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Handsome Ninja from Kouga Review

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Visual Novel Translation Status (04/15/2017)

I knew the title was very cheesy here, but at least it should be obvious what it meant lol. For the explanation, the image header was a hero from recently released otome games Nightshade Gekkamaru (Quite handsome to me lol), in which he was described as one of the ninja from Kouga's family. As for the Nightshade itself, I must admit that the graphic look good and the story was at the post Sengoku wars. Too bad that I didn't quite interested at otome games though, although if you interested with otome I would suggest you to get Nightshade. Anyway, sorry for being very late here once again to write my commentary here. As for this week, unless you fan of otome games there this week was to be honest was quite plain there with no notable updates yet, although there were some announcements though. Let's see what I could write here.

While a week ago I was interested with Sekai Project, turned out that their announcement from Sakuracon was not big one (Granted it may be less known convention, but still). As for the announcement, it's from less known company from the info that I could see at VNDB. The premise might be interesting though, but for now I won't quite interested (Maybe I will in the future). Anyway, back to updates we had Fatal Twelve was at 52% translated, KARAKARA 2 was at 60% translated, and Bokukotsu was past over halfway mark translated (53.52% translated). Oh, by the way Nekopara 3 release was delayed to May 26th because of the health problem from the illustrator (Sayori). That's all for Sekai project here.

There's also a matter of Overdrive last project thing, which is at least one of Mangagamer April Fools post in regard of Overdrive closing was at least partially true. Because by last project of course it mean that Overdrive was about to be close (Duh). Anyway, as for the project there's still no concrete info as of now (Other than there will be two crowdfunding, one for the initial funding and another for near release physical edition preorder), but at least there's some confirmation it'll be released in Japan and English at the same time. Well, looking forward to Overdrive swan song here then (Quite funny since the writer (Setoguchi Ren'ya) wrote Swan Song in the past).

For fan translation, actually other than Nightshade there's another otome VN released here. The VN in question was Ayakashi Gohan which apparently was already in translation for a while there, and had the female MC in three personality (Also had some supernatural thing with ayakashi). Congratulation for the release of Ayakashi Gohan complete patch by the way. As for the usual updates, we had:

  • Eustia was at reaching three quarter mark translated for the prologue (75.82% translated, and overall was at 6.98% translated). Oh, and it was also 37.27% TLC-ed (For the prologue, while the overall was at 3.43%)
  • Loverable was at 31.65% TLC-ed and 17.95% edited
  • HatsuKoi was at 84.97% translated (Maya's route was at 90.08% translated), and they hope that they could release Maya's patch by next weekend.
  • Tsui Yuri was at 86% QC-ed
  • Koiken Otome fandisc was at 3% (ie 709 lines from Shiho route) translated

For more progress, there's Konosora retranslation project in which right now Amane's route was at more or less three quarter retranslated (All of other routes were already finished). As for Majokoi, there's no update from the number of translated lines yet although for now we had TLC update though which right now was at 17% TLC-ed (FredtheBarber hope that after MakiFes release the new translator could had more time for Majokoi, or so I'd read in one of his posts). As for the Clover Days, Ittaku stated that he finally started the translation of the Anzu's route although unlike ToHeart 2 in the past, there'll be unedited complete patch though if the translation for Anzu's was complete (I assume it was to avoid similar situation like back at ToHeart 2). Oh, and there's also Nocturnal Illusion Renewal in which the editing was going slowly because the editor was addicted to Persona 5 right now (I understand that very well).

That's all for my very late VNTS Review here, and happy Easter there. See you next Sunday.

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