although I may praise their consistency for delay though lol.

Fan Translation

As for fan translation, first of all I don't watch closely in regard of progress for both of Ayakashi Gohan and Bad Medicine although I knew that both of those were otome though which I could care less here (Good luck to the translators though). Anyway, this week for the progress Ayakashi was at 89% translated and Bad Medicine was they managed to had 2 scipts translated since last week and planning to releasing partial patch for one route there (That's all I could tell for Bad Medicine).

For the rest here, let's do some round up here for the progress. This week we had Aokana's common route was at 44.23% translated; Tsui Yuri was at 80% retranslated, Majokoi was at 62.1% translated; Nocturnal Illusion was at 6.5% 2nd editing pass, and for Ushieta they translated 32% of it and for editing progress it was at 14% (The translator also state that they'll need to retranslated Airi's route). For last update but not the least, we had Loverable which had some significant progress (41.35% translated, 10.56% edited, 14.4% TLC-ed, and 72.88% image edited). That's all for usual roundup there, and if some people here interested with the Sono Hanabira 11 in English, there's a project out there and right now 101 out of 120 scripts was translated.

Sekai Project

In regard of JAST delay, while back at some time Akerou was sort of promised that there'll be 2016 release for Saku Saku, I think for now it would be delayed there although to be fair Sekai was never announced that they'll releasing Saku Saku at 2016 though, so there's that. Oh, and looking at Chrono Clock progress I heavily doubt that it'll be released at late January, more so if we looking at the progress per week there (It was translated at 71.42% translated at this week). Well, nothing we could do if Chrono Clock will be delayed in the future I guess once again. For the rest of Sekai's progress, there's Maitetsu was at 80.84% translated, Tensin Ranman was at 85.62% translated, and they had their 2nd secret project was at 41%. Also they add one more secret project there (4th one) which right now it was at 16% translated.

This week, Sekai was also released World End Economica episode 3. The premise was there's a world which apparently there's MC who attempted to do some stock trading. For more info the setting was at the moon which faced some rapid development after the first citizens was came from the Earth at 16 years ago. For more information, it was released in episodic release just like When They Cry series, only instead of 8 episode we got only 3 episode. The premise looks interesting there, although I'm not play this yet though to be honest (I might play this the future now that there's complete version). Once again the writer for this VN was also Spice and Wolf writer (Isuna Hasekura), and the particular anime was also had economy motif from what I'd understand.

That's all for Sekai Project section.


This week one of their highlight was Rance VI in English was released along with 5D. It was had some history with me at least, because back at 2015 I was one of the people who disappointed with the delay there so much that I was did some inappropriate action when I'd edited VNDB entry Back there Arunaru was already translated 88% of it). That's all in the past though, and at least they could play Rance VI in English after one year delay there. Oh, and they released it along with 5D by the way. For the gameplay there, 5D was some sort of luck based while Rance VI was some sort of dungeon crawler RPG like Etrian Oddysey. According to Moogy, this is one of best Rance games alongside with Kichikuou and Sengoku. Oh, and if some of you wonder whether if you need to play the prequels or not, I would said just look older Rance games LP because the graphic was quite out dated to understand the story. And if I may say may opinion in regard of older Rance games, 3 was had the most epic story while 4 was had improved gameplay. For last note, if you didn't like pervert and selfish MC just don't play Rance there.

Other than Rance, this week Mangagamer also announced that they'll released Da Capo 3 at January 20th. If some of older member from this community read this, surely some of them could recall of how Aaeru was attempted to translated Da Capo 3 using some divisive method to said it lightly. That's all I could said for now, and for the premise once again it's only usual Da Capo with same setting if we look at VNDB, although there's some wrap up from 2 though at the end according to some review that I'd read (It's still mostly charage though fro anyone else who wonder if the story will be take a different turn). As for now, I'm still attempted to play the demo although I think it's pretty much like the anime if the demo was covered the prologue arc only (The anime was only cover prologue arc to be exact with some mix up).

Other than one big release and one planned big release, this week once again Mangagamer also gave some updates as their gift. For the roundup, here goes

  • Boukaku was at 46% translated
  • Hapymaher was at 62% translated and 45% edited
  • Sorcery Joker was at 66% translated
  • Fata Morgana fandisc was at 405 translated
  • Maggot Bait was at 13% translated (I still don't know if Kouryuu using his bucket or not yet by the way)
  • Pygmalion was finishing beta testing
  • Kuroinu was starting work at Chapter 2
  • Evangile W was at 82% translated and 64% edited

That's all for Mangagamer's updates there. And if some people wonder about Sona-Nyl, Mangagamer stated that they still working at it in their Curious Cat. Hopefully we could see the progress from Sona-Nyl later at Mangagamer progress page.

That's all for this week, and merry Christmas. See you again next week, or perhaps to be more appropriate next year.

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